My Theory

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Big Tits

Jenna was a bossy girl. She always was the mother when she played house, always telling people what to do. She was curious too. All her life she did what she was told to do. Not that she really listened, she would do what she wanted behind people’s backs and made sure nobody ever knew. She liked boys sure enough, but there was a constant feeling in her mind, one she never could shake. There was this girl in her building that always paid her extra attention. She’d heard through the grape vine that she was into girls. Jenna wondered if she was just being friendly or if this was really what she thought it was, this girl, Elizabeth, or Liz as she preferred it, was interested in her.

One day, mostly out of boredom she decided to test the theory. She wore a tight and very short skirt and a tight white top that if you look you could almost see through. She skipped the panties, as she needed a way to find out if her building-mate was that way.

Down in the laundry room she set the stage. She left a pair of used panties in Liz’s favorite washer. Then sat with her legs sort of spread. Right on time Liz walked in. Saw Jenna sitting and when she noticed her outfit, she quickly looked away. She glanced back as she opened the washer to see that Jenna turned to face her. That was the second thing she seen, right after seeing that Jenna was sitting there legs spread wide open and her bald pussy opened wide for her to eat. She started to blush and turned back. She looked down and pulled the panties out. She put them to her nose and sniffed. This was all Jenna needed to see. She knew she hooked Liz. She walked over to Liz and retrieved her panties, “So that’s where I left them!”

She walked out seductively and tried not to look back. Jenna had found the experiment subject as she called it. Liz was ripe for the taking. She needed to figure out how to get her to her room.

It came to her as if in a dream. She called Liz and explained that she was in a difficult bind. Her boyfriend, that she didn’t really have, dumped her. She wanted to have a friend over for dinner but didn’t know anyone she wanted to talk to. She said she wanted to go out to a fancy restaurant and to dress up. Liz agreed.

The night came for the dinner date and Jenna’s heart was fluttering. She was going to have Liz. She ran Liz through her mind. Liz was beautiful to say the least. She was tall, about five-eleven, with big d cup breast, a supermodel figure and amazing red hair. Jenna on the other hand was five- six on a good day with b-cup breast and brunette hair. She had to dry her pussy again just thinking of Liz. She Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort slipped into her thigh high striped stockings. She smiled as she seen herself in only stockings. Liz is going to cream when she sees you, Jenna though. She dug under her bed for her special box. Inside were a few dildos for lonely nights and some lingerie. She pulled out her crotchless red thong and matching half bra. She put them on slowly in front of the mirror, like a reverse strip tease. She then slid herself into a sexy little black dress. She was sexy and ready to party.

Jenna only had to wait for Liz for about half an hour before a shy knock on the door came. She opened the door and had to stop her jaw from hitting the floor. Liz was wearing her hair in a bun; she had a tight blue dress on that came down to above her knee. Her usual white legs were covered with tan pantyhose. She was amazing. Jenna put her hand on the small of Liz’s back ushering her into the house. A flash of curiosity ran across Liz’s face as if to say, this is more than friendly. Jenna led her to the dinning room where she announced, “I couldn’t get reservations. So I got some wine and made a quick dinner.”

They ate and drank and talked about sorted petty talk. Jenna asked Liz if she wanted to watch a movie, to which Liz eventually said yes. They watched a stupid film where the girl always had her boobs out. Jenna picked it because she wanted to start Liz off a bit.

When the movie was over Jenna said, “I can’t believe she showed her boobs that many times. The best part was when she flashed her cooter. I got a bit wet there!”

Liz didn’t know if it was the wine talking or if Jenna was coming on to her. She had tried for a few months to get her attention but to no avail. Jenna was a straight as an arrow girl and would never want a girlfriend. Then Jenna really surprised her. Jenna said, “Remember when I ‘lost’ my panties. I’m glad you found them. It turned me on watching you sniff them. I masturbated it them just for you”

Liz blushed a bit, recalling the event. She got so turned on by the musty scent that after she finished her laundry she went to her apartment and relieved herself, it was the best time she’d ever had. “You did that just for me? I thought you were so attractive when I saw you, but never imagined you would like girls.”

“I am not exactly sure, yet.”

With that Liz and Jenna closed the gap between them and kissed for the first time. Electricity sizzled between them. Jenna pushed her tongue into Liz’s mouth and Liz sucked on it and played with her tongue. Jenna felt Liz’s hand move up her arm and to her breast, where it massaged it. They stood up and pulled each others dresses off. Liz looked in amazement at Jenna’s outfit. Her red lingerie was stunning. “You were planning this the whole time.”

Jenna responded, “Ever since the laundry room.”

Jenna was so turned on by what Liz wore under her dress. She had no bra on and under her pantyhose was a pair of see though mesh panties. She could see that Liz’s flower was opening up. Her clit was sticking out and she was so wet. Jenna was getting just as wet. She reached back to Liz and pulled her in close. Her hand found its way down Liz’s pantyhose and into her panties. She started to massage Liz. Liz locked her lips to Jenna’s. Liz’s hands worked Jenna’s breast, then her left hand moved around to Jenna’s butt and pulled her close. Jenna’s wet pussy was pressed right into the back of her hand. It felt wonderful and her hand was bringing them both closer together. Then at once Liz started to kiss her way down Jenna. She sucked Jenna’s breast. She moved her tongue around Jenna’s nipples, getting them all hard and wet from her tongue. She kissed down her belly and dropped down to her knees right in front of Jenna’s pussy. She closed in and gently kissed her lower lips. As she did she looked up and into Jenna’s eyes, which were filled with lust. Liz made out with Jenna’s pussy, and then she started to lick her lips. She pulled Jenna apart and licked her inner lips. She stuck her tongue into Jenna’s hole and Jenna rode her tongue. Liz rubbed Jenna’s clit with her fingers, pinching it and rolling it between her thumb and index. Jenna couldn’t take it much more and almost fell on the floor. Liz caught her and carried her to the bedroom. She laid Jenna down on the bed with her legs open and hanging off the bed. She resumed licking Jenna’s pussy. She was so close. Liz pushed two fingers into Jenna and that’s all it took. Jenna came hard, but Liz kept up the assault.

After Jenna had came, Liz slid up Jenna’s body and laid on top of her, kissing her lips and rubbing her body against Jenna. “That was amazing. I never thought you’d be so good to me.” Jenna breathed. Liz looked down at Jenna and rolled over so Jenna was on top, “You can do whatever you want to me now.”

Jenna’s head cleared. She needed to return the favor. She didn’t know exactly how, but she’d try anyhow. She kissed Liz and slid her leg between Liz’s legs. She let Liz grind on her leg a bit. Then she slipped off the top and pulled Liz’s pantyhose down and took off her very wet see through panties. She looked down at Liz’s pussy and spread Liz’s legs. Her wonderful flower opened and Jenna touched it with her fingers. She massaged and got familiar with the feeling if it. She now was tempted to taste it. She bent down and stuck out her tongue. She touched the tip to Liz and she squirmed. “I like that.” Liz said, “Do it some more. Put your tongue inside me!”

That’s all Jenna needed to hear. She started to work Liz the same as Liz had done to her. She fingered Liz and sucked her clit. Liz came in moments. Jenna and Liz sat up and embraced each other. “I don’t want this night to end” Jenna said.

“It doesn’t have to end.”

Liz pulled out a strap on from her purse and slid into it. Jenna looked surprised, “You were planning on this too?”

“I hoped.”

Jenna moved over and sucked her fake dong to lube it up. Liz sat on the bed as Jenna blew her. That is so hot. I have this girl sucking my cock like I was a guy. Liz pulled Jenna up and took her fake cock and brought Jenna down on it. Jenna was sitting in Liz’s lap pinned on her cock. Jenna locked her lips on Liz’s as she slid up and down on the dildo. She was moving her hips left and right while going up and down. Jenna Slid off of the cock and got on the bed on all fours. Liz slid in behind her and eased the cock back into Jenna. Jenna screamed loudly. Liz thrusted and Jenna resisted. Jenna was swimming in a pool of her own lust. Just as she was about to come again Liz pulled out and slid under her. Jenna pushed her pussy around the dong and pressed her body into Liz. Liz and Jenna’s breast were pushing into each other and they locked lips. Tongues swirling. Jenna came all over Liz and the cock. “I want to do something special.” Liz said.

She pulled off the strap on and put her pantyhose back on. “Don’t go. I need you.” Jenna said.

“I’m not going anywhere. I need you too. I want to put my pantyhose back on they add to the feeling for me.” Liz jumped on the bed and spread her legs open. “Put your legs in between mine and push your pussy into mine.”

Jenna did as she was told. The pantyhose felt silky over her bare crotch. She humped Liz while Liz gyrated her hips. The two pussies mashing together was amazing. Jenna had never felt another girl’s twat on hers before and loved the feeling. Soon Liz laid back and Jenna followed her. She pushed her mound into Liz’s and felt the orgasm build inside her and felt Liz’s building and Liz starting to squirm under her more and more. Liz screamed out and Jenna called with her. Liz shook and came with Jenna. Their pussies and juices mingled on the bed. Jenna fell down next to Liz and kissed her deeply. “I think I love you.” she said as she gasped for air.

Liz looked into Jenna’s eyes and told her, “I know I love you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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