Truth or Dare

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All the following characters are over 18 unless specified.

Please leave a comment saying what you want more or less of.

This is a work of fiction any characteristic similarities are purely coincidental.

This is my first story please be nice.


Hi I’m Lachie, I’m an 19 year old Australian, who is short and skinny as fuck so in other words not that attractive, this is the story of the best party of my life.

It started on Melinda’s 18th birthday, Melinda (Mindy) was a friend of mind from school, we didn’t have to much in common except that we both loved music and making dirty jokes, I had made a joke that on her 18th birthday I would make up for all the presents I haven’t bought her by giving her a good rooting, little did she know I meant it.

I got a message from Mindy a week before her 18th.

Mindy: Heyyyyy Lachie, having a party at my cousins holiday home in Inverloch, its gonna be a small thing just the Me, You, Ben and Bianca someothers might come later on. Hope to see you there

Me: Hey Mindy güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri i’ll definitely be there thanks for the invite 🙂

Mindy: No problem… Can’t wait for my present xx 😉

I was freaking out, did she mean it or was she joking, was I gonna get the chance to fuck the girl i’ve liked for years, well the only way to find out was to go to that party.

Now before I continue this story I should probably describe what Mindy looks like, she’s got beautiful long hair, curves that you could dream about, AMAZING tits, and an ass that was made to be stared at, like you could put a coin in her back pocket and tell if it was heads or tails, she has a beautiful face and big brown eyes that pierce your soul and Bianca has a small frame, little bubble butt, probably A cup tits and an almost gothic look, now i’m painting a bad picture but she has beautiful little eyes and lips that look like a cock should be in them… Like hardcore sized cocks, classic “black man destroys tight whore” porno cocks and she has told me that she is a hardcore submissive güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and that woman were put on the earth to satisfy men and be used as sex toys NOT people… Her words not mine.


Now back to the story… I decided to shave and shower before driving up to Inverloch cause i want to look good cause you never know right, so the party was set for over the long weekend meaning we would be there for four whole days, four days of drinking beer, girls in bikinis and hopefully if i was lucky… sex

I was the last to arrive at the party, Ben and Bianca decided to car pool while I went alone, the house was really nice and roomy with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an amazing view of the beach, we decided to keep it tame the first night, one or two beers, swimming at the beach and setting up sleeping areas. Mindy and Bianca were sleeping in the master bedroom, Ben got the other bedroom and I volunteered for the couch cause i’m a nice guy i guess.

After seeing those girls all day in bikinis and lathering them in sunscreen güvenilir bahis şirketleri I was beyond hard, like a flag pole would be flaccid compared to my dick that night, I decided to “release” the tension by having a sneaky little wank, I was imagining Mindy and Bianca clad in those sexy little bikinis, all wet with the water from the sea and it was off, I started pumping my cock like it has the water of life, and i needed it, I imagined my pulsating cock sliding into Mindy’s tight pussy, her hair sticking to her nice, big juicy tits and my hand gripping her nice thick ass, but right as I was almost finished, I heard the master bedroom door open… SHIT, I quickly shove my dick back in my boxers and pretended to be asleep, I thought I heard Mindy running off to the toilet then quickly running back with what sounded like a backpack full of what I couldn’t say, I didn’t dare have the nerve to keep jacking off in case i got caught I just slowly drifted of to sleep with hopes of me getting something in the next couple days.

During the night I thought I could hear a slight noise coming from the master bedroom it almost sounded like moaning it couldn’t be… right anyway ignored it and tried to rest up. I could tell it was gonna be a very VERY good weekend.

Thanks for reading chapter one hope you enjoyed please leave a comment and follow for the next part.

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