69 on Route 66 Remembered

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This is a chronicle based on another of my life’s happenings. Any embellishment of the facts as they happened is purely an enhancement for the pleasure of the reader’s mind. I have purposely masked the participants to protect their anonymity. The sisters were as they are portrayed. The time frame is accurate as is the location. Hope you enjoy this snapshot of 24 hours in the trip of eight weeks with many more memories that could be shared. I will be looking for your feedback.


Memories are what life is made of and for me there is no exception to this rule. I’ve lived quite a life and have many fond memories. A year ago this spring brought forth one such reminiscent morsel that I doubt will ever fade or be topped. I was home from Kuwait for some rest and relaxation. My spouse and I decided we should visit our daughter and her family. We hadn’t seen our three grandchildren since they moved from Michigan to Iowa. Road maps in hand, we decided on our route. We would take I-40 to Tucumcari, NM, and from there Route 54 northeast.

Tucumcari is a comfortable day’s drive from our home. It is a trip down memory lane for me that I have enjoyed since my first time there in 1963. There is a short piece of historical Route 66 that still goes through the middle of town. There is an old motel that is there that brings back many fond memories of one of the most erotic nights of my life. I have been to Tucumcari many times in the intervening 42 years. This time was to be no exception, as I drove past that motel on Route 66, there was a familiar stirring in my loins. It is too bad that the motel has not been better maintained. I would love to stay in room number 107 again.

It was spring in 1963 and the summer job I had lined up fell through. I was still going to college then. I had a new 1963 Pontiac Tempest Le Mans convertible with a big block V8. It was a real eye catcher (see my profile for a picture) with its white top, a maroon body and chrome wire wheels. I decided that I should take advantage of the time off and drive cross country with no specific agenda. I would probably never get the opportunity again. I roughed out a route which was mostly the romantic Route 66 as it swung west out of Oklahoma. The interstate system was still a plan and not actuality. Route 66 was the main southern East – West route cross country and the subject of a famous TV show. Route 66 has been replaced in large part by today’s Interstate 40. I had a budget of $600.00 to drive from New Jersey to California and back again in an estimated eight weeks. I took a good camera and plenty of film for slide pictures. I did have planed stops with a few friends. Also planned, was two weeks at my bachelor cousin’s place in Redwood City, California. His place was to be the focal point of exploring as much of the west coast as possible.

As I left the Oklahoma City area, I had to stop and put the top up as it started to rain. About an hour later I was looking for a place to stop and put the top back down. It was turning into a beautiful day. As I pulled into a small gas station and general store I saw two girls putting the top down on their convertible. I almost drove into the pumps as I stared at them. They were both drop dead gorgeous.

If I describe one I am describing them both as they appeared to be twins. They both had on short light tan shorts showing most of their shapely legs and white short sleeved blouses. Their hair was very light sun bleached blond just below their shoulders. Their legs, arms and faces were well tanned. As they struggled to put the tonneau cover over the retracted top they stretched the thin material of their shorts to reveal the seams of their panties. The blouses were equally stretched over what appeared to be very full bras. Being the always horny gentleman that I am, I walked over to their car and offered help. They turned to look at me flashing smiles, revealing their light blue eyes and accepted my offer. The three of us made short work of installing the tonneau cover. As pretty as their faces were, my eyes never left the top of their breasts that were exposed by the top three buttons of their blouses being undone. Thanks expressed and hand shake introductions made, I went back to my car and finished filling it with gas. I pulled up to the general store and watched as Jean and Joan pulled taksim escort back onto Route 66 heading west! I went into the general store paid for the gas and a cold bottle of 7-up. After putting the top down on my car and installing the full tonneau cover, I too returned to Route 66 headed west!

I caught up to the girls about an hour later. Passing them I waved and they waved back. Their hair was pulled back in matching pony tails. They increased their speed to match mine and stayed with me for another hour. I was getting hungry for lunch and saw a sign for a diner that was advertised to be a mile further west. I raised my hand and pointed at the sign. I heard a honk of their horn. I was not sure whether or not they were agreeing. I was about to find out that they were agreeing as they pulled into the parking lot behind me and parked along side. The always horny gentleman that I am, I held the door open for them to enter the diner. The horny part was rewarded as I enjoyed the view of four breast tops again. I followed them to a booth and slid in along side of Joan asking if they minded if I joined them, not really waiting for an answer. Jean said that it was OK from the other side of the table. I did my best stop staring at her chest, but I never was a good poker player. I think I got busted. (pun intended)

Lots of small talk later I learned that they were also college students. They lived in Pennsylvania with their mother and were headed to San Diego to spend the summer with their father who had divorced their mother. They revealed that they were not twins, but were sisters born less than a year apart. I shared that I was headed for the San Francisco Bay area with no particular schedule. I asked if they had plans for where they were going to have dinner and spend the night. They told me that they had a reservation at a motel in Tucumcari, NM. I told them that I had no plans for where I was going to have dinner and spend the night. I asked if I could join them for dinner and told them I would find a room somewhere there. It was agreed and they took the lead as we left the diner. About two hours later they signaled that they were going to pull into a service station. Pee breaks all, gasoline, and back on the road, next stop Tucumcari.

As we entered Tucumcari it was still a little early for dinner. I followed the girls to their motel and waited for them to check in. The “No Vacancy” sign was lit so I did not even bother to check to see if there was a room. We agreed to meet at a small restaurant for dinner, and they went to their room to get settled in while I tried to find a room for myself. By the appointed time for dinner, I still had not found a room that met my budget. Tucumcari is a truck stop town and there were plenty of places to park and sleep in the car if necessary. So, off to dinner and Jean and Joan. As I arrived at the restaurant, I noticed that their car was already there.

I went into the restaurant and told the hostess that I was expecting to meet two blond young ladies. She smiled, winked, and lead me to the table. It was a typical square table for four and sitting in either of the remaining chairs afforded me an excellent view of both Jean and Joan. They had let their hair down and changed into an off white blouse and a knee length tan skirt. Dressed the same, it was difficult to tell them apart. More “getting to know you” type of talk revealed that they had broken up with their boyfriends prior to the trip so that they would not feel bad about playing the field in San Diego. Although I had just met the girl who would become my wife just before the trip, I had made no commitments to her. In fact, I had invited her to come with me on the trip, but she had declined. I settled in to enjoy Jean and Joan’s company and the view. There were six buttons undone, three each. Joan asked if I had found a room. “No”, I said. I followed with the explanation that I would sleep in the car if it came to that. I got bold and asked if I could use the bathroom in their room to freshen up after dinner. They looked at each other, smiled, and almost in unison said that it would be OK. As we left the restaurant I suggested that I would stop at the motel office to see if anyone had canceled. “Room 107”, Jean confided.

I stopped at the motel office and the istanbul eskort desk clerk said that there was one suite left. I tried to get a price to meet my budget, but the clerk would not give in. Back to my car for the short drive to the front of room 107. I parked be side the girls’ car, got my shaving kit and a change of clothes, and knocked on the door to 107. Joan answered and opened the door to let me in. Both were very affable. I suggested that I would be happy to get us something to drink before I used the bathroom. Both liked rum and Cokes. I told them that I would be right back and left for the liquor store that I had seen at the end of the street. I got a fifth of rum and two six packs of cold Cokes. When I got back to the room I got the ice bucket and went to get ice. OK, the girls had what they wanted to drink, and I excused my self for the bathroom.

I had one side of my face shaved when Jean knocked on the door, she was offering me a drink. I opened the door bare to the waist. I got a wide eyed smile and invited her in to set the drink on the back of the toilet. All of the rest of the flat surfaces in the bathroom had their stuff covering them. I finished shaving and removed the rest of my clothes to shower. Just as I stepped into the shower, I heard a knock on the door. Jean had to pee. I told her it was OK for her to come in. She did and Joan soon followed. When I had the bathroom to myself again, I finished rinsing, turned off the water and pulled the shower curtain back to dry off, half expecting another knock on the door. Once dry, I dressed, in tight jeans and white “T”, got my stuff together and left the bathroom. Joan and Jean were sitting cross legged on the king sized bed when I got out. They offered me another drink. I sat in the chair at the foot of the bed to enjoy a leisurely drink and ogled the girls.

Something had changed?

I got it! Neither one was wearing a bra! At the same time I realized that, I spotted the bras on the other chair in the room. Giggling, Joan reached over to Jean and began to unbutton her blouse. Not to be outdone, Jean reached for Joan’s blouse and began unbuttoning it. I am sure that my eyes were as big as saucers and my mouth was open and my cock painfully hard in the tight jeans. Once the blouses were open, they helped each other out of them. Four identical breasts came into view sitting high and firm on their chests with barely a tan line toward the end of the perfect cones. The slightly puffy pink areolas were neatly placed just above center with nipples slightly extended and centrally located. Jean placed her hands under Joan’s breasts and gave each of her sister’s nipples a lick and suck. Joan returned the favor for her sister. I about came in my pants. Both girls lifted their breasts and offered them to me to kiss and suck. Jean pulled me to my feet and removed my “T” while Joan unbuttoned my jeans. In an instant I was in only my underpants. Joan got rid of them too and put her lips around my cock which ejaculated, Right now! No warning! She looked at me swallowed and smiled and went back to her sister’s breasts. I reached out and undid Jean’s skirt. I pulled down her skirt and hooked her panties at the same time. Nice firm cheeks they were too. A virtually nude pussy was peaking. Nude now, she turned her head and offered a kiss. Happy to oblige, I gave her a tongue dancing kiss. I suggested that she keep her sister occupied while I did the same to Joan. Two more firm cheeks and another nearly nude pussy peaking. With all of us nude now, I was rock hard again. Joan jumped on the bed and motioned for her sister to join her. Jean did, and moved them immediately to a 69 position. Both girls had their faces buried in each others closely trimmed pussies. Lots of moaning and groaning with “YES” being the most repeated word.

I moved in behind Joan who was on top of her sister. I rubbed the head of my cock through Joan’s pussy. She looked over her shoulder and smiled and went right back to work on her sister. I slid into her very wet vagina in one slow easy stroke. The scene was so erotic that I came again almost immediately as Joan shuddered in her orgasm. Her vagina put a death grip on my cock. I could no longer move it in and out of her. She finally let go and rolled to her back. Jean moved over her and they continued their beşiktaş escort 69 as Jean ate my cum out of her sister. Joan began shuddering again which caused her to extrude my cum into her sister’s mouth. I was rising to the occasion again. I moved behind Jean and rubbed my cock’s head through her pussy. She looked at me and smiled and went back to eating what was left of my cum from her sister. I shoved my cock into Jean, held her firmly by the hips, and began to fuck her for all I was worth. Joan was licking my cock between thrusts. Jean came hard in one long full body shudder. Damn, I was feeling my balls churn again. I unloaded for the third time in less than an hour. I collapsed on them both. I rolled off to watch Joan eat my cum out of her sister. I thought that there was a good possibility that at twenty-one I might die. I was panting as if I had just run a foot race and my heart was beating as fast as a snare drum. I would have died with a smile and a limp dick. They will never get the smile off of my face, I remember thinking.

The girls each came hard again on their sister’s mouth before sitting up with their backs on pillows leaning against the headboard. Their chests were flushed, their breasts seemed larger, their puffy pink areolas were a deeper pink and more puffy, and their nipples were like pencil erasers. Their closely trimmed very fine blond pubic hair hid nothing. Their legs were slightly spread showing off their beautiful inflamed pussies. Their unhooded clits were very visible as were their vaginas. They were lightly strumming each other’s nipples and clits. Damn they looked good enough to eat. So I did, each in turn, they even tasted the same. As I sucked a clit into my mouth, flicking my tongue on it, I two finger fucked them, palm up rubbing the roof of each vagina. I was rewarded by a full body shuddering orgasm from each. Each sister helped stimulate the other sister by licking and kissing the nipples of the one being eaten.

When I could, I got up and fixed each of us a drink. As we talked, we confided that it was the most sex in an hour that any of us had ever had. The girls confessed that they had been scheming to get me in bed with them since lunch. I told them that they did not have to work at it. I was a willing lamb. I asked how long they had been sexually involved with each other. Jean said that it had been about a year ago when they discovered that sex with each other was much better than solo masturbation. They were now convinced that having a guy in the mix was even better. They had never done anything involving three people male or female before. They figured that this set of circumstances was perfect to try it. I thanked them for giving me the opportunity to enjoy them.

Lying there between them listening to their story was cause for my cock to start to show signs of awakening yet again. This did not go unnoticed and the girls began to stroke me back to life. I smiled and commented that if they would be a little patient, I might have one more good fuck left for each of them. They smiled and proceeded to make it happen. They ate my cum out of each other, they each had another huge whole body shuddering orgasm and we cuddled with me in the sandwich. We fell asleep exhausted.

My daily routine during the trip had been to get on the road early, approximately 6:30 AM, drive as far as it was comfortable to do and/or I found something interesting to stop for and explore. However, when I woke up this morning after, the sun was up and I could not believe I had my usual morning hard on. Jean was sucking me off under the covers. She was very good at it and swallowed every drop of cum before she surfaced with a broad smile on her face. “Now we are even”, she said to Joan. Joan had sucked me off to begin last night.

We got up and took care of our morning need to relieve our bladders. We showered and dressed went to get breakfast. After getting an argument, I bought breakfast for the three of us. I explained that I had not had to pay for a room last night. Over breakfast we discussed where we expected to be that night. They wanted to be in San Diego. I wanted to be in Las Vegas. I am assuming that they made it because I never saw them again after we split up after lunch together in Kingman, AZ.

They had given me one of the most erotic nights of my life. Sex, sex and more sex that I have never forgotten. Nor have I ever had its equal. Given their lack of concern over incest, I have often wondered about their father’s stamina. A memory relived every time I get to Tucumcari, NM and like now when I am just horny and being nostalgic.

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