A Cabin on the Lake Pt. 01

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A total work of fiction. Everyone is over 21years of age.

No animals were injured in the writing of this story.

Any similarity between any person living or dead or any place or thing is not intentional.

I have had a few girlfriends in my life but never found “the one” so at 25 I was single. I won’t put you to sleep with all the vital stats stuff. Mainly because I am pretty average. I had been pretty lucky and had some great jobs. I wasn’t rich but I had enough money to get what I wanted and enjoy life at the same time.

I had a small apartment, but I loved being around the water and loved being outside the city. I started looking for a place on a lake. Being in the north I wanted a summer place as well as someplace to hide in the winter when things got stressful.

After months of searching, I found a place on a small lake in the middle of nowhere. It was a small cabin that I could work on and insulate so I could spend some winter days there as well as weekends on the summer. I had the only place on the lake with the nearest town being about ten miles away. The place had a water well, an outhouse (not something I enjoyed) and a storage shed with a small generator in it. The house and property had no electricity other than the generator as it was not close to anything and running electricity to the property was cost prohibitive. In the house there was a fireplace and a wood burning stove. I had an LP Gas Stove and a small apartment sized refrigerator in it. The cabin had one bedroom, a washroom, and a large combination living room, kitchen, dining room. Open concept to the max. I was pretty lucky because the previous owner’s kids were all gone, and they said they had no use for the place anymore, so they sold it furnished, and I got it cheap.

The place was about 90 miles from my apartment, so this was the perfect place for me. I would get off work on Friday and head for the lake. I would go right from work so I would be there by 6:30pm or before, if I got off a little early. I would usually stay until Sunday night about 6:00pm and would be home at 7:30pm I bought a little boat and motor and would spend my weekends relaxing and fishing. Most of the time I didn’t care if I caught any fish or not because I was there to destress mostly.

Occasionally I would invite some of my family up to the place but most of the time I was alone. Because I was in the middle of nothing and the only road leading to my place was down a very long drive, I would keep the gate locked most of the time. The only people I saw were the ones I invited.

Because I was alone, I didn’t find much reason to dress with much more than shorts and shoes. After a while I realized I didn’t even need the shorts as no one was going to see me anyway and I am not that bashful. I would wander around on the property sans clothes. I would skinny dip and needless to say I had a great tan.

One evening while I was having dinner at a mom-and-pop restaurant I really liked, I met a young lady who was a couple of years younger than me. She was blonde just a little shorter than me and I thought she was beautiful. She was my server at the restaurant, and I later learned that she was the daughter of the owners of the place. She was off for the summer from grad school and helping at the family business. I was smitten. I started going there almost every evening for my meals and always sitting at one of her tables.

After a couple of weeks, she asked me “You are here every night but never on the weekends, why is that?”

I told her I had a cabin and went there every weekend to relax and destress.

We started talking about the place and how I loved it and would live there all the time if I could. The more we talked the better I liked her. So, I asked her if she ever had any days off and could I take her to dinner sometime.

I realized I didn’t even know her name, so I introduced myself. I said, “Hi I am Dan Anderson.”

She smiled and said, “I am Janice Smith.”

She said she looked forward to me coming in because I was her favorite customer, and yes, she would go out with me.

I was overjoyed and we went out her very next day off. We had dinner and went to a movie. Most importantly we talked. And talked. And talked.

It didn’t take us long to become very close. She was always asking me about my place at the lake. I told her all about it and even showed her some pictures. She said she loved the place. She also told me she was getting a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering and whenever I was ready to wire the place for electricity to let me know. She would design a solar system for me.

Not only was she beautiful but she was also smart. I asked her what this would entail, and she told me what I would need to have for an unlimited supply of electricity. I scrimped and managed to save enough money to buy all the parts I needed to put in the system.

When I had all the parts I told her and she said, “Great you let me know when you are ready, and I will go up there with you and see how far we can get in the installation.”

I told her when ever she would Ataşehir Escort get off work to let me know and we would go to the lake for the weekend.

She told me she could take off the next weekend so I could pick her up and we would be off and running.


The next weekend I managed to get Friday off early so I hopefully we could get some things done yet on Friday. I picked her up Friday afternoon and we headed to the Lake. I had most of the small stuff loaded in the back of my pick-up truck and had planned for the remainder to be delivered to my cabin Saturday morning.

I picked up Janice at 2:00 pm and we headed for the lake. We arrived about 3:20 pm and I opened the cabin and started some coffee after bringing in the supplies for the weekend and starting the generator so we could use the refrigerator.

Janice started going through the materials I brought with me so see that we had what we needed and started laying things out for assembly. After looking around she thought it was best if we put the batteries and other equipment in the shed near the generator that could be used if there was no sun. to charge the batteries.

I went out to help her moving stuff around and to the locations she wanted to install the items. I only had a vague idea of what she was doing. I am not mechanical but do get by. I had looked up Solar Panels on the internet and sort of knew what she was doing. Janice told me this was great as this is one to the things she was studying in school, but of course on a much larger scale but this would help her learn the practical side of things.

I told her that I would go out to clean out the shed so there would be room to work and get things ready for the arrival of the solar panels and larger supplies we needed the next day. Janice started measuring and making diagrams as well as making squiggles and drawings of stuff I had no idea of what they were other than it looked like electrical diagrams

By this time, we were both about starved and I went in and dinner. I am not a bad cook but nothing fancy, I did have a barbeque pit at the cabin so I fired it up so I could cook some chicken with some roasted sweet corn. We gobbled it down with a beer and started making plans for what we were going to do in the morning.

Because the area of the house was wooded, we were going to put the solar panels closer to the lake in the front yard. That was the hardest part, so we decided to tackle that first. I had to dig some deep holes to put poles in which would support the panels.

As we made our plans, I realized this was going to me more than a weekend job. At least a couple of weekends. I realized we still had a couple of hours of sunlight, so I grabbed a shovel and started doing some of the grunt work which meant less to do later.

Janice started laying out the lines that we would need to connect everything together. I was so lucky not only was she a beautiful girl, but she was super intelligent and knew exactly what she was doing compared to my little knowledge about electricity. I am so happy she volunteered for this job because I knew without her, I would never get the job done.

I was digging deep holes in the ground for the poles to be placed that would hold the solar panels. I have to admit I am not in the best shape ever and this was hot tiring work. As the sun started to go down, I finally admitted to myself I was done for the day. And it was time to take a break.

I had been working that poor girl to death, so I went and got a couple of beers from the frig and took her one and convinced her to come and sit on the porch and watch the sun go down with me.

We both took our beers and sat on the rockers on the front porch. I told her that “my life’s ambition was to be able to sit on this porch in a rocker and watch my grandkids running around at the lake.” She laughed and told me it was funny she always thought about that also.

As the sun dipped and it was darkening quickly, I looked over and said “It’s been a long day do you want to take a dip in the lake”

She said, “I would love to but didn’t bring a bathing suit.”

I asked her if she was shy. She asked me why I was asking. I told her it was because I didn’t have a bathing suit either. And because this lake was so remote, I just went skinny dipping when I wanted to cool off. In fact, very seldom did I wear clothes at all, only when I was working.

Janice looked at me and said, “Really” with sort of a strange look on her face.

I responded that I had no neighbors and unless you could figure out how to get through a locked gate there was no possibility of having anyone see me. I went on to tell her that normally when I was here alone, I normally didn’t wear any clothes at all.

She again looked at me and sort of smiled and said, “well don’t let me stop you.”

I told her that was okay working out like this I usually wore shorts when I worked but I was taking this T-Shirt off because I was really getting hot.

I walked to the edge of the lake, kicked off my shoes and dropped my Anadolu Yakası Escort shorts and waded into the water.

Janice stood there with her mouth hanging open as I walked into the water. She smiled and said, “I thought you were kidding, I didn’t really think you would do that.”

I got out about waist deep and turned around and looked at her and I saw her peeling off her t-shirt and dropping her shorts. She was wearing a pair of white cotton panties and a sports bra. She walked towards the water, and I was totally surprised when I saw her pulling off the sports bra. Then as she approached the water’s edge, she kicked off the panties. She waded right out to me.

I didn’t want to stare but I noticed she was a real blonde and probably about a 34-B which fit perfectly her body. Needless to say, that did have a bit of an effect on me. Even though the water was pretty cool I could tell I was getting hard. When she got to me, we held hands and walked out until the water was about neck high on her.

I didn’t want to stare but I noticed she was a real blonde and probably about a 34-B which fit perfectly her body. Needless to say, that did have a bit of an effect on me. Even thought the water was pretty cool I could tell I was getting hard. When she got to me, we held hands and walked out until the water was about neck high on her.

We paddled around playing in the water for about 20 minutes or so. Accidently touching each other. I could feel her touch my hard cock as she swam by. It was quite enjoyable, and it did cool us down on this hot day.

Janice said that if she stayed in the water any longer, she would shrivel into a prune, so she started walking toward the shore. As she turned from me, I could see her glorious ass. It reminded me of a ripe peach. It was just perfect.

I said, “Hey Janice, you have a great ass.” She just turned to me and smiled.

I was going to paddle around until some of the lead got out of my pencil, but I told myself. Heck she has already felt it so what the hell.

As I walked to the shore she said, “Hey Dan, nice cock.” I just smiled at her.

She picked up her clothes and placed them on the chair and started to move back to where we had been working.

I said, “Aren’t you going to get dressed.”

She looked at me and said, “well you said on weekends you were usually naked.”

Janice was tired I could tell but she was probably better than I was. She spent all her time on her feet at the restaurant so was used to being on her feet all day and carrying heavy things, and I spent all my time in front of a computer screen in an office.

We headed for the house. We sat on the front porch and neither of us bothered to dress. I asked her “are you going to put your clothes back on?”

She said I thought you said that you normally spend your time outside naked so there is no reason for us to dress now.

I knew we would have to be going in soon anyway as the mosquitos would be chewing us up soon. We sat there and drank a beer enjoying the cool breeze coming in off the lake. I looked at her and told her we had a choice of either going in or covering ourselves with bug repellent that probably didn’t do that good of a job anyway. We chose to go in.

Janice said “No wonder people become nudists. This breeze on my body feels wonderful. Being naked outside has been a fantasy of mine since I was a little girl and I love the feeling.”

I agreed with her but told her when we were working, we did need to wear clothes, so we didn’t get eaten up by the bugs and bruised and scraped up from the work we were doing.

I told her as late as it was getting maybe it was time to turn in. I was trying to be a perfect gentleman here and told her she could have the bedroom and I would take the couch in the living room.

She told me that it was okay we could share the bed, she was too tired to do much anyway and that she just wanted to sleep. She got out an oversize t-short and pulled it on. I just got in bed the way I was. I really don’t know what happened next because as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was sound asleep. Hard work and skinny dipping do it to me every time.

I woke up fairly early. Janice was still asleep. She looked so pretty laying there with her blonde hair spread over the pillow. But nature called so it was a quick run to the outhouse.

Before I came back in the house, I gassed up the generator, fired it up and went in to make some coffee. I pulled on my clothes and while the coffee was making, I ran down to the gate to open it for our shipment of supplies what was soon to arrive.

When I got back to the cabin Janice was up drinking coffee sitting on the front porch. She was naked. Every time I saw her, she looked sexier and sexier. As soon as I saw her, I immediately got hard. Her eyes were drawn to my crotch as I had pitched a huge tent. I got a cup of coffee and sat down beside her on the porch.

I said, “I hope it doesn’t bother you seeing me sitting here with an erection, but you are beautiful and even though I spend a lot of time here naked, Kadıköy Escort I have never done it with a beautiful woman before or any woman for that matter.”

She told me that was fine, and she understood.

She stood and headed toward the lake, taking her dirty clothes from yesterday with her. She waded out into the water and washed her clothes out to get the mud off of them. After rinsing them out she came back towards the house and put her clothes up in a tree to dry out.

I told her that I hoped she brought something else with her as the truck would soon be arriving with the other supplies.

She looked at me and said “well if I have to” she went in and came out shortly there after in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

After drinking my coffee, I asked her what she wanted for breakfast and went in to start making sausage and pancakes.

As we were finishing breakfast and our second pot of coffee, I heard the truck arriving outside. I directed them to the area I wanted them to unload, and it took us about 20 minutes to unload the truck. I discovered that nothing I had ordered has been light.

After unloading I went back to digging post holes for the solar panels, which I now realized had to be a little bigger than I had dug them. After digging what seemed like half a day, I finally had the holes just the way Janice wanted them. Now came the part where I needed her help. I needed some assistance putting the posts in the holes and then holding them level so I could pour in the concrete to make them permanent.

While I had been digging Janice was in the shed moving equipment to be mounted on the walls. Before we could do that however I needed to reinforce the walls and make some boxes to put the batteries on to keep them off the ground.

We had to run into town to get some more lumber to work on this so off we went after making sure we were decent (clothing wise) We went to the sawmill to get some sturdy rough-cut lumber, then to the hardware store to get some screws and nails.

Before going back, we went to my favorite restaurant for a hamburger and a piece of their wonderful pie.

Back to the Cabin and I started building the frames and boxes that Janice wanted me to build. This girl had already drawn a design and was helping me put it together. Janice was not only beautiful, but she was an amazing hard worker. I didn’t want to lose this girl at all. By about 5:00pm we had finished the construction in the shed.

I told Janice it was time to knock off for the day. She could outwork me any time and I was tired. We were both hot and sweaty and she looked at me and said, “Last one in is a rotten egg” and headed for the lake with her clothes being tossed as she ran. I was right behind her.

We both ran to the lake and by the time we got there we were both naked. Man, that water felt so good. I have to admit I was pretty stinky by time I hit the water.

Watching Janice’s amazing ass running front of me had me hard again. When we ran out in the water, we joined hands and I turned her so I could kiss her deeply. I held her close and kissed her and told her thanks for everything she had been doing for me. With that she kissed me back and I felt her tongue against my lips. This made me joyous. I was afraid that she was just doing this for her school project but now I realized she liked me, and I hoped it was as much as I liked her.

After washing out our clothes to get the stink off of them we walked hand in hand back to the house. I told her I was going to make her a special dinner tonight and went out to fire up the grill. I had two great looking steaks to put on. Some fresh out of the field that day Sweet Corn. I made some foil potatoes and Janice started making a salad with fresh vegetables we picked up at a roadside stand on the way back from the sawmill.

We were both famished. We had worked hard, and we were tired and hungry. It didn’t take us very long to destroy that food. We ate outside as a picnic table I had, and the fresh food and the fresh air made it perfect. We could still feel the sun on our naked bodies. I couldn’t think of anything that could be better and being with a beautiful lady made it all that much better.

After we finished eating Janice looked at me and said, “Let’s go swimming again.”

We both waded out into the water holding hands to where the water was about chest deep. Janice turned toward me and kissed my lips. Wow she tasted so good. I immediately kissed her back. I felt her tongue against my lips, and I opened my mouth and felt her tongue enter my mouth. Our tongues began to caress each other. As we kissed, I felt her lift herself and wrap her legs around my waist. I could feel her hard nipples pressing against my chest. I could feel the heat of her femininity against my hardness.

As tired as we both were we had to take things farther. I carried her from the lake with her legs wrapped around me to the Cabin. We went into the cabin and into the bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and continued to kiss her. I moved to her neck kissing and teasing her neck along her jaw line and down to her chest. Kissing every single inch of her body. Tasting her, kissing her, licking her. I sucked her nipples which were very hard. One at a time sucking one while pinching the other. Her nipples tasted like a combination of Lake Water and her wonderful fresh skin

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