Accepting Cougarhood

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Our first time together was really amazing. I am still reeling from how many times you got me off. Moving outside my comfort zone has been so rewarding!

You enjoyed my body – my peach-sized breasts with their pointed nipples that responded so readily to your eager mouth, loving hands or tireless cock; my tanned body that was agile enough to keep up with you; my warm pussy that responded so wetly to the pleasures you shared.

But today was going to be the real test, at least in my mind. Waking up snuggled next to your warmth; the length of your body spooning me; the weight of your arm as it draped over me. Your cock nestled between my ass cheeks was what woke me. I felt your hips slowly thrust and your cock slide slowly against me again. I lie there, waiting to see if you’re awake.

The sex was invigorating. My body was aching in places I hadn’t been aware of for a while. Feeling you thrust against me again, I find myself hoping that you are awake. Morning sex is a great way to start the day!

When you seem to settle, I quietly slip from the bed. I rush into the bathroom to answer my bladder’s call. Thinking of last night’s sex fest, I glance in the mirror and stare at myself in amazement.

My lips are puffy and reddened from all the kissing and sucking that we shared. My breasts felt tender from your attention while my nipples seemed to be eagerly awaiting more. I had hickeys on my neck! Hickeys! Really?

As my gaze continued down my body, I saw the random scratches from your nails that told me just how intense an orgasm was for you. My golden brown skin seemed to have a glow that radiated from within.

I look at myself and remember in vivid detail not only the hot, sweaty sex, but the feel of your cock when it came in contact with me. My hand moves between my legs and I feel my panties show signs of dampness. Not only am I getting wet, but I’m starting to get horny. How can this be happening? How can I be getting wet just from memories? Even if they are arousing. I thought only guys had morning wood! Is it possible for us women? If so, what’s it called?

“OK, OK, calm down. Don’t panic. Try thinking of something else,” I tell myself as I reach for my hairbrush. With each stroke, I remember your response when you felt the long, silky tresses glide over your cock. How it seemed to jump in response. The gasp you made when I drew my hair over your nipples randomly. The goose bumps that appeared when it came in contact with different parts of your body as we were making love.

Smiling, I reach down to find my panties becoming damp. The feel of my hand reminds me of yours. How gently it stroked down my center, spreading my legs and then my lips. How you’d respond as you felt my juices coat your fingers as you dipped them inside.

My hand slips inside my panties without conscious thought. I find myself stroking my pussy, my hips moving on their own. I feel myself begin to respond even more.

My hand’s smaller than yours. It doesn’t cover as much as yours. As my palm brushes lightly against my clit, my fingertips can barely slip inside.

My hips rock forward as my middle finger slowly enters me. My wetness coats it, allowing it to slip a little deeper. As my palm begins rubbing my clit slowly, I remember how your palm felt. How it would move back and forth or side to side. How it would add to the pleasure building in me.

My hips move as I start to finger myself. Slowly thrusting my finger deeper and withdrawing. Getting wetter with each pass, I add a finger, feeling myself get closer. I close my eyes and experience flashes of what we did last night. How your mouth worked all over my body and paid special attention to my nether regions. How your hands increased the pleasure. How your cock intensified the building tension and pushed us both over that rocky ledge.

I open my eyes to see what you saw when you watched me while doing this. Surprised to see you reflected in the mirror watching me while stroking yourself in rhythm to my movement.

You’re tall, my head comes close to barely reaching the top of your shoulders. I appreciate your big shoulders and how they made a great pillow for my head as I fell asleep. Your arms are muscled and long enough to wrap around me, making me feel safe. Your stomach has that sexy hairline arrow that points to your talented cock.

You smile as your hand begins removing your boxers. You slowly walk toward me. I feel your fingers play with the elastic at the top of my undies. My breathing quickens as I feel your hand caressing me as you work it down my leg. I feel your kisses on the back of my neck.

I turn to kiss you good morning, but your hands on my hips prevent me. “Just keep looking in the mirror,” you say as you keep kissing my neck.

You pull me gently against your chest as your hand caresses each breast. I watch your hand continue down my body. I feel your cock as you gentle stroke it against my ass cheeks. Feeling your fingers trailing down my stomach, stopping to trace Gürçeşme Escort around my belly button. I laugh as you tickle me and hear

“God, you’re so sexy. You’re so responsive to my touch. You make me so rock hard when you vocalize how much you enjoy what I’m doing.”

I feel myself begin to blush. “Th-th-thanks,” I stammer as I watch you, wondering what you’ll do next. I feel the wetness building as the desire to feel you in me grows stronger. I watch as you take my hand, guiding it to where I want your cock.

Your hand covers mine as we slowly cup my mound. I feel you move lower and I hesitate. Your hand keeps mine moving and I feel us stroke my clit lightly and continue down. I feel my lips slowly part as our finger starts delving deeper. I feel my wetness surround our finger as it slowly starts pumping me.

My head falls back and I can’t keep quiet as the pleasure starts building. I feel the wetness begin building, making our finger slide easier, slide deeper inside.

“I enjoy watching. Please continue,” you say as withdraw your hand and step back to give me a great view of how hard you are. Your cock stands at attention and moves a little as you tighten the muscles. I watch as you slide my juices onto your cock with your finger.

Before my hand reaches its’ desired goal, both of our stomachs let out a rather loud growl. We both stand still in surprise. As the air becomes filled with more growls at various levels of loudness, we both start laughing.

“I’m afraid breakfast is in order before we continue,” I say reluctantly. “You may be a great distraction, but the desire my body seems to be feeling most right now is to eat,” I continue with an exaggerated pout and crossed eyes.

“Yeah, I have to agree.” You snicker at the look on my face. “I am rather starved after last night’s marathon.” You state as you retreat from the bathroom and begin dressing in a rush. “But if we grab a quick bite, we can hurry back and continue this.” You wag your eyebrows at me.

“Oh and here I am thinking I’m not only sexy, but making you hungry for more. So much for thinking I’m an irresistibly tasty treat.” I say as I follow you out, playfully smacking your now covered ass.

“Oh, you definitely are that. So much so that you burned not only all my energy but my reserves as well. The proof of that is readily apparent,” You say as your stomach lets out another loud growl. “But the faster we eat, the sooner we can get back. Then I will show you just how tasty I find you.” We rush through the room getting ready for the day while our stomachs keep reminding us of how deprived they are.

As we begin driving to get breakfast, I notice some kind of event going on. “Wonder what that is,” I say. You glance to where I’m pointing and say, “Oh, it’s the flea market. It’s an OK place to go to kill time if you’re into that.”

“And are you?” I ask. “It’s counted as a calorie burner in my book. I’d really like to walk out some kinks.”

“Sure, why not.” You say as you pull into a diner that proclaims on it’s windows to have the best breakfast around. “After breakfast though. Don’t want your energy depleted to the point of not being able to get me up at any given time today.”

“I don’t need energy to get you up, only to get you off.” I primly reply with a straight face. Sticking my tongue out at you, I turn to get out of the car.

“Wait,” You say as you grab my arm to prevent me. You lean over and give me a kiss. “Let me get the door for you.” You say as you kiss the tip of my nose and move away. “I can be a gentleman.” You rush over and open the door with an exaggerated bow.

When we’re finally seated and had a chance to decide what to eat, we resumed talking about one of the many topics we usually discussed. We seldom run out of subjects to talk about. We even talk about the ‘taboo’ subjects – politics, religion.

When the waitress finally returns to take our order, you say “My MILF and I will each have the special. She’d like coffee and I’d like tea, please.” You say as you hand her the menus. The waitress looks from you to me to you again and blushes deep red. She turn away without a word.

“I can’t believe you called me a MILF!” I exclaim as I feel a blush spread across my cheeks. “And what’s with the tea? Shouldn’t I be the one doing the ‘English Granny’ thing of drinking tea instead of coffee?”

“Hey, I happen to like tea! It gives me much energy.” You reply as you flex your arms with an exaggerated flourish.

“Isn’t that what Red Bull’s for?” I ask innocently.

“When I do Red Bull, I become the Energizer Bunny – I keep going and going.” You say winking and wagging your eyebrows at me.

“Well, you are the one that cried ‘mercy’ first last night,” I say smugly as I blow on my nails and rub them on my chest.

“Ah, that may be true, but now I know how to turn the tables. MUHHAHAHAHAHA.” You say in a villainous voice that makes us both start laughing. Your tone makes me think Escort Gürçeşme of the Dudley-do-right villain from my cartoon watching days.

Our breakfast was filling. The ‘special’ consisted on pancakes, bacon, eggs and toast. With the bill paid and our stomachs full, we made our way to the flea market.

The booths were filled with a variety of stuff. There was so much to look at that; time seemed to fly by. As I continue my way down the current row we were on, a sparkling glint of something flashes in the corner of my eye and draws me toward it. As I watch the sparkle increase, I look around for you. “Wow, will you look at these,” I say when I see you looking my way. “Aren’t these balisongs? Isn’t that one a Bradley Mayhem?” I ask innocently as I try to keep a straight face.

You almost knock me down in your rush to get your hands on it. “Yes it is. Look at this sexy thing. It’s so awesome!” You exclaim as you stroke the handles lightly. The heat in your eyes resembles the heat of when you were above me, stroking deeply inside me. The pure ecstasy written on your face makes me bite my lip to keep from laughing out loud.

“Should I be jealous?” I ask trying to hide the smile. “Would you like a room for the two of you, so you can explore her many wiles in private?” I continue as I can’t hold it back any more and start laughing so hard tears begin to form in my eyes. The pleasure on your face lights up those sexy hazel eyes.

“This is the wet-dream of the Balisong world. These titanium handles are curved to help the fit and feel when it’s in your palm.” You say almost reverently. “Watch” You continue as you begin flipping it. “This is the called the ‘sinisters roll’,” you continue as you move it expertly. I watch as you manipulate the knife. This morning’s interlude bursts brightly in my mind and sends a bolt of desire pooling low on my body. As I continue watching you work, I blush at how the agility you’re showing reminds me of how you so expertly worked my body.

“Very impressive.” I say “So, how does that feel in your hand? Is it hard and smooth to the touch?” I ask as I close the distance between us and kiss you gently while casually rubbing the crotch of your jeans lightly. “Does it remind you of anything?” I ask in an almost whisper as I rise up on the balls of my feet to blow softly into your ear.

Your hand stills as you catch it. The look in your eyes tells me I was in a tie with the knife. You casually shift the front of your jeans. “One minute.” You say, turning toward the vendor. Oh my God, I’m competing with a knife and losing! I think suppressing the laugh. I smile as you start to bargain with him. I know how long you’ve been searching for it.

“A boy and his toys,” I say, shaking my head and moving on to explore the remainder of the booths. While I continue browsing, I reflect on the many conversations we’ve had about that knife. The specs and details that you went into didn’t really seem to be held in my memory. The only reason I recognized it was I looked up pictures on the internet recently.

We’ve known each other for a while and talked late into the night learning about each other. We met on one of the many MMO games available. My kids introduced them to me. Although most were for what I called “kids” (which was anyone under the age of twenty five to me), some were really enjoyable for me.

It had taken some time for you to convince me to give you my email. And even longer for me to give you my phone number. I remember when you first told me your age. I always felt you were young and wasn’t surprised when you confirmed it, but I was blown away when you pursued more than a casual friendship. It gave us the time we needed to learn about each other. So far, it was worth the time.

This trip was turning out much better than I’d planned. I thought for sure you’d take one look at me and make some excuse to get away. Although I was almost fifty, I didn’t wear make-up. It seemed to add lines and make them more noticeable in my opinion. I had curves in areas I’d rather not, but I rather enjoyed having the padding. The soft slight show of gravity in my breasts made me glad they were small and still show some youthful perkiness.

As I make my way toward the next row, I feel a hand grab my ass. Turning to brush it off, I run into your chest. “Oh,” I exclaim as I’m jolted back to the present. I had been so deep in thought, I had forgotten where I was.

You lean down and kiss me soundly, still pumped up from your encounter with the knife. “I want to thank you. If you hadn’t wanted to stop here, I wouldn’t be the proud owner of my new knife.” You say as you remove your prize from the bag.

It was the Bradley Mayhem. I smile as you proudly show it to me. “Well, grats. I was just remembering our many conversations about it and how much you’ve wanted one.” I say as I give you a mischievous smile.

You lean down and kiss me. It started out as a light, gentle, quick kiss until we both Gürçeşme Escort Bayan deepen it. I feel your arms tighten around me as I feel your tongue gently push into my mouth. I feel my feet leave the ground as you move us out of the path of the foot traffic. As I slide down your body, I feel just how excited you are becoming. I feel your leg slide between mine as my feet touch the ground. The friction of your leg sends another spark pulsing through my body.

Since you’re facing away from any eyes that may be watching, I slide my hands against your crotch and feel the hardness pulse in your restrained member. “MMMMM, is this because of me or your other girlfriend?” I ask as I smile up at you.

“I think it’s a combination of the two, actually.” You say as you step back and put your arm around me. “You know I have a fantasy of being with two chicks at once.” You say, casually adjusting yourself again. “What do you say we get out of here and explore the possibility?”

I chuckle. “I’m not that easy. You haven’t convinced me on of the benefits of that yet.” I reply. “Besides, I’m still trying to decide if I should be jealous.” The puzzled look on my face makes you laugh.

We were content to finish exploring the rest of the market before we left. I wasn’t able to find anything that I couldn’t live without. We had grabbed a quick (somewhat satisfying) lunch of burgers. I laughed when you again got your tea.

When we finally reached the car, we tried to decide what was next. We sat in the car talking about our plans. The choices we came up with were: catching a movie, going to the carnival we saw advertised, and going back to the motel to work off some energy. HHHHMMMM, which would we choose.

Before we finalize our choice, we thought dinner would be a good idea. As we sat in the restaurant, we talked about how lucky you were today. “I can’t believe what a great deal I got on it.” You say as you place it on the table with tenderness.

I smile and say, “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself! So, what do I get as a reward for being your lucky charm?” I wink at you as I move my foot to stroke up and down your shin. We were seated at a small, intimate table that had a candle burning. “I’m thinking a foot massage is a good starting point.” I say as I place both feet in your lap.

“Well, I guess that’s a possibility. He seemed really happy to get rid of it. He took the knife and some cash in trade for a sword.” You say as you start massaging. “This baby has titanium handles and a stainless steel blade. It’s lightweight and perfectly balanced for flipping.”

“MMMM. What’s that knobby thing sticking out on the end called?” I ask

“Oh, that’s the tang. It can be used for defense or breaking windows.” You say as the waitress brings our check. “So, what would you like to do now? I think we had a few choices and while we were eating, I can think of only one that I’d like to do now.” You say as you place my foot on your crotch and rub it against you, letting me feel how excited you are.

As we sit there and let the meal settle, I think about the choices we came up with. The carnival would let us walk around; we’d take in the lights, colors and sounds; the games and rides would provide entertainment; and the crowd of people that would do the usual, annoying things they do. OK, that’s a NO to the carnival.

The movie would let me sit next to you, your arm draped around my shoulders as we watch. My hand holding yours or maybe resting on your leg. The darkness and relative quietness that would surround us. The intimacy that could envelop us. We may be able to have some playtime if the movie was boring, maybe even go all the way if you were up for a little adventure in public.

Going back to the motel and taking a nice hot shower, letting the water rain down on me to wash away the grime of the day and begin to wake my currently banked fire. Finally being alone with you to finish what we started.

“I think I’m leaning toward going back to the motel. I’d really like to take a shower and relax. Maybe talk you into a massage.” I say with the hope not only in my voice, but very apparent on my face.

“OK, doing you in the shower sounds like a great idea, but I don’t know about the massage.” You reply as we leave. “I’m so looking forward to having you in not only the shower, but the bed, over the chair, on the floor and maybe on the dresser.”

I threw my head back in laughter and said, “So in other words, you want to repeat last night. You don’t want to try something different?” I ask, as I compose myself. The thought that pops into my mind’s eye makes desire begin to unfurl in my stomach. My drink from the fair still had some ice in it, the thought begins to solidify.

I casually shake the cup and say, “Before we go to the motel, I need to make a quick stop at the store, if you don’t mind.”

When we are on the road, headed toward the store, I reach down and casually begin undoing your pants. “What are you doing?” You ask with a chuckle.

“I’m going to test your driving skills,” I say as I take some ice into my mouth and move toward you.

Releasing your member from your pants, my hand begins to slowly stroke you. I enjoy feeling you begin to harden, to swell in my hand. I like watching how you stiffen and grow in my hand.

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