After a Long Halloween Night

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This is the first time I’ve submitted an erotic story, I hope it’s good enough for here and you all enjoy it.


We staggered home from a wild Halloween night, glowing in the light of excess sugar and alcohol. I crashed down on the sofa, kicking off my shoes and scratching at the werewolf make up that covered my face and hands. She stood in the doorway, looking stunning in a sexy Red Riding Hood outfit, the split in her long dress running the full length of her long legs.

“My what big eyes you have,” she purred as my eyes widened, gazing upon her sumptuous body as she pulled the lacing on the front of her bodice and her gorgeous breasts spilled out. She gracefully slunk towards me as her clothes fell to the carpet, leaving her naked except for the long silky red cloak and hood. She climbed onto my lap, her red lips smiling as her hand traced the massive bulge in my jeans as my cock strained against the denim.

My arms wrapped around her and pulled her close, we kissed deeply for what felt like hours, our hands grasping, caressing and stroking at each other. I started kissing down her neck, she purred as I worked down her soft cleavage, my hands cupping her sweet breasts. I took a nipple and began to suck, listening to her moan as it hardened in my mouth. My hand stroked the other breast, caressing the nipple, making her gasp and groan.

Lifting her up and throwing her down on the sofa, I continued to kiss down her body, over her belly and down towards her the lip of her public hair. I then began almanbahis adresi to kiss and tease all over her mound, but carefully avoiding her sweet spot. I heard her moans become even more frantic as I kissed down her legs, spending ages on her toes as she became more and more desperate for me to return up her sleek legs.

Eventually when I knew she couldn’t take it any more, I ran my tongue slowly all the way up her pussy lips, tasting her sweet nectar as a guttural groan escaped her mouth. I spread her legs and her pussy, licking my lips gazing hungrily upon her hot wetness. My werewolf face paint was smeared all over her as I delved into her, my tongue caressing every millimeter of her pussy, tracing her lips and tickling her clit. She dug her fingers into my hair and groaned, her hips rocking against me, trying to drive my face deeper. Her moans gained pace, her hips shuddering as her orgasm crested and roared through her. A deep growl turning into a long sigh as the pulses of pleasure subsided. She smiled, glowing with contentment as I kissed my way back up her, kissing her deeply on the mouth, her tongue tasting her pussy on my lips, giggling and mmm-ing at her own sweet taste.

She slid out from under me, pushing me back onto the seat as she knelt on the floor and unbuckled my belt. She looked up at me with a devilish grin, gently stroking my cock through my jeans, watching the sweat bead on my brow as she teased my raging hard on. Ever so slowly she undid the buttons on my jeans, relishing my whimpers at every almanbahis adres turn. As she opened my jeans my cock sprang out of the flies on my boxers, splattering a few drops of pre-cum on her cheek.

With a giggle she ran her tongue over the very tip of my cock, smiling at the gasp that escaped me, my eyes fluttering at the sudden pleasure. Her tongue danced over the swollen head, sending my mind reeling as her lips parted over my cock and traveled ever so slowly all the way down its length. She expertly worked her beautiful mouth over my rock hard member, gazing with lustful eyes at each other, grinning with mischief, loving every second. I could feel my engorged balls tightening, desperate to fill her mouth or cover her gorgeous face in hot cum. But I knew where I wanted my cum to go.

Cradling her face, I stood up and spun around her, gently lifting her up so she was on all fours, being a werewolf tonight I was going to take her doggy style. Knowing what I wanted she pushed her gorgeous arse up at me and wiggled it cheekily, my hands caressed the gorgeous curves of her bottom as I lined my cock with her dripping pussy. I teased her with the head of my cock, running it over her pussy lips before slowly pushing it into her tight wet hole. She moaned as her pussy stretched around me, as I went slowly deeper and deeper, all the way to the hilt. I pumped slowly going all the way in and out, savoring every moment. I put my arms around her and lent back, pulling her against my chest. One of my hands caressed her breasts, almanbahis adresi whilst the other slid between her thighs and stroked her clit, all while she rocked down on to my cock. I kissed the back of her neck, building the pace, our moans and gasps joining in unison as we fucked like animals.

“Harder,” she growled and I pushed her front to the floor, angling her arse up. I started to pound her hard, both of us growling as we fucked. Looking down at my cock sliding into her I could see her tight little arsehole looking all alone and unloved. Running a finger around the soaked edges of her pussy, I smeared some of juices around the edge of her arsehole causing her to gasp and shudder as she rocked harder against my cock. I positioned my finger so our thrusting would push it’s tip to slowly widening that tight little hole.

With a hard push she drove her hungry arse onto my finger, with a groan it drove inside, sending her into wild frenzy as she pounded both my cock and finger. I could feel her pussy tightening and her breath becoming ragged as the orgasm rose inside of her. My balls were ready to explode, so when with a feral cry she came, there was nothing I could do but drive myself deep inside of her a cum hard. My vision blurred as my throbbing cock sent what felt like gallons of cum into her hungry pussy, both of us growling from the force of our shared orgasm. I stayed inside her for what felt like forever, feeling the pulse of my cock entwining with the throb of her pussy.

Eventually I pulled out and we collapsed next to each other, grinning in our after glow as we tried to catch our breaths. Gently kissing and cuddling on the carpet gazing into each others eyes.

“Do have any more trick or treats in store for me?” she asked with a smile.

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