The Spirit of Lady Macbeth Pt. 03

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The California sun basking the home in rays of light the front door to professor Lisbeth Duncan’s house opened. Hearing the noise of conversation her student Tracy looked out from the openings of the puppy cage. Placed just around the corner from the kitchen in the laundry room of her home it would take but a few steps or so and the group of women would see him.

His hand went up to his mouth as if to help stop Tracy from making any noise. He thought it sounded like two other females there were talking with Lisbeth by her 1st floor office. It had only been five weeks previous when he had all his body hair. Looking down resting on his hip letting his hand move across his smooth legs he heard the voices grow a little louder.

“Would you like coffee…becoming more domesticated the longer with me my assistant just made some…we could sit in the kitchen and discuss it further?”

Tracy could tell the distinctive voice was Lisbeth’s.

He held his breath…’please no…please no…please say no’…what would they think to see him naked and hairless locked in a cage like a puppy in training? Tracy let his hand go about moving his hair back toying with the hairband that held the ponytail. He pulled the elastic band loose collecting near all of the hair and redid the ponytail securing it high.

Smooth and softer Tracy had to admit he now enjoyed the feeling of having his underarms hairless. A glance lower brought a new level of concern on seeing his locked chastity cage and his red polished toenails.

Ready to enjoy no classes for the Christmas holiday break he was into his 6th month as Lady Lisbeth’s ‘assistant’ falling deeper into levels of submission he hadn’t thought possible. The first spanking a mere 30 swats had kicked it off.

Week after week at the end of each Thursday the woman would find things he hadn’t done correctly as her personal assistant. Reminded she had told him when they started she demanded perfection calling it ‘atonement’ he was told to slip his jeans down holding still has the woman spanked his bottom.

In the beginning he’d thought it was a game…maybe even something potential lovers might do…perhaps a playful way to express a growing affection for each other…on the business end of a simple ‘ping-pong’ paddle.

Yet within a month Lisbeth had him up to 300. Switching to a sorority paddle a few weeks later it reached 400. Calling it ‘OTK’ the woman added the indignity of having him over her knee as she pushed the paddling to 500 swats and sometimes even 600.

At the end of every spanking session her softer side would come out as she comforted him telling Tracy it would draw them closer over time.

An hour earlier Lisbeth had turned on Joahnnes Brahms ‘Hungarian Dance # 5 in G minor. The lively classical instrumental recognized by many with its upbeat tempo provided the pace with which she spanked Tracy. Sounding out loud enough over the Bluetooth speakers it would drown out any yelping or tearful crying on his part.

‘Whap, whap, whap’…the sound of her wooden paddle ‘swooshing’ through the air had always made Lisbeth feel in control of the spanking sessions. One of her Aunts had told her of the acronym ‘SDS’. Same damn spot…always hit the same damn spot to create the most discomfort’. His tears arriving she knew that was when the thrashing really took flight.

“Ok fine then …we’ll do it another day after classes resume…though I’m telling you my assistant makes outstanding coffee.”

“See you after the holiday break professor Duncan…we’ll have to take a rain check on that for now.”

Another voice added ‘yes perhaps when we get back Lady Lisbeth’.

Recognizing the voices as both Lori and her friend Wanda the two older women grad-students woman that sat opposite him in class he held still hoping they were leaving together. He next could hear the sound of Lisbeth’s boots strutting towards the kitchen. The first Betturkey thing he saw was the tips of the boots he regularly polished to a shine. Lisbeth squatted down.

“There baby I hadn’t forgot about you…I can always tell the students of mine that excel …they are always so inquisitive…shall we finish the session in my boudoir and put it behind us?”

“Yes please Ms. Lisbeth.”

“Very well let me get your leash and we’ll head upstairs…here lap up this water first…you need to stay hydrated.”

Lisbeth tilted the bottle of water filling the ‘doggie’ bowl inside his cage. Moving a bit inside the cage his chest touching his legs as he bent his lips soon took to lapping up the water as though it was natural to be drinking water out of a bowl like a puppy.

Tracy could feel himself falling deeper under the alpha woman’s spell. On all fours he willingly held still feeling comforted by the leash being attached to his thin steel collar.

Hearing ‘good boy…good boy’ with the pat on his head he shifted behind and to her left side as he’d been trained to ready to be led as the dominant female pulled the leash taut.

Tracy a look of befuddlement had his mouth agape in embarrassment seeing her camera snap off a few quick pictures. Naked on all fours the tight leash moving out of the picture from his collar he wondered if anyone other than the woman would see the pics.

‘Slap, slap, slap’…firmly Lisbeth’s hand came down on his butt. ‘Slap, slap, slap’ the hand spanking continued.

“I wonder what your class-mates would say to view you led by a leash and see you being spanked like an errant child?”

‘Slap, slap, slap,’…the pinkish hue turned a deep red developing a heat emanating off the cheeks. As the spanking concluded Lisbeth used the soft touch of her hand to spread a cooling lotion on. Back and forth over the warm bottom cheeks she let her hand slip between the crevice.

Toying near the opening she gently massaged his rosebud entrance. Her finger slick with the moisturizer the woman playfully let it slide in a few times foretelling its potential.

Looking up at Lisbeth his back on her legs Tracy curled up into the position in her lap.

“Lessons learned of Macbeth… ‘Come what may, Time and hour runs through the roughest day’…let’s have you pout your lips.”

It was his favorite time of the post-spanking sessions ‘aftercare’ protocol. He watched her unbutton her blouse just enough to expose her breasts. A quick unsnap of the front-clasp lifting the one milky breast up in a scoop she guided his head closer with her free hand.

Holding the sumptuous breast aloft a bemused look of superiority on Lisbeth’s face seconds later he began suckling on her nipple as though a child. It hit on a psychic level bringing him back to the days he was dependent on an authoritative mothering figure. His mouth closing on the feminine nub of delight his eyes stared at the woman that was reshaping his persona.

“That’s it my darling…next time you’ll learn I want the creases on my slacks to be even when you’re ironing them…won’t you?”

His lips stayed attached as he nodded his head.

“Very good baby…just suckle as though it’s a life source …Oh I do enjoy seeing your lips attached to my nipple. Do you like wearing the new earrings I bought for you…I think you look hip with 1″ hoops…besides it goes so well with your hair now that is growing out.”

Her hand ran slowly down his body then back up enjoying the softer texture it was still early on the timeline yet she could tell the female hormones were having an effect. Affixed to the engorged nipple Tracy’s cheeks pulled in and out slightly yet continuously much like a young one nursing afraid to pull away with his eyes never leaving hers.

Her hand moved to lightly touch the nipple piercing on his own breast before doing the same to the other. A slight lurch on Betturkey Giriş his part acknowledged the attention.

“Breasts are an amazing thing…the way they move…so malleable I love how they return to form after being played with…that’s my honey keep sucking…it feels so nice wearing a pretty bra…now I want you to tell me true…have you been rummaging through my intimate wear drawer when putting my clean lingerie you’ve hand-washed away inside…Hmmm…I think you have…you know a woman can always tell.”

He knew better than to lie with his own nipples acquiring a new found sensitivity he looked at her. His lips still on her breast Tracy nodded his head ‘yes’. In the short 5 months since starting the semester taking on the duties as her assistant he had lost near 40 pounds. More of a jogger never one to lift weights at a 132 pounds Tracy’s frame had become more fluid in its movement.

The woman was skilled in sculpting a male body to adjust to her desired look for it.

“I suppose I should punish you for not asking first yet your behavior is improving so I have a different idea.”

Lisbeth pulled her breast free of his mouth. The twin globes in a ballet of timed motion gave off the synchronized duel slight wiggle that added to their allure. Lying on his back on the bed she soon stood over having put on the pair of breast pumps.

Staring up at her Tracy could feel the pull of the suction keeping them in place. On both his breasts the clear plastic pieces remained affixed. The cylinder shape mirrored those of a good-sized pair of female c-cup breasts.

Taking in a sharp breath Tracy could see the effect as Lisbeth used her hand to pull the handle removing air squeezing it to create even more suction. Gradually the smooth skin on his chest lifted up crowned with their pierced nipples and areolas expanding as well.

as the months past she had been stripping away the illusion of his masculinity. A one time treatment of hair removal crème became a bi-weekly thing along with using ladies razors he was tasked with keeping his body smooth and hairless.

He was too smitten to object pulled into the powerful vortex of her energy he now had regular beauty salon appointments that had him acquiring a new hair style along with keeping his finger and toenails well-manicured.

At first both had clear polish applied but the last appointment he had red varnish put to his toes with the nail-girl sculpting a contoured oval as the fingernails had moved past their tips.

It seemed clear she was chipping away at the edges though having his penis locked away in a chastity cage had been an important turning point. Friday nights to Sunday afternoon he was an over-night guest still hoping to have sex with Lisbeth.

A moment of curiosity that first week had him asking about the pills on her bathroom’s counter as he cleaned up after the woman. More than a workday’s personal assistant he was fulfilling the duties in the off hours that described those of a maid.

“These pills …yes they are agents of change…one can acquire a level of calmness and peace when taken daily…among other long-term benefits I would add.”

The morning of his first Saturday stay-over months previous he looked at her aroused to see how little the sheer coverup did to hide her voluptuous body despite its floor-length.

“Do you trust me? …or perhaps we should end this before it really begins.”

“No Ma’am let’s not do that…I trust you.”

“Fine you know I would never do anything to injure you…I love a good surprise …let’s have you discover their benefits of how these pills can help create a fresh perspective over time…I’ll put them in packets that are easily taken with some water every morning.”

With the breast pumps attached the woman gently removed the clear plastic hose from each. Standing up Lisbeth led him by the hand to the floor mirror. Betturkey Güncel Giriş Hands on his hips from behind she spoke.

“The power of the mind-body connection should never be underestimated…pulling blood to the area the body establishes a link in its network of cells and neurons. You’ll learn your mind is like many once it is expanded by a new idea it never returns to its old shape.”

It seemed so odd to see how much his breasts were lifted up and outward. Truth was the past months they felt like they were getting bigger and he knew it.

“I can feel the pull of them.”

Lisbeth her arms caressing his upper back leaned around and kissed him.

“Though this is the afternoon we’ll do this every morning for 10, 15 minutes as part of your daily routine…yes that means I want you to move in with me. You’ll take the bedroom down at the end of the hall. “

Tracy was thrilled at the idea that he could be with her so much.

“Turn sideways look at your breasts profile.”

Hearing her say ‘your breasts’ made him feel so girlish. Sure the base foundation of female hormones were liking helping…yet there they were …for both to see…the promising outline of breasts developing feminine.

“Ohhh my…you see it too don’t you honey…tell your Mistress you like what you see.”

The woman had said it. The powerful word ‘Mistress’ brought with it all kinds of connotations in the very least defining who was the authority and who the submissive.

The thin waist a product of dieting gave contrast to his protruding twins in the plastic cylinders as they sloped downward and out with an attractive contour. When Lisbeth removed the pumps she followed by attaching ‘nipple-suckers’. Twisting the handles as he sat on the edge of the bed Tracy saw each nipple lift upward looking more feminine as they were stretched and expanded.

Professor Lisbeth removed his chastity cage. The moment his penis was freed it went hard. I-phone in hand it came out as an order after she propped the phone on a nearby stool.

“Let me see you masturbate.”

It turned into a 4-minute video. Her face out of camera’s view Lisbeth knelt above and behind him parting his hair then carefully putting it into a pair of pigtails secured by white ribbons while he masturbated with legs spread.

The pretty braided look had each in front along-side his ‘nipple-suckers’ as they jiggled and he wanked. Emasculated and aroused Tracy stroked his plaything staring straight ahead wide-eyed for the camera.

Snapchat, Instagram, perhaps even Facebook Tracy wondered if the social media sites would one day have his ‘beat-off’ video being put on any of them. Centuries past the Shakespearean times of a town-crier the videos would have declared…’Let it be known and proclaimed throughout the land…Pretty in pigtails Tracy can be seen as a public wanker’.

Lisbeth’s hands came quickly in and out of view as she simultaneously removed each sucker. A look down at his thin line of pubic hair cut on his mound he next saw how feminine the pierced nipples looked.

Too turned on Tracy couldn’t help himself. Moaning like a teenage girl discovering she could flick her bean of a clit above her slit he ‘jizzed ‘ all over his hand on coming.

Like Spielberg directing off-camera Lisbeth used her lips to lick her hand silently commanding he do likewise. Tracy always wondered what his discharge tasted like and now he knew as he licked away the red-dot informing him he was still being videoed.

Lisbeth secured the evidence standing in front of the sitting protégé her phone was put in her back-pocket. The single slap across his face was hard and purposeful.

“Did I tell you to climax?”

“No Ma’am.”

“Now as to you rummaging about in my underwear drawer I think a punishment of sorts is required. I want you to walk across the quad and bring me back my favorite Latte…and yes the pigtails stay on to go with the pair of flat open-toed sandals …it’s time you were given a fresh perspective. “

‘The future is female’…the declaration splashed across the front of the t-shirt Tracy was sure he’d garner some stares going about his task.

End of part 3 …

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