Another Football Season… Ch. 03

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I slept til noon the morning after Barry and I had made love during the fourth quarter. Slipping into my fluffy white robe I made my way to the kitchen.

“Morning Margaret.” Barry said not even lifting his eyes from the sports section.

“Good morning Barry.” I replied.

I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down across the table from him. I let my robe fall open at the top exposing my luscious breasts to him hoping he would notice and decide on a follow up fuck session in the kitchen.

I figured he only wanted to satisfy one craving that day. His inexhaustible craving for football. I flipped him off but he didn’t notice. I suspected I could have crawled under the table and taken his fat cock in my mouth and he wouldn’t have noticed.

It was the Sunday before the start of the regular season and my wonderful husband was beginning to act like the pigskin zombie he turned into each and every fall since our wedding day.

“Fuck you!” I thought to myself. I stood up and tied my robe closed tightly. He wouldn’t see these twin orbs of pleasure until after the Pro Bowl in early February.

I walked out on the deck and sat by the pool to finish my coffee. Alone and stewing about the prospects of another long boring season.

The night before Barry had, to put it mildly, fucked me senseless but I figured he had decided to give me one good fuck before he zombied out on me for the next four months.

I finished my coffee and without regard to who might be watching dropped my robe and dove into the deep end of the pool. A couple laps would wash the residue of his sex from my body and perhaps cleanse my mind of any idea that my son of a bitch husband would satisfy me again before Valentine’s Day.

To make sure my assumption regarding his interests I walked back into the house dripping wet dragging my robe on the floor behind me.

Barry had moved to the den and was engrossed in the special pull out Pro Preview section of the Sunday paper.

As I walked across the room completely naked and dripping wet he said. “You going shopping today Margaret?” He never lifted his eyes from the paper he never noticed I was before him naked as a jay bird he never noticed that he could throw me down on the carpet and slam his fat cock into any hole he chose.

“I believe I will.” I replied after walking away and heading for my bed room.

Barry’s addiction to football made me jealous his obsession with the game made me angry his lack of attention made me want to find someone who hated football and would pay me the attention I demanded.

As I dressed I got more jealous more angry and more craving of attention. I decided that for the next four months I was going to be a cock hunting MILF and the thought of that excited me.

Twenty minutes later I came bounding down the stairs and in passing said. “Later baby.”

Barry didn’t look up from his preview section he just replied. “Have a good time Margaret.”

If he only knew what kind of good time I was planning he’d have thrown that paper aside and thrown me to the floor to give me his fat cock and keep me home like a good little trophy wife.

The afternoon sun warmed my face as I drove along in my flashy Benz. While sitting at a red light I remembered Mark that handsome young gentleman who’d rescued me yesterday afternoon. I fumbled through my purse trying to find his number. The blare of a car’s horn reminded me to pay more attention to the traffic light and I gunned the Benz speeding further down the avenue.

Finally unzipping the tiny almost hidden pouch on the side of my purse I pulled the slip of paper on which Mark had written his note to me.

I gave the dash mounted cellular a voice command. “Dial 507-484-6701.”

“Please hold while the person you are trying to reach is located.” The generic woman’s voice replied.

“Hi this is Mark. Sorry I can’t take your call right now but if you leave your number and a short message after the tone I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.” Mark’s voice mail message played. Even his recorded voice sounded sexy.

In the second or two before the beep I contemplated if I should leave a message or just try again later. If I left my number he could call me anytime or at an inopportune time. Before I could reach to the dash and disconnect I heard the “Beep”

I never bothered to set up my number so it wouldn’t appear on the caller ID of people I call so rather than have him wonder who was calling I said. “Hi Mark this is Peggy. Give me a call when you get the message. It’s 209-562-8891. Talk to you soon bye.” Was the message I left for my knight in shinning armor.

A moment after I disconnected I realized Mark knew me as Margaret but I hoped he would still make the connection and call me back this afternoon. After all I needed to thank him for taking care of me after those double shots of scotch took affect yesterday afternoon.

It was such a beautiful afternoon that I decided to take a walk at Hillside Park. There were a lot of others who Alanya Escort Bayan had the same idea and I was forced to park in the overflow lot quite a distance from the main part of Hillside.

After putting the top up and locking the Benz I headed off toward the walking path. Had I known I was going to be taking a walk I would have worn shoes more appropriate for walking on gravel pathways. The heels of my open toe sandals dug into the stones and small stones kept getting under my toes. After about fifty yards of that I just slipped them off and went barefooted. I was wearing a brightly colored sundress with thin straps that ran up over the shoulders. The dress was very comfortable and didn’t accentuate my breasts too much. Every so often there are park benches along the walking path and I decided to sit a while on the first one I came to that wasn’t already in use.

Couples and families continuously strolled by the bench. Several men checked me out as they passed trying to be as discrete as possible so their significant other wouldn’t notice them paying attention to another woman.

The bright sunlight streamed through the openings of the trees surrounding my bench and it warmed my body against the light breeze. I was really enjoying just sitting there alone with my thoughts. Of course those thoughts eventually turned to sex or better yet the possible lack of sex that I was anticipating over the course of the football season.

Suddenly I felt something furry brush against my leg startling me until I looked down and saw the cutest little puppy wagging his tail and winding his little furry body around me legs.

“Buster stop that.” A mans voice said from behind.

I turned to see who’s voice I’d heard.

“So sorry miss. I’m still trying to train my dog not to run up to strangers.” The man said.

I smiled at him and said. “But he’s such a cute little dog and certainly friendly.”

“A little too friendly.” He replied.

I reached down and scratched Busters head between two perky ears and he instantly started licking my hand.

Now I’ve heard that some men use cute little dogs to break the ice with strange women but somehow I didn’t think this guy or Buster had that in mind. Never the less the ice was broken and I seized the opportunity to make a new friend.

“Well it looks as though Buster isn’t going to listen to you as long as I keep scratching his head so maybe you’d like to have a seat.” I suggested.

“Thanks Miss. I’ve been walking him for quite some time now and to be honest I’m ready for a break.” He replied.

As he sat beside me I offered him one delicate hand and said. “I’m Peggy and this is Buster.” Continuing to scratch the pup’s head.

“Nice to meet you Peggy. I’m Sam.” He said lightly shaking my hand.

Sam was probably a few years older then me with salt and pepper hair dark eyes and a wonder inviting smile. He appeared to be maybe fifteen pounds over weight but didn’t appear at all fat. He wore a light blue pull over sweater and old comfortable faded blue jeans.

“Is Sam short for Samuel?” I asked. “Yes and I assume Peggy is your nickname?” He replied.

“You’re right Sam. My given name is Margaret.” I admitted.

He smiled and said. “Margaret is a beautiful name. It fits such a beautiful lady.” He added scoring points with me.

Buster jumped up on the bench between Sam and me and lay down with his snout resting on tiny paws.

“Well Buster is certainly comfortable being with you Margaret.” Sam commented.

“He certainly is.” I replied.

Even though we’d just met Sam made me feel comfortable too. His warm smile inviting me to get to know him better.

“So Sam how come you’re not home watching football today.” I asked.

He grinned and replied. “I’m not much into sports Margaret.”

At the very least he had just scored a field goal with me. He couldn’t have answered that question better.

“What brings you to Hillside today Margaret?” Same asked.

“Sports actually to be more precise football.” I said.

Sam got a confused expression on his face then asked. “It there a game here today.”

I laughed and tried to clear up his confusion. “No but that’s the only thing happening at my house today.”

“Oh the men at home are all watching games?” Sam asked.

“Just one man.” I replied.

I had to figure Sam put two and two together and knew I was talking about my husband because he glanced down at my hand where my wedding band and engagement ring clearly showed.

“You married Sam?” I asked.

“Divorced.” He replied then added. “Almost two years now.”

“How long have you been married Margaret?” Sam asked.

I replied. “Fourteen years.”

“Happily?” Sam inquired.

I glanced over at him and after thinking for a moment said. “Seven out of twelve months yes.”

His somewhat confused expression told me to explain.

“The other five months are football season.” I added with a sheepish grin Alanya Escort on my lips.

Buster lifted his head and looked at me. His big puppy dog eyes almost begging for me to scratch his head again. I lifted my hand and slowly ran my nails through his soft fur as I waited for Sam to say something.

Instead Sam placed his hand over mine and then asked. “Margaret what does a football widow do for fun during the season.” His eyes searching mine as he increased the pressure on my hand.

Without loosing eye contact I explained. “Up until now I shopped a lot and got very bored.”

“And this season?” Sam inquired.

“I’ll still shop a lot but the bored part ain’t happening.”I answered.

Sam removed his hand from mine and lifted it to the back of the bench behind me. He turned to face me more directly then asked. “Have you ever cheated on your husband Margaret?”

“Never.” Was my one word reply.

“Does he know?” Sam asked.

“Does he know I’m thinking of having an affair?” I asked.

“Yes.” Sam said.

“To be completely honest I don’t think he even remotely thinks it could happen.” I answered. “He thinks I have too much to lose.”

“Do you?” Sam asked.

“I probably do but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna endure another long season as a celibate.” I quickly answered.

“Margaret I’ve been celibate for over three years.” Sam admitted.

“Why?” I asked.

Sam explained. “For the last year of our marriage my ex and I didn’t have sex. She was involved with another man and I knew about it. Until our divorce was final the thought of having sex with her turned my stomach.”

“And since?” I asked.

“I’m forty one years old Margaret getting back into the dating scene doesn’t come easy to an over forty graying out of shape man.” Sam explained.

“I think that little touch of gray is sexy Sam and you’re not that outta shape.” I said smiling at him.

Sam smiled widely at me. “Thank you Margaret. I think you’re very sexy too.” He said.

Buster settled his snout back down to the bench and I slipped my hand from his head to his master’s thigh.

“Someone recently called me a MILF.” I said.

He smiled back at me and moved his hand from the bench to my back. “You’re not old enough to be a MILF Margaret.” He whispered.

Sam began moving his hand ever so slightly finger tips gently caressing my back just above the top of my sundress. My body reacted to his gentle touch and goose bumps rose on my arms along with to more pronounced bumps on the front of my dress.

“Hmmmmmmm that feels wonderful.” I whispered.

His smile warmed me but did little to reduce the effects of his sensual touch.

Sam leaned very close to me his lips nearly touching my ear. He whispered. “Would you like a massage Margaret?”

I turned my head causing his lips to touch my cheek. My nipples instantly reacted and got even harder. With a wide smile I asked. “Here Sam?”

“My place.” Sam answered.

I wanted to kiss him but resisted the urge knowing someone who knows me might be in the area. In fact I had been somewhat worried the entire time we were seated on the bench that someone I know would see us.

His eyes searched mine soulful eyes that nearly melted me.

I whispered. “I’d like that.”

Sam smiled again his hand explored more of my naked back.

“My car is near by.” He suggested.

“I’ll take mine Sam that way you won’t have to bring me back.” I said.

“Okay Margaret.” Sam said then quickly added. “Shall we?”

I couldn’t wait to feel his soft hands all over my body touching every inch of flesh softly massaging the muscles into submission.

“Yes let’s!” I nearly exclaimed.

Sam stood up and offered me his hand. I bent down and grabbed my sandals by the heel straps and let him help me from the bench. Buster jumped down and instantly became the tail wagging blur of fur he had been when we first met.

Sam Buster and I slowly walked back to the parking lot hand in hand like a loving couple. I hoped it wouldn’t be too long before his hand found the warm wet spot between my thighs.

“My car is over there.” Sam said pointing in the opposite direction from where the Benz was parked.

I smiled and slipped my hand from his. “I’m way over there.” I said pointing toward the overflow lot where the Benz sat now all alone.

“That silver coupe is yours?” Sam asked.

“Yes that’s my SLK 55 AMG.” I said somewhat proudly.

“Geez Margaret that’s a sweet ride. I’m driving a company car.” Sam replied.

“Wait for me by the exit okay Sam.” I said as we parted ways and each headed to our cars.

“Sure will.” Sam said then talked to his dog. “Come on Buster time for a ride in the car.”

Buster’s tail went absolutely crazy as he and his master walked away from me.

I watched them both for a few seconds. They both seemed to have a special bounce in their walks.

As I turned and started toward the Benz Escort Alanya I thought to myself. “This cock hunting thing might not be to hard. In less than twenty four hours I’ve already found two willing men who both could care less about who scored the winning touchdown or made the game saving tackle. I guess not all men turn into football zombies as I had thought.

I slipped into my heeled sandals and slid into the drivers seat. By the time I got the Benz fired up and turned around Sam and Buster were already double parked by the exit from Hillside Park. Sam in the drivers seat and Buster hanging half way out the rear passenger window watching every movement that went on around him.

I gave my horn a toot as I approached and Sam pulled out ahead of me. As we picked up speed Buster stuck his snout out into the wind. His little puppy ears flapping in the breeze and his tongue extended like some kind of sail. What a cute little dog he is and who would have thought he’d be the one to help me find what I wanted most.

Sam’s place wasn’t too far from the park and in no time we were pulling into the driveway of a lovely two story colonial with brick front and a two car garage attached. As I slowed both garage doors opened. Sam pulled into the one on the right and I guided the Benz into the left bay.

“Good thinking Sam. We don’t want the neighbors seeing a strange car in the driveway especially one as flashy as my Benz.” I thought as I slipped the transmission into park and turned the key. Both doors closed behind us and Sam jumped from his sedan and hurried around the front toward me. Buster was running around at his feet as Sam opened my door and offered me his hand. I rewarded his gentlemanly act by giving him a healthy look at my creamy white thighs as I turned and stepped out of my Benz.

I could tell he got the look I wanted as he blushed a little then realized I’d offered him the view for being such a gentleman.

Sam held my hand and lead me around the front of his car. I nearly stumbled over Buster who was a blur of fur at our feet.

Pushing the door open Sam Buster and I stepped into his kitchen. He said. “She wasn’t interested in the house and since I put so much time and effort into fixing the place up I decided to keep it.”

And fix it up he had. The kitchen was immaculate not a single thing out of place everything sparkling clean.

“I’m impressed Sam my kitchen isn’t nearly as orderly as yours.” I commented.

Sam giggled and replied. “Doesn’t get used much Margaret.”

He walked over to the pantry cabinet and opened the door. Reaching in he retrieved a brand new rawhide chew and call to Buster.

“Snackie Buster!” He nearly shouted.

Buster came running and started jumping widely at around Sam.

Sam bent down and offered Buster his treat and in an instant he was off to his special hiding place where he took all his treats.

“That will keep him busy for a couple hours Margaret.” Sam said with a devilish grin on his lips.

I smiled knowing that I wouldn’t have to worry about the little pup trying to lick something he shouldn’t.

Sam again took my hand and lead me into his family room. A very cozy den with a large plasma television in one corner a fireplace across the far end and a well stocked library in the other corner. Facing all three was a huge sectional sofa with a lounging seat at one end.

Soft lights shown from the ceiling and a very unique ceiling fan rotated slowly overhead.

“What a wonderful room Sam.” I commented.

“Thanks Margaret. It’s nice to be able to share it with someone.” Sam replied.

I walked over to him and slowly placed one hand on each of his shoulders. Our eyes met as I whispered. “Sam do you remember at the park when you asked me if I wanted a massage?”

“Yes.” He replied.

I moved even closer and looking deeply into his awesome dark eyes I again whispered. “When I turned my head and your lips brushed my cheek?”

“Yes Margaret I remember.” Sam said.

“Your touch made my nipples hard Sam and I wanted to kiss you in the worst way.” I admitted.

“I wanted that too Margaret.” He said.

I closed the miniscule distance between our bodies and tilted my head back. Through parted moist lips I began to whisper. “Kiss..” but before I could utter the word me Sam’s lips found mine. A sensual soft first kiss barely touching but touching none the less.

His arms circled my body and pulled me tighter against his. My erect nipples piercing at the cotton fabric of my sundress covering them.

Sam’s tongue darted toward mine and I accepted it gladly. As our kiss intensified Sam began moving his hands over my back. As first down to the base of my spine then up into the short hair on the back of my neck. I continually ran my fingernails through his wavy hair. His touch excited me. His tongue encouraged me. His smell intoxicated me.

I moaned softly as his hands slid beyond the base of my spine and pulled my loins toward him. Toward him and against the growing bulge in his jeans.

Pleadingly I asked. “Can I touch it?”

Sam didn’t reply but instead slipped his hand over mine and guided me to his growing cock.

“Hmmmmmm.” I moaned as my delicate fingers ran the length of his imprisoned erection.

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