Anything for Kimberly

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I had just graduated high school and was working at the factory all summer before I went off to college in the city. Being an intelligent young man from a rural community I hadn’t really “lived” much- I had never had sex, never even had a speeding ticket. It was pretty much a boys’ club at the factory and the only women there where much older and pretty unattractive to my standards. Then one day a new summer college intern shows up, the whole factory seemed to stand still. She was about 5’7”, curves in all the right places- dirty blonde hair and a great tan. He deep green eyes met mine across the aisle and she must have noticed how I blushed and looked away. Her name was Kimberly, a cheerleader from my high school that every guy lusted after. She was a lifeguard through high school so whenever we went to the pool we’d always have to hide our erections by the pool wall whenever she walked up to her chair in her dark blue bikini.

Kimberly worked in a part of the plant well within my view, and within the first few weeks she started eating lunch with some of us that had went to high school together. I collected my nerves every day before lunch just to be able to talk to her for a whole half-hour. After a while I calmed down and talked to her just like a friend, and as things normally do between friends the conversations gravitated toward sex. We’d talk about pornos and the people we’d like to make love with, what we like to do in bed and all of that. Most of us where lying about our experiences in the bedroom, but the images of Kimberly’s stories were enough to get me through the days.

One day at lunch we were talking about threesomes and Kimberly said she’d always wanted to be in bed with two guys. She always wanted to be the object of lust for multiple men, and at first the thought appalled me- all of the guys at lunch said there’s no way they would get into bed with another guy. When I returned to my work area at the factory I started to mull over the idea- getting a chance to be in bed with Kimberly was definitely worth it. I talked to this guy Steve that worked in my area; I figured he was the type of guy that would try that sort of thing. He was down for it, so I waited after work in the parking lot to talk with Kimberly. At first she seemed a bit apprehensive, explaining that it was just a fantasy. From somewhere I got a shock of confidence and ran my fingers through her hair, looked into her eyes, and told her that I knew she wanted me. I wasn’t a bad looking guy and I had caught her looking a few times. I wrapped another arm around her back and kissed her gently, nibbled on her upper lip and moved my mouth to her ear.

“I know you want this,” I whispered between heated breaths,” You’ll do anything for me.”

She looked lost and weak, as I stepped back I brushed my hand against the side of her perky C-cup and traced the line of her cheekbone Görece Escort with my free hand. She leaned against my car and looked up into my eyes, nodding yes.

The next week my parents were going on a cruise and I had the house and liquor cabinet to myself. I told Kimberly to come over about 9 and Steve would be coming over a bit later. When she arrived she was wearing a sheer sundress with a pair of sandals. I could tell by the sway of her breasts that she didn’t wear a bra. When I opened the door she really took my breath away, I put an arm over her shoulder and breathed in her intoxicating perfume. We walked into the den and I opened the liquor cabinet and asked her if she wanted a drink. She wanted one but didn’t know what was good, so I made her a slow screw. For myself I poured some of my father’s 12-year Glenlivet into a tumbler and we took our drinks into the parlor. We sat down on my mother’s velvet sofa and I could tell Kimberly really liked the feel of the fabric on her smoothly-shaven legs. I rubbed her thigh as we sipped our drinks and asked if she shaved everything. Without answering she wiggled on the sofa and her sundress rode up her thighs. I was amazed; she was wearing no panties and had a very clean-shaven mound. I rubbed a bit higher and teased the very highest point of her thighs. I could feel her heat, but I needed to have control- so I pulled my hand away.

“More drinks?” I grabbed her glass and left her on the sofa breathing heavily.

As I was pouring the orange juice into her drink I felt her hand come up under my arms and a gentle kiss on the back of my neck. Her hands slid down my stomach and found my stiffening member, rubbing it from the outside of my khakis. I finished making her drink and tried to turn around but she pushed me into the bar and grabbed my balls roughly with her hand. Once I relaxed she relaxed her grip and slowly massaged the insides of my thighs as I had earlier done to her. She was moving back up my body when she grabbed my shoulder and turned me around. She moved up to give me a kiss, then backed away and asked for her drink. She allowed a small smile to slip onto her face as I gave her the slow screw and replenished my scotch. We had just started sipping when the doorbell rang.

Steve had already been drinking at the club in the city, and had driven back. What we weren’t expecting were the young twin girls he brought through the door with him. They were about 5’5” inches with raven hair and hazel brown eyes, shockingly pale skin and outfits practically painted on their bodies. Their names were Tricia and Shelly, and I could tell that Kimberly was a bit intimidated by their presence. I made some drinks for everybody and put some soft jazz on. I sat back down on the couch with Kimberly and Steve sat on the chair with the twins on each knee. The twins were already pretty Görece Escort Bayan hot and were trading kisses with each other and with Steve. Kimberly was watching them twirling her small red straw around in her drink.

I trailed a finger up her back, sending a chill through her spine. When she looked at me I brought my mouth to her ear and whispered with hot breath that she was the most attractive woman in this room and soon she would have the attention of Steve and both of the twins. I took her drink and placed it on the table, and then returned to her with a deep kiss- teasing her lips with the tip of my tongue. When she tried to slide her tongue into my mouth I resisted, pulling my mouth away, and ran small kisses down her neck as my hand slid under her dress. I teased her thighs again only briefly before I found her smooth folds, feeling her warm and moist sex for the first time. I pulled one strap of her dress over her arm and exposed one breast. I gently kissed the nipple, squeezing the sides of her firm breast, watching the goose bumps rise. I started sucking the nipple and eyed Steve watching Kimberly as the twins rubbed his body. I moved up and kissed Kimberly soundly, now laying her down on the couch. Our tongues intertwined, and then I lifted my head up and told her she had all of the attention now.

I moved down her body and started to gently kiss her thighs and blew gently on her beautiful cunt. She ran one hand through my hair and squeezed her exposed nipple. Within second it seems Tricia was over suckling on the exposed breast like an infant, and Kimberly began to moan softly as I inserted a finger into her and probed her folds with my tongue. Her juices tasted excellent as they ran down my chin, and onto my mother’s velvet. I looked up to see Tricia taking her top off and Kimberly fondling her large breasts. She had a rose tattooed on her left breast, and a great six-pack of abs. Steve was now kissing Kimberly. Kimberly’s body writhed as I increased my pressure on her clit and slid three fingers into her. I felt my belt being removed and looked over to see Shelly beside me. She helped me out of my pants and I sat up on the couch as she began to lick my stiff cock.

Tricia stripped down and moved atop Kimberly, placing her moist pussy in her face. Steve quickly shed his clothes and put his prick in Tricia’s face. Tricia and Shelly proceed to give blowjobs while Kimberly ate Tricia’s pussy. Shelly moved off of my cock and grabbed her sister by the hair, forcefully pulling her away and onto the floor. They assume the sixty-nine position and began licking and aggressively fingering each other. Kimberly was already sucking Steve’s cock by the time I looked over. Taking Tricia’s cue I grabbed Kimberly by the hair and pulled her over to my cock. She was on all fours on the couch sucking my cock and Steve positioned Escort Görece himself behind her. She stopped only for a moment as he drove into her wet pussy and then resumed her excellent blowjob. Her moans made my balls vibrate and I quickly came into her mouth. She tried to swallow all of my cum but some leaked out onto my stomach and my mother’s couch.

The twins were getting pretty loud and I could tell they were both building toward orgasm. I moved down to the floor and spread apart Tricia’s plump ass cheeks and started licking her rim. This sent her over the edge and her head lifted- an unexpectedly deep howl, almost a growl, came from deep within her loins. Steve heard this and started assaulting Kimberly’s pussy. She was nearly screaming as she closed her eyes and squeezed her only exposed nipple. Tricia had barely put her lips back down on her sister’s pussy lips when Steve blew his load on Kimberly’s back. Kimberly and Steve collapsed on the couch and Shelly had just begun her orgasm. Tricia moved around to gain better access to her sister’s cunt and I started kissing Shelly upside-down. Once her orgasm subsided the twins went to the bathroom together and I went back to the couch. Kimberly and Steve were making our and fondling each other. Steve saw me approaching and moved down to Kimberly’s breasts. I kissed her for a moment then placed my cock on her lips, she had me stiff again in minutes. I sat down on the couch and she slowly sat down on my cock, riding me slow as Steve sucked on her breasts.

The twins had apparently made it into my mother’s room and returned with two of her dildos. Steve sat on the couch and Shelly sat down on his cock right beside me and Kimberly. Kimberly and Shelly began kissing and caressing each other as both Steve and myself drove our cocks up into them. Tricia took the dildos and got them wet with her spit and began teasing the two girl’s assholes with them. She inched them in slowly and then began driving them in faster and deeper. Kimberly wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me tight to her chest. Shelly dug her nails into Steve’s shoulders and just screamed. Both girls quickly orgasmed and fell onto the couch. Tricia stepped up and straddled Steve’s cock and began riding him. I stood up and moved around behind her and moved my prick, moist from Kimberly’s pussy, into her asshole. I moved into her slowly and she froze. After a moment she relaxed, Steve and I built a rhythm and started pumping harder into both of her hole. The other girls started sucking on her nipples, and we could all tell of the monster orgasm building inside her. Steve and I almost came into her at the same time and the girls bit down on her nipples- sending Tricia into another state of consciousness. She almost seemed to have a seizure as her body convulsed and gripped on our cocks, milking our sperm.

We all retired and the next morning only Kimberly remained. We took a shower together and I made her breakfast. We went off to the same college in the city, had some more adventures, and are currently married with two wonderful children to this day…

Maybe some time I will tell you some of our other stories.

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