Ashley’s Adventure Down Under Ch. 02

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After a hot bath and a wonderful nap, Ashley is awake again and ready for some lunch. She is not particularly hungry yet and so thought of spending some more time in bed watching TV or something. She reached for the remote control and noticed a button on it which seems out of place. The label for the button read “Consent.” She gave it no further thought as she turned on the TV and begins to surf the channels. Finding nothing to her liking, she took another look at the remote and noticed another button for Pay Per View. Delighted, and hoping there would be some hardcore porn available, she pushed the button. She was a little disappointed when she couldn’t find anything interesting, even on the adult programmes. Then, at the last option, on the screen, she noticed a movie called “Our Resort.” Quickly choosing it, the preview started.

On the screen right then, was a couple she had noticed during breakfast earlier. They were now naked, in a bedroom, fucking each others brains out. She gasped quietly and to herself, not wanting to wake John, while she continues to watch the guy giving it good to the girl in doggie position. This reminds her somewhat of her satisfying fuck this morning, right after breakfast when she was taken so savagely from behind. Then, she noticed that the room in which the couple was in is similar to the one she was in. She pressed the remote control again, checking more of the offerings under “Our Resort.” She realized that each of the programmes in the “Our Resort” category are actually live camera feeds from the rooms of the people staying at the resort. Not all the rooms were available though. Certainly not her room. Then, remembering the “Consent” button, she pushed it. A tiny, dim red light came on at the corner of the room. She quickly flipped through the programme offerings again and surely enough, there was her room number and she herself, along with a fast asleep John, was on TV!

Gosh. This place is just built for all sorts of carnal enjoyment. She presses the Consent button again and the little red light goes off. Her room is no longer on TV either. Feeling horny again, she goes through several of the rooms in quick succession, mostly seeing couples fucking, but stopped when she came about midway through the entire selection. Here was something to behold. An Asian girl, probably of Japanese descent, silky smooth white skin, long sexy legs and a voluptuous body was about to be ravaged by a group of well-hung black men. Ashley noticed there are probably three cameras in the room and they would automatically switch angles from time to time, giving the viewer a rather complete view of any scene playing on or around the beds of all the rooms in the resort.

Ashley continues with the scene playing out before her now. The girl has gotten down on her hands and knees, straddling one huge black guy, trying to fit his huge tool into her tiny vagina. She is getting into a classic Armutlu Escort position for double-penetration which Ashley is shocked to see and even more curious as to how such a slim woman is going to be able to take such huge cocks into both her holes. The girl on-screen slowly grinds herself downwards, impaling herself and burying the huge black cock in her drenched cunt. On this first try, she could only get half of the cock inside. Ashley licks her lips and then brings her fingers to her mouth, wetting three of them at once. She then spreads her legs wide apart and slowly eases the three fingers into her pussy, rubbing furiously, but not yet pumping. The girl on-screen rises up and slowly grinds down on the stiff pole again, this time, taking almost the whole length into now dripping cunt. She flops down onto the chest of the big man whose cock is now buried inside her slick cunt, breathing heavily as if she had just came. Oh, maybe she did, Ashley thought.

Without warning, the black man under the little Asian girl begins to pump upwards, fucking her cunt furiously in the effort to satisfy himself. Her pussy stretches further to accommodate the savage fucking rendered from below while she lets out a long loud groan of pure pleasure. Maybe she has experienced such a huge cock before, maybe she hasn’t. Whatever it is, she is thoroughly enjoying the fucking she is getting right now. Her face contorted in lust and carnal desire while her pussy eagerly swallows up the huge cock as it fucks deeply into her, mercilessly grinding her insides. Her rather large tits smashed into the man’s broad chest as he holds her close to him, adjusting her occasionally to get the deepest fuck possible.

Another strong, virile black man steps up behind her and spreads her ass cheeks apart, giving him full view of the large cock now fucking her like a piston on a runaway locomotive. He applies a glob of vaseline on her asshole and pushes a finger into her rear passage. The Asian girl shrieks in delight at the unexpected invasion and quickly relaxes her sphincter muscles, welcoming his thick finger into her ass. He pushes another two fingers into her, causing her to suddenly cum uncontrollably. Her pussy and ass clasps down on whatever is in them, while the girl shudders and shakes from the unexpected orgasmic assault. After a moment or two, she turns around and implores the other men to fuck her ass. She loves it in her ass.

Ashley was so caught up in the action that she did not even notice John was awake. John had brought a few of her favourite dildos and vibrators in case they got bored. Right now though, he just wants to take care of his own hardon. He woke up because of Ashley was finger-fucking her own cunt while watching the action in one of rooms of this resort and the bed was mimicking the rocking motion as she plunged three fingers up her own pussy and pumped them in and out. In a flash, Armutlu Escort Bayan he was behind her, reaching forward to caress her voluptuous breasts, tweaking her nipples and fanning the fire in her loins to an even greater height. His hard cock pressed up against her back. She reached back with her free hand to rub his tool, confirming the growth in length and thickness. She licked her lips in anticipation of the fucking she will soon experience.

The Asian girl on screen is now completely full with cock. Two large, oversized rods fill her cunt and and ass. Both the men were not moving while she was fucking them for all her worth. Her hip grinding movements were a pleasure to behold. Such a kinky, sexy sight. A white skinned, young, well-endowed girl of Asian origin, in a room full of black men, while two of them have their humongous cocks buried up in her pussy and ass. She kept begging them to fuck her harder, to use her pussy and cunt and to just stuff her full of hard prick. She had cum numerous times but seems to be insatiable, needing more and more each time.

John had gotten into a comfortable position behind Ashley and she raised her hips just enough to have him slide his fuck tool up her well-lubricated cunt. After a few pumps, she raises herself again and lowers her ass down onto his fat cock. She has never felt him so huge before, she swears. Must have been something in the drinks or the food. When he is fully impaled in her, she starts a slow rocking motion, fucking herself wantonly with his huge prick. John reaches around Ashley to caress her huge tits, tweaking her nipples again. Her body afire with lust, desire and passion. With a swift move, John reaches for a fat, veined dildo and inserts it into her yearning cunt. She is double-penetrated too, like the girl on-screen. Ashley gasps out loud and John feels her anal walls tighten around his fleshy prick as she begins to go into throes due to an impending orgasm. John stops pumping her ass but begins to pump her cunt fast. The thick dildo does not disappoint as Ashley is soon screaming her orgasmic release. She grabs the dildo and continues to pummel her own pussy with it, prolonging her climax and then starting another streak of multiple orgasms. John’s hands go to her nipples again, pulling and tweaking the hard, sensitive nubs, causing her to cry out in delight.

Cumming multiple times, uncontrollably, she lays back and rests on John. Her legs kicking and her body shaking from so many climaxes. She looks at the TV briefly to see the black men exchanging places. The first two had cum and now, another two is getting into position to fuck the exquisite young Asian girl in her well-used ass and pussy. This drives Ashley into yet another climax. The waves of pleasure hit her harder than before as the image of those huge black cocks driving into such small sex cavities fills Ashley’s mind. Then, John’s Escort Armutlu cock expanded again. Ashley’s ass is stretched even more. After a few more strokes, John withdraws, then turns Ashley around to place her on her hands and knees. Ashley wiggles her ass invitingly in the air. The TV is to her side and she just turns her head to continue watching the torrid scene happening just a few rooms away from hers.

John gets behind Ashley, positioning his now extremely huge cockhead at the entrance to her rectum. Grabbing some vaseline, he lubricates his entire rod with it before slowly burying it back into Ashley’s now upturned ass. His hands reach under her to grab her sexy, swaying breasts, rubbing them feverishly, concentrating on those sensitive nipples, pinching and tweaking as he expertly manipulates her tits. He begins to fuck her with earnest now, driving himself deeply into her, fast and hard pumping which she so loves. Her asshole stretches wide to accommodate his cock which seems to be at its biggest now. The pleasure this affords her is just out of this world. Her climax builds again. A slow rumble deep in her belly, increasing in intensity till it reaches its peak and Ashley would burst out in ecstatic lust and orgasmic bliss.

On the TV, the girl is getting the fucking of her life. She is double-penetrated in her cunt while another prick invades her ass. Three cocks in her fuck holes, three cocks ravishing her at the same time. Her face is contorted in an expression of pure carnal lust. Her constant wailing, screaming of her pleasure is only stopped by her climax. She is so high during climax that she turns completely silent. Only her body would betray her experience, bucking and shaking uncontrollably. The black men take their turns, patiently, one by one, they fuck her tirelessly. One could see a room service tray at the corner of the room. It could only mean that they do not intend to let her go as yet.

Ashley, recovering from her own orgasm and building towards another, has a crazy idea. She knows the exact room number the girl is in. She wants to have some of that delicious black cock. John could not hold back any longer and empties his seed in her ass, filling her with hot goo. She clamps her ass shut after John pulls out, keeping the natural lubricant inside her anal cavity.

She explains what she wants to do to John, who quickly agrees. She would turn on the cameras in their room so she can watch John masturbate or fuck whoever comes to him. Ashley puts on the supplied, sheer bath robe and makes her way to the room four doors away from theirs. Excitedly, she knocks the door. She waited a while, looking to her left and right. When the door opened, she was pulled inside without warning and stripped naked immediately by three magnificent black men. They all looked better and even larger now up close. She could see the bed, where the little Asian girl is still getting fucked. Now in missionary position, with a large pole buried deep in her open cunt. A dildo has been shoved up her ass and is being pumped by one of the brothas. The three men now carry Ashley, bodily, and place her on the bed next to the sexy Asian girl. Ashley just smiled, knowing what lay ahead for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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