Aunt Dorothy Takes My Virginity Ch. 03

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After aunt Dorothy told me that uncle Ron was actually my father I was stunned, but looking at the photo of him when he was my age I totally believed her, the likeness between us was unmistakable.

“So, I’m actually having sex with my step mum?” I asked.

“Yes Paul, I’m so sorry that you had to find out the truth like this, but once we started having sex I was hooked and I’ve fallen in love with you. I understand if you want to end it but I’m happy to carry on seeing you.”

“Your mum and Uncle Ron had an illicit affair for a few months until your Dad discovered them together. There was a massive fallout about it but over many years we all forgave each other, it was obvious that Ron had made your mum pregnant because your dad had a vasectomy after they had their second baby.”

I felt sick at learning this, but I really loved my Dad and he will always be my dad, that will never change.

“I don’t want to stop seeing you, I want to be with you forever.” I said.

“That’s great, I feel the same, but let’s keep it secret for now, people won’t understand us being together so soon after Ron’s death.” Replied Aunt Dorothy.

As I looked at Aunt Dorothy a feeling of extreme lust came over me, I wanted her now. I grabbed her arse and kissed her, I pulled her tight to my body and rubbed my ever hardening cock against her pussy. “Fuck me right here” Said Aunt Dorothy.

She lifted her dress up around her waist and I dropped my pants around my ankles, she bent over the back of the sofa and offered herself to me, I slid her panties down and they fell to her ankles where she took one foot out of them, I dropped to my knees then parted her arse cheeks and breathed in her pussy and arse aroma.

I licked her arse hole and put the tip of my tongue just inside causing her to gasp.

“Ooh that’s nice” she said.

I moved my tongue down into her open pussy and it was soaking with her juices. I lapped up her beautiful sweet juices then stood up, I rubbed my cock up and down the length of her wet slit coating my cock in her juices, I teasingly placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her arse and pushed very gently, “not there baby, put it in my pussy.”

I moved the head of my cock to her gaping pussy and shoved it all the way into her, slowly I fucked her wet hole and then felt her fingers touching my balls each time I buried it deep inside her, she rubbed furiously at her clit as I continued thrusting in her, “I’m going to cum.” I said.

“Me too.”

I pulled out of her and rested my cock between her arse cheeks as it pulsated and emptied it’s Altınova Escort load between her cheeks, my cum dripped down her arse and onto her pussy. As aunt Dorothy rubbed her clit I inserted the head of my cum covered cock just inside her arse hole and felt her pussy throbbing as she came too.

She quickly stood up and my cock fell out of her, as did our combined fuck juice.

I pushed her forward again and fell to my knees, I opened her pussy using my thumbs each side of her gash and licked the remaining cum from her, we stood up and shared a very sloppy kiss.

“You’re learning a lot very quickly.”

“Mmm well, I’ve got the best teacher ever.”

Then out of the blue Aunt Dorothy said “why don’t you move in here with me?”

“But everyone will know about us.”

“No, we’ll tell your mum that I need someone here with me as I’m afraid to be alone.”

“I’d love to, if you can clear it with mum then I’ll do it.”

“Ok Paul, leave it to me, I’ll tell her you can stay in the spare room, but you can sleep with me every night.”

Aunt Dorothy wasted no time in getting my mum’s permission for me to move in with her, I emptied my bedroom and moved in the same day, I put all my things in the spare room as planned.

After my shower this morning I decided to shave off all my pubic hair. I’d never done it before but it felt amazing.

I got dressed and went downstairs and cuddled Aunt Dorothy from behind and pressed my cock between her arse cheeks as I groped her big boobs, “come to bed I have a surprise for you.” I said.

As soon as we were in the bedroom Aunt Dorothy took over, she was clearly hungry for my cock. She unzipped my jeans and helped them down my legs, I stepped out of them and she grabbed my cock through my boxers, she made a noise best described as purring like a cat as she stroked it and squeezed it. Then she started to nibble it, I was desperate for her to release it and put her sexy, red wet lips around it. I didn’t wait long as she slowly slid my boxers down exposing it inch by inch. Finally my cock sprung free, “oooooooooh.” Said Aunt Dorothy as she put her hand around it and moved her mouth ever nearer.

She caressed my balls with her other hand as she inspected my whole groin area, “I’ve never touched or even seen such a smooth shaved cock on a grown man, it’s lovely, so much cleaner and nicer looking than one covered in pubic hair.”

She slowly pushed back my foreskin and exposed my wet pre cum covered head, she poked her tongue out and put the tip on my wetness then pulled her Altınova Escort Bayan head back a little as a strand of my juice trailed from my cock to her tongue. She then put my cock between her lips and wiped the head of my cock around her lips causing her lipstick to smudge a little, she sucked my juices into her mouth and then wrapped her lips around my cock and slid her mouth down my length, “oh god, that feels amazing.” I said as her head moved up and down the length of my cock, soaking it in her saliva and my own juices.

I sat down on the edge of the bed as Aunt Dorothy kneeled down feasting on my hard cock, she licked my balls then the underneath of my cock until she reached the tip then gave it a gentle nibble as she giggled with delight. As she stroked the base of my cock her mouth sucked the head of my cock and moved up and down the shaft, it felt wonderful and I wanted to cum. “We better change places before it’s too late.” I said.

Aunt Dorothy sat on the edge of the bed and laid back, she lifted her legs up and I kneeled down in front of that beautiful sight of her pantie clad pussy.

There was a large wet spot easily visible in her tight cotton panties so I began licking it, it tasted really sweet almost as sweet as honey. Her clit produced a small lump in her panties and I licked it slowly at first, she demanded I licked harder and faster and pushed my head hard into her pussy, very quickly she came and shook and screamed. Her juices had now soaked her panties so I started to remove them.

She arched her back and I pulled them down from her arse leaving just her pussy covered, slowly I revealed her pussy, I first saw her dark hair, I continued to pull them down and her clit hood was revealed quickly followed by her slit.

The panties were now off and discarded to the floor, I licked her inner thighs as my hand cupped her pussy, with my fingers on her clit. I then parted her outer lips with my thumbs and stared in wonderment at her beautiful perfect pink tight pussy.

Her wetness was dripping from her and my tongue was hungry to stop it escaping. I licked up the oozing juices and tasted every drop on my tongue before swallowing it then I kissed her pussy with the same passion I’d kissed her mouth earlier, my tongue was inside her as my lips met her inner pussy lips, my nose was circling her clit as I continued to French kiss her beautiful wet tasty cunt. “Oh my god, don’t stop, that’s fucking amazing.” Said Aunt Dorothy.

I had no intention of stopping and kissed and tongued her until she screamed and I felt Escort Altınova her pussy pulsate on my tongue, I didn’t waste a single drop of her sweet juices that were now pouring from her. My whole face was covered in her cunt juice as I rubbed my face all over her pussy. Her heels were digging into my shoulder blades as she pulled me into her, I sucked on her tender clit and nibbled it gently with my lips and teeth. I then put just one finger inside her pussy as I continued to suck her clit and it felt so tight I was desperate to get my cock inside her, she came again as the walls of her cunt gripped my finger. I pulled my finger from her pussy and it was soaking so I put it in my mouth and sucked it clean.

Aunt Dorothy was still on the edge of the bed and I stood up, my cock was at the perfect height to her pussy, grabbing her legs behind her knees she lifted them up to her chest offering me the wonderful view of her pussy and arse hole. But there was only one hole that interested me right now. “Fuck me, I can’t wait any longer.” She demanded.

“My pleasure.” I replied.

My cock was rock hard and leaking a lot of pre cum, I wiped it all over my cock and held my cock at the entrance to her soaking dripping cunt, I wiped the head up and down the length of her slit and pushed gently so it was just between her outer lips, then I rubbed the under side of my cock over her clit but couldn’t wait any longer, I slid it down from her clit to her hole and with a gentle push it easily slid inside her, my full length was inside her and my balls were pressed against her arse.

Aunt Dorothy released her grip on her legs and opened them wide, I took hold of her legs and started thrusting myself in and out of her and watched her big tits wobble in time with my thrusts, she grabbed her tits and roughly squeezed them and thrust her groin back at me. I was in heaven and needed to come but wanted this to last, I slowed right down and she moved so my cock fell out of her, she crawled further onto the bed on all fours and I got onto the bed behind her, I slid my cock back into her and grabbed her hips and fucked her like I’ve never fucked before. I felt her hand move between her legs and she rubbed her clit furiously. “Cum in me, do it now I’m going to cum.” She said.

That put me over the edge and I shot spurt after spurt of hot sticky cum inside her throbbing wet cunt as she came too. I held onto her soft hips and felt my tender cock softening inside her. I pulled out and a stream of juices shot from her pussy onto the bed, Aunt Dorothy fell forward breathless onto the bed and I laid beside her cuddling her.

“I love my new life with you, this is beyond all my wildest fantasies Aunt Dorothy.”

“Well if you’re happy do you fancy going away on holiday with me for a few weeks somewhere warm and exotic where we can be free to be a couple.”

“Yes, that sounds perfect, let’s do it.”

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