Bringing the Family Together Pt. 02

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This story is based around celebrities and has a strong theme of incest running throughout it. This story is in no way true and is meant to offend no one. If you do not like incest or the idea of celebrities having sex then I suggest you go find a story that fits your liking. I do not know Lucy Zara and I hope that if she was ever to read this she would take no offence as this is merely a fantasy about a woman I fantasize about daily. This story is more sex filled than the last but still has a slow build up. This is because I feel that erotic writing needs a storyline if it is to develop into a series but I’ve tried not to just turn this into a complete novel with no sex involved!


I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing somewhere across the room. For just the briefest of seconds I panicked not recognising my surroundings but as the slight fuzz of sleep and drink subsided I knew exactly where I was and what had happened. I scrambled for my phone thinking it must be Andrea wondering what had happened but the lit up screen told me it was Lisa. Shit she was probably expecting me to meet her for breakfast as I had been rather secretive about yesterday with her which in our code meant we were seeing some hot MILF who we probably shouldn’t be fucking. If only she knew!

I grabbed the phone and dived naked into the bathroom answering it as I shut the door “Lisa I’m sorry I’m not going to be around for breakfast I’m in Birmingham.”

She just laughed and then responded “She better be good and the sex better be dirty if you had to travel for her.”

Now it was my turn to laugh as I thought how amazing last night was but also how Taboo what we had done was. “You don’t know the half of it Lisa. Anyway I should be back later so catch up at yours?”

“Na lets go out somewhere. Dad’s back and you know how Mum gets around you so it’s not safe for you to be here!”

I laughed thinking about the amount of times I had made Lisa’s mum beg for my seven inch cock, even once in front of her daughter. Lisa had no illusions about her Mum knowing that having a Dad that went away three months at a time left her Mum a slutty horny mess after catching her in an orgy with the maid, gardener, handyman and pool boy (Oh yeah Lisa’s Dad was rich as fuck because of his job but you would never guess the way his wife and daughter acted). “Yeah probably best if I don’t then really. Shall we grab a burger and go out clubbing?”

Lisa squealed in delight as I knew she loved a good night out and hadn’t had one in almost three whole days. I laughed and said bye before leaving the bathroom to go back to my current predicament. I didn’t know how things were going to be this morning having met my biological mother who turned out to be one of my biggest stroke fantasies and then getting drunk and fucking her hard until we both fell asleep from exhaustion. To say things might be awkward was an understatement.

As I left the bathroom I found the stunning Lucy Zara doing up her complimentary fluffy white bathrobe and without thinking I started to get hard again. She threw me the other robe and said “Put that on. I’ve ordered room service because we need to talk but I’m useless on an empty stomach.”

I put on the robe and was just putting my phone down on the desk when there was a knock at the door. Lucy shouted come in and a very pretty brunette waitress brought in a tray containing two English breakfasts before returning with another tray containing tea and coffee. As she left Lucy threw something at me that hit me in the head. It was her thong from last night “You are insatiable! You were eyeing her up in front of my face.”

I blushed and was lost for words when she laughed and carried on “Look I’m not going to get all possessive because of one night. Admittedly a very good night but still one night all the same.”

I couldn’t believe she was so relaxed about what had happened. By the rules of biology we had committed incest and she was acting as if nothing weird had happened. I sat down at the desk where the waitress had placed the breakfast still lost for words. Lucy sat opposite me, ate a bit of her food before she looked at me and asked “Do you always get this shy after a one night stand?” She laughed again and I relaxed a bit more realising how amazing her laugh was for the first time. “Right so last night should never of happened.” she continued “But it did and I owe you an explanation. From the moment I first saw you I thought you were hot and frankly my history has pretty much removed my sexual boundaries. I wasn’t going to act on it but after the drinks and the way you treated me it just made me want to fuck you especially when you told me about jacking off to me and your marathon tease session to my videos.” She Zeytinalanı Escort took a deep breath and looked at me clearly nervous.

I smiled “I agree it probably shouldn’t of happened but it did and frankly I enjoyed every minute and don’t regret a second.”

Much to my surprise she started to sob and I quickly got up and hugged her. “I-I-I-I’m sorry but when I woke up and you weren’t there I panicked thinking you had run and then I thought you would be angry with me even though you stayed. I have wanted to find you for a while now but have only recently got up the guts knowing you would have turned 18 and I wouldn’t be completely ruining your life and then I thought I blew …”

I interrupted her by kissing her long and hard. I don’t know why but I did and frankly I didn’t want to stop. However, she did stop it, not before we had kissed deeply for a good five minutes but she did stop it, and looked at me with a naughty look. “Go out and get some energy drink she said because I am going for a freshen up and then I promise you that you will need it!”

I slowly got dressed as I watched her disappear into the bathroom before returning to kiss me long and deep. She retreated to the bathroom dropping her robe on the way and looking over her shoulder at me. I dived out and into the nearest shop where I brought multiple bottles of energy drink before stopping at reception to get champagne because this moment felt like a celebration.

When I returned I heard the shower had stopped but Lucy was still not in the room. I stripped down and put on my robe opening the champagne and pouring two glasses before laying on the bed watching the latest football highlights on the news while my hard cock throbbed with anticipation. After 20 minutes the door opened and Lucy appeared looking stunning in an all red outfit consisting of corset, thong, garter with black thigh high hold ups and a pair of black 4 inch heels. I almost came right there in my robe. Her hair was tied up in a loose style and her makeup was just done enough to accentuate her beautiful face even more. Her amazing breasts were pushed up and her legs looked like they went on forever. She slowly made her way over to me smiling as she picked up the champagne and taking a sip.

She climbed on the bed and straddled me before given me the best lap dance I had ever had, albeit the list was short, before opening my robe. When I moved to take it off she stopped me and said “Don’t I always wanted to fuck in a furry dressing gown.” before diving off the bed to get hers. When she reappeared she looked even better. Little did she know that I had a massive fetish for fucking in fur and other soft materials and my brain briefly wondered if that was due to DNA as opposed to Lisa being a kinky bitch and fucking me in nothing but a fur coat once starting a minor obsession. That though was extremely brief and my mind went back to Lucy who was now sliding down my body and hovering her gorgeous sultry lips over my hard cock making me throb with expectation.

She teased me a little longer as she ran just a solitary finger up and down my dick smiling at the look of happy frustration on my face. Just when I wanted to beg her she lowered her mouth back to my cock and took it in her mouth before laughing pulling away and proceeding to lick the length of my shaft down to my balls and then back up to the head before smiling again. She made a motion to pull away completely before dropping her body down and engulfing my whole cock in one swift move. She then began to suck my dick as she bobbed her head up and down stopping occasionally to lick nibble and blow on my cock making me moan even more.

She looked up at me with her mouth around my cock before coming out with a phrase I never thought I would hear from my actual Mum “Cum in my mouth sexy. Come in Mommy’s mouth. Give Mommy her Son’s fresh cum.” She then took my cock deep in her mouth and opened her throat allowing my entire seven inches to slip down her throat.

After less than 30 seconds of being buried deep in her throat I couldn’t take it anymore and yelled “I’m cuming Mommy. Take all of my cum Mommy. Your baby boy wants to fill your mouth with his cum.” With that I exploded deep in her throat as I felt her slide her mouth up to take all of my cum in her mouth. When I finished shooting my load in her mouth she lifted her head up and made a show of swallowing my cum and moaning.

After smiling at me seductively she dived straight back down to my semi hard cock and proceeded to clean every last drop of cum off my cock. My softening cock immediately began to get hard again with the feel of her mouth. When she had every last drop of cum cleaned off me she sat back on her heels and looking Escort Zeytinalanı me dead in the eye she moved seductively up my body before straddling my face and lowering her thong covered pussy onto my face.

I stuck out my tongue and started licking her through her thong until she couldn’t take it any longer and sat up off my face and removed her thong. She returned to the bed and straddled my face just staying far enough away that if I wanted her I had to go and get her. I wanted to make her wait. Make her want me so much she begged me. But I couldn’t. Her scent was so amazing and her bare pussy looked so amazing that after briefly running my hand seductively up her leg I lifted my body up and used the tip of my tongue tease her dripping wet lips. I then surprised her by taking her clit between my lips and attacking it with my tongue bringing her to a sudden and shuddering orgasm. Her juices ran down my chin and I continued to play and tease her clit.

“Stop being a wanker and be a mother fucker. Fuck me with your tongue baby please.” She yelled and then begged. Just as she started to whine in frustration I drove my tongue deep in her pussy fucking her with it like I never had before.

I saw her remove her bra revealing those amazing breasts which enchanted me so often in her videos. This made me re double my efforts on her pussy and as her moans increased and she got closer and closer I took my index finger and pressed it into her ass. “FFFFFFFFFFFF… UUUUUUU… UUUCCCCCCCCC… KKKKKKKK!” She screamed as she flooded my mouth with her juices and I pressed my finger and tongue deeper inside their respective holes. My tongue probed her still convulsing pussy and as my finger explored her tight tight ass.

She moaned deeply as she came again and just as I thought her collapsing body was going to suffocate me or drown me in her juices (For the record it would be a pretty awesome way to go!). She managed to fall sideways off me as I took my finger from her ass. When she hit the bed I dived between her legs again and drove my tongue deep into her pussy making her cum a third time in the space of less than a minute. As she finished convulsing she went limp so I moved away from her heavenly lips to give the passed out beauty in front of me time to recover.

After a minute or so she started to come around with a long moan and looked at me with a big smile on her face. “My god that was amazing.” she whispered as she slid her hands down my body onto my virtually pulsing penis. “I love teenagers.” she said with a smile “But I need a little recovery time baby so let’s get you something to play with shall we?” Before I could even respond she rolled over and grabbed the room phone and pressed the reception button.

“Hello could we possibly get some more Ice up to room 741 for our champagne please? Is Sarah still working? Oh good because I meant to tip her better for breakfast so could you send her up with it please? Yes I can wait 10 minutes that’s great! Thank you!” She hung up the phone with a beaming smile before kissing me passionately until we heard a knock on the door.

She pulled my robe around me and then jumped up tying hers around her waist and shouting come in as she had earlier. The same beautiful brunette entered carrying a bucket which I guessed was full of ice. Lucy squealed and said “Thank you my darling ours has melted and the champagne was getting warm. Now about that tip!” As she looked around for her handbag she carried on talking “Did I hear right that your shift is now finishing? Got some nice plans for the day?” On hearing a Yes and a then No nothing really from Sarah, who kept flicking her eye between my bare chest and the flesh that Lucy was showing, she continued further “Oh a pretty girl like you I thought you would have a date this afternoon.” I almost laughed at how cheesy this was but I saw Sarah blush and then had to put on a straight face as Lucy turned to me and asked “Don’t you think she is beautiful darling?”

“Oh yes she is stunning babe.” I answered and much to my delight Sarah turned an even darker shade of scarlet.

Lucy seeing this turned to Sarah and opening her robe to reveal her heavenly body seductively said “My boytoy over there has worn me out this morning but I saw how he eyed you up earlier and I see how you keep looking at his chest so I thought you might like your tip in the form of some physical activity with us. How does that sound beautiful?” As she finished she kissed Sarah deeply who looked slightly shocked before melting into what I knew was a heavenly kiss. Lucy motioned at me to open my robe and when I did she spun Sarah round and said into her ear. “Go on suck it I know you want to.”

Sarah hesitated for Zeytinalanı Escort Bayan what felt like an age but then she moved forward onto the bed and took the head of my cock into her mouth. Lucy smiled before following her onto the bed and began removing her top revealing a lace bra covering a beautiful pair of breasts; they looked tiny compared to Lucy’s and Lisa’s who had unbelievable chests. Lucy then removed her bra before pushing her back down to my cock which she took deep into her mouth showing me she was no novice at sucking cock.

I started moaning as I felt Sarah moan around my cock, not realising that Lucy had stripped her of her underwear and had her fingers deep inside her pussy. Sarah’s moans vibrated through my cock bring my orgasm close and when Lucy saw this she pressed another finger deep in Sarah’s ass making her moan even harder and causing me to explode deep in her mouth. Sarah took my cum like the pro-cocksucker I was now sure she was and Lucy continued hammering her fingers into both of Sarah’s fuck holes until Sarah orgasmed hard in front of me. This brought my softening cock back to full strength again.

Almost on auto-pilot Sarah pulled herself off of Lucy’s fingers and moved up my legs impaling herself deep on my cock in one fluid motion. She continued to fuck me hard and fast and then she screamed out loud as she was pushed close to my body so her naked breasts were pressed tight against me. I grabbed her head with my hands and began thrusting deep into her pussy whilst kissing her deep. I suddenly realised I could feel something else moving inside her and it clicked that the scream was because Lucy had shoved a dildo up Sarah’s ass and was fucking her with it. Sarah was a mess on top of me as was double penetrated and soon started orgasming over and over uncontrollably. The constant clenching of her pussy took me over the edge and I deposited a rather small by this stage of the occasion but pleasurable load deep inside her spasming pussy.

When she finished orgasming she rolled off me and I saw what had caused her so much pleasure. There stood Lucy in just her robe and stockings wearing a strap on cock that must have been 8 inches long. Lisa had often stuck her fingers in my ass during blowjobs and once during a threesome but looking at Lucy’s strap on had me rising to the occasion once again. Lucy seeing me getting hard again removed the strap on and impaled herself on my cock riding me hard until we both orgasmed hard and collapsed in a sweaty mess on the bed.

Sarah was the first to move kissing both of us and getting dressed before writing her number on a piece of paper and leaving it on the side wrapped inside her lacy thong. After telling us to call her next time we were in Birmingham she left the room blowing us both a kiss. My head was spinning due to my multiple orgasms and Lucy was conscious but barely moving. We drifted back off to sleep before we were woken by the sound of Lucy’s phone ringing.

She managed to reach out and answer it almost in a normal voice “Hello. Oh Hi Darren (The P.I.). Yes it went extremely well better than we could ever have imagined.” She winked at me and then she gasped. “That was quick how did you find her?” I heard Darren say something about international travel and birth and then Lisa gasped “So you know where she is and she is looking for her biological mother? Yes contact her and see what she says. I will check my diary but the studio is normally fairly good at giving me time off. I will see if George wants to come and if not I will ask Dannii to come with me. Thank you so much Darren you are amazing! I will ring you later Bye.”

She rolled over and with a big smile she almost shouted. “Darren has found one of your sisters. She would be 20 now and he was able to track her leaving the U.K. the day after I gave birth to her. He thinks he can track at least two others all going to the U.S. and one other left the country but he cannot access the destination. This one is in L.A. and if he can get in contact with her he should be able to get us on flights out there this week if you want to come?”

Without a moment’s hesitation I kissed my mum deeply and said “Of course I want to come.”


I hope you enjoyed this story as much I enjoyed writing it. Personally I have never committed an incestual act and never will. It is something reserved for the deepest darkest corner of my mind along with some other kinks that will be revealed over this series. I hope this story has also opened your eyes to the beauty that is Lucy Zara.

As you may have guessed I am going to now start adding all six sisters to the story at some point and yes they will all be celebrities I fantasize about. The ages may not tie up exactly with the story line but hey this is a fantasy and who cares if you cum at the end right?

Any comments you have on how I can improve my writing will be gladly received and any suggestions on ideas for my sisters (I fantasize about many celebrities and am always open to new stroke fantasy’s!) or storylines will be greatly received.

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