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Our house is an indoor party house. Heide and her husband’s pool is secluded behind a high privacy wall. When we have our neighborhood get-togethers at their home, the six couples can fuck and suck under the stars without attracting undue attention from the neighbors. Our pool deck, on the other hand, overlooks a small neighborhood park, one designed for family barbecues and different kinds of balling–softball, football and soccer. It gets a lot of use, especially on the weekends.

It’s not a bad thing. On warm summer nights I can sit by our pool and listen to the local teenagers losing their virginity. First, you hear some female voices uttering the mating call of a virgin. “No!” …Or “Do you really love me?” That usually gives way to a short period of male grunting, followed by a loud moan. Then there is another call, again from the female of the species. “That’s it?”

I chuckle when I hear that one, remembering Mary Lou. She was my first. She was also the most patient woman I’ve ever fucked. We’d meet in the woods behind her house. I’d bring a blanket. She’d bring two beers she’d stolen from her father’s never-ending supply in the garage refrigerator. She’d strip and lie on the blanket. I’d strip and lie on her.

I say she was the most patient because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I, like most high school boys, hadn’t learned about foreplay. I hadn’t learned that fingering her love box and licking the girl’s tits caused her pussy juices to flow, and that would have made it easier for my dick to enter her waiting pussy. No, the first time–and many times after that–I just banged away at the dry hole until she spread her legs far enough to allow me to enter. Then, when I did get in, the sensation was so fantastic it would take about two strokes. Then I’d empty my balls into her recently virgin cunt.

Fortunately, as a teenager, I could bounce right back. I’d roll off, wait a minute or two, then repeat the process. This would continue until I had cum three or four times. Then, miracle of miracles, I began to show some staying power. That’s what Mary Lou had hung around for, and both of us were duly rewarded.

I’d pump in and out of her more slowly because my dick wasn’t quite sensitive. She liked that. There was no rush or ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’. Once I’d lasted a minute, she’d start getting into it and wrap her legs around me. That allowed me to go deeper into her pussy, and we both liked that. Then she’d start moving her hips with me. That’s when she’d start moaning and grabbing my ass–pulling me deeper into her. Finally, she’d scream and squeeze my dick with her pussy. Then she’d grab my ass and pull me all the way inside he. Her juices would begin flowing–soaking me–and her already tight cunt would contstrict, trying to strangle my dick. As drained as I was, that never failed. I’d cum again… and keep on cumming, long after my balls had nothing else to contribute.

Mary Lou and I were ‘in love’ for about six months. Then she started dating an older boy. He was a wizened veteran who sucked her nipples and clit. She explained that when she broke up with me. She said he made her cum every time, and not just after he’d been drained so often he was able to keep it up for more than one or two thrusts. He actually had learned to hold off and not cum until she’d had an orgasm. Laidies first. She liked that.

I was heartbroken, but rebounded. There was one thing about Mary Lou, though, that baffled me for years. Then I discovered that some women–like Mary Lou–actually had gushers of their own during an orgasm. Up to that time, I always thought she had lost control of her bladder and was pissing on me. Ah, youth.

Anyway, you can see why we didn’t hold any of our swinger’s group parties around our pool. It might have been too educational for the locker room Romeos and their Juliet conquests. …Not that nothing ever happens. My wife and I fuck frequently in the pool. Some of our guests use it as well, keeping their amorous adventures underwater and out of sight of the families in the park.

All except our neighbor, Heidi. She presented a problem because she’s more of a visual person and doesn’t care to screw in the pool. She likes to watch my dick slide in and out of my wife’s pussy. She also likes to lick my balls and dick while I’m doing it. So, on one particular day, she claimed she couldn’t hold her breath that long and demanded we move to higher ground. we did and moved to the side of the pool. All of us were too heated and horny to note what was happening in the park.

Still, we might have gotten away with it, but Heidi is not only visual, she’s very vocal. I had finished my wife Gretchen and was fucking Heidi for all it was worth. She started fucking me back, her hips bucking and grinding into me. I delivered a load of cum in her tight Çeşmealtı Escort cunt, groaning as quietly as I could. Heidi couldn’t. When she felt my dick spasm inside her–knowing that my hot cum was filling her pussy–she went wild. Heidi thrashed and grabbed my ass, pulling me all the way into her. Gretchen was underneath us, dutifully sucking Heidi’s clit, and she gushed all over my wife’s face.

Then came the screaming. Heidi shrieked as she came, attracting the attention of all the spectators–and players–attending the little league soccer game. While some were appreciative of our efforts, a few got on their cellphones and called the cops.

We’d guessed that might happen and ran into the house to get dressed. Heidi had a different idea.

We’ve equipped a few room in our house with small, unobtrusive cameras. When we have parties, I record a lot of the goings on, then make copies for our guests. Since we only have our group fuckfests once or twice a month, it helps folks get through the dry periods if they can watch the videos. I know I enjoy watching them when my wife is gone on assignment for a few days. It sure as hell is better than reading the newspaper’sladies underwear ads while I beat my meat.

…And the cameras were part of the plan. Heidi and my wife didn’t dress. Instead, they sent me off to my home office where I had all my video controls and recorders set up. I’d no sooner arrived when the doorbell rang. I switched the monitor to the front door camera and watched as Gretchen opened it–stark naked. I chuckled at the look on the two burly cops’ faces.

You have to understand something. Gretchen makes a living modeling. Heidi is no slouch and could probably do the same, but she doesn’t. Instead, she spends her days writing porn and fucking. She cyberfucks on the computer. She fucks herself. She fucks various vegetables from their refrigerator. She fucks the neighbors–both wives and husbands. And, according to her husband, this is all foreplay. At night, when he comes home and the kid’s in bed, she fucks his brains out. The woman is insatiable.

My wife, on the other hand, has a shy streak. Don’t get me wrong. Most of the time, she’s almost as horny as Heidi. I’ve seen her with a dick pumping into her pussy and another grinding into her tight ass. While this is happening, more often than not, she has a third dick in her mouth and one in each hand. It’s a game, she told me once–grinning–to see if she can make all of the men cum at once.

…And there’s one more dick involved–mine. When I hear all of those men groan simultaneously, it’s more than I can take. I see the cum squirting out of her ass and pussy. There’s more dribbles down her chin. The dicks in her hands start shooting their load all over her tits and face. It usually takes me only two or three strokes to add my load to her cum soaked body.

Even though my wife enjoys being the guest of honor at a gang bang, she’s prone to blushing and easily embarrassed in front of people she doesn’t know. I looked closely as she displayed her magnificent body to the two strangers, and I could see my wife getting red.

So, it didn’t surprise me when Heidi took over handling the cops. Making no move to cover herself, she took a few steps closer and stood in front of Gretchen. Then she looked up that the larger of the two policemen and smiled. “Yes, officer? Is there a problem?”

The other cop spoke first. “You ladies need to put on some clothes.”

Heidi turned to him, planted her feet about two feet apart and put her hands on her hips. “Why, officer? You don’t like what you see?”

The first cop answered. “We like it fine, ma’am, but we’re here on business. …There’s been a complaint.”

Gretchen grinned. “Well, you’d better some in so we can close the door. We don’t want the whole neighborhood seeing us naked and filing complaints… do we?”

The cops moved into the foyer. Gretchen moved around them to shut the door. As she did, she was very careful to rub up against one of the cops. I saw him stare down at her. She saw it too, and reached up to play with a nipple.

Heidi pointed down the short hallway. “Officers? Why don’t we go into the TV room.” She licked her lips. “We can get comfortable while we talk about this complaint.” I switched cameras on my console to monitor the TV room.

After they arrived, it was Gretchen’s turn. “Who made this complaint? Some asshole who doesn’t think two women should be eating each other? Probably a man. Some guys think women always need to have a dick in them to get off. …Not true.” She smiled and stroked Heidi’s blond hair. “I get off with both men and women. Women, mostly. A lot of men haven’t read the operating instructions on their equipment.” For emphasis, she put one hand over her crotch and Çeşmealtı Escort Bayan gave herself a few strokes.

“Ma’am, it was the parents out there in the park. They said you were having some sort of orgy by your pool. They say the kids were watching too. That makes this a more serious offense. If they press charges, you both could be doing time. …And where’s the guy? They said a man was involved.”

Heidi grinned. “No guy. …That’s the problem, officer. Our husbands are away. We’re both horny as hell. We went skinny dipping–the two of us–and one thing led to another. …I’m sorry we got carried away.” She stepped closer to the larger cop. “Is there something we can do to, uh, correct the situation?”

The large cop was speechless. His partner wasn’t. “I suppose we should hear your side of the story. Maybe it wasn’t lewd conduct at all. What were you two doing?”

Heidi and Gretchen both grinned. My wife got down on the floor on her back. Heidi knelt beside her and started licking Gretchen’s tits. I watched a nipple disappear into Heidi’s mouth and knew she was swirling her tongue around it. My wife was beginning to moan. Then she gently removed our neighbor’s lips and squirmed down until she could put one’s of Heidi’s nipples in her own mouth, returning the favor.

I watched the cops. They were getting into it, particularly when the two women shifted into a 69 position and started eating each other. Heidi was winning. She had my wife’s clit in her mouth and was sucking it. When she shifted her mouth and started darting her tongue in and out of my wife’s pussy, you could see the engorged clit standing proudly, a lone sentry guarding her cunt. I could see it, and so could the cops. The taller one was rubbing his crotch. The other one just stared.

Heidi took a break and looked up at the men. “Would one of you let me use your nightstick?” Both cops began fumbling rapidly, but the shorter cop won. He handed his nightstick to Heidi, and she thanked him. The she took the large end and started easing it into Gretchen’s pussy. My wife squirmed and spread her legs to accomodate it.

She got about six inches into my wife before she started pumping it in and out. Gretchen was moaning and both cops were now stroking themselves through their uniform pants. Suddenly, Heidi spun around and assumed a ‘pussy-faces-pussy’ position. When she moved the other end of the nightstick into her own cunt, I started stroking myself–furiously.

Heidi inched toward Gretchen. The both had about six inches of nightstick when Heidi began sliding it back and forth. She inched closer. When the nightstick was thrusting into Gretchen, it was withdrawing from Heidi. When Heidi was being pounded, it was moving out of Gretchen. Soon, my wife’s hand joined Heidi’s on the nightstick, and it became a group effort.

Even in the dim light, I could see the nightstick glistening with cum. My wife had her eyes closed and began bucking, trying to take more of the large end into her. Her bucking caused the nightstick to jolt around in Heidi’s pussy. She started moaning and moving it fast. By this time, the cops had unzipped their pants and were doing their own jolting.

Heidi saw that and got Gretchen’s attention, pointing at them. “Look, honey, the cavalry has arrived.” Both women repositioned themselves on all fours. One of the cops started to take of his belt and pants, but Heidi stopped him. “No. Don’t. We’re the bad girls here, the criminals. I want you wearing that uniform when you punish me. …It’s your duty, officers. Get down here and fuck us. Hard. Give us as much punishment as the law allows.” She and Gretchen braced themselves and waited.

The two cops lowered and positioned themselves behind Heidi and my wife. Both were big men, in more ways than one. The shorter cop had about nine inches to donate. The other one’s dick was shorter, but it made up for that by being somewhat thicker. He grabbed my Gretchen’s hips and drove it into her pussy.

I’d seen it before at our parties. My wife and neighbor were on their hands and knees, side by side, being fucked. This, however, was more of a turn-on. The cops were still in uniform, and as they slammed in and out of the women, I could hear the leather creaking and their skin sliding within the heavy uniforms.

It wasn’t hard to fantasize that this was some kind of cop and convict sex. The police had caught a pair of felons and were making them pay. Maybe they’d just busted two whores and worked out a way to let them stay on the street. I was really getting turned on while I watched.

Gretchen came first. She screamed and smashed her bare ass into the officer’s dick. I saw a stain spreading on his pants as her cum dribbled out of her pussy and down his legs. Having been there myself, I knew she Escort Çeşmealtı was squeezing the cop’s dick and milking it. I was right. He yelled and tried to pull out. She reached around and grabbed his ass, holding him deep inside her. “Fuck me, officer. I’ve been a bad, dirty girl. Fill my cunt with your cum.” And he did. Even on the TV, I saw his spunk squirt out around his dick as he continued to thrust into my wife. The spunk dribbled down her ass and mixed with her cum on his pants.

Heidi was not to be outdone. “Punish me, officer! Stick it in my ass. Make it hurt!” He did, and I could see he wasn’t that far from exploding. I wasn’t paying much attention to him, however. I was watching Heidi. She’d grabbed the nightstick and was feeding it into her cunt. I knew what the officer was going through. There’s nothing like the feeling of a second dick pumping in and out of the same woman. It makes no difference whether your dick is in the woman’s pussy or ass. The feeling of another dick slamming into the woman along with yours is exquisite. I groaned and came, shooting wad after wad onto the TV screen. The cop’s ass bunched, and I saw him pushing hard into Heidi’s ass and holding it there. He was cumming too.

The women told the men to lie on their backs. They did. The two switched partners and began cleaning the cops’ dicks. They seemed to have practiced doing this together, because both heads bobbed up and down in unison. Each woman was able to take all of the dick in her mouth. Each woman paused as they did, and–in my mind–I could feel their tongue swirling around the shaft before their lips slipped back up to the head. My imagination was making me hard again, and I wasn’t alone.

The cops’ dicks were stiff and throbbing. The women–as one–scrambled up and straddled them. As I watched, they lowered themselves and two dripping pussies engulfed two stiff cocks. Heidi grinned. “You have the right to be fucked. Anything that you show that can be fucked, will be fucked….”

Gretchen picked it up. “You have the right to have a woman present when you fuck. If you cannot afford a woman, one will be provided. Free of charge.” She giggled. “Do you understand these rights, officer?”

Gretchen’s officer tried to respond, but only guttural sounds came out when he opened his mouth. Heidi asked her cop the same question. As she did so, she clamped down those magical vaginal muscles of hers and began pumping his dick. He opened his mouth and had only one thing to say. “I’m cumming.”

Heidi jumped off, twisted, and put the cop’s dick in her mouth. She grabbed the shaft and began sliding her hands up and down it. The officer’s hips raised off the rug, and he groaned. I watched her cheeks sink in as she sucked. Then she grabbed his balls in one hand and stuck a finger on her other hand into the cop’s ass. That was all it took. He grabbed her head and began fucking her face. Within seconds, my beautiful neighbor had cop cum running out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin.

That gave the other officer ideas. He rolled my wife to her back and scooted his body up until his dick was in her mouth. He wasn’t gentle when he started fucking her face. He began slamming his dick down Gretchen’s throat, all the way. He’d pull out for a split second, then ram it home again. I could see she was having trouble breathing and was about to go to the TV room when I saw her eyes look at the camera. She held up her hand.

My wife did the unexpected. She grabbed the nightstick that was still lying on the floor between the women. Then she shoved it–violently–into the cop’s ass. He bellowed in pain, but that’s what he needed. When he pulled his dick out of my wife’s mouth, I saw it was full of the cop’s white cum. She looked into his eyes, smiled, and swallowed.

After a few minutes, both cops had zipped and adjusted themselves. They traded nightsticks because the shorter cop didn’t want to be carrying one that had been in his partner’s ass. Finally, they looked sternly at the women. “We’ll let it go this time with a warning. …But we’re going to be watching you two, and we’ll be checking up on you from time to time.

Heidi grinned. “When our husband’s are away and we’re horny, I hope.”

The larger cop smiled, fished in his pocket, and handed Heidi a business card. “We’re here to protect and serve, ma’am…” He emphasized the word ‘serve’. “So if you two do have a problem, just call….”

Gretchen smiled. “And if only one of us has a problem, you’ll both come?” She laughed at her play on words.

The cops looked at each other, and I could see they were having second thoughts about leaving. One started to answer my wife, but was interrupted by his radio. The dispatcher wanted a disposition on the case and had another call for them. He answered, saying the situation had been resolved. There would be no arrests.

“Ten-four one Charlie three. See the man at one eight four west Elm. There’s a stray dog in his yard. His wife says the dog has him cornered and won’t let him move.”

The cop grinned and looked at his partner. “Looks like we’ve got another bitch in heat.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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