Camping Incest

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Summertime had been over for about six months and I was really missing the warm weather as was in the middle of January. I was packing and getting ready to go camping with my older brother Jon. Jon is my half older brother because of my biologically father. Jon is the older of my two brothers who are twins. He is muscular and thin due to continuing working out and from wrestling in high school. He joined the navy when I was 15 and I really didn’t get to seem him that much over the past 4 years. As the New Year had just rolled in, Jon decided to come visit our side of the family to celebrate New Years late and so he was staying at my dads for about a week since people in any military branch only get 30 days of vacation/ leave (that I know of).

I was missing Jon since I barely get to seem him until the next four years is up when he’ll be back stationed somewhere nearby he told me. Also with me being bisexual I started to think of him in a sexual way. I know it’s weird to have sexual feelings for a family member or even want to take things even farther but people can’t really help who they love. The heart wants who it wants but back to my story, lately I’ve been dying just thinking about any sexual encounters with my older bro. I figured I would never get the chance for anything to happen because Jon was straight and I wasn’t going to really try anything but it was nice to know I still had my imagination on this thought. The thought of Jon with his shirt off and he was showing off his abs. The idea of him holding me tight while he was half naked and our six-packs rubbing up against each other and since he was fully black, he must have a nice long cock that was just dying to receive sexual attention. Jon was always a sexual active dude, the way he talked about having sex in high school and chicks blowing his dick and wanting his dick sucked whenever he could get the chance.

When Jon told me that it was just me and him camping in a log cabin together over the phone, I could feel the blood rushing to my crotch and images going through my mind. I was so psyched and horny at the thought but I knew it would be too good to be true. I had finished packing for the few day adventure from the cold snow into the warm cabin when the fireplace was heated up. I even heard there was going to be a Jacuzzi there to boost up my body temperature when I was cold. I finished packing when Jon called my phone.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey lil bro, what’s up?” he asked.

“I just finished packing for the camping trip” I told him.

“That’s great, I just finished too and I’ll be there in a half hour to get you” he explained.

“Alright dude, see you when you get here” I said.

“Alright, love you” he ended.

“Love you too” I told him and hung up the phone.

I felt really tired because I’ve been staying up all night for the past few nights trying to get study time in and taking my midterms and I was lacking in rest. I was so lucky when my vacation started again yesterday and so I decided to take a nap until Jon got here. I laid down on my bed with my phone on loud and in my hand so I could hear Jon when he calls me and feel the vibration to wake me up. I curled up into a warm ball on my side and doze off to sleep. I just started to get some rest when my phone went off. Jon was calling me. It felt like it was only five minutes later and I answered the phone.

“Hello?” I answered with a yawn.

“I’m out here” Jon told me.

“Ok, I’ll be down in a minute” I said as I looked out the window to see Jon in a grey Honda.

I hung up the phone and slid it into my pocket before I grabbed all of my stuff and walked out the door, saying good-bye to my parents. I put everything into the trunk and hopped into the passenger seat, greeting Jon.

“How’s my bro doing?” Jon asked me happily.

“Same as usual” I told him and we had a bro hug before he put the gear into drive.

“Ready for a few days on brother bonding?” he asked me.

“You bet!” I told him excitedly. “Where are we going anyways?”

“Its Escapade Bois” he was trying to sound it out. “It means “getaway in the woods” in French. I know it sounds lame or girly but it’s really a cool place to go. It’s designed for all year round fun and relaxation like for sledding in the winter, hiking and paintball in the spring, swimming and watersports in the summer, and a harvest festival in the fall. There is relaxing stuff to like a spa and each cabin has its own personal Jacuzzi built into the deck. It even has its own workout gym”

“Sounds expensive” I said uneasily.

“They’re having a deal now where it is cheap for couples or families of 4-6” he explained.

“Oh so we’re going as a couple” I was joking around.

“Lol I guess so but we are getting a big deal for our cabin” he laughed.

“I thought you came up here to spend some time with the family?” I asked.

“I did but you know everyone is too busy working except for our brother who is too busy with his head up his girlfriend’s ass like usual. You’re the only one who Eskort Bayan isn’t busy right now because you got out of college for vacation and you’re not dating anyone right now” he said. “So when are you getting another girlfriend?”

“I don’t know yet, I have stopped dating for a while” I told him.

Jon doesn’t really know that I have dated any guys but he does know about my confusion of my sexuality for the past 6 months.

“That’s good for you right now” he smiled. “With us working out, the ladies are going to be all over you with your handsome good looks.”

I smiled back at him knowing it was true, I was handsome along with Jon. He always told me we had the same father because we were both good looking. Now looking at him I couldn’t help but gaze at him. With his short black hair and trimmed facial hair barely growing back…he was so fucking hot.

“Something on my face?” he asked.

“What?…” I asked coming out of the gaze.

“You were staring at me so I wanted to know if there was anything on my face” he asked.

I felt like an idiot so I lied claiming there was.

“Yeah it’s right here” I pointed at my left check, mimicking his.

He wiped off the fake spot.

“It’s gone” I lied once more.

He went back to paying attention and I turned to gaze out the window, feeling a little embarrassed but better that I got away with it. I looked out the window until we arrived at our destination. The front gate made the place seem in price range until we pulled up to the main entrance. The entrance looked really fancy with the huge half-wooden, half-stone structure surrounded with wild life plants and crystal clear windows. Jon parked the car in the nearby parking lot and we gathered all of our stuff and walked into the lobby. The inside smelled like fresh pine wood and wild cut flowers. The lobby was beautiful. On one side the lit fire place, two 100 percent Italian leather couches were seated around the fire, a 60 inch flat screen on the mantle and on the other side were windows of different width for guest to view to large hillside for sledding, the lake and paintball field located at one side of the bottom of the hill and hiking trails spotted around the area. Jon and I continued walking towards the counter which the counter top was made of marble and formed into a crescent moon with 6 computers sitting next to each other with clerks at each one of them. The one at the middle right side of the counter waved for us to check-in with her and greeted us with a smile.

“Hello and welcome to Escapade Bois!” greeted the clerk. “We are so thankful for you choosing to stay with us, how may I help you?”

“We are here to check in, we order the couples suite cabin” my brother explained.

It felt so weird to hear Jon say that we were a couple. It felt like we were dating but I couldn’t let that go to my head. The clerk looked at Jon and I and smiled as she took Jon’s credit card and swiped it into the machine. She handed it back to him and pulled out a key from under the counter.

“Here is your cabin key and we hope you enjoy your stay!” the clerk said as she handed Jon the keys and pointed to a door adjacent to her in the back. “You can find your way to your cabin through the back door. Have a wonderful day gentlemen!”

“Thank you” we both said and grabbed our stuff.

We made our way through the back door and began walking through the very large gym. Workout machines, treadmills, ellipticals, and bench presses as far as I could see. We walked through the gym and reached the other side and went outdoors. We walked for a few good minutes up and down the hill side until we found out cabin.

“438…439!” Jon counted.

The cabin had a long deck pathway up to the cabin. The upper deck contained a few tables and chairs and the cabin looked big from the outside. After getting the door open, the inside was much nicer. The room was covered in tile. There were two recliners facing the fire place and the flat screen TV on top of the mantle. Behind the recliners was a large black couch. In the corner was a small high wood table with two tall black chairs pushed in and a flower in a clear vase sitting on top. Surrounding the table were 3 long glass windows and the back deck door. Out on the deck I could see the Jacuzzi built in and a wooden banister with a great view of the lake. On the right side was the kitchen with fine marble counters and cooking ware. On the right of the kitchen was the bedroom door. We sat our stuff inside of the cabin next to the door to take a look around. We took off our shoes and I could feel warm tiles from the sunlight greet my socks. We walked to the back deck amazed at this cabin’s beauty. I could see everything from the back deck. I saw other nearby cabins, the large lake, hiking trails surrounding the hilltops and at the other end of the lake were some mountains. The clear sunny skies really brightened up the resort and the crisp fresh air blew right past us and into the cabin. I went inside and over to look at the bedroom. I opened the door to get the view of the large king-size bed, the two tall windows against the east wall, the bathroom on the west side of the room, fine carpeted floor, a stand opposite of the bed which had a forty inch flat screen TV on it. I went over to the blankets which were so soft, I felt like I could sink into the bed. Jon came into the doorway as I laid on the bed.

“Pretty sweet right?” he asked.

“Hell yeah!” I answered gratefully.

“Alright now how about before we hit the gym, we unpack our stuff” he explained.

I got off of the bed and helped Jon unpack when it suddenly hit me: I didn’t bring a sleeping bag and neither did Jon…so who got the bed?

“Jon? If this is a couple’s suite, which one of us gets the bed?” I asked.

“Well, either one of us can have the bed and the other sleeps on the couch…or we could share it?” he suggested.

This was a once in the lifetime offer to sleep with Jon, and the couch looked pretty stiff to be lying on anyways.

“I would rather to prefer the bed” I answered.

“I want the bed too” Jon replied. “So it looks like we’re sharing…but no spooning!” he demanded.

Feeling awkward, I nodded yes. We finished unpacking and went down to the gym to train. We were benching for most of the time and every time I looked around, I saw some cute girls look at us, giggle, and wave. Jon didn’t seem to notice them but I always waved to them, waving is nice. We spent a lot of the time at the gym when Jon finally decided to call it quits.

“Lil bro, I think I’m done for the day” Jon said panting.

“Me-too” I said out of breath.

We grabbed our gear and walked back to the cabin when it was almost dark. The snow was hard to trudge in but the cold air felt nice against my hot face. We got back into the cabin when it came to the conclusion, which one of us is showering first. I wanted to shower first to get the sweat off and so did Jon.

“So who is showering first?” I asked.

“I will” Jon said.

“Why don’t we shower together” I brought up the idea. “We’re both guys so we don’t have anything to hide.”

I thought Jon may think I was crazy because of him still thinking that I was confused might scare him into the idea that I wanted sex from him. I did want to engage in sex but I was too tired to even try that. But to my surprise-

“Okay” he stated.

His response caught me off guard but I really didn’t care at the point. We both went to the bedroom and stripped down and grabbed some clean towels from the bathroom closet. We opened up the shower door, the shower looked incredibly tiny.

“Maybe not such a good idea…” I suggested.

“Ok well I’m getting in” Jon demanded and turned on the water.

I moved out of the way as Jon got into the shower. I decided maybe I could shower later and the Jacuzzi was sounding really nice right now. I walked out with my towel wrapped around my naked waist onto the deck and removed the towel. I hopped into the Jacuzzi and relaxed against one end. There was a jet underneath my ass and it was tickling my balls. I looked up into the night starry sky as everything was silent (except the sound of the jets in the Jacuzzi) and the snow laid still all around the cabins and on the roofs and ground. It was really a sight to see and the moon was shining off of the frozen lake. I wasn’t in there long when I saw my bro walk out on to the deck naked! I couldn’t believe what the hell he was doing.

“Mind if I join you?” he asked.

I couldn’t help but just stare at his penis. It dangled there softly and looked to be about 5 inches. I woke myself up inside my head to not make things awkward and looked up at Jon. He was still smiling at me like nothing happened and I responded unsurely.

“Uh…sure” I said.

He climbed down the ladder and sat across from me. The bubbles were at the highest setting so everything below the water couldn’t be seen. Jon decided to make some conversation.

“How do you like the vacation?” he asked me.

“It’s pretty good so far” I told him.

“How are you doing with your sexuality?” he asked. “We didn’t really get to talk much about it on the way here.”

Jon slid around the circular Jacuzzi a little bit towards me.

“Well, I think that I’m bisexual” I explained.

“That’s cool” he said as he slid a little closer “Just as long as you’re happy, I am happy for you. Have you been with any guys?”

“A few” I told him.

“Was it as great as you thought it was?” he questioned.

I remembered my first time at the college party. With all of the partying and drinking around, I was dared to kiss a guy. I was too drunk to care so I said fuck it and went lips to lips with some dude. A few weeks afterwards I did regret that situation and was ashamed. When I slept with Jason, I felt pretty okay with myself. Things started to ease more when Rodney and I fucked and I started to enjoy myself when Daniel fucked me. I still have threesomes with Jason and Rodney and sometimes with Jason alone. Daniel is always wanting for me to come over but it got more difficult when summer ended.

All this time while I was thinking, I didn’t realize Jon had inched himself right next to me and put his arm behind me, relaxing. My hand was stretched out too and he touched mine. I put my hands into the water and he slowly reached over and began to rub my leg. Shivers went up my spine as what Jon was doing to me. His touch was soft and gentle as he slid his hand up and down my leg. I started to grow under the surface as Jon kept moving his hand up and down my thigh and then moved his hand inwards towards my groin.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

He smiled at me. “You’ll see…”

With that, Jon moved his hand up and started to caress my balls. He moved his hand up and began to stroke my dick and I grew harder.

“My lil bro has got a boner!” Jon claimed excited.

I felt embarrassed, not wanting anyone to hear. Jon kept slowly stroking me off so I decided to follow his lead. I slowly reached my hand over and I was stroking his thigh and then his dick. I could feel him grow harder than I was. I grew excited inside because I couldn’t believe this was actually happening: Jon was experimenting with me!

After about five minutes of us stroking each other off, the water started to get to us so Jon lead me inside. We grabbed our towels to dry off as we went inside and Jon shut the sliding glass door and pulled the curtain close. We walked to the bedroom and I turned on the light before sitting down on the bed. Jon walked over to the bed and crawled up into the middle and relaxed himself. I crawled over and I lay on top of him as we began to slowly kiss. Jon was rubbing the back of my head and my shoulders as I wrapped my arms around his neck. As we kissed, he held me close with one arm and ran his other hand down my crack.

I started to become horny and I kissed him up and down his neck as he rubbed his hand over my butt cheek. He lightly slapped my cheek and we started to twist our tongues together. I started to lick from his chin up as I rubbed his dick and his thigh. I rubbed his groin and below his balls. I moved my hand over his ribs and lifted his arm up. I started my tongue from his nipple and trailed it slowly around his armpit and kissed his bicep.

I couldn’t get enough of my brother as I moved my head down and moved my nose around on his chest. I licked his chest and nipples as he continued to rub my asshole. Jon had me stop and made me lay on my back. He sat up on his left side and had his right leg bent like an arch and his foot rested on his other leg. He guided my leg and arched it in between his. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and I laid my arm behind him.

Jon began to rub my balls and then moved his finger down to my ass and moved his fingers along my crack. He moved his hand back up and started to stroke me again but a little bit faster. I let out a small moan as Jon jacked me off. I put my arm around his shoulder and I started to rub his chest with my other arm. I was playing with his nipple as he looked towards me before looking back at my junk. He went to rubbing my leg as my hand moved up to his face and turned him towards me. He leaned down and we kissed momentarily.

We repositioned ourselves to where Jon was laying on his back and his legs were up and I was on top of him and in between his legs. He put his legs down but they were still arched as I continued to lick his nipples and slowly make my way down to his crotch. He put his hands behind his head as I kissed his abs. He brought me back up to him and we made out and held each other in our arms. I got down to his crotch and held his hands down and slowly stuck his black cock in my mouth. The thing had to at least be 10 inches!

I bobbed my head up and down on his shaft and he let out a small moan. I would quickly go down and then pull my mouth off of his cock as it made a popping sound. After doing this, I started to play with just the tip of Jon’s penis. I held his shaft in my hand as I sucked on it, stuck my tongue in his piss slit and wiggle my tongue inside the small area quickly, and kissing it. I stroke him once as I wrapped my hand around his thigh and kissed hid dick from the base to the top. I began to slowly blow him again. I switched thighs and hands and looked up at him. He was looking at me while moaning.

I went back to building up his cum as I started to suck his nuts and get the area where his leg meets his junk wet. I went back to licking his balls as he rolled his head back. I started to beat his dick against my tongue and mouth as I savored his big black cock. I got back to going down on my bro and started to pick up my pace. I took his dick out of my mouth and licked the tip before placing it back past my lips. I grabbed both of his thighs and got his black penis to bounce as I went from base to tip several times. I slowed down and went from base to tip back to the base slowly and continued this. I was rubbing his lower ribs and slowly moving him and stopped. I went all the way down and nuzzled my face in his pubes as I could hear him moan.

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