Dick-Sucking Sisters

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Author’s note: This is a fictitious imagining of a bygone era and a unique sub-culture that surely never existed, except in my own imagination. All of the participants are at least eighteen years old at the time the story begins and they are living on the very cusp of the 1950’s and 1960’s, somewhere between the Mid-Atlantic and the Ohio Valley.

I had intended this to be a relatively short story, but if you’ve read anything else I’ve written, there is usually a lot of build up before you get to anything close to nudity or sex. So it is with this story. If you don’t enjoy the slow pace and anticipation leading up to anything happening, you won’t enjoy this story at all. Please move on and find something more to your liking.

Please take the time to vote, and comment, if you enjoyed the story and would like to see more. I thoroughly respect the right of anyone to anonymously admit that they enjoyed a story about siblings engaging in oral sex, so please feel free to do so. On the other hand, if you wish to offer criticism, I only ask that you do so under your own profile name, so that we can all evaluate your own writing and/or taste in erotica. Otherwise your comments will be deleted. If you’d rather reach out through private message rather than post in public view, I am glad to hear from you.

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December, 1961

Trey was packing up his suitcase when his roommate Buck burst into their dorm room, having just finished his last exam.

“Damn! I’m telling you, that Bio Professor is out to get me, man!” Buck dumped his book bag on his bed and flopped down beside it, lighting up a cigarette as he sat back against the wall in order to watch Trey pack. “You catchin’ the train today?”

“At least open the window,” Trey jerked his chin toward the window between their beds. “You know that RA is out to get you too and they’re gonna come around to inspect rooms today or tomorrow.” Trey stacked the last of his clothes in the suitcase and closed the latch. “They’ll kick you out.” He looked over at Buck, raising his eyebrows.

Buck huffed dramatically, but he rose to open the window. “So you goin’ to spend New Year’s with your girl’s family?” He hopped back on the bed and blew a plume of smoke toward the open window.

“No man,” Trey looked over sheepishly. “To tell you the truth, we broke it off last night.”

“Lemme guess, bubba,” Trey nodded knowingly. “She didn’t know how to suck dick. Am I right?”

Buck was studying Agricultural Science and had grown up in a rural area in the center of the state, so as much as he and Trey had similar academic and family backgrounds, Trey was never quite sure when Buck was joking or serious when it came to social issues, particularly about sex. Growing up on his family’s large farm, Buck had seen every stage of the breeding process a thousand times in excruciating detail and had a much more practical, and vocal, view about these things than Trey did, as those things just weren’t discussed in the suburban areas where he had grown up along the lake.

“No, it was nothing like that,” Trey shrugged. “Guess she just wasn’t the one.” He sat down on the bed and looked around at their dorm room, trying to remember if he’d forgotten to pack anything.

“Coulda’ fooled me Bubba,” Buck exhaled and reached up to run his fingers through his oiled hair, trying to comb the lock that always seemed to stubbornly fall back down onto his forehead. “That June seemed like a really nice girl. Real quality.” He tilted his head in an off-hand way. “Hell, took me three girls before I found one that could suck a dick like she was suppose’ to.” He shook his head in disbelief. “Started to wonder if any of these girls knew what proper courtin’ entailed.” He rolled his eyes.

“Well, I better head down to the train station,” Trey got up to put on his coat. “You have a good Christmas, Buck.” They shook hands. “See you next year,” he joked as he turned to go.

“See you, bubba.” Buck slapped his back as he walked out the door. “Merry Christmas!” He called out down the hall before slamming the door to their room. But then everything that Buck did was just a little too loud, a little too direct, and a little too reckless compared to Trey.

Trey watched the rolling brown hills and the silhouettes of grey tree branches slowly slide by as the train wound it’s way through the late afternoon. Buck was a good roommate to have and Trey felt lucky to have him. Particularly when some of his classmates, and brothers at the fraternity he was pledging, told stories about guys they had been stuck with their first year. If Buck was a little louder, and a lot more blunt than Trey was raised to be, it made sense, as Buck grew up in the country, hunting, fishing and working with animals since he was a young boy.

Trey was studying accounting, and like his father, planned to work in one of the large firms in the city when genç gaziantep escort he graduated, maybe even at his father’s firm. His childhood had been modulated to the volume and rhythm of the country club and yacht club where his family were members. While he had also learned to shoot and fish, like any boy his age, it was done on the skeet range at the club, or the lake from his father’s boat, rather than in the woods or a creek like Buck. But Trey had also learned to play golf, tennis and endured dance lessons with all his family friends at the club.

As the miles rolled by, Trey was searching his mind for a way to tell his parents that he and June had broken things off since he’d told them about her at Thanksgiving. Even then his mother had looked over at his father over dinner and wondered aloud if Trey would be spending time with her family for New Year’s Eve. The fact that he would have to tell them that it had ended, was made harder by the fact that Trey wasn’t exactly sure why June had handed his pin back to him the night before. He had sensed that she had grown restless over the prior few weeks and had perhaps been a little frustrated with him, but as he looked back at what he’d done, he couldn’t find anything in his memory to help him understand.

“I just don’t think we’re right for each other,” She’d explained gently. “You’re an awfully nice guy, but I’m just not sure we want the same things, Trey.” He could still see in his memory, her round blue eyes, and the ash blond hair that framed the full cheeks of her lovely face, where her scarf didn’t quite cover. He could see the light of the lamp outside her dorm building reflected in them, standing in the cool December evening. Just as her lower lip had had caught the light, when she went up on tiptoes, to kiss him lightly, before turning to head up the steps and past the ladies minding the door to her dorm.

Trey had walked alone, back to his dorm, wondering if that was the last time he’d ever get to kiss her, and he kicked himself, that he’d been too stunned to react when she had, if that was how it had ended.

For a moment, Trey’s spirits lifted as he stepped off the train to see his parents and sisters waiting for him on the platform. His mother held him just a moment too long in a hug and chided him, as she always did, that a letter, or call, now and then wouldn’t kill him. His father had shaken his hand and patted him on the shoulder as they walked to the car. His twin sisters, Cissy and Carol peppered him with questions about college, the three of them packed into the back seat in their father’s Cadillac on the drive home.

Their father told them all, for the hundredth time, that he wasn’t fond of the “spaceship” fins on the new Cadillac, but the doors the ’61 Lincoln just didn’t seem safe in his mind. He’d heard that in an accident, they’d jam together and the whole family would burn alive if they couldn’t get out. His mother asked him if he could stop being so morbid when they were trying to enjoy Trey’s visit from college and reminding him that none of them had ever been in a car that had burst into flames after a fender bender. Trey’s father recalled plenty of vehicles bursting into flames during the war, and would have described them in detail, had they not lived more than a mile or so from the train station.

Trey’s father dropped them off beneath the trellis in the driveway, near the front of their large Tudor house, and pulled the car around the back of the house to park it in the detached garage, while Trey, his mother and sisters walked up the front steps and into the main entry way to their home. The phone rang as they were coming in and Carol ran off to get it, as most calls on the family line were usually for her. Trey’s father had another line installed in his office when the girls got to high school, as it seemed Carol spent every waking moment talking to her girlfriends, or one of the many boys, that always seemed to want her attention.

Cissy walked up the stairs to Trey’s bedroom with him and flopped on his bed while he unpacked.

“Sorry, I missed your birthday, Cissy,” Trey pulled out two small packages from his suitcase and handed her one. “I just couldn’t get away last week, what with final exams and all.” He handed her one of the packages. “Happy Eighteenth.” He smiled.

Cissy unwrapped it carefully to reveal a sterling silver pocket mirror engraved with the college emblem from his school. “I figured you would both be going there next year, so it wouldn’t hurt to get it a little early,” Trey grinned at her delight as she opened it to look at her reflection and then wrapped him up in a hug. “So have you gotten your acceptance letter yet?” He asked as she sat back down on the bed.

“I did!” she beamed. Her brown hair was wavy and lustrous as it draped over her shoulders and her deep brown eyes twinkled with excitement as she told him that she had been accepted first and that their father had gaziantep genç escort had to make a call before Carol eventually received her letter of acceptance. They both giggled and Trey rolled his eyes as he finished unpacking.

Cissy, short for Cassandra, was always the better student of the twins. Cissy had always been the quiet, responsible and more determined of the two, in every area, except perhaps in the need for attention. That seemed to be Carol’s one true gift; her ability to seek and receive attention. For Trey and Cissy’s warm, dark, chestnut eyes, quiet, serious nature and wavy brown hair, Carol was blond, blue eyed and boisterous. Carol was the odd one out in the family, where their father shared Trey and Cissy’s coloring, and their mother had auburn hair and green eyes, Carol clearly took after their father’s sister, Aunt Candy, who had modeled for a time in college.

He often joked that she had inherited Candy’s love of mischief too. So as stern and proper as their father could be at times, he had long since taken to rolling his eyes and shrugging at evidence of Carol’s wild streak. Eventually their parents had accepted that they could only make the best of the difference in their children’s personalities and reserved their firmest stance for only those times when Carol threatened a line that they could not accept her crossing.

If Trey and Cissy were a year apart, they had still made for much more natural playmates growing up, enjoying board games and puzzles, where Carol lacked patience and couldn’t resist the urge to cheat whenever she could, or upend the board when she was losing. Carol quickly made a large number of friends from an early age and seldom gave her own brother and sister much thought. Deep down, Cissy and Trey both loved their fierce, bubbly, adventurous sister, but neither really felt that they had ever truly understood her.

When their mother called them down to dinner, Trey felt delighted to rumble down the stairs with his sisters “like a herd of elephants” as his mother always admonished them. It felt like old times. Until talk at the table turned to June and whether Trey would have a chance to meet her family over the holidays. Trey’s heart sunk as she made the best of trying to explain that they had broken things off, but the mood at the table was never quite the same for the rest of the meal.

As Trey walked out of the kitchen after dropping his plate off at the sink after dinner, his dad was waiting at the bottom of the stairs and called him into his study when he saw him coming down the hall.

“You’re a college man now,” His dad waved him over to one of the arm chairs by the small fireplace. “I won’t make you pretend this is the first drink you’ve ever had.” He poured each a few fingers of scotch over some ice and handed it to Trey as he joined him by taking a seat in the other chair. They clinked glasses briefly before drinking and Trey did his best not to wince from the burn and the taste of the whisky. Trey’s father knelt on the hearth and lit the small stick fire he had laid out before dinner, holding a piece of paper under the flue until it began to draw satisfactorily.

“So it sounds like you’re having a bit of girl trouble, son.” He lit his pipe and tossed the wooden match in the flickering kindling as they watched the small fire gaining strength. Trey shrugged and took another small drink, staring at the fire. “Why don’t you walk me through how things went between the two of you and see if I can’t help make some sense of it. Hmmm?”

Between sipping at his drink, Trey told his father everything that had happened over the past few months and how surprised he was that June had broken things off. At one point, his father rose to refresh their drinks and reload his pipe, asking Trey to tend the fire, adding increasingly larger pieces of wood, just as he had been taught as a boy.

“And so you didn’t do anything you can remember to offend or upset her?” His father mused in the warm glow as Trey wound down from telling the tale.

Downing the last of his second drink, Trey caught himself thinking that the whiskey had gotten considerably less difficult to drink, when he remembered what Buck had said when he’d told him that he and June had broken up. He laughed unexpectedly and choked awkwardly on his drink, coughing and sputtering for a long few minutes. He suddenly felt very lightheaded.

“Well I’m glad you can laugh about it already,” His father smiled sardonically as he drew on his pipe. “Was worried you might be a little down at these turn of events.”

“No dad, it was just that my roommate Buck thought I’d broken it off because June didn’t know how to suck a d….” Trey caught himself at the last moment, glad that he hadn’t drunkenly blurted out something so obscene to his father. He looked up quickly to see if his father was angry or offended, somehow guessing what it was that he’d almost said. He was a little surprised to see gaziantep genç escort bayan that his father looked thoughtful, and perhaps a little resigned, instead.

“Son…,” he seemed to be at a loss for words for the first time that Trey could remember. “Son, I owe you an apology.” His father glanced over briefly before rising to bring the Scotch decanter and his pipe tobacco over to the small table between them. “I suppose I didn’t expect you to meet a serious girl so soon at college and deep down, I wondered if I these ideas would come across as old-fashioned in an era like this.”

“What ideas, dad?” Trey was at a loss. His father added a little scotch to Trey’s glass and a much healthier portion in his own.

“Son, I don’t think that Buck was completely wrong.” His father looked at the fire for a long moment. “I guess there are still some families that keep the old traditions and June’s may very well be one of them.” He sighed.

“What traditions?” The idea that his father and Buck could be in agreement on anything seemed less possible than finding out that his father was really employed as a lumberjack or blacksmith.

“Well, son,” He began tamping in more pipe tobacco. “Since colonial times, the better families of this part of the country have had to face certain inescapable realities.” He paused to strike a match and get his pipe going. “Namely, that a gentleman expected a lady to be a virgin and free from what were despicably incurable diseases, that were often transmitted through sex, among the lower classes of society.” He glanced over to see that Trey was following along. “At the same time, a young man couldn’t be expected to deny himself any and all satisfaction over the period while he attended university, and established a career, before taking a wife.”

“That makes sense,” Trey agreed as they watched the flames licking up the logs in the fireplace.

“In the same way, they also had to be able to manage the size of their family in a time when there wasn’t a reliable form of contraception,” his father explained in a matter of fact way. “So the solution to all of these issues, turned out to be dick-sucking.” He drew on his pipe. “So in the course of courtship, the first step toward engagement was to consummate the agreement by allowing the young lady to suck the gentleman to completion and continue to do so throughout the engagement.” His father looked over to Trey, “You understand what I mean, son?”

Trey nodded dumbly, taking a drink and wondering if he was drunk enough to be imagining the contents of this unbelievable conversation.

“At the same time, it was necessary to protect the young lady’s reputation at all costs, so discretion was essential, you understand.” His father nodded sagely. “This wasn’t something that was ever discussed openly, mind you. It was simply common knowledge among the better families and carried on as a tradition, much like the ones you are learning as a member of a fraternity.”

His father leaned forward to tap his pipe against the corner of the fireplace to empty the ash. “So I’m afraid your June has been waiting for you to present her the opportunity to fulfill her part in this next step, and has taken your lack of effort to mean that you don’t have any intention of moving the relationship forward.” He gave Trey a small smile of consolation. “She is doubtlessly heartbroken that you never did so and feels frustrated that she had misread all of your other affections.”

“Wait,” Trey stammered. “You’re saying June wanted to suck my dick and broke it off because I never let her?” Trey couldn’t quite bring himself to believe it.

“Son, she’s probably been practicing for weeks, maybe months, before she got to college, in anticipation of a young man, like yourself, offering her the chance,” His father chuckled.

“Wait….who would she have been practicing with?!?” Trey struggled to imagine June ever doing something like that, with anyone.

“Her older brother if she has one,” Trey’s father lit his pipe again. “Although a cousin can stand in if she doesn’t have one of age.” He tossed the match into the fire and settled back in his chair as he drew on the pipe.

“How can this be true?” Trey shook his head, feeling very drunk.

“There was no way for me to know if it was still going on in this modern age, so forgive me for not telling you sooner,” His father sounded regretful. “But based on what Buck said and June’s actions, I am now certain that the tradition is very much alive and I owed you the benefit of telling you what was expected.”

“But how did you learn about it, dad?” Trey looked at his father in shock.

“From your Aunt Candy of course,” His dad smiled wistfully. “She could barely wait for me to turn eighteen the Summer after high school. She’d already had two years in college by then and was afraid all the decent young men would be taken before she had a chance to learn how to properly suck a dick. She took me down to the boathouse, at your grandparents place, that morning before my party and explained how she needed me to help her for the rest of the Summer.”

“Wait…are you saying aunt Candy used to….” Trey couldn’t bring himself to say it out loud.

“Of course, son,” His father nodded. “She sucked my dick the morning of my eighteenth birthday and every chance she got that Summer until she went back to college.”

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