DMBH Ch. 03

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Monday morning, back at work, I was wading through the pile of paperwork from the weekend, when I heard a soft tapping on the door frame of my office.

It was Donna. “Hi. You have a good weekend with your son?” she asked

“Yes.” I replied, “I always have a great time with him.”

“Good, I’m glad” she said.

I noticed the sad look on her face, probably remembering the death of her own son, three years previously.

“Um. Ah…you want to come over for dinner tonight?”

I looked up with a smile. “Just dinner?”

She blushed. A divorced woman, who’d had two children, blushing at my somewhat suggestive question.

“Well. We’ll have to see what Debra is doing, but…well…we’ll see” She was blushing like crazy. I loved it.

After work, I went home, showered, put on fresh clothing, and headed over to Donna’s. The door was opened by her 16-year-old daughter, Debra. “Hi Al. How ya doing?” She smiled up at me. She had a huge smile on her face. She was beautiful. Even better than her mother, not that I’d mention it.

As I entered, Donna was just coming out of the bathroom, obviously having just showered. “Hold on I’ll be right with you.”

In what had to be a record for any woman, she was out of her bedroom in 6 or 7 minutes, looking quite spectacular. Not as much make up as usual, not that she needed, or I wanted it, and had a short, tight fitting skirt, and white blouse on.

After dinner we sat on the couch, did some idle chit chat, and watched the boob tube. Debra sat in her room doing homework.

A bit after nine, Debra exited her bedroom, went to the bathroom, and shortly came back, saying good night, went into her room, closing the door.

Donna was on me in a heartbeat. I never saw her coming. One moment we’re saying good nigh to her daughter, the next instant, I have 99 pounds of sexy woman plastered on top of me, a tongue heading buried in my mouth, and a small hand caressing my quickly growing cock.

I didn’t object.

As she checked out my tonsils and ground herself against me, I wrapped one arm around her upper back, the other I caressed her magnificent ass. I briefly thought, yet again, how did I manage to get his smoking hot lady to want me so much?

As we tongue wrestled, I slid my hand up under her skirt, feeling her stockings, until I touched bare skin on her upper thigh. I had briefly noted, I suppose, on our earlier liaisons, that she wore thigh top, not panty hose. I loathed panty hose. Invention of the bursa escort devil.

My fingertips brushed the crotch of her panties, which were soaking wet. I touched her, making her wiggle against me.

“Let’s go in my bedroom.” She said.

I helped her up off me, and we went into her bedroom, closing the door behind us.

I whispered “Are you sure this is alright? I don’t want to upset your daughter…”

Donna plastered her mouth against mine. “SHhhsh. Don’t worry about it, we’ll be quiet”

Remembering our previous couplings, how she moaned and screeched, I wasn’t so sure, but…Damn she was hot, and I was horny, she was willing…sooo

We made it to the bed.

Donna’s clothes were neatly on the chair in her bedroom, mine were on the floor, in a pile. She pointedly looked at them on the floor, and said “You could have put them on the chair, too.”

She turned towards the bed, I took a look at an exquisite ass, sitting atop a great pair of legs, with a sexy gap between her thighs right up to what I knew was a tasty, shaved pussy.

She turned around, catching me staring at her ass. “You done looking?” she said as she laid back on her bed.

I went around to the other side, pulling the covers down halfway. She spun around, pushing the covers down on her side, and facing me, put her arms out for me. We moved together, her hard nipples trying to bore into my chest, me returning the favor, trying to drive my hard cock into her stomach.

I rolled onto my back, pulling her on top of me. I loved how tiny she was compared to me. She, at 5’4″, 99 pounds, me at 6′-6″, 220 pounds. She felt very comfortable atop me.

Her lips glued to mine, her nipples driving into my chest, my hard cock between her thighs, we spend a rather long time kissing, caressing, rubbing, moaning, and gently thrusting against each other.

“You ready to know…um…?”

I loved how innocent she sounded. At her age, having had children, her up bringing still made her sound unsure, questioning, when we engaged in sex. She was obviously hot and horny, but very shy in talking about it. And there was that thing about her not touching my cock. I made up my mind to force the issue.

I lifted her off me, putting her face down on the sheets. I moved and straddled her on her thighs. I reached up, and began rubbing her shoulder, neck, upper arms and back. Her low moaning and shifting of her body let me know I was making her feel good.

I leaned down, bursa escort bayan kissing her neck, shoulders, and ears. I nibbled on her ear lobe just a bit, my breath entering her ear enough to send goose bumps down her body.

Her moans became louder.

I kissed and caressed my way down her back, my hard cock between her thighs, then knees as I moved my way down.

My hands caressed her ass cheeks, I watched as I spread her cheeks apart, looking at her small, dark pink ass hole. I touched it lightly with my finger, causing Donna to moan, and push back with her ass. Looking at her asshole, it was obvious she’d never done anal, but it was also very obvious, that she was anal erotic.

I placed a kiss on each cheek.

I moved down a bit, tonguing and kissing the backs of her thighs, as I continued my light touching and squeezing of her ass cheeks.

I leaned in, parting her legs slightly, and tongued the lower part of her pussy lips, an inch or so from her asshole.

My nose, almost touching her asshole, smelled like the soap she’d used when she showered.

I flicked my tongue at her wet pussy lips, as I blew lightly through my nose at her puckered asshole, I knew she could feel it, due to her increased wiggling and groaning as I blew against her hole.

I didn’t know how she’d react, and knew it could go horribly wrong, but with out asking, I moved up, placing my saliva coated tongue against her virgin asshole. And pushed, trying to open up her tight hole, and force my tongue into her.

Her reaction was very sudden, and not what I was expecting, as she let out a very high pitched, but short squeal, and started to say “Wha..?”, and threw her ass back into my face.

That’s what I get for putting my tongue where it doesn’t belong.

Before I could finish that thought, Donna had settled back, both her hands pulling her cheeks wide apart, her slightly open, wet asshole almost begging me to continue my assault.

“You alright?” I asked.

No answer, just some gurgling, moaning kind of sounds from her, and one of her hands reaching behind her, trying to grab my head, to force my face back against her.

I acquiesced, pushing my face back against her, my tongue once again trying to rape her tight ass.

Now, instead of banging back into my face, I could feel her grinding her hips and pussy against the sheets.

My tongue continuing to try to force its way into her ass, my hands bursa merkez escort held her hips down, at the same time spreading her cheeks so I could get deeper into her.

It was obvious how wet she was, I could feel the sheets getting wet from her discharge.

I hadn’t done this, to only a couple of women before, but Donna was, by far, enjoying this the most.

I continued eating her ass for a while. Taking turns trying to force my tongue into her tight hole, and then placing my lips on her ass, and creating a suction, pulling her sphincter against my lips.

Without warning, I removed my lips from her, and thrust my fingers, one in her asshole, and one into her pussy, resulting in a almost banshee like wail, as she orgasmed, her asshole clenching and releasing the finger buried in her hole, and her pussy shooting a huge volume of her juices out onto the bedding, soaking sheets, mattress, and me.

I knelt there, slowly wiggling both fingers as she calmed down.

After she seemed relaxed, I withdrew both fingers, eliciting a moan from her, and a subtle humping motion against my fingers as I withdrew.

I laid next to her on my side, facing her, her eyes closed mine taking in her pretty, now a bit sweaty, face.

I thought she had fallen asleep, when her eyes opened, looking right at me.

Her lips moved, no sound coming out.

Her hand moved over, and crept over my side, I moved in close against her.

“That was…that was …nice” she whispered. “You’re disgusting”

“Really?” I replied back, in a low tone of voice “It looked and felt to me like you enjoyed what I did to you.”

“Shut up” she whispered back, moving her body up against me, wrapping her arms around me.

Donna rolled on her back, trying to pull me on top of her. I moved over, resting my upper body on my elbows, so as to not put too much weight on her, my still firm cock between her thighs.

She moved her hands down my back pulling me against her. “I need you inside me” she whispered in my ear.

I moved up a little, aligning my cock with her pussy, it was easy to slide into her soaking wet pussy, my cock quickly hardening at the warm, wet welcoming it received.

I really enjoyed having a beautiful, petite body under me, especially one that welcomed my unsheathed cock spurting healthy shots of cum deep inside her.

I moved as slow and gently as I could on top of her, but given what we’d been doing, it took little to get up to speed, causing me to add my load to warm, wet pussy.

I stayed on top of her, my happy cock soaking inside of her.

I woke the next morning, a warm petite body buried into my side, slightly disoriented, until I realized where I was.

Outside the bedroom door, I could hear a faint bumping sound.

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