First Bi-Guy Experience Ch. 04

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If you read my Real Life story “First Bi-Guy Experience Ch. 03” you will know that I had an amazing MMM with my old friend James and his friend, a new acquaintance for me, Peter. No question it was an electrifying experience for me. I continued to see James one on one, and he kept reminding me that Peter would really like to see me for a one on one. I had become very comfortable with James and my role in our get togethers. James was in charge and I was happily very sub with him. The concern I had with Peter was that he might be a lot more dominant than James and I had only known him in that MMM session.

Part of Peter’s motivation was that prior to our MMM with James he had never enjoyed anal (as a top) nor CIM with either a man or a woman (he was married). These activities were a huge unfulfilled turn on for him. He certainly had enjoyed both of them from me in our only MMM, and then some! I had really enjoyed turning him on and servicing him! After a few weeks of friendly badgering from James I agreed to meet Peter, just the two of us. After a phone call and a nice chat with Peter we set a date to come over to my place. I was nervous as hell waiting for him to arrive, wondering how a one on one would turn out and would it be a disappointment compared to my comfortable sessions with James. You would think I was a nervous newbie anticipating his first time.

When he arrived at my place we sat on the couch and started a relaxing chat about our amazing MMM with our friend James. After a couple of minutes he suggested I undress. Stripping in front of him as he directed and then sitting down naked while he was still fully clothed left me feeling very vulnerable, subservient and, frankly sent a shiver of excitement through me. So here we were sitting on the couch, him fully dressed and me naked, chatting away while he started to fondle me as if this was all normal. This turned out to be the beginning of him asserting his dominant role for the afternoon.

I was feeling awkward but deliciously thrilled and more and more turned on as I became erect. He was very tuned in to how I was reacting and whenever I became too excited he let go of my erect cock and fondled my balls. All of this was as if we were sitting in a public place having a chat. I could see that he was enjoying this power so I kept up the charade and never said how awkward this was for me but also how much I was enjoying these attentions. In fact this was really getting into my head in a good way and a few times I gave a slight involuntary shudder from the experience while trying to keep up our “normal” conversation and wondering what he might want next. We might just as well have both been clothed sitting across the room for each other chatting while this surreal scene was playing out with me naked and him clothed.

I had become used to and greatly enjoyed being subservient in my limited experience in Bi sex. Another part of my life has been as a BDSM sub and I have been into the culture for many years. But this was always with a female Dominatrix. I had been asked in the past in the BDSM world if I had an interest in being a sub to a male and the idea did not appeal. I was feeling apprehensive about any form of subservience to Peter other than sex and I was beginning to think that I sensed Peter’s dominant tone and instructions so far were going in a direction that might not appeal and might not work. I sucked it up and decided to see how things worked out. It was hard to stop in my agitated and turned on state.

Apart from the obvious, it was a great chat. I love finding out about other people’s sex lives and kinks. In fact it is a real turn on, as I have always found sex is in the mind! Peter was fairly experienced at Bi and had been seeing our mutual friend James for several years. He described some of his sessions with James and a couple of his other Bi partners, but always oral only. I was fascinated by his experiences and his vivid descriptions especially the sessions that his wife watched and photographed. In fact he had brought some photos which he was to show me later.

Apparently his wife thought watching him with another man was hot as hell and they always had red hot sex afterwards. When he described how turned on he had been by me in his one and only experience with anal in our MMM a few weeks earlier I gave out an involuntary groan thinking about when I had been writhing around, impaled on his delicious cock. After perhaps 30 minutes of playing with me on the couch Peter told me he was going upstairs for a shower and I was to join him in 15 minutes. I was a little conflicted; there I was being told what to do in my own home yet feeling a real pang being left alone on the couch without his expertly manipulated erection.

When I came up to the bedroom Peter was sitting in the middle of the bed propped up against the headboard. He instructed me to kneel between his legs and go down on him with my mouth only. More than ever I was finding out that Peter Pasaport Escort was not shy about giving instructions, something I am not good at. I got down on all fours and started to lick the tip of his cock, which was pretty well flaccid. I had come to love taking as much time as possible to tantalize a cock from flaccid to erect. I carefully avoided taking his cock into my mouth as I slowly flicked my tongue on the shaft.

As it became semi erect I placed the tip of my tongue at the base of the shaft and licked all the way to the top but barely allowed contact with the head. Peter was becoming more erect, so to prolong the tease I moved to his balls, licking them initially, then taking one in my mouth and swirling it around with my tongue. I loved the feeling in my mouth and knew myself how this felt for Peter, and he sure was responding as I switched from one ball to the other and back again and at one point he said “you are a bigger cock tease than my wife”. I learned later that this was quite a compliment.

Despite my prolonged teasing Peter finally became fully erect. His cock is 8 inches, thick and circumcised with a great head just bulging when fully engorged. I used to date a lady that really got off on an erect cock. She loved playing with mine and I had now come to know just how she felt. I just loved every aspect of playing with, sucking, licking a cock, even just having it in my hand in front of my face. I still wasn’t quite ready to suck on it and now started seriously licking up and down the shaft and teasing the head by swirling my tongue around it. I was very tuned in to Peter’s reactions and could give him just enough pleasure to have him really reacting and then pulling back a little to continue the erotic torment.

Finally as I was licking the tip I took him by surprise and took the head into my mouth for a few seconds then slid the entire shaft in a slow deep throat into my mouth and down my throat until my nose was nestled against his pubis. This caused a low grown in response and I continued erotically sliding his cock in and out like this, pausing when I was told to slow down as he had no intention of coming yet. He had other ideas. Peter had amazing self-control and I continued blowing him, not using my hands as directed, for quite some time. Periodically he would tell me to stop sliding my mouth up and down on him, and then he would hold my head firmly between his hands to keep it stationery and thrust his cock up and down into my mouth by lifting his hips encouraging me to keep sucking as hard as I could. It was like a slow, sensuous face fuck and a real turn on feeling that I was being used like this for his pleasure and under his control.

His next request took me by surprise. He asked me to start kissing his cock, which seemed a little feminine to me. He explained that this was something he liked to watch his wife do for him. A little unsure of myself I went ahead and followed his instructions to alternate licking and kissing it from tip to base and at his insistence maintain eye contact with him. I soon discovered that I not only liked this but really got into it under his staring eyes. I could read his reactions from his cock and in his eyes and the more he half closed his eyes from the pleasure of my performance the harder I tried to turn him on with this new erotic experience.

Peter was still sitting in the middle of the bed propped up against the headboard. His next request (instruction?) took me by surprise. He said “we have to get your ass ready for a fucking”. He then told me he wanted me to lay stretched out face down across his lap. This felt really awkward and was challenging my comfort zone of being dominated by a man. Actually it was decision time as I did what he told me or probably ended the session right there. With real reservations but full of nervous butterflies I clambered up and made my way to lay across his lap, essentially at 90 degrees to him.

Feeling awkward as hell, there I was across his lap. What happened next helped me to relax. He started to massage my buttocks which was something that I had always really enjoyed. He was very good at this and it felt great and was certainly helping me to relax. As he was massaging my ass he would sometimes part my cheeks slightly and teasingly draw his finger across my anus. I am incredibly sensitive in that area just outside the anus. I sometimes think I have some kind of a G-Spot down there. He picked up on this right away and as the massaging continued he lingered a little longer fingering my delicate little spot. We got to the point where he stopped lingering and really got into fingering me without quite penetrating. And when he added a little KY jelly it was just bliss.

I had never had anyone take it this far and I was so turned on by the thrills running through me that I started to actually pound the mattress with my fists while my hips were squirming, almost involuntarily. Peter knew Pasaport Escort Bayan about my BDSM life and I do not know if it was this knowledge or not but from time to time he stopped massaging me and started to pinch my ass. Not too hard at first and then he resumed the massaging. This went on for quite a while and gradually the pinching became more severe. I was feeling insanely turned on by this ultra-vulnerable position and Peter’s ministrations to my ass.

Safe to say Peter had me figured out and at this point because his next surprise was to start spanking me. A turn on for me in BDSM is the slapping sound of a flogger, or open handed slapping. The “whack” sound combined with the ensuing sting takes me to a whole other level of consciousness, especially as the spanking slowly becomes more vigorous and the pain intensifies.

Peter, reading me like a book, gradually increased the intensity of each slap. I must not have been too hard to read, as during the brief respites from this bare bottom spanking I would raise my ass slightly, as a signal that I was craving more. The slapping noise increased hand in hand with the increased stinging pain. After a while he grabbed both of my wrists and asked if he could bind them with his tie. My sense of male self was screaming no, but I was so into this treatment that I muttered OK, barely getting the words out from excitement and self-consciousness. In fact I had the most enormous attack of the butterflies, so much so that I was slightly trembling from a strange combination of doubt, excitement and the thrill of anticipation.

As soon as he had secured my wrists behind my back he pulled them up in the air behind my back with one hand and resumed slapping my reddening ass. On a scale of ten he would vary from half a dozen slaps at a 6, pause and then lay a few at a 10 level on me. Whilst we had an agreed safe word I was beyond determined to not use it even if I was reduced to tears. I just never knew what was coming next. Sometimes he would pause and massage and pinch my ass, asking me how I liked being used by him like this. Frankly, I found it hard to answer, still feeling awkward and somewhat embarrassed by this amazing new experience.

Peter soon fixed that. He unleashed the most intense spanking of my life and calmly told me “answer my question or this will get worse for you”. I was literally emitting groans of pain, and on the one hand wanted to escape and on the other hand desperately wanted it to continue. I found myself strangely turned on having to submit to this demand to do as I was told and almost in a panic blurted out “OK, OK, I will tell you”. I could hardly believe that I was pouring my heart out to him, telling him how I was loving being subservient to him; this incredible position laying across his lap with my bound wrists held in the air behind me; and the expert thrashing that he was administering to my ass.

Peter wanted to know everything about my BDSM experiences, and in detail. I was to find out that this was not just curiosity as it was to come back to haunt me, in a painful but good way. In my head the world had shrunk to this insane situation of the slapping noise, pain and complete vulnerably and domination that I felt at the hands of a man. Something I would never have thought possible or countenanced a few hours earlier. I was to find out a couple of days later that my ass was pretty bruised from the pinching so it was no wonder the spanking was painful. In fact my eyes were beginning to tear up as I desperately fought to not utter the safe word.

I was pretty well at the end of my rope when Peter finally stopped and began to gently massage my buttocks. Tender as they were from the pinching and beating this felt good but this turned out to be just a prelude to some more painful attention to my ass. He rolled me off his lap onto the bed and flipped me onto my back, with my wrists still bound. Surprisingly he moved down to my limp cock and without any foreplay started to suck on it. I was soon erect but it was clear that he was not meant to bring me to orgasm.

Taking a break he asked “Are you enjoying this?” Remembering the price I had paid earlier for hesitating I quickly mumbled “Yes”. “Well my friend, there is a price to pay for this, as you will soon see”. He carried on devouring my cock for a few more minutes and then stopped, rolled me over onto my stomach, and started to lick and nibble on my ass. As the nibbling turned to biting he said “so you have a BDSM biting fetish?” I made the mistake of hesitating which he remedied with a pretty hard bite to my already tender ass, causing me to lift of the bed a little. I have a complete biting fetish. I love being bitten, hard and soft, all over. I have enjoyed this torment in hetero relationships as well as BDSM sessions.

I was elated that Peter had forced this information from me as he had me gasping in pain from some of his bites to my poor ass. I never Escort Pasaport knew what was coming next as his erotic licking and nibbling suddenly turned to a searingly painful bite. He even came up with something new for me. He would bite hard and then with my flesh clamped between his teeth pull up to add to the intense pain. A couple of days later my ass was a rainbow of black, blue and yellow bruising from his pinching and biting. I had never gone this far in a BDSM session and loved squeezing my ass to relive some of the pain and memory.

I was feeling nervous just like my first BDSM session. I was into something new, BDSM being dominated by a man, half wanting to stop and desperately wanting to carry through with it. I had always had one enormous unfulfilled fantasy, and with my heart in my mouth blurted out “I want you bite my cock”. Now I was really feeling awkward as this did not get a response and Peter just kept on biting into my ass, enjoyable as that was. After a few minutes he finally told me to roll over and started to suck on my stiffening cock. It seemed like my embarrassed request for cock biting had fallen on deaf ears, and then with my cock fully swallowed he held it there for a few seconds then clenched his teeth around the base of my erection and slowly dragged his teeth up the full length of my shaft, slightly increasing the pressure as he slid all the way to the head.

I thought I was in heaven and then he took it to another level. Taking my shaft sideways between his teeth he bit down quite hard. He quickly sensed just how hard he could bite and occasionally gave a quick really sharp bite that really hurt and caused me to lift off the bed. It was terrifying yet wildly exhilarating to the point that I exclaimed just how much it was thrilling. He went on like this for some time, taking time to suck on me to keep me erect, and then biting me. I never knew what was going to happen next and the suspense, anxiety and anticipation were thrilling. I was in heaven and at one point when he was gently sucking on me I pleaded with him to bite me again.

This was one of my ultimate fantasies fulfilled. It turned out that Dominating had always been something that Peter really wanted to try. It had never been possible with his Bi partners and his wife also had very strong Dominant tendencies, as I was to find out. So just like anal and CIM he had not only found a first time experience in his life but a willing subservient in me who eagerly wanted to be used and to serve his needs. Everything about Peter in the bedroom had me nervously excited and wanting to be taken and used by him. I desperately wanted his approval and was ready to do just about anything for him.

After an eternity of bliss from the pleasure of oral sex and the thrill of the biting pain Peter got off the bed and stood in front of the mirrored closet. He then summoned me to come over and kneel down in front of him. We both loved watching in the mirror and I wasted no time in taking his cock in my mouth and devouring him. This looked incredible in the mirror, especially with me kneeling with my wrists still bound. From time to time we would chat and he insisted on me telling him how I enjoyed his attentions so far and why I liked it. I found it hard to put into words and keep up the conversation while sucking on him, not to mention my shyness.

I actually told him I was shy to talk about something so personal, especially with a man. He responded “Let me fix that for you”, and reached down with one hand and took a nipple and squeezed hard causing me to yell out in pain and surprise. I love nipple torture in my BDSM sessions so this was not a complaint! Sensing that I probably enjoyed this nipple pain he took one in each hand and expertly rode me up and down the highs and lows of pain as he pinched and pulled on my responsive nipples. It was an incredible feeling and sight in the mirror. He could tell that I was really into this as the harder he squeezed and pulled on my nipples the more furiously I swallowed and sucked on his wonderful erection.

Finally he undid my restraints and told me to get on the bed and kneel down in a doggy position. He started off by kneeling in front of my face and again had me suck on him. After a minute or two he directed me to turn around and resume a doggy position. I was now face down with my ass in the air eagerly anticipating what I knew was coming. Peter slid in behind me and started to rub his erection between my buttocks, tantalizing my anus with the head of his cock. Finally he started to press his head against my sweet spot and began to ease just a little of it against my nervous sphincter muscles.

Despite the earlier finger fucking it was a challenge to accept the head of his cock. It was large and swollen. Peter was extremely careful sensing when I was tightening up, and easing off a little, all the while coaching me to relax and when to push back a little. Once he was in a couple of inches, we both sensed that my muscles had completely relaxed and he slowly slid all the way in and it held it there. It was a divine feeling and I squirmed against him and pushed back to make sure it was all the way in. For the most part I enjoy the thrill of a cock slowly sliding in and out as opposed to being pounded.

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