Gay Anal while My Wife Watches Ch. 02

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Warning: This story is an MMF story, and as two men are involved there are depictions of gay sex. It also has instances of someone, other than the husband, having intercourse with the woman involved. Please don’t read this story if this offends you.

She was excited as I had ever seen her. She just asked me if Dario could spend the weekend. It was Thursday night this was supposed to be a one-time thing to experiment with something new. She was so aroused that she wanted to keep it going for another three days!

Lena was on top of me grinding her clitoris into my pubic bone. Our pubic hair was saturated with semen, and she was sliding around on my groin striving for another orgasm. I was done. My cock was soft, and it wasn’t going to get hard again for a long time. She was laying on top of me. I put my arms around her to pull her in tight. Her back was still wet and covered with the Dario’s semen which he just shot on her back minutes before. I told her I couldn’t get it up again. She moaned her disappointment. She rolled off me and laid on her back between Dario and me.

She asked me to get her vibrator. I got up walked across the room and got the vibrator she left on the love seat. I turned and saw her completely naked body lying on the bed her legs spread and her pelvis still rotating slowly. She had her hand over her vulva with what looked like two fingers inserted in her vagina. Dario was naked lying next to her watching what she was doing.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Two naked bodies a female form and a male form. One was my ungodly sexy wife the woman I loved. The woman I had been having heterosexual sex with for my entire adult life, and next to her the only other person I have had an orgasm with. My first and only gay anal sex partner. We did it over twenty years ago. We did it for the entire summer while we were housed together in a motel room for a job in a remote location. We hadn’t seen each other since then.

I was married only two years at the time when Dario and I spent the summer fucking. I never told my wife what I did. It was a profound secret I kept hidden from her. All these years I wanted to tell her. Even when she told me about her fantasy of wanting to watch me have gay sex. Even when we watched gay movies together and we role played while she fucked me with her strap on. Even with all that I couldn’t tell her. I felt guilty keeping it from her, but I felt I could never tell her I cheated particularly with a man. I kept it to myself for over twenty years but that changed just a few days ago.

I finally confessed and what my confession led to was unimaginable to me. Never in my wildest fantasies would I have thought that I’d have sex with my old fuck buddy while my wife watched, and that she would get so aroused that she would join us, and we would both fuck her by double penetrating her me in her pussy and he in her ass. Yes, it did just happen. A fantasy, I have been living with since that summer with Dario, that came true. The best part of it is my wife is totally into it. I couldn’t be more delighted and sexually aroused.

I brought her the vibrator. She pulled her fingers out of her vagina and took it from me. She turned it on reached down with her other hand and spread her labia open to expose her clitoris. She moved the vibrator to her clitoris and let out a very sensuous moan. I laid in bed next to her. Dario leaned up on the other side of her and propped himself up with his elbow. We both watched her vibrate herself. She had her head tilted back on the pillow, her back was arched, her breasts were standing up between her arms, her nipples were erect, and her mouth was wide open, and she was moaning repeatedly. She would let out soft moans almost like humming sounds. Her naked chest was rising and falling with her deep breathing. We watched her.

She said, “Somebody suck my tits.”

I looked at Dario and nodded my head toward her exquisite breasts. Dario didn’t hesitate and he started working on both her tits. He was licking and biting her nipples when she clenched her legs together. As she tensed up, she pressed her arms together which squeezed her breast up and outward and made them look twice as voluptuous.

She threw her head back and said, “Oh baby I’m cumming. Oh, it feels so good.”

She held the vibrator there for what seemed like several minutes as she had orgasm after orgasm. She would relax for maybe ten seconds then tense up again throw her head back and moan and groan all over again. During this time Dario was working on her right breast and I joined in and was working on her left breast. I think she had six separate orgasms.

She finally relaxed and slumped into the bed. She was holding the vibrator, still running, in her hand on the side of the bed. I took it from her and turned it off. Nobody said anything. The three of just laid there next to each. We draped our arms and legs over each other and laid there quietly for a long while. Dario and I each came, and I lost count of how many orgasms she Çanakkale Escort had.

The three of us laid there intertwined. I began to nod out when Lena said, “I feel like a sticky mess. I have to take a shower.”

I said, “Ok you can get in first. But maybe we should talk about this weekend first.”

Darion said, “Your hospitality was already enough. That was a wonderful meal, and the after-dinner activities were something I won’t ever forget. I must get up early for an appointment tomorrow, so I need to get back to my hotel room tonight.”

Lana said, “You’re coming back, aren’t you? I meant what I said that I’d like you to spend the weekend. You are more than welcomed. We would both love having you for the next few days. Ron’s been missing his special friend all these years and I’d like it if you stay with us.”

I said, “That’s right Dario, I want you to stay too. You don’t need to stay in a hotel when we have a spare bedroom here. Stay with us and we don’t need to end it tonight.”

“Thanks for the offer. I have to go tonight but I’ll come back after my meeting tomorrow. It should be done sometime after lunch. I’ll check out tomorrow morning and come here after my meeting.”

Lena said, “Good that’s that then, you’re staying with us. Ron works until five, but you can come anytime I’ll be here all day. I must get in the shower. I feel kind of sticky and gross. I’m covered with dried up sperm. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

Dario cleaned up too. He got dressed and left.

Lena asked me to help her change the sheets because there was semen all over them. While we changed them, she was naked moving around the bed. Her shapely body on full display. Her skin was glistening where the light reflected off Dario’s wet semen. There were traces of white residue where the semen dripped down her back and dried in place. I saw several little rivulets of dried cum on her back, waist, and ass. Her pubic hair was coated with the same dried cum residue of my semen. We finished the bed. She turned her back to me and walked to the shower. Her ass swayed beautifully. Seeing that ass, my wife’s ass, with the dried cum residue ejaculated from another man’s cock all over her back was an erotic vision seared in my memory.

She took a long time in the shower. When she got out, I got in. The warm water felt great on my skin, and I stayed in the shower feeling the warmth flow over me. I stood there daydreaming staring at Lena with the water running down my body.

She was naked standing in front of the sink. She leaned over the counter to look in the mirror and her bare ass stuck out. I followed the line of her shapely calves and thighs and the contours of her upper leg as it merged with her lovely curvaceous hips. I stared at her inner thigh as her legs were slightly spread and I could see how her upper leg curved inward as it joined with her womanhood. Her voluptuous perfectly shaped ass protruded outward, and I could see the dark focal point where her legs, ass, and genital area met. I could see a slight hint of dark pubic hair. I stared at that spot remembering the many times I buried my face there and ate out her ass and pussy. How many times did I looked down lustfully staring at that exact spot before I inserted my cock and fucked her until I came? Now I’m staring at it knowing that just a short time earlier Dario was pounding his cock in that beautiful ass. That ass used to be exclusively mine, but now it had been shared, probed, and penetrated by another cock. The only cock to taste my ass too. I wasn’t upset I was thrilled by the pure sexual excitement of the whole encounter. I became hard again just staring at her ass.

She was done by the time I got out of the shower. She was in bed waiting for me to finish. I went to the bed and laid next to her. We both slept naked back then. I was laying there with all types of thoughts running through my head.

That experience with Dario years ago stuck with me. It was the only time I had a full-on gay relationship. Prior to that it was just oral experimentation with other boys. Dario and I became good friends. I was very fond of him, but I was never in love with him. Not love like it was with my wife. It was tough that summer being away from my wife that long. I missed her and was homesick the whole time. Dario made the absence from my wife easier. We worked together during the day. At night we ate together. As there was nothing else to do, we pretty much spent three months working, eating, and sleeping together. That was pretty much it. However, there was much more to the sleeping part. We had sex a lot.

It was a full-scale sexual affair. After the job was done and we parted ways we didn’t stay in touch, but I thought about the sex with him a lot. I wasn’t obsessed with it, but I did miss the sex. As time progressed it became less and less a conscience part of me. I didn’t think much about it for the next fifteen years. It would pop into my mind every now and then and I’d get aroused thinking Çanakkale Escort Bayan about what we did but not in a compulsive way. However, this changed when Lena told me of her fantasy, and I started thinking about it more often until it did become very compelling.

About five or more years ago Lena confessed to me that one of her fantasies was to watch me have gay sex. We started talking about it more and more and during our sex sessions we would pretend like we both wanted to do it, but after sex we both said it was just a fantasy and didn’t really want to. I was lying of course, and I think she knew it. Eventually her desire outweighed her inhibitions. I think she really wanted to do it too. I told her about my earlier experiences and my sexual curiosity experimenting orally with other boys. I think that confession is what put her on a path to develop a full-blown husband involved in gay sex fantasy. When she told me about her fantasy it awakened something in me that was latent, and I started thinking more and more about trying cock again.

Her fantasy and my gay desire were what eventually spurred us to have sex with Dario that night. Once I told her I knew she was going to ask me to fill in the missing details of that summer Dario and I worked together. She would want me to tell her everything. She knew about the sex, but she didn’t really know the full story. How we worked together, ate almost all meals together, went to the bar together (the only entertainment). A few times we drove to the nearest big city, about two hours’ drive, to go to a nice restaurant together. I basically spent three months with him working and fucking.

Lena broke the silence and asked me, “What are you thinking about?”

I said, “Everything we did tonight. It was the most excited I felt in a long time. As hot as the fantasy is the real thing is better. You seemed to really get into it. You didn’t want to stop. Do you feel any different now that the deed is done, and you have had time to come down a little?”

“No absolutely not I feel fulfilled. I’m glad you set this up. It has been too long coming. It was so hot watching you two. I knew you always thought about it and wanted to do it for real. I always suspected you craved gay sex and that you probably had sex with Dario that summer. Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I know we talked about it as a fantasy but imagining the actual person was hard. I thought about who it could be. I imagined a couple of our friends but felt using one of them would be too awkward. I was afraid about hiring someone like a male escort. I’ve been thinking seriously about who we could get and couldn’t think of anyone fitting. Then when you mentioned you had contacted Dario after all these years, I was hoping you were thinking he could be our third. Then when I saw him again, I knew he was perfect. I can’t tell you how deeply erotic it is to watch you and him together. I got so aroused it was like something primal was coming out of me that I couldn’t control. I lost all inhibitions, and I was consumed with lust.”

“Now that I know about you and Dario, I want to know all of what you did together. How long before you did it the first time? Who initiated it? How many times did you do it? What did you do exactly? I want all the details.”

“There’s too much to tell. Let’s go to sleep and I promise I’ll fill you in all the details. You can ask me any questions you want, and I will tell you the entire truth.”

“Ok. But I must ask this one question. Did you fall in love with him?”

“No absolutely not. I did become fond of him, but I had no more feelings for him than just a good friend. I did and I do like the sex, much more now that you are involved, but other than friendship there was nothing more. For me it was strictly lust. It felt good. After we did it the first time, I had this profound desire to do it again. We carried on throughout the summer. Once I came home you were all I needed.”

That was exactly what I was worried about. I didn’t want her thinking that the relationship was more than just sex. Dario and I spent a lot of time together and we had a lot of sex during that time. It would be easy for her to conclude that there were some deeper feelings between us. I must admit that when we were fucking in the heat of passion sometimes I became lost in the moment. Sex magnifies particular intense feelings, and it’s hard not to develop a deeper connection to that person. I can’t deny that occasionally that did happen to me. There were times when my lust might have amplified my feelings for him. I don’t necessarily think it was love, but more love of the sex act that is associated with him. I didn’t want to tell her everything. It was better that way. She might have gotten the wrong idea.

I’m sure she is going to ask Dario some questions about that summer. She will have all afternoon to talk to him as I won’t be home until later. I hope he just describes the sex and doesn’t elaborate too much on how we got along for Escort Çanakkale those three months. I’ll have to trust he knows the boundaries.

The next morning, I got up and I left for work. I was anxious for the day to rush by. I wanted to get home and continue where the three of us left off. Lena said, in the heat of the moment last night that I could watch Dario fuck her. That was on my mind the whole day as it’s been on my fantasy list for a long time. Maybe that was how I should let things play out tonight. She sat back and watched me and Dario go at it. Tonight, I’ll sit back and watch them go at it at least for a little while. I think I’d like that.

Lena was in the computer room taking care of bills. She had been thinking about last night and how exciting the sex was. She hadn’t felt that kind of carnal arousal in a long time. She was thinking about how hot Dario was. She like the look of his cock and loved it when her husband was sucking it completely in. The image of me, her husband, taking that cock up my ass was seared into her mind. She could feel the wetness forming in her panties reliving what happened last night. She reached down into her pants and started touching herself. The doorbell rang. She jumped up ran to the bathroom to quickly make a last-minute check of her hair and makeup. She adjusted her hair with her fingers, looked in the mirror, pressed her lips together, licked them moist and turn to go to the front door.

She opened the door and Dario was standing there with his overnight bag in his hand. He was dressed casually. He had on a pair of casual pants and a shot sleeve tight knit sport shirt. The shirt showed off his chest and arms nicely. She studied his face and thought how handsome he was. She got a warm feeling in her vagina just looking at him.

She said, “Hi Dario come in. You got here quick Ron won’t be here for a couple more hours.”

As he walked in, he said, “Yes my meeting ended early. I knew I was getting here earlier than I said last night but I already checked out so I couldn’t go back to the hotel. I hope its ok.”

The fact that he mentioned last night got her aroused and thinking about tonight and what that might entail.

She said, “No that’s fine you could have stayed here last night if you wanted. A few hours early are no problem. It will actually give us a chance to get better acquainted.”

With that she took him to the spare bedroom and showed him the bathroom. She told him he could unpack his stuff, and when he was ready come down to the patio as she would make them something to eat.

He unpacked while she went to the kitchen to make them lunch. While she was preparing, she noticed her hands were shaking. It wasn’t nervousness it was excitement. I was a feeling of restlessness that had been growing since she woke up this morning with the anticipation of what was to come. He came down the stairs and she told him to go sit on the patio as she would bring lunch out there. She told him to grab a beer on his way out.

He was sitting outside on the patio. He was watching Lena through the window move around the kitchen. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. He thought she had an incredible figure. Her legs were great with an ass that was perfect. He remembered thinking how nice her ass was as he was taking in the naked form of it just before he spread her cheeks to shove his cock in her. He also thought about when she asked for someone to suck her tits and Ron nodded for him to do it. He thought her tits were magnificent, the nicest tits he had ever seen. They were perfectly formed with flawless nipples that stuck straight up for him to lick and tease with his mouth. He thought that she was an extremely hot woman with and insatiable appetite for sex. He didn’t know if he could wait for Ron to get here. He was anxious to get started with her again and excitedly picturing what they were going to do next. The anticipation was driving him crazy. He had a full erection and couldn’t do anything about. He thought “What the fuck is going on with my dick? I feel like a teenager again getting uncontrollable hardons spontaneously.”

She came out onto the patio, and he continued staring at her. She bent over to put the platter holding their sandwiches on the table, as she bent over in front of him, he got a full view, down her shirt, of her gorgeous breast nipples and all. She saw him gawking at her tits. She had hoped he wouldn’t miss the opportunity as she purposely went braless to go with the skimpy top she picked out.

They sat on the patio with the warm sun on them. They exchanged pleasantries about his work and how his meeting went. Lena told him about our daughter and that she was gone for the weekend. He told her he was leaving on Sunday as he had extended the stay to cover the weekend. He had planned to go hiking Friday afternoon and Saturday if things didn’t work out with Lena and I, but now he wasn’t going hiking anymore. Lena smiled at that because they both knew what we had planned was much better than hiking.

After the initial pleasantries were exchanged Lena got to the real subject she wanted to discuss. She was thinking how fortunate it was for him to be here early without Ron here. She wanted to talk to him alone. She wanted his perspective on what his and her husband’s true relationship was.

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