Good Guys Don’t Date Bad Boys Ch. 14

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Chapter Fourteen — Okay For Me To Hold Your Hand

Maddox had been merciful enough to let him off the hook once they were back from their not exactly a date, and throughout Monday they hadn’t even bumped into each other. To his surprise, Jonathan had slept through the night like a log, something unusual for him ever since he had left home. Between lectures, studying, and working, he had little time to daydream about his owner for a month, a boy who had the craziest ideas about how to torture him.

As the hour for closing the library drew near, Jonathan couldn’t help let his mind wander in unpleasant directions. It wasn’t like he expected texts filled with innuendos and inane emojis depicting various vegetables, but all this silence was unnerving. He had barely seen Maddox from afar all day long. It made him feel like everything had happened only in his imagination.

No, it had definitely happened, and probably Maddox had decided that whatever this was, he didn’t like it. It wasn’t unheard of, after all. Drew had used to be so hot and cold, driving him mad with guessing —

The phone notified him of an incoming message.

How long until you’re done with work?

Jonathan had to fight the urgency tickling his fingers before managing to type a reply.

Not long.

Come by when you’re finished.


Seriously? Maddox says.

Right. Your game.

Shut up. You love bjs just as much as I do. And look what I have for you.

Jonathan almost dropped the phone when the image of a hard, awesome cock, held at an angle to allow the viewer to bask in all its gorgeousness, was displayed on his screen.

Are you seriously sending me nudes?

Feel free to add it to your spank bank.

I don’t have a spank bank.

Then start one. Name it Maddox. It would truly mean a lot.

Have you taken Viagra? How can you be so hard and text at the same time?

It wasn’t rocket science. He was just as aroused and shifting his position in an attempt to ease the tightness in his pants while texting with Maddox didn’t help.

Why take stimulants when I have the real thing?

What real thing?

You. Fuck, that bj you gave me last night, I’m still thinking about it. Just come already.

I can only stay for one hour.

Good enough for me. My dick may be an asshole about it, though.

Jonathan would have kept texting and argued some more, but in all honesty, he felt as if he had just taken his head out of the water after having it forced under to the point of suffocation. He grabbed his things in a rush while heading out.

I’m on my way.


Maddox hurried downstairs to stalk the door even though it would take Jonathan a bit to get there from the library. He winced as his dick was crushed against his jeans in a painful way. It had been well-plotted to send Jonathan that pic so that he could light a fire under his ass, but now he had some trouble making it go back down. A new surge of excitement was making it impossible to stay still, and he wished he had a magic wand so he could make his friends in the living room disappear while he waited for Jonathan.

“Look at him, what a puppy,” Dex commented with a smirk. “Rushing to the door, waiting for his master to get home.”

“Shut up. I’m just checking the plants,” Maddox mumbled. He threw a dubious look at the two pots by the door. He never cared for stuff like that, but the sight of the obviously ill plants was depressing. “Why the hell do they look like that?”

Kane shrugged. “Rusty had this idea that he could get them to like beer.”

“I don’t think it’s working. Where is the resident kinkster anyway?”

“Hooking up, most probably, like he does most of these days,” Kane offered promptly. “Are you waiting for Jonathan?”

The smile on his friend’s face told him that, just like Dex, Kane had figured out why he was hugging the door at that hour. “Yeah,” he said, trying to keep his tone neutral.

“Aw, are mom and dad embarrassing you, pumpkin?” Dex teased him. “When are you going to introduce him properly to us, as your boyfriend?”

“Hush, he doesn’t want people to know,” Maddox said quickly and waved.

Kane and Dex exchanged a look he didn’t like.

“Why?” Kane asked.

That wasn’t the time to explain. “Give me a month, and I’ll introduce him to you as more than that.”

“More than a boyfriend?” Dex asked, the incredulity in his voice too damned high. “This is getting more serious than I thought.”

Kane opened his palm. “Pay up, loser.”

Dex sighed and hit Kane’s open palm with a five after digging it out of his pocket.

“Are you guys seriously betting on my love life? Man, you two should go out more.”

“Love life,” Kane said with a fond sigh. “Are you hearing him, mother?”

“Why am I the mother?” Dex protested.

Maddox pressed his ear against the door. “Hush, you two. And seriously, go out and date or something. Stop spying on me,” he whispered.

“You know you can just look out the window,” Kane suggested. “Ah, here Anadolu Yakası Escort comes Prince Charming. Let’s go study in the kitchen, Dex, or these two lovebirds will be too shy to make their nest with us watching.”

It made sense that those two were indoors tonight. They were working on a project together, and unlike Rusty, who only cared about barely graduating, and Maddox, who had a knack for learning fast, Dex and Kane were dead serious about their grades and dedicated a lot of time to them.

“Appreciate it, guys,” he said to their retreating backs.

“Don’t mention it,” Dex said and waved good-naturedly.

His friends didn’t mind teasing him and joking around, but they could be sensitive when needed. It could be because of Kane’s positive influence since he was more attuned, apparently, to all that stuff. Nothing rubbed off on Rusty, though. But when did anything? Rusty was stubborn and cared about being his own person above all. And they all loved him for who he was.

No time to ponder over his friends. He knew everything about them already. At the door was someone who Maddox very much wanted to know everything about, as well.


Jonathan was surprised when the door opened in front of him even before he had a chance to knock. Maddox leaned against it, gave him a lewd once-over, and moved away languidly to make room for him to walk inside. “You took your sweet time.”

“Seriously? I practically ran here,” Jonathan protested.

Maddox pushed the door shut and dragged him close by the front of his sweater. “Hmm, you are a bit sweaty.” He purred, low and distractingly, in his ear. “I like it when you’re needy.”

“Am I nothing but a booty call to you? Because it feels like it.”

Not that he really minded it. Just the sight of Maddox in nothing but a pair of worn jeans, a white tee, and barefoot, gave him a thrill and made his skin turn all into goosebumps. There shouldn’t have been anything sexual about his attire, but maybe Jonathan was already imagining him without his clothes, and his dirty imagination was to blame. “Where are your friends?” he asked, realizing that he was neglecting an important detail.

“Dex and Kane are busy studying, and Rusty is somewhere, fucking his own and some girl’s brains out,” Maddox said hurriedly. He grabbed his hand and pulled him up the stairs.

“He’s apparently the newly crowned king of hookups,” Jonathan mentioned, as he remembered the latest gossip reported to him by Ray despite his protests of not wanting to hear anything published by Xpress. “Doesn’t it irk you?”

“Irk me? Why?”

It was hard to keep up with Maddox as they rocketed to the first floor, ending up in his room.

Jonathan had to fight the now familiar hammering of his heart once they were truly alone and away from potentially prying eyes. The sense of urgency in Maddox’s movements made his entire body pulse with want.

“You used to be the king, right?”

Maddox shrugged and pressed him against the door. “I don’t give a damn. Between me and Rusty, I got the better deal.”

Jonathan snorted, searching hard for something that would stop his belly from doing somersaults while Maddox snuck one strong thigh between his legs, aiming for his erection without delay. “What’s that? A bona fide cocksucker?”

If there were bitterness in how he said that, Maddox most probably chose to ignore it. “I love it when you talk dirty. I hope you don’t kiss your mother with that mouth.”

Not anymore.

“No,” he said dryly.

Maddox grinned against his lips. “Good. Get busy and kiss me.”

He managed a small breath before Maddox covered his mouth with his completely. Nothing was wrong with kissing a straight boy, right? They were playing safe, although it would have been a hard thing to tell what they were playing for anyway.

Speaking of hard, Maddox had no qualms about torturing his erection with his thigh, not that he dared to complain. To do so would have meant letting go of that sweet mouth that kept on making his entire body shudder in delight. Maddox was an expert kisser; there was nothing his lips didn’t know how to do. His tongue was marvelous, the way it moved, caressing the inside of Jonathan’s mouth, not leaving a single fraction of an inch unexplored.

There was a real danger that he would come from kissing only. Not really only, since there was also that strong thigh rubbing against his cock over and over, making it hard to breathe normally.

Maddox didn’t seem keen about letting him go, and now he was sneaking one hand under Jonathan’s shirt, first caressing his belly and then aiming higher. It was insane how good those calloused fingertips felt on his skin. And Maddox was a bit rough when pulling at his left nipple like he wanted it to become detached so he could run away with it. Again, Jonathan couldn’t complain because it felt way too good to make any real protests.

Therefore, he felt rather bereft when Maddox finally pulled away. His disappointment was short-lived, however, as Kurtköy Escort the show displaying before his eyes changed the focus of his desire. Maddox pulled his t-shirt over his head, allowing Jonathan to indulge in an unimpeded view of that perfect torso. Next came the jeans, and it looked like Maddox hadn’t bothered with underwear.

Seeing it on the screen on his phone was one thing. In real life, it was glorious. Jonathan wanted nothing more than to drop to his knees and pay his proper respects. His mouth watered at the sight of that perfect salute.

“What are you waiting for? Undress already,” Maddox teased him. “Chop-chop, the clock is ticking.”

Jonathan didn’t waste any time. His fingers trembled as he struggled with the buttons of his shirt and gasped when Maddox reached for him and began helping him by opening his fly and getting busy with his dress pants.

“You should wear things that are easier to take off,” Maddox said as he bared Jonathan’s ass by pulling down both his pants and underwear at the same time.

“I’ll keep that suggestion in mind when dressing in the future. Wait, I need to take off my shoes.”

Maddox grinned and pushed him against the bed, making him do the penguin walk backward, due to his pants and underwear being now wrapped around his ankles. He tried to protest while Maddox took off his shoes, but it all happened too fast, and soon they were nothing but two naked bodies getting busy and entangled on the bed.

Maddox laughed and rubbed his nipples against his chest. “I had no idea this felt so good. Do you like how my tits feel against you?”

Jonathan couldn’t say no to that. So he grabbed Maddox’s nipples with both hands and squeezed them. That earned him an instant sigh of pleasure from the other. “I want to suck your cock,” he confessed.

“Straight to the point. Are you sure you’re gay?” Maddox teased him.

“You sent that picture,” Jonathan accused. “Forgive me for assuming that all that conversation around oral sex was actually about oral sex.”

“Then do some oral to my sex already,” Maddox replied and laughed.

Jonathan pressed him to his back, and Maddox let him. He placed his hands under his head and gave Jonathan a satisfied grin. He appeared to be the top dog, or rather a tom cat, the way he stretched out like that, making his abdomen taut. Yet, Jonathan couldn’t help the feeling of empowerment washing over him as he took the gorgeous cock waiting for him between his lips. Maddox lay there, prey to his whims, albeit that he would protest if he knew the least of what Jonathan was thinking.

He would never tire of something like this. As insane as everything seemed, Jonathan was tumbling down the rabbithole, unable to stop himself. Maddox’s hot cock in his mouth grounded him in ways he never thought possible. Any thoughts of Drew, any comparison he couldn’t help running through his head when fully conscious, unlike now in this dreamworld, disappeared. The small gasps escaping that gorgeous mouth, the hand in his hair, pulling and urging him to go deeper, do more, were all that mattered.

It was not a problem for him to deepthroat. From the first time he had understood the mechanics, he had been quite adept at it, much to Drew’s satisfaction. But he had never gotten the favor in return, and he wasn’t expecting it from Maddox, either.

A straight guy’s cock. That had to be the name of his weakness, because he felt willing to do anything for it. He moved slowly, making sure to apply just the right pressure so that Maddox’s best friend would grow to full size.

“Damn, I think I just grew an inch or so,” Maddox commented, as he grabbed his cock and pulled it away from Jonathan’s mouth to take a good look at it.

Rightfully so, Jonathan felt deprived by what should have belonged to him for the remainder of that hour. Therefore, quite unceremoniously, he seized Maddox’s cock and stuffed it back into his mouth so that he could get high on it. The head was pulsing, sending slight shivers of pleasure down his spine. The mere thought of pleasuring the other was enough to make him go nuts, too.

“Fuck, you look so good,” Maddox murmured. “I love getting head, but hell, you’re in a league of your own. I don’t know how you can breathe while doing that.”

Jonathan didn’t stop to offer him any explanations. Instead, he increased his rhythm, enjoying how Maddox whispered words of praise, some dirty, some sweet.

“No,” came a tiny plea. “I don’t want to come just yet.”

Jonathan stopped with unhidden reluctance. Maddox laughed and pushed him on his back.

“Let’s do sixty-nine.”

“I don’t mind being the only one–” Jonathan began.

“I do,” Maddox said shortly.

They lay on one side, and Jonathan gasped when warm naughty lips wrapped around the head of his cock.

“Just for the record, no laughing at me or anything. I’m practically biting the bullet here,” Maddox warned.

“Hopefully, there’ll be no biting,” Jonathan replied in turn. “And you already sucked me Pendik Escort off once, right? No need to be coy.”

He was anything but. Maddox had a straightforward manner of doing everything that knocked him off his feet completely.

“Yeah, but that time I thought you had no idea about how to suck cock.”

“Really? What gave you that idea?” It was hard to enunciate full sentences while Maddox was licking his cock from all sides with genuine enthusiasm.

“You said you didn’t like it, so I thought you must have tried it once, and that guy had a weird cock or something.”

“You imagine the strangest things about me.”

“Only because you’re not letting anything out.”

It was true. Jonathan wanted to share nothing about his previous life. Even Ray had scolded him about it, affectionately and as a friend. That part of him, that version, had to remain buried. What was the point of digging through all of the hurtful past?

Especially when the present in front of his eyes was so alluring. Without saying a word, he proceeded to suck Maddox’s cock in to the hilt.

“Not fair,” Maddox moaned. “I want to do that, too.”

“Don’t worry,” Jonathan replied after releasing the delicious thing in his mouth with a pop. “You’re doing so much already.”

“Says you,” Maddox protested and went back to the job at hand with a vengeance.

Jonathan could hardly keep his wits about himself as a daring tongue was challenging him in all possible ways. Maddox could only swallow half of his cock, but he did wonders with that half. Maddening, yes, that was the correct word to describe it.

“I want to come on your face,” Maddox announced as his breathing became harsh.

They were busy sucking each other off like it was the last thing they had to do while still on the face of the planet, and that urgency was taking its toll on them fast.

“I’d rather swallow,” Jonathan whispered.

He had his reasons for shying away from that; Drew had liked to give him facials a lot, but with him, it was more about asserting his position than pleasure, Jonathan had come to suspect. Not that he thought the same of Maddox, but he didn’t want any similarities or basis for comparison.

“You like my cum that much?” Maddox asked, his voice low and ragged. “Oh, fuck, Jonathan, say you do.”

“I do, I like your cum,” he said back and swallowed the juicy cock to the hilt again, holding it there and helping it with small undulations of his mouth and throat.

“Fuck, then… here it comes,” Maddox let out with a low groan.

The silence that followed after unnerved Jonathan. Maddox lay on his back, a hazy look on his face, his eyes on the ceiling. He moved cautiously, his own neglected cock bouncing left and right.

“Hey, did I break you?” he teased, but his voice was trembling a smidge.

Maddox set his eyes on him like he was seeing him for the first time. “Do you think if we had met in high school, I would’ve become gay for you then?”

Jonathan rolled his eyes and pushed Maddox in the ribs playfully. “The former king of hookups must have gotten plenty of head,” he said wryly. “Don’t tell me I’m making that much of an impression on you.”

“You do,” Maddox said simply. “And I’ll suck you off, but give me a minute to put my brain back together.”

Jonathan lay by Maddox’s side and looked at the ceiling, too. There was nothing interesting to see there, but it was safer than eyeing his unusual bed partner and realizing that he was so beautiful it hurt.

Maddox placed his hand over his, startling him. “Easy,” the whispered teasing followed. “You’ve just sucked my balls dry. I’d say it’s okay for me to hold your hand.”

In all honesty, Jonathan wasn’t used to such proofs of… Of what? Affection? He needed to stop deluding himself, but he allowed Maddox to caress his hand slowly. His own remained flat on the bed, unmoving.

He lay still as Maddox moved along his body and settled into a comfortable position to stroke his cock and tease it gently with his lips and tongue. The taste of cum lingered in his mouth, and it was unique to this guy. Not that he had had others, except Drew’s of course, but Maddox’s was different. He preferred it, he decided, and closed his eyes.

Maddox’s mouth was warm and soft on him, unlike his hand that had a vicelike grip on the base of his cock. Knowing that he couldn’t offer the same deepthroat technique in turn, Maddox had clearly opted for roughing his cock up with one hand.

Jonathan felt his toes curling against the bed and bit his bottom lip hard. Maddox didn’t stop for a moment, lapping at the head of his cock like it was an ice cream cone, making it easy to climb to the highest peak, but difficult to get down.

Maddox pulled himself up and aligned his body beside Jonathan’s to reach and kiss his mouth. It was just so easy to open up and let him do that. Their tastes mingled, and it was intoxicating. Jonathan closed his eyes and squeezed them to stop the rush of feelings from reaching his head and making a mess out of it.

What was he thinking? He was already messed up.


By Jonathan’s expression, he wasn’t doing a half-assed job. Still, Maddox thought with envy, Jonathan made it seem so simple. Fucking-A sword swallower. Not everyone could do that, and it was a simple fact.

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