House-Sitting with a Homosexual Pt. 05

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Here it is, the final chapter of House-Sitting With a Homosexual! Yes I know, the actual house-sitting portion of this series ended a long time ago but the name has stuck and what can I say… I enjoy a bit of alliteration in my titles. This was the first series I ever published at Literotica and it’s great that I finally get to bring this one to completion. Just rereading the first part of this series it’s amazing to see how much I’ve grown as a writer since then!

Fair Warning: though this story has been placed in the “Gay Male” category there is a scene depicting male-female sex. Apologies if you were expecting purely M/M sex in this tale but the scene in question is absolutely necessary to include in the story I wish to tell.

In a first for this series this chapter is told from the viewpoint of multiple characters rather than just showing Eric’s perspective. I’ve done my best to limit any confusion by clearly delineating the breaks between these sections. I do hope you enjoy the final chapter of this series. It’s been a pleasure!



My name is Eric Dexter. I’m a liar and a cheat.

A scoundrel.

A betrayer.

I have everything a man could possibly want. A beautiful, faithful wife. A well-paying job that provides me both challenge and fulfilment in my life. A two-story house with a big, green lawn, a large porch and a sun room. One of those fancy new electric cars from Europe filling my garage. We want for nothing.

Yet ever since I met Elena I’ve always felt something missing. I’m not in any sort of mid-life crisis or having trouble with my marriage. I feel like I have purpose, I’m not mentally adrift with no direction in life. No, I know precisely what I want. What I crave so badly sometimes it pains me.

The touch of another man. Not just any man but my dearest Daniel. The guy who just happens to be the best friend of my wife since they were children growing up together. That one.

I sometimes find it hard to believe I’ve actually possessed carnal knowledge of another man. It seemed like it was an entirely different person who indulged in such shameless activities. I realize I don’t exactly come off as a typical gay or bisexual dude. I’m far more gruff than flamboyant, my fashion sense is so pathetic my wife has to dress me herself and truthfully I feel attraction for very few men.

Yet I’ve felt Daniel’s soft, wet tongue curling around my shaft as I lovingly held him by his head and slowly slid my cock in between his jaws. I’ve never been more hard or more aroused than when Daniel’s agile tongue worked upon my body.

I had intimate knowledge of how Daniel’s sphincter felt clenching tightly around my penis while the head of my cock discovered the warm, soft depths within his rectum. I still cherish the erotic memory of feeling Daniel’s cute little buttocks pressed against my thighs as I penetrated him fully. I would watch mesmerized by the sight of his sexy asshole being spread open and gaping around my intruding member.

My lips and tongue were familiar with the entirety of Daniel’s lithe body. His lips, neck, nipples, scrotum and taint were certainly well known to me but no part of Daniel entranced me more than his disarmingly thick penis. I always licked and sucked him sloppily, in love with his cock and the way it filled me to my throat. I took him deep within my mouth again and again until I experienced the life-fulfilling pressure and release of him ejaculating and pumping his hot, tasty cum down my throat. I’ve made out with Daniel’s ass, displaying more passion for his butthole than I’ve ever shown for my wife’s lips as my tongue slithered around wantonly inside his anus.

I’m not so shallow that only Daniel’s body attracted me. I loved his pretty blue eyes and his full-toothed smile too. I loved his quick wit and his genuine kindness. I loved rubbing my face against the thin layer of stubble he kept on his cheeks and chin that always made it seem he had shaved just the day before. I loved the cute way he sighed and the way he rested his head in his hand when he felt tired. But most crucially we had great chemistry together and our sex was terrific.

So yes, I am indeed a terrible person. I’ve broken my vows, betrayed the woman who has shown me more love and devotion than any other person I’ve known. But if you knew my Daniel, you might have committed infidelity just as I had.

Daniel had short brown hair that always looked perfectly styled even after a night of rough sex. He possessed piercing ocean-blue eyes and the keenest fashion sense. It still felt weird to refer to a guy this way but I thought Daniel was so pretty. His lithe, lightly toned and muscled body was hairless and boyish. A perfect twink I believe is how the gay community would refer to him and the things he could do with that perfect body were amazing.

All eight and a half inches of my cock disappeared into Daniel’s mouth like magic whenever he swallowed my dick. His expertly Ataköy Escort trained throat would tighten and constrict around my shaft, gently massaging my cock while he deep-throated me (without gagging, miraculously). I’ve watched Daniel take a seat on top of my dick and slowly fit the entirety of my cock inside him. When my substantial length fully penetrated him Daniel would wriggle his cute, hairless bottom against me and beg me to fuck him harder.

Daniel’s handsome, circumcised cock seemed average in length but was as thick and meaty as a summer sausage. His dick tasted like heaven and his cum was even sweeter. I loved his scent, the smell of his skin and sweat and cock all mixed together as I pressed my face against his crotch.

Though sex with Daniel felt amazing, there was nothing I liked better than cuddling next to him in bed and feeling his hand sleepily caress my thigh. In case you haven’t quite gotten the picture yet, I was totally in love with the guy. But regrettably our relationship could never be.

Daniel and I’s tryst first began the summer after our freshman year of college when my girlfriend (and Daniel’s best friend) Elena went out of town for a family vacation and she asked me to house-sit for her while she was away. I invited Daniel over one night and one thing led to another. We couldn’t contain the feelings we had developed for each other; there was no stopping us. Over the next few days Daniel taught me to love cock and anal sex as I learned the contours and beauties of the naked male form.

After those few wonderful days we shared together Daniel returned to his university in another state. We only saw each other sporadically over the next few years and never once brought up our illicit affair. That all changed the week of my wedding when Daniel and I inexplicably found ourselves alone together the day before Elena and I tied the knot. After so many years repressing feelings for each other, our passion exploded. It turned out we had only grown even more in love and lust with each other during our years apart. Daniel and I proceeded to remove all our clothing and lick everywhere on each other’s bodies before taking turns sticking our dicks inside the other.

Daniel was the first and only man I’ve given myself to, though I’m not certain that experience quite counts as losing my anal virginity. It seemed like at least one of the participants needed to cum for it to officially count. Daniel had only just fit his cock inside my tight virgin ass when Elena arrived at my apartment unexpectedly and nearly caught us en flagrante delicto. The day after that narrow escape, Elena and I officially tied the knot. Daniel returned to his home in New York City and I’ve only seen him twice in the five years since, never once repeating our affair or speaking its name.

Elena and I matured a lot during these subsequent years. At only the age of twenty-seven I was promoted to a supervisor position at the HVAC installation and repair company that employed me. I could hardly believe that before the age of thirty I already made a six-figure salary. My income was the source of some amount of grumbling from Elena who would probably work her entire career and never make so much. Not that she complained too vocally considering how many of our friends were still struggling with student debt and unemployment.

Elena totally changed her career path from politics and education toward a focus on social services. She currently worked as a coordinator at a nonprofit that provided educational and training opportunities for the impoverished to help lift them out of their poor conditions. I truly admired Elena for altering the trajectory of her promising career in educational policy and instead deciding what really made her happy was helping others directly. She wasted no time in pursuing her new goal, displaying the tenacity and determination that I always loved in her. Elena really was the most gracious and kind individual I’ve ever known.

We bought a house together a few years ago but haven’t borne any children yet though we have discussed the matter. The notion of having kids always lingered in the back of our minds as an action we would undertake once we grew older. But we kept putting it off and putting it off until we finally reached our late twenties and realized we were older now. We almost felt obligated to go through with it now. Truth be told, our sex life had turned pretty stagnant in the couple years and I for one would welcome the opportunity to assist my wife in conceiving. Hopefully several times just to make sure it stuck.

After my encounter with Daniel the day before my wedding to Elena I stayed true to her throughout our marriage with one glaring exception. Two years ago, I went on a work trip to Indianapolis for a convention. Elena usually accompanied me on my trips but she had a job interview scheduled during that same week so I flew solo for a change. None of my coworkers joined Ataköy Escort Bayan me for this convention so for the first time I could remember I was truly on my own in a city full of strangers.

That week I mostly kept to myself and indulged in the free drinks and meals provided by the convention while attending the different breakout groups and product demonstrations. But on my last night in Indianapolis, I found myself restless and unable to fall asleep. After tossing and turning in bed for over an hour, I frustratedly dressed myself and headed down to the hotel lounge. I didn’t realize until I was halfway down the elevator that I neglected to wear my wedding ring.

The hour was past midnight and the hotel bar would stay open only a bit longer, just enough time for a nightcap. The lounge had a tiki bar theme with Mai Tais and other tropical drinks on tap. The decor looked appropriately tacky and out-of-date with fake torches and palm trees surrounding the tables and bar. The lounge was mostly dead except for a fews patrons who stubbornly remained until closing time forced them out.

I took a seat on one of the stools facing the bar and hailed the bartender. When he turned around I discovered he was a cute guy with swept blonde hair and a clean-shaven face who looked a few years younger than I. The bartender dressed a bit too preppy for my taste with his patterned polo shirt and khaki slacks but acted personable enough when I ordered my drink. He had an easy smile with perfect white teeth and whenever he turned around to make a drink my eyes were drawn to his tight little butt. I took a peek at his crotch when he wasn’t looking and thought I detected the slightest hint of a bulge between his thighs. I felt a sudden, powerful urge to suck his dick. My passions for those of the same sex had dulled during these last few years apart from Daniel but suddenly those desires were resurfacing again with unexpected strength.

I’d be the first to admit my gaydar’s detection skills aren’t the strongest but this guy was putting out some very noticeable vibes. The look he used when smiling at me demanded my attention and during the couple times our hands brushed together when he gave me my drink his touch lingered upon me just a half-second longer than necessary. He may have just been overly friendly but it seemed like there might be something more there. My breath quickened, my heart pounded in my chest, and blood rushed through my veins. I felt sensations building inside me that I hadn’t experienced in years. Excitement. Anticipation. Lust. Could the handsome bartender possibly be interested in me as well or was this all a fantasy created in my sex-deprived mind?

When closing time neared, I paid the tab by charging my two drinks to my room. The bill would be courteously covered by my company credit card when I checked out the next morning. After signing the receipt I slyly left the spare keycard to my hotel room tucked inside the sleeve of the small leather folder before I stood up to leave. The bartender nodded toward me and smiled a farewell as I awkwardly departed. He hadn’t opened the folder to view my very subtle proposition yet.

Part of me felt incredulous and embarrassed by what I was doing. I was a married man, for Christ’s sake. A stronger, more uncontrollable part of me welcomed this opportunity and prayed the bartender might take me up on it.

I returned to my room and sat on my bed waiting impatiently while dicking around on my phone for about half an hour before I gave up any hope of a late-night encounter and decided to finally go to sleep. I had just stripped down to my briefs and untucked the blankets at the head of the mattress when I heard a quiet knock at my door. I looked through the peephole and felt a thrill rising from my loins and stomach up to my heart when I saw the blonde bartender standing outside. I consciously tempered my expectations by assuring myself that the man had merely stopped by to return my forgotten roomkey.

Not bothering to dress myself, I opened the door clad in nothing but my underwear. The young man’s eyes grew wide when he saw my hairy chest and slight, muscular runner’s thighs greeting him. I was no gym rat by any means but was a former star athlete who possessed a tall, slim frame and well-toned muscles. I realized that objectively speaking I’m a pretty well put-together fellow if not the handsomest guy in the world. So if the bartender had any questions regarding my intentions the sight of my proudly bared half-naked body should quickly answer them. Now to find out if he found me as intriguing as I found him.

The bartender stammered his first attempt at a sentence before managing, “Y-you, uh, left your spare key downstairs at the lounge, sir.”

He held the card out to me and I intentionally brushed my fingers against his hand and rubbed my thumb along the side of his palm when I retrieved the key from him. Did he feel the same electric thrill that coursed Escort Silivri through my body when we made bodily contact?

“How silly of me,” I said as I offered him my most charming smile in return. “Thank you so much for bringing this back up to me when it’s such a late hour. You should really have a tip.”

“That really isn’t necessary, sir,” the bartender replied awkwardly. “This sort of thing happens all the time.”

“Oh no, I really must insist,” I told him slyly. “Would you like to come in for a bit while I find my wallet?”

Now was the true test that would determine how the remainder of the night unfolded.

“Sure,” he agreed readily. “Just for a minute.”

I grinned and held the door open for my new acquaintance as I gestured invitingly for him to enter my hotel room. My heart pounded against my chest and I felt my pits moistening with nervous sweat. I could scarcely believe this was really happening. The first stirrings of lust and anticipation tightened my crotch but I exerted all my will against my penis to prevent it from forming an erection in case I totally misread this situation. How awkward would that be if I popped an obvious boner while hanging out alone in a room with a straight guy?

The bartender surveyed the interior of the hotel room as he walked in, his hands shoved deep into his pockets in a way that I found oddly endearing. Feeling anxious and unsure how to proceed, I tried engaging the stranger in conversation.

“So, what’s your name?” I asked him politely.

“Does it really matter?” he brusquely replied.

“Excuse me?”

“We both know why I’m here,” the bartender said bluntly. “So why don’t you explain exactly why you invited me to come in.”

“I’m afraid I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

My guest paced across the room to me and without warning stuck his hand down the front of my briefs. I gasped when I felt his cold fingertips brush against my cock before he grabbed my flaccid member and squeezed it tightly in his fist. Elena hadn’t even touched my penis for over a month and after such a deprived period I instantly responded to the sensation of the bartender’s warm hand stroking up and down my sensitive flesh. My cock twitched and strained against the palm of his hand as it became gorged with blood. My new acquaintance gave my nearly erect penis a firm tug and I groaned in response at the surge of pleasure that reverberated throughout my body.

“Wow, you are a big boy,” the nameless bartender said admiringly as my penis achieved its full length in his hand.

The bartender drew closer to me until his forehead pressed against mine and I felt his soft breath whispering over my skin. His left hand caressed the hair at the nape of my neck while his right hand continued pulling my dick up and down with a firm, constant motion whenever he wasn’t squeezing it and making me groan helplessly. I was so hard now that I could probably break rocks with my dick. His hand felt wet where my precum leaked onto him and if he didn’t cease his tugging soon I was liable to cream all over his hand and the inside of my underpants. My hands hung limply at my sides as I remained too much in shock at this sudden and fortunate turn of events to initiate my own contact.

“So tell me what you want,” the youth told me with a lustful sigh as he kissed me right behind my ear. “I noticed you looking at me down at the bar. You were practically staring. You must need something from me really really badly. So what is it?”

“I-I…” I whispered haltingly. “I want to lick your cock. I want to put it in my mouth.”

He smiled mischievously at me and used the tip of his thumb to massage the slit of my moist pisshole at the tip of my cock before regrettably sliding his hand out of my underpants. As he exited the bartender pulled at the waistband of my underwear so that my briefs snapped back against me with a loud smack. Our eyes met, my breath heavy with barely controlled lust.

“So what are you waiting for then?” he challenged.

I lowered myself down to my knees and felt the inadequately padded surface of the carpet supporting me as I knelt supplicantly beneath a man I had met only an hour before. I felt my excitement mounting as I unbuckled his belt and carefully undid the button at the front of his slacks before pulling his zipper down. I stared at the imprint of his bulge showing through his pants and wondered again what his penis might look like. I knew how silly it was imagining his nakedness when I would discover it for myself soon enough but I couldn’t help guessing at the dimensions and proportions of his cock.

I let his pants fall to the floor in a bundle around his shoes, gulping as I prepared myself for the final unclothing. His red and black plaid boxers were the next to fall and after untying his shoes and disposing of the entirety of his clothing I looked up to find a mostly hairless set of cock and balls dangling only a few inches from my face.

The constriction of the bartender’s tight-fitting slacks must have limited blood flow to his member as I found the bartender’s cock looked at best a quarter erect. I was almost insulted by how unaroused I found him and resolved to correct the slight immediately.

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