Is Your Mother Home?

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Big Tits

Author’s Note; Welcome to my latest story which is also part of the Literotica Summer Lovin contest. My other group sex stories revolve around an older couple with a younger girl so for this one I decided to switch it up and go with a couple of another sort, a couple that consists of two horny cougars with a craving and the lucky young guy they pick to satisfy it. Enjoy. LC68


I opened my eyes and winced at the sun shining directly in my face from the open blinds. Rolling away from the window, I saw Sammi was already up and out of bed. The little witch had probably opened the blinds on purpose on her way out just to piss me off. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath and smiled at the sweet scent of Sammi’s pussy still on my face from last night. So, okay, maybe I’d let her slide with the blinds, after all she did lick one hell of a pussy in addition to having a pretty one of her own.

I lay there for a few minutes trying to fall back to sleep, but gave up and rolled over. Stretching my arms over my head, I arched my back and sighed contentedly at the feeling of the soft sheet sliding off my nipples. Bringing my fingers to my face I sniffed them and was pleased to get another good sniff of my nasty little dark haired minx. Not that our bedroom escapades weren’t always hot, but last night had been better than most.

I looked over at the night stand saw the guest of honor from last night’s festivities. I grabbed one of the straps on the harness of the eight inch strap on Sammi had brought home as a surprise last night and pulled it over to me.

Grabbing the thick rubber cock, I brought it to my nose and feeling naughty, opened my mouth and sucked the tip of it into my mouth. I moaned at the heavenly mix of our pussies and sliding up on the pillows sucked the toy cock deeper into my mouth.

I held it there thinking it had been a few months since I’d given a blow job and although it was a great size and looked good, the toy was a poor substitution for the real thing. Then again, when it was attached to a beautiful woman who was pulling your hair and spanking your ass, while fucking me senseless from behind, I guess I wasn’t really losing out.

Turning, I stared at my reflection in the huge mirror strategically placed on the wall next to the bed and with a playful smile, opened wide and took the rubber cock all the way down to its base.

I held it there, imagining it trembling the way a real one would and could just imagine the thick salty pre cum dripping down my throat. Envisioning the cock belonging to a good looking young man half my age, I could all but hear his pathetic whimper when my tongue would slip out and lick his balls while effortlessly deep throating him. Before Sammi and I had decided to be exclusive six months ago, those were the guys I loved.

Barely more than boys, they were young, hot and had only fooled around with girls their age. They’d never had their cock really sucked the way a hot, horny cougar like me could do it.

Not to mention girls their age were still learning themselves, but a woman like me knew exactly what I wanted, how I want it and wasn’t afraid to let them turn loose and fuck me until they couldn’t get it up anymore.

I slipped the cock halfway out of my mouth and bobbed my head, watching in the mirror. My long blonde hair was a wild mess and my baby blue eyes were surrounded by smeared mascara. Overall I was sporting the freshly fucked look as Sammi called it and I have to say I wore it well.

There was still smears of both my and Sammi’s lipstick on the dildo and I imagined both of our lips on a hot young cock; the two of us blowing a lucky young stud, teasing him, pleasing him, making him beg to cum in our slutty faces.

I shifted my gaze from my mock blow job and took in my bare tits. Although I wouldn’t say they were huge, they were much more than a handful and so far gravity had been kind to me. They were still sitting nice and proud and right now my pink nipples were swollen and beginning to ache for attention.

I rubbed the wet head of rubber cock against my right nipple. I moaned softly at the contact and played it across the other one, before placing it between my tits and sliding it through them a couple of times.

My nipples weren’t the only thing excited and drawing my long legs up, I kicked the sheet off. Lowering my legs, I spread them open and teased myself by sliding the cock down my stomach and rubbing it across the swelling of my mound.

I turned back to the mirror and placing my free hand past the toy, slipped my fingers through my pussy. My lips were still moist from the last night and my clit was swollen and ready.

I thought about grabbing my cell and calling Sammi and telling her to get her ass in here, but knowing her she could be out running errands already. Besides there was nothing wrong with a little self pleasuring to put me back to sleep.

Sliding my legs up so my knees were bent, I let them fall open and after teasing my clit with the head of the dildo eased it into my levent escort pussy.

“Oh, yeah, honey,” I purred out loud, “Give me that nice young cock, give me every inch!”

I eased the cock in a little more, then with a hard thrust, buried it inside me. I yelped as it spread me open and held it there, letting my pussy get used to it.

Not getting fucked for a few months had made last night feel even better as my pussy wasn’t as accustomed to having big hard things shoved in it. Holding the toy by the end I started pumping it while the fingers of my free hand stroked my clit.

“That’s it fuck me, baby, fuck that hot pussy!” As good as the image in the mirror looked; I closed my eyes and let my imagination run wild.

Using long slow strokes with the strap on, my mind replaced my fingers with Sammi’s talented tongue, expertly flickering across my clit while my fantasy stud fucked me. He would slide from my pussy and shove his cock, dripping with my juice, right into her waiting mouth.

“Yes.” I moaned, “Suck his cock you dirty slut, taste my pussy!”

I plunged the cock harder and faster, my fingers dancing across my clit. Sammi would stop licking me and would straddle me, putting her ass in the air. Our lucky lover would grab her hips and start slamming her doggy style while she gave me a long tongue filled kiss.

She would be moaning into my mouth and wrapping my arms around her waist I would pin her to me and tell him to fuck her harder. Sammi would now be squealing in my ear, until, removing his cock from her he would go back to fucking me.

He’d grab my ankles and lift my ass off the bed, driving his big dick deeper into my needy pussy. Sammi would sit up and turn around, shoving her pussy in my face.

“Hmm,” I moaned at the ought of my tongue plunging into her sopping cunt while she lay down and went back to licking my clit while her hammered away at my own gushing pussy.

Sammi would start squirming in my face and moaning under my tongue as she neared an orgasm. Her own tongue would have my thighs shaking and our lucky little boy toy would be moaning as well.

“Suck my clit, Sammi!” I groaned, “Make me cum while you cum in my face!”

I gasped as my real life orgasm began to race through my body and continued to talk myself through it.

“Oh yah baby cum for us! Spray that cum all over Sammi’s slutty face!” I arched my back and released a long drawn out moan and pictured Sammi going off on my face, bucking and howling like the little wildcat she was.

“Cum in my face honey!” I cried out, “Oh…Oh make me cum!”

The word cum turned into a long loud squeal as my pussy contracted around the rubber cock and my orgasm exploded through me. I threw my head back and yelped repeatedly as I managed to keep the cock moving in and out while rubbing my clit in hard fast circles. Even in the throes of orgasm I held the image of Sammi and I cumming; her on my face and me around that young beautiful cock.

My fingers slowed and my squeals turned into soft moans as the last of the orgasm flowed through me. My last image of the fantasy ménage was the young stud whipping his cock out, Sammi and I on our knees and him cumming in both our faces.

‘Oh, yeah, baby, give us that hot load.” I murmured as I slipped the dildo from my pussy and slumped down into the bed, trying to catch my breath.

Oh, that was just what I needed! I could already feel my body relaxing and my mind following it, heading back into a deep…

My eyes jerked open at the sound of clapping. I turned my head to see Sammi standing there in the doorway.

“Take a bow!” she laughed, “That was a good show!”

“How long were you watching?” I asked, sitting up against the headboard.

“I was watching from the hallway when you grabbed our little friend. I just walked into the room when you closed your eyes.” She shrugged, “I was thinking of jumping on in, but…”

“But what…”

“It was pretty hot to watch.” She gave me an evil little smirk, “And listen to.” She paused when I looked away embarrassed then asked, “So who were we fucking? Anyone I know?”

“No.” I replied quietly, hoping this wouldn’t turn into an argument.

Sammi had been the one to bring up us becoming exclusive and seemed jealous whenever I joked about men. Sammi had enjoyed more than her share of cocks in her day, but she had been more and more into women over the last couple of years culminating with taking our long time friendship and occasional bed-and sometimes partner sharing-and bringing it to the next level of becoming a couple.

“Well that’s no fun.” She said, entering the room and walking over to the bed, “If I knew them it would be more fun to hear the fantasy.”

“You’re my fantasy, baby.” I told her, “You heard me calling your name.”

“Smooth save, hot stuff.” She laughed and sat on the bed next to me.

“I do what I can.” I told her then took a moment to take in the woman who had managed to talk me into monogamy for the first time istanbul escort bayan in my life.

Physically Sammi couldn’t be more different from me. Her long dark brown hair was a sharp contrast to my blonde mane and where I was not a fan of the sun and rather fair, Sammi loved to lay out by the pool and her bronze skin looked damn good against mine. Better yet were the sexy and very thin tan lines around her hips and breasts. Sammi sunned in a string bikini and if the Williams next door weren’t home would go topless.

Right now her dark skin was accentuated by the tight little white tank top she was wearing with a pair of white cotton shorts. Unlike my fairly ample breasts, Sammi had small perky little tits that were perfectly round and featured the most delectable rosy nipples.

Those nipples were hard and poking teasingly through the thin material of her top. The tank top fell far short of her waist and showed off her flat tanned stomach as well as the silver chain dangling from her pierced naval.

Sammi had gotten that done just for me and I appreciated her effort every time I saw it and loved to playfully tongue it on my way down to her completely smooth pussy. In return for her piercing I always kept a small patch of blond fuzz over my pussy demonstrating I was a true blond.

Sammi leaned against the headboard and stretched her long dark legs. I let my eyes take the pleasant trip down their length and ended up staring at her purple toe nails.

“So, you’ve been thinking a lot about cock lately?”

I reluctantly brought my eyes to her face and forced myself to look into those big brown doe eyes that along with the little girl pout she could put out there on demand caused me to give her anything she wanted.

“Well, just sometimes.” I shrugged and trying to distract her reached out and caressed her nipple through her shirt, “But right now all I’m thinking about is you letting me suck on your pretty little titties.”

“That’s not what you were sucking on a minute ago.” She picked up the toy.

“Oh, well. It smelled like us and I had to taste it.” I gave her the little girl giggle I could always conjure up that I knew got to her, “It went downhill from there.”

To my delight, Sammi brought the rubber cock to her nose and inhaled. Her pretty brown eyes rolled back and she sighed softly.

“Hmm, I can see where that could happen.” She brought the cock down to her lips and as I watched, she opened wide and slid more than half of the cock down her throat.

She bobbed her head slowly and I licked my lips at the sight of her easily downing the thick cock. She moaned around it when I started teasing her nipple and placed my hand on her bare stomach. I slid it across her warm skin and unsnapping her shorts started to unzip them.

“You know, honey.” I said leaning over and kissing her cheek as she continued to show off her blow job skills, “It’s not fair I came without you, so how about I make my brown eyed girl purr?” I slipped my hands in her shorts and was thrilled to feel her smooth bare flesh beneath my fingers, “Oh, no panties! You bad…”

I stopped, when Sammi slid the toy from her mouth and tossed it onto the foot of the bed. That move was accompanied by her grabbing my wrist and easing my hand from her shorts.

“You didn’t answer my question, Nikki.”

“I’m sitting here naked in front of you and you want to talk?” I cupped my tits, “You don’t want to say good morning?”

“I think you gave yourself a good morning.”

I wasn’t as good at it as she was, but nevertheless gave her my best pout, “C’mon Sammi, don’t be like that.”

Sammi flipped my lower lip with her purple finger tip and I felt a wave of relief when she flashed me one of her adorable-and totally misleading-smiles, “Relax, baby, I’m not mad, but I want to talk about something.”

“Okay.” I nodded and leaning over grabbed the t-shirt I’d had on last night and slipped it over my head.

“Thanks.” Sammi grinned, “They are distracting.”

“Not enough evidently.”

“You never answered my question, have you been thinking about guys lately?”

I paused and thought about the answer. Truth was I had been. The first few months with Sammi had been great; in fact things were still great. The two of us had a lot in common, enjoyed each other’s company and our sex life was amazing. But the last month or so I’d been craving a good hard fucking and although last night was fun and dirty, it wasn’t the same. But if I told her that and she got upset…

“Nikki we’re pushing forty, not twenty, you can give me an honest answer, it’s okay.”

“I…I don’t want you to think I’m not happy,” I began, “It’s just that…”

“You miss cock.”

I sighed and nodded. “Not all the time. I only started thinking about it recently.”

“So that little fantasy in your head was about getting a nice big dick shoved in your slutty little snatch?”

“You’re so romantic.” I laughed.

“You’re not with me for romance; you’re with escort bayan me because I suck your clit better than anyone else. That and,,.” She leaned in and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Sammi.” I smiled like a giddy teenager, “I like when you’re sweet.”

“You like my sweet pussy.”

“Back to romance again.” I laughed.

“Back to the question you’re skirting. Nikki, do you want to fuck a guy?”

“I…I miss cock, but not enough to…”

“Question was, do you, not would you?” Sammi pointed out, “At least for right now, so do you?”

“Right now?” I repeated.

“Answer me!” she gave my nipple a flick with her fingers that caused me to yelp.

“Ow! Yes, fine, I’ve been thinking about getting fucked. I miss the feeling of a nice hard cock in my pussy and a pair of strong hands on my tits and I miss…”

“Sucking cock.” She licked her lips, “The feeling of a soft cock growing in my mouth, the way a nice thick load feels going down my throat. Or how good cum feels spraying across my tits.”

“The way their balls feel in my hand.” I whispered, “And in my mouth. The way they grab my hips when they fuck me.”

“Hmm” Sammi sighed, “Remember that guy down in Florida we took back to the hotel with us? The way we shared his cock? How we passed it to each other? How we watched each other get fucked, his cock going from your pussy to mine?’

“Your ass to mine at the end.” I reminded her.

“We were pretty drunk.” She laughed. “But it was fun!”

“It was.” I narrowed my eyes, “You’re talking an awful lot about cock.”

“Nikki, ask yourself something.” She gave me a sly smile, “Who was it that brought the strap on home last night?”

“You did.” I told her, “But I figured it was because you thought I wanted cock and was trying to…” I paused and pointed my finger in her face, “You little slut! You played me! You’re thinking about it too!”

“Damn straight I have been!” she clapped her hands, “So I figured I would bring that home and have some fun and see if it could give us what we needed.”

“Not the same.” I shook my head. “Not that you didn’t look great fucking me, but still not the real thing.”

“It doesn’t cum!” Sammi gave me that precious pout. “It doesn’t moan and it doesn’t taste good and it won’t get me all sticky.” She licked her full, perfect lips, “It doesn’t shoot anything I could lick off of you!”

“Okay so we both miss it.” I shrugged, “So what are you saying, you want to be open?”

“No!” she exclaimed. Taking my hand she brought it to her lips and kissed the back of it. “I want us to be together.”

“So we just use our friend there and pine for it?”

Still holding my hand, Sammi asked, “You have a lot of fun in Florida when we shared that guy?”

“I said I did.”

“Well…” she gave me a wink, “Would it really be cheating is we did it together?”

“You…you want us to fuck the same guy?” I asked, feeling my nipples harden under my shirt; that was exactly what I’d been playing with myself to!

“You do!” she said as if reading my mind, “According to what I heard anyway!” she laughed, “Must be meant to be!”

“You sure about this?” I asked. “Sammi you were the one that said you wanted to stop playing and have it just be us.”

“I know.” She sighed, “But we had so much fun with that guy and we played with other girls together and.” She gave me a wistful smile, “remember all those times we fucked in the same room? Watching each other get it

“We even swapped off one time!” Damn my pussy was heating up again.

“Right, well no more of that, but I figure we could share one. Not all the time, maybe once in a while when we really get the urge.”


“We have to agree on the guy.” Sammi added. “We have to both agree we want it and who we want.”

“Fair enough.” I paused, then looking up at her through my lashes asked, “Can we have a young one?”


“Really? I thought you weren’t into younger guys.”

“But you are and I’m fine with that.”

“You used to make fun of me.” I asked suspiciously, “Why all of a sudden would you be alright with being a cougar with a cub?”

“I like Milf better.”

“But we’re not moms.” I laughed.

“But we’re old enough to be for the ones you like.”

“I like is the point. Why your change of heart?”

“You’ll see.” She gave me a mischievous grin.

“You have someone in mind?” I asked. “Remember, we do have to be more careful now that you got that job at the university. Have to watch where we pick them up, would be pretty bad if they went to your school.”

“He doesn’t.”

“So you do have someone!” My heart started racing, “Who is it and when do you think we could…”

“When?” she kissed my hand again, “I think we could today.”

“Today? How?”

“Because, dear Nikki, our lucky boy toy lives right next door!”


“Next door?” I gasped, “You want to fuck Ricky?”

“Don’t tell me you don’t! That boy is fucking hot and he is back from school for the summer.”

“He is fine,” I admitted, “I was watching him work on the deck the first day he was back and he had his shirt off and was swinging that sledgehammer, I rubbed one out sitting right there on the patio!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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