Max Delivers 04

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Max delivers 04

Hello there, I’m Max, I’m 23 and I drive a cube delivery truck which supplies many small shops in and around the city of Middleton. And I stay quite busy on my routes because every single box in the back of my cube delivery truck has “world’s best” printed on it. Now, I don’t know if that is true or not, but all of the boxes make that claim, so if you need some supplies, my company has them or can get them and I’m happy to deliver the “world’s best (fill in the blank)” goods to your loading dock or back door.

And today’s stop is the Hair Salon on the north side of town. LOL, the north side of Middleton where all the pretty people live.

“Knock, knock, two boxes and three large envelope packages today, Mrs. Evans. Do you want me to drop them in the back as usual?”

“Ooh, I’ve been waiting for those large envelopes, so I’ll just set them down right here at Molly’s station and you can use your dolly to take the boxes in the back. And speaking of putting things in the back, ah, sweetie, as much as I enjoy being your number one and all, ah, can we back off a little on putting things in my backside for a while? I mean, I know that you like it tight like that, but it hurts. Or we can bring in Molly for extra clean up duty, either way. LOL, or dirty duty, whatever applies.”

“Mrs. Evans, did I just get a free pass to jack hammer Molly once in a while?”

“Hah, men! Max, you get a free pass to have butt sex with Molly about once a month and nothing else. I mean, if your hands happen to wander around a little, that’s OK, but that’s about it. Now finger bang me and kiss my neck before your little Chickpea Cathy shows up to work the cash register.”

Molly, huh? Well, Molly has a big enough ass and all, but it’s all by design. She is very strict about some Edirne Escort South American exercise program that is designed to work on only the size and shape of the trunk and I might say, that for a woman in her late 30’s, she has it all figured out. And nicely too.

“And by the way, Max, I know you’re a stud of few words and all, but I am your number one slam piece, right? I mean, you don’t say it as much these days. Mm-mmm?”

“Ah, duh, you’re my number one, Mrs. Dexter (on page six of my little black book).”

“Hmmm, mumble much, Max? Anyways, I see your little Chickpea Cathy walking towards the front door, so just remember who the real number one is. Finger-bang my mouth with your wet fingers so I can clean you off, Max and watch it around your young little Chickpea! It’s not fair to compare us given the age difference.”

Oh, and as for Chickpea Cathy, well, she doesn’t need a Brazilian exercise program. I mean, she could use a little thigh gap and all, but I’m not complaining because working my way up between her thick thighs is half of the fun. LOL, she also has a lot of spirit in her.

“Clocking in boss lady Ellie Evans. Ooh, hey Max, LOL, ah, what has you so worked up this early in the day? LOL, don’t tell me, you had 10 minutes alone with Mrs. Evans before I arrived, right?”

“Take it easy Chickpea, you’re still my number one. Besides, last Monday night, am I right? That was special, am I right?”

“Well, I will admit that when you showed up at my door role playing my Landlord and I couldn’t afford to pay the rent, well, that was pretty special, Max. Kiss, kiss.”

“Yeah, that was pretty special, but are you sure about tomorrow night?”

“Oh, well, I still can’t afford the rent, so yes, I desperately need two movers to show up after Edirne Escort Bayan dark and load up my belongings, but not your brother, OK? I mean, I wouldn’t mind, but I don’t want my special lover Maxie Poo to get all freaked out because he’s naked in front of his brother and all. Kiss, kiss.”

Well, my boss has allowed me to use my cube delivery truck for personal uses in the past, so why not help Chickpea role play moving out of the apartment that she can no longer afford, right?

“By the way Max, I just caught a glimpse of Mrs. Evans’ camel toe, so she’s either wearing very small undies or no undies at all. Tongue me Max and let me open the salon. Hmmm, that’s my lover boy.”

Camel toe, huh? At 9am? OK.

“Oh, boss lady Mrs. Evans, I ordered paper for my cash register and I don’t see the right box. Perhaps you should have Max check the back of his delivery truck again? I mean, our customers need their receipts, right Mrs. Evans? I mean, you know what the box looks like and all, so it might be quicker if you search around with him and you know, get your (nasty old dried-up pussy) a quickie at the same time.”

“Chickpea! Hush your voice, but that would speed things up a little, wouldn’t it?”

I mean, the box is clearly marked as the “world’s best receipt paper”, so I must have just missed it. And Mrs. Dexter is not nasty and dried up. She just at the age where a little sex lube doesn’t hurt, that’s all. She does get wet after about 30 minutes or so.

“Max, whoa, whoa, oh, OMG, that feels so good this early in the morning baby, but, ah, wow mister, ah, Max, ooh, ah, Max, I love bending over for you, but I wouldn’t be mad if you had me on my back some day either. SOB, did you get bigger over night?”

“Ugh, ugh, we’ll work something Escort Edirne out, Mrs. Evans to get you on your back so I can suck on your fat titties while I jack hammer, but right now, ugh, can I slip out, puff, puff, huff, and accidently reinsert into the wrong hole baby? Just this one last time and then I promise it’s all Molly.”

“Fine, but only because I’m your number one, ooh, snap, damn, but be quick and just the tip, Max.”

Well, I do like it tight like that sometimes and all you have to do is to break the seal with the head and the tightness will pull a nut just that fast. And then gravity wins every time, LOL. Women are real, am I right?

“LOL, Mrs. Evans, LOL, are you going to hold yourself like that all the way to the bathroom?”

“Ugh, what choice do I have, Max? I mean, it’s coming out and all. Now, kiss me and look away and by the way, don’t linger when you say good bye to your little Chickpea. Damn, fucking men and their messy nuts and all! Not that I’m complaining, Max.”

Hey, I had nothing to do with our evolution, so don’t shoot the piano player, right? But thanks to the evolution of the walk of shames, LOL, Mrs. Evans was too busy plugging her rear dam with her hand to notice that Chickpea Cathy had entered my delivery truck from the front.

“Hey Max, I brought wet wipes to wipe you off because if you haven’t noticed, you haven’t bent me over any boxes yet in our brief sex affair and I want to know what all the fuss is about. LOL, cleaning you up with these wet wipes is almost like a hand job, right baby?”

Oh, Chickpea was right about that, not to mention that she was totally giving me a hand job.

“There, now bend me over this box and try to make me pregnant if you have any swimmers left over in your juicy balls, Max. And I promise to whimper ooh, ooh, ooh, ga, ga, ga all the while you jack hammer me from behind. I also promise to be the best of our future sister wives living situation, baby.”

What a woman that Chickpea is, right? She knows all the right things to say.

End Max delivers 04

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