Mr. Taylor Ch. 03

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Authors note:

Sorry for the delay on this chapter and how short it is, my life got crazy.

This is a work of fiction and Everyone in the story is over 18

More chapters to come 😉


“Saint Peter’s, the one dad…” Jenna got out through sobs.

“I’ll be there in a few hours. Be strong until I get there, sis. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Alex hung up the phone, much soberer than when he answered. He needed to get back to his hometown ASAP.

He looked at the beautiful young girl, who was actually worried for him.

“I’m so sorry Dani, I have to go.”

Alex was putting his shirt back on as Dani replied, “I understand. Is there anything I can do?”

I have some ideas.

“No, I think I’ve sobered up enough to drive to the hospital where my mom is.” Alex sighed, trying to ignore Dani’s hard nipples through the fabric of her robe.

“Fuck, I’m sorry Alex. I hope she’s okay.”

My mother’s hurt and all I want to do is rip off that fluffy robe you’re wearing and fuck you against the wall. Goddammit.

“Me too, thanks for everything. We can… talk when I get back.” He said walking toward the door.


“Actually, Dani, there is something you can do if you don’t mind.” Alex said turning back to look at her

She nodded with a sympathetic smile. He pulled his keys out of his back pocket, looking for the spare one to his apartment. Dani looked confused as he held it out to her.

“Do you mind watching over Leela until I get back? I’ll take care of her before I head out but I might be gone for a few days.”

“Um sure, what’s the apartment number?”

“422,” Taking a step forward, he chastely kissed her on the cheek before whispering “thank you” and quickly leaving.


Dani was fighting the disappointment building in her.

He didn’t want to leave, he had to. It was his sister, not his girlfriend.

Before the small insecurities in the back of her mind could convince her otherwise, she started getting ready for bed. It was only when she finally collapsed on the bed that she noticed the note on her pillow.

“I’ve got Darcy in my room, enjoy your night 😉 – L”

Dani had completely forgotten about Darcy and the fact that he was supposed to be in her room. She quickly got up walked to her sister’s door. After knocking lightly, she was surprised to see Kacey answer it, hair disheveled.

“Sorry Kacey, I was just gonna grab Darcy” Dani said smirking as she recognized Lauren’s pajamas.

“No worries, here he is.” Kacey’s cheeks were red as she stepped aside for Darcy to walk through.

“Thanks” Dani said before leading Darcy back to her room, and finally getting some sleep.


Alex’s mind was all over the place during the 3-hour trip to his hometown hospital.

Half the trip was spent worrying about his only remaining parent, and his younger sister alone at the hospital.

Eventually, his mind wandered to Dani, and how incredibly attractive she was. He replayed the feeling of her breasts underneath his hands, the sounds she made as she ataşehir escort came under his tongue.

He couldn’t stop the erection from returning, and he started stroking himself through his jeans. It wasn’t long before he freed his cock from the painfully tight pants, keeping one hand on the steering wheel and his eyes on the empty highway.

He imagined himself back in her room. He pictured Dani slowly pulling down his pants and then his boxers, watching him through her beautiful lashes. He could easily see those perfect eyes growing wide with surprise when she saw all of him for the first time. She’d stroke him slowly before kissing the tip of him with her red lips, now slightly smeared.

He’d never jerked off while driving before, but he’d gone too far to stop now. He stroked himself in earnest, imagining Dani’s lips around him, pushing further and further at a tortuously slow pace, until her mouth was completely full. He pictured her full breasts bouncing slightly as she sped up and added a hand to his shaft, working in perfect unison with her wet lips.

He was glad the car was set to cruise control as his orgasm built, and he exploded over and over again onto the underside of his dash board.

His body finally relaxed after hours of arousal, he enjoyed the relief for a while before cleaning up the mess he’d made.

He spent the last hour of the trip considering the risk he’d taken, allowing himself to get close to Dani. He could lose his job, and any potential teaching jobs in the future. He’d never considered himself the type to jeopardize his future for a pretty face and a good time.

But even as he scolded himself for letting things go too far, he yearned to see those dark eyes looking up at him from the passenger seat.


When Dani woke up, she was surprised to find her hand resting on her pussy. She’d been having a very good dream, but couldn’t remember it. Despite having a minor hangover, she was horny.

Slowly replaying everything from the night before, she soon stood to get her favorite toy from her dresser.

Before she could grab her little purple dildo, Darcy whined and sat by her bedroom door.

Oh c’mon.

Sighing, Dani threw on some pajamas and grabbed Darcy’s leash. She was leaving her room when she remembered Leela waiting in Alex’s apartment, and grabbed the spare key from her dresser.

After feeding Darcy, Dani walked him across the small patch of grass between her building and building 4. When she entered Alex’s second floor apartment, she was immediately bombarded by an excited Leela.

“Hi there Princess! Are you ready for a walk?”

Leela whined excitedly.

Looking around, she found Leela’s pink leash on the counter. Under the leash was a note from Alex including his phone number and some instructions. Deciding to read it later, Dani leashed Leela and led both dogs to the dog park.

The two pups played happily together in the dog run for about half an hour before Dani dragged them back to Alex’s apartment. She let the dogs continue socializing while she read the note.

“Dani, I left Leelas the leash kadıköy escort bayan on the counter. Her food is in the pantry, I usually feed her right after I walk her, and then again around 6 pm. Call me when you get the chance and I’ll go over some other small things.”

His number was at the bottom of the note in hurried script. Dani looked up to see Leela sitting in front of her empty food bowl, staring up expectantly. Worried Darcy might try to take Leela’s breakfast, Dani herded him down the hallway and into the first room she found. It was a bathroom, decorated with masculine black rugs and accessories.

Dani left Darcy there and returned to feed Leela. As the dog ate, Dani nervously decided to call Alex, who picked up on the first ring.


“Um hi, Alex?”

“Hey Dani. Did everything go alright with Leela?” Alex’s voice was concerned.

“Yup, She’s eating now.”

“Perfect thank you again.”

There was an awkward silence for a few moments before both Dani and Alex started talking at the same time.

After another pause, Dani laughed nervously and said, “You go first.”

“I was just going to see how you were feeling.” Alex said, amusement in his voice.

“I’ve got a bit of a headache but I’m okay. How are you? How’s your mom, what happened?”

“I’m okay. My mom was in a car accident late last night and she had an internal injury that required surgery. She just got out of surgery and the doctors tell me it went well, so I was going to try and catch some sleep before she wakes up.”

Dani couldn’t ignore how exhausted he sounded.

“That’s awful, but I’m glad to hear the surgery went well. I’ll let you get some sleep.”

“Can I ask for one more favor first?” He asked quickly.

“Of course, Alex. Whatever you need.”

“Do you mind sleeping at my place until I get back? I know that’s a strange request but I will probably stay for a few days and I don’t like leaving Leela alone for that long. You can bring Darcy of course. I’m sure Leela will love that.”

Sleep at his place?

“Uhh, I mean I could probably bring Leela over to my place. I don’t want to intrude.”

“Please Dani? Leela will be more comfortable at home and I don’t want to be up worrying about her. I know it’s a lot to ask.” The tired plea was too much for Dani to deny.

“Okay, I’ll stay until you get back.”

“Thank you Dani. Make yourself at home, there’s food in the pantry and fridge that you are welcome to eat. Oh, and don’t sleep on that old couch, Leela has claimed it for herself and my bed is much comfier.”

Nervous butterflies sprung up in Dani’s uneasy stomach.

“If you insist.” Dani agreed.

“Alright, I will talk to you later. Bye, Dani.”

She hung up the phone and looked around the apartment. She couldn’t stop herself from imagining Alex casually going about his day, making meals and playing with Leela.

During the phone call Leela had wandered over and climbed onto the couch.

Claimed space, indeed.

As Dani let Darcy out of the bathroom, an open door at the end of the hallway caught her escort maltepe eye. She walked over and opened the door, revealing Alex’s bedroom.

It was pretty clean for a 25-year-old guy, only a few discarded pieces of clothing lying around his unmade bed. Morning light was pouring in from the window by his dresser. Despite the fact that Alex had told her to sleep in his room, Dani felt like she was intruding. But she couldn’t stop herself from closing the door behind her and looking around.

Again, images of Alex casually living his life flashed in her mind. Soon her imagination turned sexual, visualizing him undressing his toned body and climbing into bed. She noticed his laptop on his bedside table and tissues in the open drawer. She blushed, picturing him watching porn and stroking himself. She remembered just how long he felt through his jeans and her clit throbbed.

It was wrong, she knew it, but she sat on his bed right where she’d imagined him. The smell of him was all over the room and it overwhelmed her when she sat. Her mind filled with all of the feelings from the night before. His hands and mouth roaming all over her body.

Dani closed her eyes and followed the path his hands had taken, making small circles on her thighs. Her fingers slid under the edge of her pajama pants and found her underwear soaking wet. She quickly removed her pants and threw them to the floor. She tried not to think about how weird she was for being so turned on just from lying in his bed.

Her fingers found her clit and started circling it. Her mind was consumed with Alex’s mouth on her, making her moan. With her other hand she pulled up her shirt and traced her nipple.

Dani pictured Alex walking in, surprised to find her in his bed touching herself. She wouldn’t stop if he did, she would keep going because, God, it felt good. She would watch his dick harden as he watched her. And as he stood deciding what to do, she would beg him to fuck her hard with that long cock.

The thought of him crawling on top of her and replacing her hands with his, sent her over the edge. She climaxed and loudly moaned his name as her back arched.


Alex had arrived at the hospital around 5 a.m. His sister, Jenna, greeted him with red rimmed eyes.

Jenna told him about his mother’s accident, and that she was now in emergency surgery to remove a shard of glass that had punctured her left lung.

They waited for hours, barely talking and drinking coffee. Neither acknowledged the sinking feeling this hospital gave them, because they had both been there for their father’s death.

When they’d finally gotten word that the surgery went well, Alex convinced Jenna to go home and get some sleep. During the silent hours he kept his mind busy with thoughts about Dani, and whether or not to pursue her.

Once he knew his mother would make it, he wondered what she would think if she met Dani. And that thought scared him. He’d never brought anyone home to meet his mother. He’d always kept his family as a very private part of himself, not wanting to expose the pain they’d gone through. Why would he consider it for a girl he barely knew?

When Dani called, he decided spur of the moment to ask her to sleep there. The thought of her in his bed was too tantalizing not to request.

After ensuring with a nurse that his mother would be out for a while, he curled up in a chair and fell asleep.

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