Mr. Weaver’s Niece and Jason Pt. 02

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“Here’s the tea, cream and sugar.” Angela beams as she sets the teapot and two cups on the chair Jason used which is now positioned between the two ladies.

The smell of the freshly made tea fills the air as they sit on the faux leather sofa.

Angela adjusts her dark-framed glasses before pulling the sleeves of her white blouse almost to her elbows and smooths her navy blue calf-length skirt under her before sitting neatly. She properly crosses her long sensuously tanned legs.

Helen smiles with appreciation as she tucks her jet-black hair behind her shoulders and pours each a cup.

Angela sits back, clutching the saucer, and brings the cup to her thin, wet lips, smelling the sweet aroma of the tea. She rests her eyes and tastes the tea, allowing it to warm both her body and soul.

Helen follows suit, her face pleased and calm. Helen wonders why she can’t brew tea like her. What exactly is her secret?

They linger over the brew for a while, engrossed in a simple conversation about the latest fashion trends, music, movies, and, of course, gossip from the neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Jason and the girls are sitting on Dawn’s bed, free to wear anything or nothing at all.

Vicki sits topless, embracing her natural beauty. Dawn sits beside her, free of makeup and clothes, exuding a natural radiance. Jason smiles, feeling privileged at being able to enjoy the beauty of the two in their most authentic forms. From their natural aura, joy and contentment fill the air. They enjoy the vulnerability and openness of being naked and unafraid.

They’re having a good time as young adults, laughing, joking, and making fun of one other. But it doesn’t end there. Dawn and Vicki each take turns stroking Jason’s meaty member. Dawn merely holds it in her soft palm and traces her thumb from its head to his tummy.

“I’ve never seen such a beautiful cock, have you, Vicki?”

Vicki gently takes Jason into her warm, tiny little hand pushing his foreskin back and drawing her fingers forward several times along his shaft and the head. With her thumb she gently pulls the slit apart and looks at it with the curiosity of a child.

“Mmm… No, nothing like this, not even on the porn sites… Dawn, do you ever wonder how it brings so much pleasure?” She says while holding his unit firmly.

“No, I’ve never really thought about it until just now.”

Jason touches each of their breasts in turn. Vicky’s small little orbs couldn’t be more flawless in Jason’s eyes. Dawn’s swollen nipples tingle as he squeezes and lowers his head, sucking, biting, and digging the flavour. They’re bonding and creating memories that will, perhaps, last a lifetime.

Jason may arguably be the most fortunate young guy on the planet.

This morning he was lying in bed daydreaming about flying.

He meets his new neighbours.

Then, the next thing he knows, he’s flirting and having sex with a woman almost twice his age and her two step-daughters on the day they met, despite the fact that neither are biologically related.

Returning downstairs, Angela can’t take her eyes off Helen. She finds her confidence, grace and wit alluring. Angela wonders what it would take to know this attractive feline more intimately. She stretches the top of her sheer, white blouse which has the semblance of silk more apart as she feels sexy, exposing more of her chest and breasts. However, Angela is regretting wearing her slip, which hinders her from expressing more of her sexual appeal.

“So Jason says you’ve been divorced, what ten years now?”

“Mm-Mm, nine years actually, you’re close enough.” Helen shrugs and replies in a calm, cool and collected manner.

Helen feels at ease with her new neighbour, she extends her arms outwards and yawns. Helen turns and lays her right ear on the back of the sofa curls her legs on the seat. Angela too rests her head while looking into Helen’s deep blue eyes. They’re so close physically that you couldn’t put a hand between them.

“My ex-husband’s name is Robert.” Helen confesses in a soft voice. Her eyes flit between Angela’s wavy black hair and her pearly whites. “We divorced because we just grew apart. He changed jobs so many times, and each time we had to move. With Robert, every job was meant to be better than the one before it. But they never were.

I got so ill and exhausted I ended up in the hospital. My priorities changed, I wanted to be a mother more than a wife, we drifted apart. We realized that dissolving our marriage was in our best interests. I took and raised Jason myself. Thank goodness your uncle moved in here when he did. Despite his advanced age, he was a positive influence on Jason. Jason never got involved in drugs or anything serious, and I credit him for that.”

“Oh, I loved Uncle Ed. When he was younger he was a real party animal. He got sick a couple years before he retired and they pulled his helicopter license, he was never the same. He’s told me a lot about your son and you.”

“All good things I Hope.” Helen jokes.

“Mmmm…” Didim Escort Angela smiles, rolls her head slightly then teases Helen with a so-so gesture, “Not everything was good.”

“Oh he must’ve told you about the time Jason batted a baseball through his window and hit his brand new tv two days before the Superbowl.” Helen laughs. “He was going to kill Jason, and me that day. I ended up paying for an expensive tv I never got to use.”

“-But the best part was when he called the insurance company and tried to claim it as an act of God. They hung up on him!”

“Oh yeah, he told me that story, repeatedly. That was funny.”

“How about you,” Helen wonders aloud. “How did you end up with the girls?”

Angela tells her story of how she adopted her two girls when she lived in Newport Richie, about an hours drive away, who were in foster care and how they became a close family over time. She describes the challenges and joys of raising them alone and how their bond grew stronger as they grew older.

There is a lull in the conversation, and they sit silently, looking intently at one another. Angela combs Helen’s bangs to one side, then traces a finger down her smooth face lines to her chin.

“Umm…Helen, have you ever kissed a woman?” Angela inquires, her voice trembling.

Helen, unfazed by her inquiry, admits as she strokes the rim of her cup with her thumb. “Hmm…hmm, a few times.”

“Have you ever had sex with a female?”

“No,” There’s a slight pause. “Although I did have a few opportunities, I passed them up. For starters, Robert was unaware that I was attracted to both sexes, and I doubt he would have approved anyways. Whether with a man or woman, cheating is still cheating. Robert and I were moving so frequently that I didn’t want to become attached or create a deep connection with anyone, male or female. It wouldn’t have been fair to either them, me or Robert.”

“Would you have a female to female relationship right now, given the chance?” Angela probes further.

“Mmm…That depends, are you asking?”

Angela’s lips part, as if to say something, but instead they sit, suspended in a shared moment of unspoken longing. They both know what they want and they wonder if it’s possible.

Angela calmly changes the subject. “Do you masturbate?”

“You sure ask a lot of hard questions,” Helen chuckles, shakes her head smiling, then turns her focus towards the ceiling. “I do, but not when Jason’s around. I don’t want him to catch me, I guess.”

“Why not? I’m certain he masturbates. I can assure you he did it after seeing Vicki frolicking around in her room naked earlier today. I don’t have an issue with it for two reasons a) because they’re young and they need that release b) because that’s really how Jason and my daughter met, Vicki caught him.”

“Vicki’s lovely, and she’s 18,” Helen responds. I’d be the feminine equivalent of an old pervert doing it, in Jason’s eyes.

“Oh Helen, come on, you’re more gorgeous and sexier than a lot of the young Florida girls.” Angela states. “I’ll bet you could still rock a two-piece bikini.”

“Oh…I don’t know.” Helen says shyly. “What about you? Do you pleasure yourself?”

“Oh hell yeah, the girls and I do everything in front of each other and we will even do it in front of you and Jason too.”

“I don’t know about Jason,” Helen smiles nervously. “So please go easy on me first. I hope that’s okay.”

“Of course I will,” Angela assures her, then asks.”Do you have sex toys?”

“No, I don’t own any toys.” She looks at Angela, raises and wiggles two fingers in the air beside her head. “It’s either these or the water nozzle on the shower.”

Angela utters a low “Mmm” and angles her head slightly, her lips curling into an agreeable expression.”Umm, Helen, may I kiss you?”

“Ahh, You are asking, I see.” Helen teases with an I caught you tone.

With a nod and an appealing grin, Angela snickers at Helen’s covert taunting.

The two females lean into each other, they pause for a brief second before their lips touch. Several seconds into their kisses, their mouths move in sync, saliva covers their faces, tongues dance together, and their hearts join. They grope each other’s breasts.

As their kisses steadily deepen, with each passing second, their appetite for one another grows stronger, yearning to be drawn into an unending embrace. They eventually separate, gasping for air and blushing and they are both left wanting more.

“Come on, let’s head upstairs,” Angela says as she holds out a hand and Helen takes it, her grip is soft and sure as she leads her upwards.

Once they reach the second floor, Angela points out Vicki’s room on the right, then her room on the left.

“Hmm… it looks like you have your work cut out for you.” Helen mutters as she takes in the surroundings.

The hall is crammed with boxes that are yet to be opened.

Each bedroom bears signs of the recent move, with chests of drawers sitting against the walls each with open and closed drawers, Didim Escort Bayan boxes and shopping bags piled high on top.

Helen enters Angela’s room, and the first thing she notices is that the sunshine streaming in through the windows has dimmed significantly since she came over.

She loved her ersatz bed, which was a replica of a Victorian four-poster bed that she had seen in a museum near one of the city’s she and Robert lived in. It looked great in the space because it was huge and the colours suited the beigey paint on the walls.

As Helen looks around, Angela clears the boxes and clutters off the bed. She finds a pair of sheets and Helen helps her with them before placing some pillows on the bed.

“Make yourself comfortable, please.” Angela gestures.

Both of them take off their shoes and sit up straight at the head of the bed.

“Wow, your bed’s nice.” Helen admires.

Angela suddenly remembers there was something else she wanted to do, jumps off the bed again and rummages through a small cardboard box she places on the bed containing various shapes and sizes of dildos and vibrators, handpicking a few and tossing them on the bed.

“Holy shit, you have a lot of toys in that little box.” Helen haws as she picks a couple of them from the bed to study.

“I have three more boxes just like this…” Angela smirks.

Helen grins as she draws her chin back, and raises an eyebrow in amazement. “Damn it Ang, you’re a nymph.”

“Hee-Hee, That’s funny, because that’s what Vicki calls me, “The Nympho.” Angela laughs. “She says I eat, sleep and dream about sex and she’s right too, I do.”

After some searching she reaches in a corner of the room and throws a big metal like box with a dildo protruding from it up on the bed.”

“What the hell is that?” Helen cries out pointing at the object.

“Really? You haven’t seen one of these before?” Angela is really shocked.

“Nooo,” Helen scratches her head, pulls the object off the bed and sets it in her lap, giving it a thorough examination. “What exactly is it?”

Angela jumps back in bed and cozies up to Helen with her arm around her. “It’s called a Sybian, it’s the girls’ and my favorite toy. I promise I’ll let you use it sometime.”

“-What would you like to do?” Angela asks “We can sit, snuggle and talk; masturbate together or go all out.”

Helen carefully places the device on the bed. She grins at Angela and it feels wonderful for being so open with her. Even after all these years, it feels amazing to be able to connect with someone in that way once more.

Angela makes a suggestion as she reaches into her blouse, “Let’s sit and snuggle, to be honest I’m too tired for anything more than that right now. You’re welcome to spend the night if you’d like.”

“I’d love to, but I don’t know what Jason’s going to do?” Let me talk to them. “Jason…Girls, could you come to Angela’s room for a minute please.”

A few minutes pass by and they crowd in the doorway, their arms around each other’s hips.

“Jason, I’m spending the night here with Angela. You’re more than welcome to stay or go home. The girls can go with you if they want. But, in the future let us know where you’re staying so we’re not making extra food and letting it go to waste and we know where you are for your safety, Okay?”

“You’re staying here, Jason, with us.” Vicki orders with a smile resembling that of a Cheshire cat.

“Hey, don’t I have a say in this?” Jason makes fun of Vicki.

Vicki rocks back and forth on her feet, clasps her hands in front of her, and smiles smugly at Jason. “Nope, tonight you’re mine.”

Jason humorously grabs Vicki by the waist and tickles her. She squeals with laughter and sprints hysterically toward Dawn’s room. Jason tries to snag her again as she turns and runs backwards while giggling. Dawn catches up.

Vicki falls backwards onto the bed. Jason reaches for her shorts and pulls them off the fair skinned beauty. He tosses them into the hall. Jason wrestles with his pants but gets his cock out and thrusts it into her.

“Ooohhh….owww…damn that friggen thing is big.” Vicki screams as she grabs Jason’s arms and takes him like a champ.

Helen and Angela listen to them and laugh. Angela jokes, “If those two don’t get married, I’ll be surprised.”

“Me too, they seem so into each other!” Helen nods. “You know, I’m kind of surprised Jason didn’t freak out or try to make me look like a slut or something when I told him I was spending the night with you.”

“I knew he wouldn’t.” Angela replies as she looks at her red fingertips.

“How did you know that?” Helen asks, perplexed.

“Easy, he was with us all afternoon, he saw Vicki interacting with us and didn’t get disgusted with us. It turned him on more, I think.”

“You almost seem to know him better than I do.” Helen says.

“Mmm, sometimes strangers see our kids more clearly, good or bad, than we do.”

Helen closes her eyes and they kiss while still sitting up against the headboards.

They Escort Didim discard their clothes and the two of them explore each other without an ounce of hesitation. Angela removes her glasses, jewelry and bracelets and places them on the stand next to her and pulls Helen closer, kissing her deeply.

Angela positions herself in a fairly diagonal position on the bed. In between her legs, Helen is softly nudging her nub and her depths.

With each licking of Helen’s tongue on Angela’s nest of hair, she feels her worries melt away. While Helen’s tongue goes about its merry business, Angela’s juices begins to trickle out of her pink hole. Angela’s flavors dance in her mouth and she savors every breath of her exquisite aroma

Helen has never been this close to a woman before, yet she feels like it’s a time of absolute ecstasy.

Vicki enters the room without a single element of clothes on, sees the two females, and is not at all fazed. “Where are the toys, Mom?”

Angela watches Vicki while somewhat reclined and propped up on her arms. She gestures in the direction of a room corner behind her. They’re in those boxes. There are three of them.

Vicki bends over and Helen gets a good look at Vicki’s cookie and her starfish.”, not them. Angela says exasperated. “Those…over there she points again.”

Vicki, confused, turns to check where her stepmother is pointing, then goes back and picks up a couple boxes, inspecting them inside to ensure she has the correct ones. “OK, thanks Mom.”

She gives Angela a quick kiss. In a friendly tone she asks her stepmom. “How is she?”

“Oh fuck she’s good.” Angela coos. Then asks. “Are you sure you never ate pussy before, damn you’re good at it??”


“Fuck, I find that hard to believe.” Angela lifts her brows muttering under her breath.

Vicki asks Helen to stand up. She kisses her, then smacks, and rubs her pussy lips, making sure to get some of her wetness on her fingers.

“Mmm… Wow Mom, she tastes good.

“-can I suck your nipples?”

“Yeah, of course.” Vicki decides to lick Helen’s pussy as well. But before she can, Angela has other ideas.

“Vicki, fuck off!” Angela says with agitation. ” You two can lick each other some other time. Right now she happens to be eating my cunt. Now take the toys and piss off!!”

Vicki teases, ” Well, there’s a lesson learned. Don’t bother Mom when she’s getting her pussy eaten. Bye, I’m outta here.”

She gives Helen a quick peck, a wave then takes off.

“What a little bitch, trying to get in on my pleasure!” They laugh heartily.

Vicki gets back into Dawn’s room.

“What was all the yelling?”

Vicki responds in amusement while brushing aside. “Oh don’t worry, it’s nothing, Jason’s mom was eating moms pussy and I asked her for a kiss and to suck her tits. Mom got mad saying Helen was eating her pussy and to fuck off,that’s all.”

“Okay mister, it’s my turn now.” Dawn says as she lays flat on the bed, licking her fingers, and rubbing her clit. Jason can smell the earthy aroma coming from between her legs.

Vicki searches the box and settles on a tiny vibrator with a long cord and remote control. While observing her stepsister and Jason, she leans back in the corner of the bed which is in a corner of the room, her legs spread unabashedly wide. She feels she is in a world of her own

Vicki closes her eyes and lets out a deep sigh. Her mind begins to wander to Jason; she wants him desperately. She feels her heart racing as she imagines his arms around her, his gentle touches, his passionate kisses. Even though he’s only inches away in the arms of her step-sister.

She and Dawn had an unbreakable bond formed in their foster home. When they made a promise to always share everything, they meant it. This even included their love for the same man. They both wanted him to be a part of their lives and were determined to include him in their unique connection. No matter the circumstances, their commitment to each other would endure.

Vicki knows only Jason can fill the emptiness inside her and bring her so much pleasure. In spite of the limited time, only a day, they have known each other, against all odds, they developed a strong connection, feeling comfortable enough with one another to open up and share. Vicki basks in the thought, dreaming of a life with her perfect man.

Dawn closes her eyes and feels the pain of his large girth stretching her. No one wants to sweat from working in a coal mine, no one wants to sweat from building highways, but no one cares about sweating for a little moment of pleasure with a beautiful lady. Glistening beads of sweat drip from Jason’s body onto Dawn’s flesh as she wraps her legs around his stomach. Her hands blindly explore Jason’s strong shoulders, muscles, and back as he thrusts in and out her.

Vicki suddenly starts convulsing from the orgasms made by the little silver bullet. Her mouth drops, her eyes recede back in her head.

It was only a second, how much can you do in a second? Blink? Wink? Yawn? or Sneeze? In that second Vicki collapses from the pleasures of her mini vibrator, Dawn lets go of a pleasurable gush of her feminine liquids while Angela enjoys an earth-shaking moment of ecstasy at the hands of her new lover.

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