My In-laws Ch. 03

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I have one last chapter coming up. Again comments are more than welcomed and messages are more than welcomed as well. Thank you to neuroparenthetical for help with editing. Enjoy


After our sexual encounter, my in-laws and I talked to each other about what had just happened. Both of them seemed very happy, and not embarrassed or disgusted in any way. I checked in with them a few more times over the next couple of days – mostly over texts – and everything seemed completely normal.

The next Friday afternoon, I went over to help Jack in his garden, and he broached the subject again.

“We’re not kids, Vinny,” he said. “We knew what we wanted to do with you, and it happened. At our age, most people aren’t bothering at all, but you’ve reignited a passion in us both and we’re thankful for it. Now don’t you tiptoe around us feeling awkward at all. We want life to go on as normal, and then, when it’s just us, or you and Michelle, then we can have our fun. If that’s okay with you?”

“It suits me!” I replied. “As you say, as long as our normal relationship remains, then this is all a bonus!”

Michelle brought out cold drinks for us all, and we sat around the garden table chatting.

“Any plans this weekend, Vinny?” she asked.

“No, nothing set in stone,” I answered.. “I might go to watch the football tomorrow and maybe a pint afterwards.”

“Why don’t you come around afterwards? We’re having a barbecue; the weather’s supposed to be good. It’d be a shame to waste it!”

“Hmm is Amanda going to be here?” I asked. “I don’t want things to feel awkward for her.”

“You still love her, don’t you?” Michelle asked.

“Always will,” I said. “I think about her every day. She was the one.”

“It’s a bloody tragedy Vinny,” said Jack. “You two let that marriage go too easily. You’re both as much to blame as the other!”

“You still get along okay,” Michelle added with a laugh. “She says nice things about you – mostly!”

“Mostly?” I said, laughing a bit as well. “Doesn’t sound like I’ll get my hands on you if Amanda’s here, though?”

“Well, perhaps you should do that now then?” said Michelle.

I looked at Jack. He raised his eyebrows and said, “I think that’s an offer, Vinny! You take her inside. I need to finish this garden!”

Michelle and I headed indoors, to the kitchen. “I’ve got a sweat on,” I said. “Shall I shower?”

“It kind of turns me on you being a bit dirty and sweaty,” she said. “Maybe shower afterwards?”

We went through to the bedroom and kissed. She lifted my T-shirt over my head and licked my nipples. She moaned as she savoured the sweat from my body.

“God that’s a turn on!” she said as she kissed over my toned chest.

I lay down on the bed and she undid my trousers, pulled them down, and started kissing my hard cock through my tight boxers. There was already a wet precum patch on the front, which she teased with her tongue. Then she sucked gently over my growing head. It felt amazing being sucked through the thin material.

“Mmmm is that precum from thinking about your mother-in-law?” she asked.

“It is!” I replied. “God you look good today! Take your T-shirt and shorts off!”

She stood and did as I asked. She wore a matching set of lilac knickers and bra. I could see her large, brown nipples through the material.

“On or off?” she asked.

“Hmmm you do look incredibly sexy…” I answered, “… but take it all off. I need to explore that body of yours!”

She laughed and stripped, and I got her to do a twirl to show me her body. Then she pulled down my boxers and started to suck on my erect penis. Her moans were enough on their own to make me almost cum. She sounded like she was in heaven sucking on me.

She told me to move up the bed, and after I did, she crawled on. She took her time licking up my legs, spending an age teasing my thighs and then my heavy balls. She inhaled deeply, wanting to savour the odour of the sweat Denizli Escort on my body as she hungrily sucked and licked me.

After a few minutes of sucking on me, I asked her to bring her legs around and straddle my face so we were in a 69 position. Her fleshy, dark pink pussy was right in my face, and I could feel the heat radiating from it. Her tight asshole was just inches from me.

I lapped at her pussy and she moaned with my cock in her mouth, which felt amazing as it vibrated. I asked her to lick my balls, as they are so sensitive. She did as I asked – long licks, little flicks, the occasional gentle suck – and I was in heaven. She moved down slightly to lick between my balls and my ass. I groaned; it’s one of my favorite things being licked there. I wanted her so badly to lick my ass. It’s always been my biggest turn on, but despite how far we’d come and what we were doing, I was too shy to ask. Instead, I took my tongue to her ass – to her beautiful, tight, puckered anus – and flicked it.

“Oh my goodness! ” she said. “I never thought that could be so pleasurable!”

I used that as my opportunity. “It’s my biggest turn-on, Michelle. It’s so rude and taboo!”

She took the hint and moved down a little more with her tongue. I lifted my legs and she flicked my tight asshole. We were moaning and groaning with our tongues in each other’s arses. Her plump, lovely ass was on my face; I was tongue fucking it as she returned the favour. I was in heaven. After a while, I felt her wonderful, warm mouth return to my cock.

She made such lovely moans as she did everything she could to please me. Then I felt something unexpected.. It was another tongue teasing my ass. I jumped a little in surprise, but lifted my legs to give more access. I reached down and felt Jack’s head.

I pulled him in. He moaned and whispered, “Oh, yes!” as he rimmed me.

I moved my hand to Michelle’s head. She was bobbing it up and down on my cock and moaning. “Mmm, kiss me, Jack!” she said. I felt their mouths leave me as I continued to lick Michelle’s pussy and ass. I heard them kissing and telling each other they loved each other. Then I felt two mouths moving up and down my cock before feeling one of Jack’s strong fingers pressing at my ass. I thought I was going to cum immediately. He withdrew, licked my ass some more, and then fingered me more.

I’d had my ass played with during sex before – a finger from my wife, but that was it. Jack was literally finger fucking my arse whilst his wife blew and licked me. Then I felt something else. He’d stood up and was pressing his cock against my arse.

Oh, shit! I thought to myself. Am I really going to let this happen?

Michelle was holding my dick in her hand and wanking me slowly as Jack’s cock rubbed against my virgin hole. He pushed, and the head pushed into me. I grunted as it popped in. It hurt, but once in, I just felt ridiculously full. It was unlike anything I’d ever felt before.

I pulled my tongue out of Michelle and said, “Fuck me slowly, Jack!”

Michelle moved off me, and Jack started to fuck my ass.

“Michelle, bring me your tits to suck!” I said, and she immediately brought her beautiful, mature breasts to my mouth. I sucked on them and grunted as Jack finally pushed all the way into me. He withdrew slowly. Michelle reached out and wanked my cock. He pushed back in and withdrew, pushed back in and withdrew, and then he groaned loudly. I felt hot liquid hit my asshole and balls. He’d come after just a few pumps.

It was a strange sensation when he withdrew. I suddenly felt really empty.

Michelle was trying to see the cum on me. She reached down with her hand and rubbed it into my arse and balls.

“Finger me and suck me ’til I cum!” I said. She smiled and went on her knees on the floor. She flicked her tongue around my ass whilst licking up her husband’s cum.

Jack was wiping himself down with a towel. Michelle started to finger my ass and suck me. Denizli Escort Bayan I literally started to fuck her mouth, her eyes on me all the time. She took her mouth off and whispered, “Cum for Mummy!” It was all I needed to take me over the edge. I exploded into her mouth. Jack was with her, kissing her and savouring my cum. She went to pull her finger from my ass but I grabbed her and asked her to keep it there for a moment. I was in sexual bliss.

The next day, my phone rang. It was my ex-wife, Amanda.

“Hiya,” I answered. “Everything okay?”

“Yes,” she replied. “I’ve just been shopping with Mum and she said she mentioned the barbecue to you. Look, it’s fine with me if you want to come. It’s just going to be a couple of hours. I know it might seem a bit weird, but we still get on okay. Anyways, I’ll leave it with you, but the weather is looking good, so I’ll be there.”

“Thanks Amanda,” I replied. “I really appreciate that. I’ll perhaps see you there then.” After that, we said our goodbyes.

It was a lovely day. I jumped in the shower, washed myself, and shaved my balls smooth. I masturbated to all the naughty fantasies that were dancing around in my head.

I got dressed in a pair of shorts and T-shirt and drove to the store. I picked up some beers and some fresh meat off the meat counter – steaks and chops. I then drove to Jack and Michelle’s house.

Amanda’s car wasn’t there. I walked in and Michelle was preparing stuff in the kitchen.

“Hi!” she said as she looked over her shoulder. “Jack’s in the garden lighting the barbecue. I’m so glad you came.”

I walked up to her and put my arms around her and kissed her on the neck.

She moaned, and whispered, “Careful, Amanda’s here. She’s in the garden.”

I turned her face to me and kissed her. She pushed her tongue into my mouth, and then we broke away, smiling. I put the meat in the fridge and took the beers into the garden.

“Hi Vinny!” said Jack.

“Hiya!” said Amanda

“Beer?” I asked them both, and they both said yes. I opened one each and passed them round. Amanda looked great. She had on cutoff jean shorts and a white T-shirt that clung to her large breasts. I could feel my cock uncurl just looking at her.

We sat and chatted, and, to my amazement, it all felt quite comfortable. The food was great and we all drank way too much whilst talking about just about everything.

Michelle and Jack started clearing things away. Amanda and I tried to interject and insist we do it, but they wouldn’t have it.

“So, up to much else the weekend?” I asked.

“I’ll probably be hungover to hell tomorrow so I doubt it!” she replied.

“You never could handle your drink!” I said with a laugh.

“Ha, yes,” she said. “In fairness, you carried me home enough times. Might stay here tonight though. I can’t be arsed getting a taxi!” And why don’t I ask Mmum if you can stay in the spare room? They wouldn’t mind, I’m sure. We’ve all had too much to drink to drive!”

“I don’t want to put on them, Amanda,” I said, “and I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable either!”

“I’ve really enjoyed seeing you today, to be honest, Vinny. It’s been good talking about old times.”

After a few more drinks and a lot of chat and laughs it was agreed I’d stay in one of the spare rooms.

The air had chilled a little, and I noticed Amanda’s nipples harden under the breeze. Jack brought out blankets and we sat around a campfire.

“You two will have to scoot together a little, I’m sorry, and share this blanket!”

We were drunk enough to not care and didn’t really feel awkward. We just sat there sipping our drinks, it was pitch black apart from the fire and everything just felt so right. Michelle was snuggled opposite us under a blanket with Jack.

It was then that I felt the unmistakable sensation of Amanda’s hand undoing my shorts. I looked at her and she bit her lip a little, smiled coyly, and carried on listening Escort Denizli to the story her mother was telling. Her hand felt so good – so soft. It wrapped around me and I stood fully erect at her touch. My hand went to her shorts and slowly undid them. I slid my hand down into a pair of lacy knickers and felt her hairless pussy – perfectly smooth.

Obviously we were being discreet and hardly moving, but her wetness told me she was as turned on as I was. I wanted to throw the blanket off us and lick her right there in front of her parents. I wanted to fuck her and pleasure her whilst they did the same opposite us, but of course that couldn’t happen. And we just played gently, slowly, and lovingly under the blanket.

After god knows how long of that Michelle stood, and said that she was taking some of the empties into the house and was going to shower after that.

Amanda and I fastened ourselves up under the blanket. Then I stood and said I’d help.

My cock was still rock hard. All of them must have been able to see it, but we were all drunk and I didn’t care at that stage.

As I got into the kitchen. Michelle smiled and whispered, “Like old times eh? I’d love to see what both you guys were up to under that blanket. Probably the same as me and Jack!” She gave my hard cock a squeeze. I laughed. Then, to my shock, Michelle took my hand and licked my fingers – the same fingers that had been rubbing Amanda’s pussy just minutes before.

I pulled her to me and kissed her. Then I turned her around, lifted her dress, pulled my hard cock out, pulled her knickers to the side, and buried myself in her. She gripped the work top as I fucked her deep just for a few seconds. I just needed it. I needed sex like I never had before.

“I think you should get back out there to her and finish the job!” Michelle said.

Still a bit stunned by what I’d watched and felt Michelle do to my fingers, I went back outside. Jack was just picking up a few more things to put away. Amanda and I still had some drink left so we said we’d sit out a bit longer. We waited five or ten minutes then she just climbed on top of me.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed. “I need you!”

I didn’t care about getting caught. In fact, I’d have loved it.

I pulled at her clothing. She literally stood and kicked off her knickers and shorts. I pushed her backwards and onto the grass. My head went straight to her pussy. I savored the scent and warmth I’d missed so much. I licked her, fingered her and teased her clit with my tongue.

Then I moved up. She’d already lifted her T-shirt and was playing with her own big tits, which she’d pulled out of her bra. She lifted one to her mouth and licked her nipple, knowing it had always turned me on. I joined her, our tongues teasing her tits as she moaned. I undid my shorts and my cock sprang out. It automatically found her sweet, wet pussy. Her legs wrapped around me and we kissed with a passion we’d only ever had for each other.

We fucked right there on the lawn. Her mouth was buried into my shoulder as we fucked with sheer passion and lust for each other. I looked towards the house and I could see the silhouette of Michelle and Jack watching us through a window in the house. I decided to put on a show for them. I fucked Amanda, moving her from position to position; I moved and knelt by her mouth so she could suck me; I climbed on her and fucked her more until she moaned and told me she was cumming. She dug her nails into me and buried her cries into my neck. Then I moved up and fucked her big tits, her tongue darting out to lick my tip as I did.

I felt my balls tighten and told her I was going to cum. She stroked my cock into her mouth and swallowed every drop. There we were, a divorced couple, lay on the lawn of her parents’ house, covered in cum and exhausted. We lay panting for several minutes, then kissed.

“Well that escalated quickly!” I said with a laugh.

“Oh God, Vinny!” she replied. “I needed it, though!”

“I thought you had a nice fella now?” I asked, teasing her.

“I know! I’m sorry!”

“Don’t be,” I said seriously. “I loved it and needed it too.”

As we played there in post sex-bliss, I thought to myself, This can’t get any better. Of course, I had no idea what was about to happen.

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