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“NEVER!?” I said, shocked to my toes.

“I don’t think so,” Barb replied. “I mean sometimes it feels awfully good and something starts building. But then it’s over!”

“C’mon, you’re 25 years old, married to a hot guy and you’ve NEVER had an orgasm?”

She got defensive.

“It’s not like I had a lot of experience before Doug! How’m I supposed to know?”

I took another sip of my third margarita.

“Barb, I love you, you’re smart and pretty and a lot of fun. But you need to understand… you DESERVE this! WE deserve this! God gave us orgasms to make up for a LOT of other SHIT! And not getting your share… well that’s just WRONG!”

A frown wrinkled her usually placid face. I’d love to have her high cheekbones and full lips.

“Swell. Now my best friend is pissed at me because I don’t have orgasms.”

I giggled.

“What if God is pissed at you? Hey, he gave you a present you haven’t even opened!”

“Oh noooooOOO!” Barb groaned dramatically, “My best friend AND God are pissed! I need another margarita.”

“That’s why we got the pitcher, silly!”

Girls Night Out was supposed to include five of us, but Gloria didn’t show, Tina had to take her son to soccer practice and Stephanie left early for a 6 a.m. flight the next day. That left just me to teach Barb her first class in Orgasms 101. Needless to say our discussion was long and detailed.

A week later class was back in session in Barb’s kitchen, this time over coffee.


“What?” she said innocently, gazing out the window.

“Did you try any of my suggestions?”

“Uh..mmm… no.”


Barb squirmed and looked at me, her wide blue eyes pleading for understanding.

“You don’t know Doug! He comes off like this macho guy, but he’s incredibly sensitive about some things.”

“Meaning sex?”

“Exactly. He barely admits we HAVE sex! We have to do it quietly, with the lights off. And talking about it in cold blood is just not going to happen.”

I paused.

“Let me see if I have this straight. You and Doug have sex several times a week. He cums every time and you NEVER cum… and HE’S the one who doesn’t want to talk about it!”

She was stubbornly silent, her face flushed a rosy pink. I sighed. This was going to be harder than I thought.

For a month I explained and encouraged and drew pictures on napkins, but it was no good. Doug and Barb did not communicate about sex… never had, never would. He was too much a prude and she was too worried about his feelings to force the issue. Our next discussion was in my kitchen.

“Well at least we can get you masturbating,” I finally said, this time at my house.

She blushed cherry red and looked at the ceiling. I noticed that her nipples made distinct bumps in her top.

“Please tell me you’ve at least TRIED getting yourself off!” I pleaded.

No answer. She stared beyond me. I groaned.

“My God, I woke up in the ’50s!”

“Stop being self-righteous!,” Barb retorted hotly. “For your information I HAVE masturbated and it was great!”

“But no payoff, right? No Big Bang?”

“No,” she sighed, looking embarrassed. “I… I get so far and I can’t go on.”

“So you just… STOP?”

“I Çanakkale Escort CAN’T go on… it feels great but then it’s too INTENSE… WAY too intense! My breathing gets funny… and I stop.”

I slumped. I always thought having fun (and orgasms) in bed was normal. Now I was beginning to wonder how normal I was. And Jay is a champ, but when he’s out of town for more than a couple of days, I take matters into my own hands.

“Babydoll,” I said taking both of Barb’s hands in mine and looking into her troubled eyes. “You are GOING to go there if I have to take you there myself!”

“You DO want to do this don’t you?” I asked, hesitating. “Because if you’re happy with how things are, I’ll just shut up.”

She was silent for a moment, her eyes downcast.

“You’re right,” she said finally. “It’s ridiculous that I’m… whatever I am… that I have this mental block. Just… just tell me what to do.”

“I’m afraid telling you won’t do any good,” I said, thinking hard. I didn’t want to lose Barb’s friendship but it was clear I was going to have to take control, to take her places she would never go by herself. She was looking at me now, trusting, waiting for me to do what had to be done.

“Come with me,” I said firmly, holding out my hand. “I’m going to do something drastic.” And I led her down the hall to my bedroom.

Jay and I have a queen-size bed, reinforced so it won’t collapse when we’re giving it a pounding. The tall wrought iron headboard looks decorative, but it’s bolted firmly to the wall… and it has many uses.

My back to Barb, I opened the drawer in my nightstand, took something out and, turning quickly, closed the handcuffs on her left wrist. Pulling Barb firmly toward the bed I clicked the other cuff into the headboard.

“What…?” Barb said, startled. But I already had pushed her firmly down on the bed and clicked the other set of handcuffs onto her right wrist.

“Gina… I don’t…”

“Shhhh, just relax,” I said quietly. I needed her under control, but I didn’t want her to panic. I pulled her right arm to the other side of the bed and cuffed it to the headboard. Now she was on her back in the middle of my bed with both hands locked to the headboard, her arms making a big ‘V.’ She looked up at me, puzzled. Her blouse and ridden up to the bottom of her lacy bra (she has great tits) and her shorts were pulled tight against the plump mound between her legs.

I went into my nightstand again, for a gag designed to muffle the moans I hoped would be coming. Soon it was bound into Barb’s mouth and she could only talk with difficulty.

“I… don’… know… ’bout… dis,” came her muffled voice, anxiety creasing her forehead.

I considered her for a moment, then got out the sleep mask I use when napping in the afternoon. Soon it was covering Barb’s eyes.

“Whus… tha… foah?” she asked.

“Honey I need you to stay focused for awhile… I don’t want you to get distracted.”

“Aw… righ’ ” she said, trusting, her head falling back onto the pillow.

I unbuttoned Barb’s blouse and spread it wide. Pushing one hand under her back, I popped her bra and lifted the cups off her breasts. I’ve always been fine with my Çanakkale Escort Bayan smallish tits. They fit my slender upper body and I don’t get backaches. But I couldn’t help marveling at Barb’s big twins. They stood up proudly, and her nipples are three times bigger than mine, set in large, pink areolae.

Next I opened Barb’s shorts and eased them down her long, smooth legs. She must have shaved that morning. She helped by lifting her wide hips, then helped again when I slid her plain bikini panties off. I was touched by her trust in me. Her dark blonde patch was thick on her mound, but bare between her legs.

My mouth was suddenly dry looking down at my friend lying naked and beautiful on my bed… completely at my mercy. I’d seen her often enough in her little bikini, but never with her nipples and her plump mound and outer lips exposed to view. I could just see her thin inner lips, peeking dark pink from between her pale, thicker outer lips.

Again I reached into my nightstand. Hitachi calls their massager a Magic Wand, but I call it the best thing that’s ever happened to a lonely girl. Plugging it in triggered a low buzzing sound and the vibrator came to life.

I took my time, slowly dragging the head of the massager up one of Barb’s arms and down the other. Her mouth took on a little smile when she felt the vibrations. Slowly I circled her breasts with the fat head of the wand. They leaned slightly to each side, but stayed full and round, topped by those big, enticing nipples.

I let the head of the vibrator glide down the middle of her stomach slowly to the top of her pubes, then around and down one leg, up the inside of her thigh, then down the inside of the other thigh. She sighed and squirmed slightly as the vibrator passed near her pussy without touching.

Up and down I went for several minutes, the vibrator buzzing lightly as I used it to stroke her legs, her belly and around her tits. I saw that her nipples were now stiffly erect and her areolae tightly puckered. I smiled. I had never tried to make a girl cum, but I knew I was on the right track.

Barb was breathing deeply through the gag by this time and starting to thrust her hips up slightly every time the vibrator neared her pussy. She had spread her legs as far as they would go and bent them at the knees. My own breathing was shallow and fast as my eyes feasted on the naked beauty lying wantonly on my bed. I licked my lips.

Now I moved back to her breasts and began concentrating on her nipples. Sure, tits look wonderful and they’re fun to play with, but most of the nerve endings are in the nipples and so I massaged them intensely with the vibrator, first one then the other, back and forth. Barb gave a low moan and now her hips were thrusting slightly upward in a steady rhythm.

After awhile I let the vibrator drift down, down past her ribcage and her belly button to the top of her mound. It was time for the main event. I let the fat head of the wand drift down from the top of her slit to the bottom, touching her only lightly. Barb immediately gave a loud groan and jerked her hips sharply upward. I smiled… now we were getting somewhere!

Several times I let the rounded Escort Çanakkale head of the vibrator drift up along Barb’s slit, then down again, touching her lightly. Her outer lips were quite swollen by now and spread open, revealing glistening, vibrantly pink tissue between her inner lips. She gave a loud moan, muffled by the gag, and lifted her head as if to watch me working between her thighs. But the sleep mask kept her blind and her head fell back on the pillow.

“Oooooh, Gina!” she moaned, the gag failing to muffle the hoarse desire in her voice.

And then I did it. I slid the big round head of the vibrator firmly against her opening and held it there, pressing her wet lips apart, but not entering her.

“SHIT!” she gave a muffled shout. “SHIT-O-FAWCK-O-SHHIIIIIIT!!!”

Barb’s arms were jerking helplessly, the cuffs jangling, while her hips thrust relentlessly upward, seeking more pressure against the mouth of her pussy. Her legs kicked convulsively and I used my left hand to keep one leg from kicking me while my right pressed the vibrator against her pussy. I had not touched her clit or entered her, but knew she was on the edge of a giant climax.

So I suddenly slid the vibrator up her slit, half an inch, until the big head of the wand barely touched the swollen bump of her clit. At the same time I shoved two fingers into her dripping wet hole and began thrusting in and out, as deep and fast as I could.

There was a long pause, her hips suspended off the bed, then she screamed.

“AAAAAAAIIIEEEEEE-OWMYGOD-OWMYGOD,” she screamed through the gag. Without it she’d have been heard a block away! Her upper body was writhing and convulsing, turning this way and that, while her legs quivered and strained and her hips thrust repeatedly up to meet the vibrator and my spearing fingers.

“OW-FUUU-OW-FUUU-OW-FUUU!!!” she roared over and over as wave after wave swept through her. “FUUU-FUUU-FUUU!!”

Barb strained and thrashed and screamed for several long minutes, until suddenly I sensed she was becoming too sensitive. Her hips stopped thrusting and she tried to close her legs. Pleasure signals overloaded her nerve endings and began sounding the alarm. Abruptly I removed the vibrator and pulled my fingers out of her with a wet slurp. The smell of aroused pussy was thick in the still air. I pressed my open palm against her dripping pussy and held it there, unmoving while she closed her legs on my hand. Her ragged breathing sounded quite loud in the suddenly quiet bedroom.

“Owmygawd, owmygawd,” she whispered over and over.

I waited.

Minutes later her breathing returned to normal. Quietly I unlocked the handcuffs and put them away along with the sleep mask, gag and Magic Wand. Her eyes avoiding mine, Barb turned on her side and her breathing became soft and steady and she fell asleep. I pulled the coverlet over her and sat quietly in the recliner, feeling shaken.

Usually it was me cuffed to the bed and screaming through an orgasm. But this time… I had to admit it… I’d gotten wildly aroused teasing Barb to her first explosion. Fifteen minutes later my pussy was still tender and my panties soaked, my breasts felt swollen and my nipples sensitive. It took all I had to put away the Magic Wand without using it on myself.

And the question had to be asked… was I interested in Barb as more than a friend… and if so, was it just sexual or something deeper? Hell… even if it was just sex, things would get awfully complicated.

Yes… awfully complicated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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