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This is a true story. Names have been changed to protect identities.

Kevin stared out the window at the falling snow. It always happened. He loved the snow, he loved the mood it put him in, he loved the romance of it. Yes, the romance. Snow took him back. At 52, he remembered past days and events as if they were yesterday. Snow seemed to be a part of the best times.

There were the walks he took with his high-school sweetheart, Kay. She was a sweetheart, too. There was never a sexual relationship, but he had deeply and permanently loved her. If it hadn’t been for his own damnable insecurity that made him so afraid of losing her, he wouldn’t have done just that. In college he turned into a complete jerk, jealous of the new friends she was making. He treated them and her rudely, and she was smart enough to finally tell him goodbye.

But before that, there were the walks. She only lived a couple blocks away, so they would go out at night, hand in hand, walking the streets of the neighborhood. Sometimes they would talk. Sometimes they would just listen to the scrunching sounds of the snow beneath their feet. If they stood still, they could hear the sounds of the snowflakes as they reached the ground.

How could she be so beautiful, bundled up so tightly so that her face was the only visible part of her body? But those delicate kisses to snow-chilled lips were some of the most precious in his memory. He missed Kay. He had missed her for thirty-three years. Whenever it snowed, he remembered the walks.

The snow continued to fall, and more memories arrived with the white snowflakes. Just as the pure flakes covered the dirt and the uneven ground until everything was a smooth field of white, the memories of years gone by were covered by the few special ones.

After Kay, for only a brief time was Louise. She was a short-lived excitement, but she was exciting. It was the night before graduation when they were in his dorm room. During previous necking sessions, Kevin had begun to slip his hands up under her shirt and caressing her back. The first time he reached her bra line, he stopped there. Over a few necking sessions he had moved past the bra, but his hands always stayed on her back.

This night went just a bit farther. They had been kissing for a long time, first sitting on his bed, then lying down together. At some point, Kevin had drifted off to sleep, his arm lying across her tummy. When he slowly awoke, he discovered to his shock that his hand was under her blouse, and resting on her bra-covered breast. His hand froze. There didn’t seem to be any reaction from Louise. He didn’t even know if she was awake.

Slowly he began to gently squeeze and knead her right breast. Oh, God, it felt so wrong! It felt so good! He used his thumb to rub the underside of her breast, pressing in and moving the thumb toward her nipple, then returning to the starting position. Over and over he felt her, and massaged her breast. He took a silent, deep breath, then moved his hand to her left breast, and began again. This time he began moving his thumb all the way to the nipple. He could feel it’s hardness through the bra.

In the meantime, Kevin became pretty hard himself. This was a first. He had never touched a girl like this before. He was excited, but he was also afraid. He knew she was awake, but he wondered what was going on in her mind. Why was she letting him do this? She was a good girl, he was just amazed that she hadn’t moved his hand away, at the very least.

Kevin smiled as he recalled his request to her that night that she remove her blouse and bra.

He half expected her to storm out of his dorm room, but Louise complied with his request, swiftly removing the clothes from her upper body, without a word. They held each other closely, and then Kevin pulled back a little so that he could touch the wonders of her body. Full, smooth breasts, soft and tender. Nipples aroused, he had never seen such delicious beauty. With the morning sun dawning, things went no further than continued necking with this half-naked Venus, but it was an amazing night as far as Kevin was concerned. What a way to conclude his college career.

Even though that was a June evening, in later years he tended to relate her to the snow as well. Although she had gently and lovingly ended the romance a couple months later, still she invited him to her home in upstate New York for Christmas, since he was so far from his own home. Riding the bus from Manhattan into the Finger Lakes region he gazed out the window and watched the snow fall. He fantasized about resuming the relationship where it had been left off, but it was not to be.

Nevertheless, life went on. Graduate school became the focus of Kevin’s life, but it was difficult. Also, most of the women there did not seem to do much of anything for him. He probably didn’t do anything much for them, either. He was hardly an Adonis. Average height, just an eighth inch under six-foot, average weight, not an athlete, he was hardly eye-candy. That same insecurity Elmalı Escort that had sabotaged his relationship with Kay kept him from being very adventurous, when it came to women.

As the snow continued to fall, Kevin moved forward in time to another snowy romance. He smiled, even as his eyes became a little watery with tears of fond memories and a lost love.

Graduate school was also expensive. He took two years off after his first year to earn money to go back. During those two years, he met Evelyn. Evelyn was 32 when they met, nine years his senior. They developed a friendship, and enjoyed talking for hours and hours. He got to know her family as well, and often baby-sat her elementary school-aged children.

Evelyn was pleasant in all ways. She was bright, personable, and had a attractive body. Despite having given birth to two children, she was pleasantly slender, with slightly widened hips. She was around 5′ 2″, in contrast to Kevin’s nearly 6-foot frame. Her dark brunette hair probably gave him the passion he carried for brunettes to the present day.

The friendship developed over one and a half years. During that time, Kevin found himself thinking of her as something quite different from a friend. He found himself fantasizing about her in a way that was quite inappropriate, considering that she was married. Yet, more and more, as he brought himself to orgasm, she was the center of his thoughts. His sex life was an entirely solo affair, and she was the center of it. He imagined what she must look like, naked. It was all imagination, but Kevin had a well practiced imagination.

Finally he went back across the country to school. The friendship continued, over the phone. Outwardly, it all seemed so innocent, but Kevin knew that his thoughts about her were anything but innocent. He was very much in love with an impossibility. Three thousand miles away, married, two children, she was unattainable. Kevin resigned himself to settling for a friendship, when he wanted so much more. There were days when he masturbated five and six times, all the while thinking only of Evelyn, thinking of what he would like to do to her, what he would like her to do to him.

One evening in November, the phone in Kevin’s dorm room rang.


“Hi, Kevin! Guess what?”

“I haven’t got a clue. What’s up?

“I’m going to be in Massachusetts in December. What are the chances you can come up to see me?”

“Well, it depends on when you’re there. I have classes through the fourth, and then a free week before exams.”

“Perfect!” Evelyn exclaimed. “I’ll go to Mom’s during the first part of the week, and then we can meet in Boston on the fourth. Would that work for you?”

“I can’t believe it!” said Kevin. “I didn’t think I’d get to see you until June when I came back home. This is fantastic!”

“Well, mark your calendar. I’ll see you in Boston!”

The conversation then turned to other things and continued for a while. During the call, Kevin pulled off his trousers and began caressing his penis. It was already half hard, just from the sound of her voice. It wasn’t long until he was fully hard. Kevin hadn’t been able to concentrate too well on what Evelyn was saying, he was lost in a fantasy about her. It wasn’t the first time that happened, either.

The days dragged by. The phone calls continued on a nearly daily basis. The days she didn’t call were like torture. The days she did call were like torture. He wanted to see her. He loved to hear her voice. He imagined holding her in his arms. He smothered her in kisses, at least in his imagination.

Finally, the last class for the week was done. Kevin had spent the evening before, packing. He had such a scenario built up in his mind, but he also knew it would never happen. Evelyn was a respectable, married woman. She didn’t need a dumb kid like him to mess up her life. Sure, there had been a few conversations where she had revealed that her marriage wasn’t all she wanted it to be, but then, what marriage ever was? Her husband was a nice man, earned a good living, and provided well for them. They were a good church-going family. “She’s just a friend, she’s just a friend,” he repeated to himself.

It was cold the next day, as he ran from his class to the dorm. He grabbed his overnight bag, and raced down to the parking lot. Within minutes he was navigating his way through town toward I-95 to Boston.

New London, Old Saybrook, Mystic, Cranston, Providence, the towns and cities went by. Finally he was on the edge of Boston, and pulled out the map to double-check his route into the city. He had circled the location of the Sheraton, and headed into the city.

When he arrived, he pulled into the hotel garage. At twenty-five, he was anything but a man of the world. He had stayed in a few Motel 6s as he drove cross-country, but big fancy downtown hotels were a little out of his class. Kevin found his way to the lobby, and looked around him. Evelyn hadn’t really said how they were going Escort Elmalı to meet up. There, on his left were some booths with white lobby phones. He went over to the booths and stepped into one of them. He pressed the button for the operator, and asked to be connected to Evelyn’s room.

“Mm-Hello.” There was her voice. He loved the way she always put that little mm, before she said hello on the phone.

“Hey! I’m down in the lobby.”

“Great! Come on up, room 1723.”

Why was it that Kevin had never really thought seriously about the sleeping arrangements? He knew, and he knew that Evelyn was fully aware that there was no way he could afford a room. He had just kind of assumed that she was going to get two rooms, and had never discussed it. At any rate, that question suddenly sprang to his mind as the elevator ascended to the seventeenth floor.

The doors opened, and the sign in front of him pointed to the left for the room he wanted. Down the hallway he went, and stopped. He couldn’t wait to see her. He also knew he was far too excited, because she was just a friend. Moments after his knock, the door opened, and there she was. Her round little pixie-like face had a wonderful smile. She spread out her arms, and wrapped them around him in a warm hug.

“It’s about time. Did you get lost?”

“No,” Kevin said carefully. “I told you that I had my last class that finished at 3:30 . . .”

Evelyn punched him in the arm. “Oh, come on. You’re still too serious. This is vacation time now. You’re not late, I was just kidding. Lighten up, will you? You’re such an idiot!”

As she led Kevin deeper into the room, he saw two queen beds, one by the window, obviously untouched, the other, by the bathroom, with Evelyn’s suitcase and a few clothing items on it.

“I grabbed the one by the bathroom, I hope you don’t mind.” she said. “Is it okay with you to sleep by the window?”

“Sure, no prob,” said Kevin. “Well,” he thought, “that answers that question.” This would be a new experience, spending a couple nights in a hotel room with a married woman. At least she had to be more concerned about her reputation than he did about his own, so he was pretty sure there wouldn’t be any trouble from the situation. He also couldn’t help wishing that there had only been one bed.

“So, what are we doing tomorrow?” Evelyn asked.

“You tell me.” Kevin responded. “These are your stomping grounds, not mine. What would you like to do?”

“Well, tomorrow how about if we head off to the cape. I haven’t seen Horseneck Beach in years. That was my favorite place when I was a kid. I really want you to see it.”

A love for the ocean was one of the things Kevin and Evelyn shared in common. “Sounds great!” said Kevin. He pulled his road atlas out of the pocket of his overnight bag, and sat on Evelyn’s bed, next to her. She pointed out where the beach was, and showed him the route to get there. Then she suggested a trip to Plymouth to see Plymouth Rock, and a few other possibilities. It was so good to sit close by her. He felt a little uncomfortable as his jeans restrained his growing erection, but it was worth it. How he loved being with her.

Kevin loved this kind of sightseeing, and was enthusiastic about it all. He was also excited about spending the whole day in such close contact with Evelyn. They stretched out on the beds, Evelyn on hers, Kevin on his. They talked and talked, just like back home, until after one a.m.

“Well, we’d better hit the sack if we’re going out tomorrow.” Evelyn said. “We’ll grab a late breakfast downstairs, and that way we can miss the worst of the traffic by leaving around 9:30 or 10:00.”

“Sounds good.” Kevin got up and started unpacking his overnight bag. He suddenly realized that he must have counted on his own room. He didn’t have anything that resembled pajamas. He didn’t even bring his robe with him! “Well,” he thought to himself, “I guess I’ll sleep in my underwear. How am I going to pull this off?”

Evelyn said, “I’m going to grab a shower, if that’s ok with you.”

“That’s fine,” answered Kevin with a little relief. “I’m a morning shower person, anyway.” That was the answer. While she was in the bathroom, he hurriedly pulled off his trousers, socks and shirt, and slid under the covers of his bed. At least he didn’t have to be some kind of exhibitionist pervert and walk around in his underwear in front of her. He just dropped his clothes on the floor between the bed and the wall, so that if he had to get up in the night, he could grab his trousers and slip them on, without being immodest.

As the shower ran, he had such an urge to slip over to the bathroom and walk in and join her. He fished his dick through the front panels of his briefs, and slowly stroked at his erection. He knew he didn’t dare bring himself off. He just knew that the moment he passed the point of no return, she would come out of the bathroom, so he contented himself with a slow gentle stroke that didn’t get him too excited.

When Elmalı Escort Bayan Evelyn came out of the bathroom, she was wearing the pink and white striped nightshirt that he had seen her in many times back home. It was well worn and comfortable. It came just past her bottom, so he could see her lovely legs, but nothing more. She pulled back the covers of her bed, got in and turned off the light.

“Night,” they said to each other, and the day came to a close.

“The next morning, they both rose and prepared for the day. While Kevin was showering, Evelyn dressed in the room. Kevin had taken his clothes for the day into the bathroom with him, and dressed there. They didn’t really talk about these arrangements, it just kind of worked out, as if they were thinking the same thoughts.

After breakfast, they headed to Kevin’s little Honda in the hotel garage. Evelyn was very familiar with Boston, and navigated as Kevin drove. Before long they were headed south to Horseneck Beach.

Along the way, they chatted, easily. The conversation wasn’t particularly deep, or intense, just two friends sharing thoughts. Before he knew it, they were passing through the gates into the park. Evelyn guided him through the driveways to the spot she wanted to park, and they got out of the car.

It was cold! Of course, it was December. Then, too, they were on the ocean, and the wind was blowing. That didn’t chill Kevin’s desires one bit, nor did it cool down the enjoyment they had. They went over the dunes, and out onto the beach. For a moment, they both just stopped, and listened to the waves crashing on the beach.

As they began walking again, Evelyn began telling of some of the times she had been there before. It was during her high school days, and she spoke of the boys she came with, and what they had tried to do with her, and how she sometimes defended her honor, and sometimes let things go a little further.

“Boy,” thought Kevin, “She’s never really talked about her sex life like this before. I wonder what the deal is?” They continued to walk, now in comfortable silence. Kevin hadn’t brought gloves with him, so his hands were buried deep in his coat pockets. Suddenly he felt her small hand diving into his pocket and grabbing his own. “I’m cold,” she said in explanation.

“Do you want to go back to the car?” Kevin asked with concern.

“No, this is good.” With her left hand holding his right hand in his pocket, she reached across her body with her right hand and tucked it between his right arm, and his body. “It’s really only my hands that are cold.”

“Good,” thought Kevin with delight. He was loving having her hold his hand. He knew it was just because her hands were cold, and he shouldn’t read anything into it, but he wanted to think that she was starting to become a little romantic. “You’re being stupid!” he lectured himself. This isn’t some little high school walk, holding hands with your sweetheart. Remember,” he reminded himself, “she’s married. Besides, there is no way that she could have the hots for you.”

He wasn’t even actually touching her. She had thin leather gloves on, but it made no difference to what he was feeling. Her hands were so small, compared to his own. They felt so delicate, and dependent. Holding hands tightly like that just felt warm, from the inside out. Kevin hadn’t felt this good in a long time.

After a while they agreed to return to the car, holding hands the entire way. Once they had gotten the car going, Kevin kept his right hand resting on the emergency brake handle that was between them, hoping that she would return her hand to his, but it never happened.

They spent the rest of the day driving around southern Massachusetts, visiting Plymouth, and again, getting lost in time with their conversation. Even the times of silence were comfortable. They just seemed to fit well together. Evelyn had tuned the radio to a soft rock station out of Boston, and the music set a comfortable, yet romantic mood.

Finally it was time to return to the city. Again, Evelyn navigated them back into town and to the hotel. Rather than eat in one of the hotel restaurants, they walked around town for a bit, and settled into a little restaurant that offered New England specialities. It looked like their major business occurred at lunch for people who worked a couple blocks away at the Hancock Center. There wasn’t anything fancy about it, and there weren’t many other diners, they nearly had the place to themselves.

After supper, they slowly walked back to the hotel. A light snow had begun to fall, and was transforming Boston from winter gray to a pristine white. As they passed one store, Evelyn grabbed Kevin’s elbow, and said, “Wait a minute. We have to go in here!”

Kevin allowed himself to be dragged in, where Evelyn chose a bottle of wine, and told him to pick out some crackers and some cheese. “We’ll finish the evening with a little party!” she said to him with a smile.

They continued the slow walk back to the hotel. Kevin felt the same longings and urges that he had years earlier with Kay. He longed to pull Evelyn to him, and kiss her on the forehead, her eyelids, her nose and her lips. As he carried the makings of their party, she tucked her hand around his arm again, and they walked along in a relaxed silence.

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