Spring Break Ch. 05

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Notes on Spring Break: Chapter 5 fun with drinks and dinner with the Gals. Long chapter with a sexy encounter.

I write primarily for myself. If you like it great, if its not your cup of tea, my sincerest apologies and please look elsewhere. I build up slowly through many chapters and there is some drama and doubt with most of my characters. I have a total of 15 chapters, so far, most of which I need to read through a few more times and edit. If you’re looking for a quick Daddy/Daughter fuck session this will be pointless for you.

Non-Anonymous Comments with constructive criticism are extremely valued and will be responded too when I can. Obviously I have no formal training and want to get better with my story telling. If you area seasoned erotic writer and would like to champion a noob, drop me a message on how I can improve.

Lots of Love, Casino


Sunshine’s Point of View

Miles, Sunshine, Avery, Gabbie and McKenna

We walked back out to the pool. I put the salad on the table with some dressing. Daddy moved to the grill with the chicken and veggies. He started the veggies right away. ‘They need extra time to roast properly’ he always said.

“Come on girls,” I called to my friends, more as an order rather than a request. ” Let’s get the next round of drinks ready.” They all followed me to the pool house.

Daddy taught me a while ago how to tend the bar. It was Martini time after all. It was a pre dinner ritual.

“Gabbie honey, grab the gin and vermouth. Avery you’re on olive duty and McKenna, please grab the Martini glasses.” I grabbed the shaker and filled it with Ice and enough gin and a splash of vermouth for five. McKenna lined up the glasses on a tray. Avery speared and placed 2 olives in each glass.

“Sunshine sweetie, can we get an update?” McKenna said sheepishly with a look of worry on her face.

“Oh yes, I’m sorry. I was focused on the drinks.”

The girls waited eagerly, but Gabbie looked worried and a little sad, “He’s mad at me isn’t he.”

“No Gabbie, but he is mad at himself. Your mimicry really threw him a curveball.”

“I’m sorry,” Gabbie sasid tears welling in her eyes.

I patted her hand. “Everything is fine, but I had to tell him that you all have crushes on him. I had to give him plenty of reassurance. Otherwise he might’ve hidden in his room the rest of the week. Tread lightly and Gabbie, if you fuck him again you can call him Daddy but don’t use my voice.”

“You got it, chief.” she saluted dutifully. Everyone giggled.

Avery cautiously added, “Any updates on… You know.”

I looked at her frankly, “What Avery, fucking my Daddy?”

The girls simply nodded.

“I don’t know. I just kissed him in the kitchen and it wasn’t our normal Daddy daughter kiss.”

“Who initiated it?” McKenna asked.

“I did but he didn’t pull away.”

Gabbie moved towards me, wrapped her arms around my waist and pressed her body to mine. She kissed me deeply and when she pulled away, she looked me dead in the eyes. “Fuck him Sunshine.” Jesus she was using my voice, “Fuck him hard and deep without regret. Make him yours just leave enough for the rest of us.”

I felt tingling between my legs and felt myself get wet. “Jesus, Gabbie. How do you do that?”

She kissed me one more time gently, “It’s a gift.” She whispered in my ear.

Avery and McKenna laughed in unison.

“Well.” Avery said.

“I’ll let you know later.” I responded. “McKenna you grab the shaker and shake the fuck out of it, Bounce your ass while you do it. Avery, you get the honor of Martini delivery to Daddy. McKenna looked sad with a little pout.

“Oh McKenna,” I said, this time giving her a kiss, she actually swooned for a split second, Elazığ Escort “Daddy just had shock and awe with Gabbie. He needs Avery’s flirty long play seduction right now. If we hit him with your energizer bunny routine, his head might explode. And I’m not talking about the one on his shoulders.”

McKenna blushed and they all giggled.

“Besides Honey, you’re an early riser with your stretching and yoga. He’ll be up at the same time making coffee. You’ll have a good 3-4 hours with him before we even get up. We’re going to sleep in late, right girls.” Gabbie and Avery nodded, biting their lips, staring at McKenna. She blushed again and they all made their way outside. Miles had changed the music and Genesis by Justice was playing.

McKenna was giving the shaker the workout of a lifetime. And she bounced her ass beautifully in her small electric blue bikini bottoms pretending the rhythm was for the music rather than to arouse Miles.

“Jesus,” Gabbie said to Avrey, ” I’d stick my tongue deep in her ass.”

Avery rolled her eyes and said quietly, “Gabbie you need a filter installed. Please mind your Ps and Qs for a while.”

“Sorry honey,” she kissed Avery on the cheek, “I’ll mind my manners.” They giggled together.


Miles’s Point of View

I turned as the door to the pool house opened. McKenna led the way with the Martini shaker dancing and bouncing her glorious ass to the beat. Sunshine followed with a tray of Martini glasses prepped with olives. Avery and Gabbie followed arm in arm. ‘Not sure why it took all 4 of them to prep Martinis but gals did prefer to do things in herds.’ I thought to myself.

McKenna bent over at the waist and began to pour the Martinis. ‘Jesus she had a ripe juicy ass.’

The first two were poured. Avery scooped them up and brought one to me. “Care for a Martini Miles.” she said, slow and seductive.

She brushed up against me, handing me the drink. “Of course, Thank you Avery, my dear.”

She pressed herself against me as I took a sip. “What’s for dinner?” She placed a hand on my shoulder.

“Grilled chicken breasts, roasted veggies and salad.” I said matter of fact. Taking another pull from the Martini.

“I bet you’re hungry and since you’ve gotten your hands full…” she reached into my glass, grabbed the skewer of olives and held it to my mouth. I pulled it off the skewer and a drop of olive juice and gin hit my chest.

“Oh, I’m sorry Miles. I made a mess.” She returned the skewer to my glass, leaned forward and licked the olive juice from my chest. She put her head on my shoulder and began caressing the small of my back. “MMMMM, That smells delicious. How do you season the chicken and veggies?”

My mind was swimming, “Uuuuhh, rosemary, garlic and olive oil to roast the veggies. Sage, thyme, garlic and olive oil on the chicken breasts.”

“Yum, I’m hungry Miles.” She pulled her olive skewer from her Martini and pulled one off with her teeth. Some olive juice spilled on her cleavage. “Oh no, I made a mess again.” she pushed her tits together with her arms.

“Can you help me Miles,” she cooed, “don’t worry, They’re not looking.”

I looked over my shoulder, sure enough the other three were doing their own thing. I leaned forward and licked the olive brine and gin from her chest.

“MMmmmm, Thank you Miles.” She purred and put her Martini glass down on a table next to the grill. Moved to my back, wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me. Her long warm body felt good pressed to my back.

She ran circles around my belly button with a fingertip making my cock tingle. “Food is almost ready. Can you please grab the serving dishes?”

“Of course Miles.” She kissed me gently on the neck before releasing me.

‘God damn what has gotten into Elazığ Escort Bayan these girls. Last time they were here we had fun played games but there was never any sexual tension.’ I thought to myself. ‘I know I shouldn’t complain but was Sunny serious? They couldn’t all have a crush on me could they. Christ Gabbie already seduced me and it hasn’t even been 24 hours. Now Avery is wrapping her arms around me. Is tiny McKenna after me too?’ I didn’t get hard but there was a sudden sharp tingling in my crotch when Avery brushed her breasts against my arm.

“Serving dishes.” she said smiling with a hint of naughty playing in her eyes.

I put the chicken on a platter and the roasted veggies in a serving bowl. “Soups on!” I announced and we all swarmed the patio table.

“I’m starving,” Gabbie said, winking at me, “I need to refuel.”

Everyone knew but no one said anything. They all just giggled and I shook my head and blushed slightly.

Sunshine already filled the wine glasses with a robust red.

Avery sat down next to me on my left. A little closer than normal. McKenna sat to my right with Gabbie and Sunshine across from me.

“To Miles,” Avery said, raising her glass. “The best dad my best friend ever could’ve asked for.”

“Cheers,” we all said clinking glasses

“Red wine makes me warm and tingly inside.” Avery ran her hand on the inside of my thigh and said, “after dinner can we listen to some jazz?

“Sure,” I said, “I love jazz.”

“EEWWWW, yuck.” the other three said.

“Jazz is boring.” Gabbie said bluntly.

“Yeah, not really my thing.” McKenna said a little softer.

“I always made Daddy wear headphones when he would listen to jazz.” Sunshine giggled, teasingly.

“OH, how uncouth.” Avery said with mock sophistication. We all laughed.

“Seriously though,” Sunshine added, “you two can listen to some jazz. We’ll curl up in the living room and watch some Netflix.”

“Ok sure.” I said with a little discomfort. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to listen to Jazz with Avery. It was the steamy look she was giving me. “What kind of jazz do you like, Avery?” I think I’m just going to have to give into the fact that Sunny is right. Her friends had designs this week and it was centered around fucking me.

“Armstrong, Ellington, Holliday, Calloway…” she listed, “Brubeck, Coltrane, Davis, Monk, Gillespie, Buena Vista Social Club, Perez Prado.”

“Wonderful,” here I thought she was bluffing. “That’s a very nice variety.”

“We made her listen to jazz on her headphones in our dorm suite too.” McKenna added and they all laughed.

We finished eating with some small talk and music discussion. “You two figure out what you’re going to listen to. We’ll take care of the dishes.” Gabbie offered.

I moved to the lounge chairs. I sat down and looked back at the table. A second bottle of red wine seemed to magically appear and the girls left our wine glass on the table.

Avery poured herself another glass, “Would you like another glass of wine Miles.”

“Yes please Avery.” she filled my glass and walked over to me, she handed me the glass, “Thank you.”

“May I sit,” she indicated, sitting on the same lounge chair.

“Be my guest.” she sat down between my legs and put her hand on the opposite side of my leg leaning her body into my inner thigh. She was very close to my balls, “What would you like to listen to?” I asked, feeling her warm body against my leg.

“Alexa, play Birth of Cool by Miles Davis. You chose next.” She cooed, sipping her wine. Little did I know that we wouldn’t be talking about Jazz anymore. Birth of Cool still gives me a hardon to this day.

The sun was starting to set and the patio grew even cooler in the shade.

“Oh miles, I’m getting chilly,” she moved Escort Elazığ up a little and laid her head on my chest. “Mmmm, you’re warm. Wrap your arms around me.”

I did as she asked and she snuggled into me more. “Mmmmm, this is nice.” her skinny but soft tummy on my crotch warming my cock in my shorts. “I always wanted to be in your arms.”

“Yes, it’s very nice,” I said, stroking her arms. Feeling the blood rushing to my cock.

“Do you have a blanket? I’m still a little chilly.”

I reached over to the bin next to the chair and pulled out a rolled blanket and covered us.

“OOOOO, nice and warm now.” she looked up at me with desire in her eyes. “Is this ok Daddy?”

My cock surged but at least she didn’t sound like Sunshine. “Yes, this is lovely.”

“MMMMM,” she cooed, wriggling her tummy on my now rock hard cock. “Someone else thinks it’s lovely too.” she giggled and gave me a long delicate kiss pressing her hand right next to my hard cock.

She wasn’t as fuckably forward as Gabbie, but her slow burn was just as sexy. She moved alongside me, her shoulder just underneath my armpit. She ran her soft thigh up mine and over my dick pressing it firmly into my member. Her fingers traced my belly button and she teased one of my nipples with her tongue.

She looked up and kissed me again with her hungry mouth. She moved her hand down my stomach and into my shorts. She seized my member with her long delicate soft fingers and stroked it slowly, never breaking our kiss.

She briefly broke our kiss, “Touch me Daddy.” her eyes were fire, yearning, burning for my touch.

I reached into her bathing suit and found a nipple. I started pinching it and caressing her breast. She responded with a low hungry moan, grinding her pussy into my leg.

“Jesus, it’s been so long since I’ve…” she paused, kissing me again, “Since I’ve felt this good.”

She continued kissing, grinding and jerking me off at a feverish pace. Then she broke our kiss, pitched her head back in a slow moan and started to convulse. She buried her head into my chest as an orgasm tore through her body. “Jesus… Christ… DADDY!”

After a few minutes she came around. “Oh my God.” she giggled, “I feel like I’m in 18 again, dry humping some hot guy. The only difference is I actually had an orgasm. Mmmm, let’s see what’s going on underneath these shorts.”

Under the blanket, she moved between my legs and pulled down my shorts to expose my cock. “Oh, Daddy you’ve got a really nice piece.” She ran her tongue from my balls to the tip concentrating on the sensitive spot opposite the head.

“Cum in my mouth Daddy.” she growled, fire in her eyes as she cupped my balls and sucked me with fierce abandon.

She was very talented with her cock sucking skills and I could feel my balls getting ready to release. “Grab my head and force me down on your cock Daddy.”

I obliged, holding her head with both hands pushing it down on my dick while thrusting my hips into her face. She gagged hard and drool ran out of the side of her mouth. After a few more thrusts I started shooting my load into her mouth. I didn’t think I could cum as hard as I had already twice with Gabbie, but Avery was quite the cum slut in her own right.

She swallowed scooping any that escaped into her mouth. “MMMM, you’re yummy Daddy. Let’s snuggle here for a bit. Is that ok?”

“That sounds good to me, Avery. Whatever you want.”

Avery smiled and nuzzled into me, “Just a little cat nap. Then we’ll go to the pool house and I’m gonna fuck your brains out.”

My cock jumped at her words, excited at the opportunity. My mind was racing, ‘Jesus, it was Friday and the girls were going to be here for a whole week plus next weekend as well? I was shocked that Gabbie wanted to fuck me but now Avery too? I was in absolute heaven. Good God, did McKenna want to fuck me too? I better switch to a higher protein diet if I’m going to keep up.’ Avery was snoozing on my chest. “I better get a couple minutes of shuteye to prep for an evening with Avery.’ I shut my eyes and drifted off for a moment.

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