Thank You Daddy

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“Daddy, I need a ride home.” Ella my daughter texts me in the middle of the night.

“What happened?” I text back.

“Jamie wanted to go to her boyfriend’s house and everyone is drinking here. I just want to come home.”

She sends me the address and I head out of the house for the 20 minute drive through town.

“On my way.” I send leaving the driveway.

My only daughter Ella has been getting into a lot of trouble recently. After we moved into our new house she met some girls, Jamie included, who are nothing but bad influences on her. My sweet little girl who never knew the meaning of trouble is now staying out all night, drinking, and getting bad grades.

She turned eighteen last month, and after my divorce with her mother, she decided to stay with me and start her college career with a fresh start and new experiences. I was hoping we would get off to a better start than this.

We made a deal that no matter what she is doing if she needs to get home she should call me. No matter what. This is not the first night she has taken me up on this. Very often now she has been finding herself in predicaments that could be a danger to her. So I go and pick her up, no questions asked. Just making sure she is safe.

“I’m out front.” I text. Looking around I can see there are a lot of teenagers hanging out here tonight. Someone’s parents are obviously out of town.

No sign of her yet. After giving her several more minutes to come outside I decide I should go and look for her.

I make my way to the entrance and wander through the door that is wide open. I ask the girl standing just inside the door if she knows who and where my daughter might be. The boy with his hand up her skirt aggressively fingering her doesn’t even register me there. He just keeps pumping away in her.

The girl is able to tell me where she is and before I can leave she puts her hand on the boys bulging pants and squeezes hard.

I shake off the absurdity of what I just witnessed and make my way to the back room of the house which is where Miss Fingered Pussy said I would find Ella.

I see Jamie first, on her knees in front of a very tall and very well endowed boy. She has her hand wrapped around his thick cock just below her lips that are stretched tight around his girth. I feel myself start to harden at the thought of her doing that to my cock. I survey the rest of the room in an attempt to block the image from my head, I shouldn’t be thinking like that about my daughter’s friend.

I see Ella sprawled out on the king size bed in the center of the room. A naked young girl bent over the edge of the same bed is being fucked by a young man. She looks too drunk to have given her consent, but I’m not here for that girl. I need to get Ella out of the fuck fest, and safe at home with me.

I go to her and the boy says, in between thrusts that he thinks one of the guys here probably gave her a roofie so I could have my with her if I wanted.

“She’s my daughter dick head.”

I sit on the bed next to her on the other side of the couple fucking and try to wake her.

“Ella.” I shake her shoulder; I get no response so shake a little harder.

“Ella, come on we need to go.” My eyes catch the climax of the boy coming inside the half conscious girl and he looks extremely happy with his conquest. He leaves her, ass in the air and collects his pants. The girl stays put. I imagine the come dripping out of her pussy and my cock jumps again.

“Ella.” She forces her eyes open.


“Yeah, baby, it’s me. Come on, I’ll take you home.”

I try to stand her up but her legs are not strong enough to support her petite frame.

“Put your arms around my neck, I’ll get you to the car.”

She puts one arm on either side of my neck and I pull her legs over the bed and tuck my arm under them then carry her through the house while everyone continues to fuck. It was never this much fun when I was growing up. You used to have to work very hard just to get to second base.

I get Ella to the car and have to help her inside; she’s still mostly unresponsive and needs a lot of help. I put her butt into the seat and help her tuck her legs in then lean over her and fasten her seatbelt. I make my way around the truck and get in. I finally get a good look at my daughter and realize she’s very lucky she got the text to me when she did or something bad could have happened to her.

That gaziantep escort bayan boy who gave her the roofie was nowhere in sight. I’m glad he didn’t follow through with his plans for her. She is dressed like most the other girls at that house, slutty. She has a one piece outfit that has the shorts and strapless halter top sewn together in the middle. I know she couldn’t be wearing a bra with it, and I’ve seen her choice in underwear when I do her laundry so I know she’s not covered much down there.

I brush a blonde curl off her face so I can see her eyes. “We will be home in a few minutes.”

“Ok.” She mumbles but doesn’t open her eyes.

My ex-wife would kill her if she found out what our little girl has been up to recently, but she is a prude and never broke a rule in her life. I feel like you have to let your children make mistakes and grow into themselves, so I let Ella do what she wants and hopefully she will be safe about it. I made it ok and I was a reckless teenager who would fuck anything that would let me, which begs to reason why I stayed with my prudish ex-wife so long who only put out on birthdays and special occasions. But she is beautiful and has a beautiful body that I could have happily fucked forever if she would have opened her legs more often. So I had to leave. And it’s been for the best, I am able to get back out there and get my dick wet again.

I pull up to the garage and turn the ignition off.

“Come on honey, I’ll get you inside.” I push the button on the seatbelt and it comes free. She slumps over.

I go to her side and open the door wide so I can get her out. I spin her sideways and get her legs out of the car. She falls back without the support of the seat behind her back. Her head hitting the center console. She moans at the pain.

I take both her arms in my hands and pull her forward to her feet. I need my arm free so I can unlock the door so I bend her over my shoulder and lift her onto it. I wrap my arm around the back of her thighs and she lays draped over me.

I get us safely inside and take her upstairs to get her into her bed to sleep it off.

“Where are we going daddy?” she says still slung over my shoulder.

“I am taking you to bed.”

“You can’t take me to bed, you’re my daddy.”

I laugh at her. “Don’t be silly, you need to go to sleep and you’ll feel better in the morning.

“But I’m not ready for bed yet.” I set her down in front of her bed and she flops on top of the covers.

She tries to sit up. I grab her hand and help her into a half sitting half slumping position.

“I can’t sleep in this.” She grabs at the top part of her outfit and pulls it down, past her breasts.

My heart catches in my throat. I’m shocked by the abruptness of her undressing. I haven’t seen my little girl naked since she was in diapers. Now she sits in front of me bare chested. Full and round, nipples rock hard and perkier than any woman my age.

She grabs at the top again, now around her waist and tries to pull it further down.

“I need this off, I can’t sleep in it.” she slurs and flops backward on the bed. “Help me.” she whines.

I swallow hard and walk to her. “You need me to take this off?”

“Please daddy.”

I reach my shaking hands toward her waist and slip my fingers under her clothes just below her breasts, pulling down slowly. Watching as it sends goose bumps up her tummy and tightening her nipples.

My cock twitches. I have never thought of my daughter in a way that would harden my cock before. I feel guilty for my thought and my body’s reaction. But I don’t stop pulling down her clothes. I’m at her belly button now and I’m still pulling, about to expose her lower half. My cock pressing hard against my pants.

“Hurry up daddy, I have to pee.”

Panic sets in as I realize I’m going to have to help her with that.

“Are you sure you have to go? Maybe it might go away if you just go to sleep.” I almost beg her to agree.

“I really have to go. Take my clothes off.”

I choke and cough. Shocked at what images my brain is conjuring to go along with her words, her young tight little pussy dripping wet with her pee.

I pull her arm and sit her up, then lean in and lift her from her armpits to stand her up. She falls forward into my arms. Smashing her boobs into my chest.

I feel dizzy, lust clouding my vision.

I walk gaziantep escort reklamları her into her bathroom and lean her against the counter to take her clothes the rest of the way down. I put my thumbs under the fabric and slide it downward. I have to bend to bring her shorts past her knees and I watch as I come face to face with her bare pussy. I instinctively breathe in. The scent of her pussy inches from my face makes my cock painfully hard. She lifts her foot to help get out of her clothes and I can see the shape of her pussy lips and the fold over her clit. It’s puffy and very young. My thoughts are flooded with being inside her tight young pussy.

I shake my head trying to stay on task. I slowly bring myself to stand in front her, dragging my face slowly up her body.

She slings one arm over my shoulder trying to walk. I take most of her weight and direct her to the toilet. I set her down and she quickly lets go. She pees for one minute straight.

She giggles. “That feels so funny, daddy, I must be on some good shit right now.”

I stare at her chest as she talks, unable to fully comprehend her words.

“I said all done, daddy. Can you help me wipe?”

“I’m sure you’ll be fine. Let’s get you in bed.”

“I won’t be fine; I’ll have pee dripping down my leg if you don’t wipe me.”

She spreads her legs wide and waits for me. I grab a handful of toilet paper and stare at my target. Her pussy is glistening. My hand moves forward and is between her legs before I realize it’s moving. I hear myself breathing hard and heavy.

I try and stop myself but I can’t. I drop the paper and slide my finger up her pussy slit as I draw my hand from between her young thighs. The pit of my stomach pinches as I feel my guilt.

“Come on you’re done.” I yank her arms a lilt too hard as I drag her up into my arms, she clings to me.

“My head hurts and feels really weird. I want to sit in the bath.”

She still can’t open her eyes all the way and her words are mumbled and slurring. I want to put her in the bath. I need more than anything to see her naked body wet. But I’m her dad and my guilt is too strong. I try and encourage her to go to bed instead telling her a goodnight sleep would be better for her. But she is strong willed and it doesn’t work.

“You never let me do anything.” She pouts. It’s enough to sway my inner pervert to oblige.

I set her back on the toilet and turn on the faucet to the large garden tub and close the drain. Sitting on the end of the tub my eyes roam over my daughter’s sexy young body. I watch her naked chest rise and fall as she breathes and it is making my hard cock throb inside my jeans.

The tub is full before my eyes can get enough of her and I stop the faucet.

“Come on, let’s get you clean.”

She’s is barely able to lift her arms for me to get under them. But I do finally lift her off the toilet, wrapping one of her arms around my shoulder holding on to her wrist I slide my other hand under her arm and my fingers land directly on her breast, my middle finger on her nipple. My instinct is to move it, but it doesn’t move. Her breasts are firm and soft, they fill my hand nicely. I squeeze lightly. Her breath catches. I feel her body tense, telling me she is lucid enough to be aware of how her daddy is touching her body but she says nothing.

We make it to the tub and I haven’t thought of how she would get in. She clumsily splashes her first leg into the tub then the other. I help ease her down into the tub until her feet catch her at the bottom. The water is right under her nipples and I watch as it splashes over them until the water stills.

Her eyes are closed and she hasn’t moved so I take the opportunity to get a better look between her legs. Under water it stands out against her pale skin and the stark white of the tub. It’s so pink compared to the rest of her. Matching the pinkness of her nipples.

I kneel on the rug beside the tub and put my hand in the water.

“Do you need me to wash you?” the words are out of my mouth before I can think of the consequences.

“Please daddy.” I don’t know if she said the words or if I just imagined them, but I grab the soap anyway.

I pour some body wash into my hand. I know she uses one of those luffa things but I don’t let myself use it. I need to feel her.

I lift her arm out of the water gaziantep escort resimleri and work the soap into a lather. Then the next. My hand slides over her collar bone and she arches her neck. I wash the area without looking at it; my eyes are caught on the cleft of her pussy.

My hand slides lower and I feel them touch the start of her breasts, my eyes dart up to hers so I can gauge her reaction. She does nothing. I slide my hand lower to test my boundaries with her. Nothing still. I slide it right over both her hard little nipples and I swear I hear her moan. Though it’s hard to hear anything over the pounding of my heart in my ears. I cup and squeeze one and then the other and this time I know I hear her moan.

I twist her hard nipple between my finger and thumb and again she moans.

I am happy to massage them. Watching the effects my hands have on them. They are tight and hard. Her breathing is rushed.

My right hand moves lower as my cock aches with anticipation. I’m going to touch my little girls beautiful young pink pussy.

I don’t stop until I’m there bumping my pinky right into the little nub that is her clit. It’s swollen as if it were awaiting my touch.

I continue, all my fingers sliding down until my hand rests squarely between her legs cupping her pouty lips, my hand filled by her luscious young pussy. I can feel the heat on my palm, radiating from inside her, escaping through her slit.

I watch her face as I dip my middle finger into her. Her eyes still closed, her lips parted, a moan breathing out through her mouth.

I slip it in and out slowly. Feeling the tightness of her pussy wrapped around my finger. I push deeper and she cries out. I push again and again. My cock so tight against my pants I can’t breathe. I fuck at her pussy. I can’t wait any longer, I take my cock out of my pants with the dry hand, it springs free and I squeeze the head to alleviate some tension.

Her pussy loosening to accommodate my finger better I decide to slip in a second one. Now I fuck my daughter with my middle and index finger. Agitating the water around her pussy. She is fully aroused I can feel her juices lubricating the inside walls of her little pussy.

My cock needs release and I want my daughter’s pussy juice on it now. So I take my hand out of the water and jack my dick off hard and fast, my come landing in ribbons all over her bathroom rug.

I regain my composure and help her up from the tub, wrap a towel around her and carry her to her bed.

I lay her down on her back, her feet dangling off the bed a clear shot to her pussy mound rising prominently above her flat stomach. I spread her legs and kneel between them. Her pussy opens nicely as her legs spread; her labia parted exposing both her clit and her tight little hole. I touch the tip of my tongue to the tip of her clit and when she doesn’t stop me I taste it all. I slide my tongue down her slit then in and out of her pussy hole dragging my tongue around all the folds and back up to her clit where I work my tongue until I feel her pussy tighten and she releases. She comes hard and loud as I lap up all the juice that drips out of her.

I stand and lift her legs, her feet at my ears, and undo my pants. My already hard again cock welcomes the freedom. I align my cock with her dripping pussy hole and push slowly in. Her pussy grabbing every inch. The pressure on my cock is coming from all sides. Her pussy hole is so tight I feel like I could rip her open.

She is breathing hard.

I feel a wall inside her hole and I push past, I still have inches to go before I’m fully inside. I can think of nothing better than filling my little girl with her daddy’s swollen cock. I push until our bodies are flush and my balls rest against her tight little asshole.

I sit with my cock in my daughter for a long while before I can move inside her. Afraid I will come too fast.

I rub my thumb over her clit and her pussy tightens even more around my cock. I rub in tiny circles around her swollen young clit. I slide my cock out slowly and then in again and again. I pick up the pace and fuck her harder and deeper while rubbing harder onto her little clit. I fuck at her pussy until I feel my cock swell and I release my load into my daughters abused pussy.

I slip out of my daughter and watch as my come drips out, running down between her beautiful ass cheeks. I continue to rub her clit until I see the signs of her letting go and watch her come hard, hot juices shoot out of her pussy forcefully. It splashes onto my thighs.

I am surprised to see that my little girl is a squirter and I realize that I am her first after seeing the pink stain on the towel under her ass that tells me she was a virgin.

“Thank you, daddy.” My little girl says tiredly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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