The Fast , The Furious Ch. 04

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Author’s Note – This is the fourth installment of the story my fiancé and I wrote together. I suggest you check out the first three (if you haven’t yet) so it makes sense. Please, take the time to vote at the end, and I always appreciate feedback! Enjoy!


Jason’s body, even though awash in it’s third afterglow, tensed like a coiled spring. Before Hannah could ask, he dove off of her toward his neatly stacked clothes. Hannah could only stare as Jason’s hands quickly found the 9mm pistol she hadn’t even known he had.

And I let this man into my apartment? She quickly re-evaluated what she thought she knew about him. By this time, Jason had moved next to the door, pressing his naked body flat against the wall. She would have laughed at the sight, his now-flaccid cock still glistening with their mixed juices, if it weren’t for the ice-hard expression in his face…in those eyes.

“Jason?” Hannah raised an exquisite eyebrow. “I know you’re hungry, but I was planning on paying the takeout guy.” She couldn’t help the sarcasm, but deep inside a little voice wondered what could set him off so fast. Jason glanced at her, and the hard set of his jaw melted just a little.

“Sorry. Habit, I suppose.” The doorbell rang again, causing Hannah to unwrap her wrists, get up and move gracefully to the door. Jason lowered the gun to his side and walked back over to the couch. “Hey sexy, you might need this.” Hannah looked over and was promptly hit in the face with her robe.

“And why would I need that?”

“You’re already paying the kid, let’s not give himthat much of a tip.” Hannah smiled wickedly, but slipped on the robe anyway. She pushed the deadbolt to the side, opening the door as far as the chain would allow. An oily-faced teenager stared nervously back at her, clutching a brown bag to his chest.

“I uh…you ordered some…um…takeout?”

“Sure did. Hold that thought while I get some money.” The kid was visibly shaking, the bag crinkling against his body.Goodness, you’d think he’d never seen a half-naked woman who had just been given the fuck of her life. Then again, he probably hasn’t. Hannah turned to the small stand beside the door, pulling open the drawer where she kept her fast-food cash.Still, he seems a little too…

The thought was shattered at the same time as the door. With the sick sound of splintering wood, a terrified adolescent cry, and a quick glimpse of a figure in black, Hannah was flung back into the room. She landed hard, her head cracking down onto the floor. The world fuzzed and slowed down. Through a mile of water, she thought she heard a voice ask, “Where is he?” Confusion set in. Where was who? What did the voice want? Then a cold barrel of steel was pressed against her forehead. The world snapped back into speed.

“Where the fuck is he, bitch? This is the last time I ask!” The voice came from the body standing over her, and reeked of alcohol and something worse. Hannah moved slightly to look up, causing her robe to slip open, revealing part of a creamy white breast. Her assailant looked down, and the leer he gave her sickened Hannah’s stomach. “Well, I can certainly see kağıthane escort what he wanted. Maybe I should show you what a real man is like?”


The sound of thunder was followed immediately by a splash of wetness across Hannah’s face. She blinked, noting that that attacker’s face had changed from smirk to confusion. He toppled slowly over, landing with a thud next to her. In her still-dazed state, she reached up and wiped a hand across her eyes. It came away sticky with blood. In horror she glanced around, and caught sight of Jason standing frozen, his still-smoking gun pointed at where a living man had just been. Hannah looked over, and realized she felt no pity.

Jason quickly moved to her side, and she found herself swept up from the floor. “You ok? You’re bleeding.” Jason was quickly assessing any hurt she might have taken. Strangely, she couldn’t help but notice the fact that he was still naked,

“I’m…I’m ok. I think most of its his” Hannah said, pointed a shaky finger at the black lump.

“We have to get out of here. I’m sorry this happened. I shouldn’t have come. Pack a bag, and be quick about it.”

“But I…” Jason’s eyes quickly silenced her, brooking no argument. Hannah nodded, and separated herself from his arms. Glancing one final time at the dead man still seeping blood onto her floor, she quickly turned and headed for the bedroom. Her head was pounding from a combination of blood and adrenaline. Slipping out of her robe and opening her closet, she grabbed her gym bag and began tossing random clothes into it. Looking toward the door, she reached behind a black formal dress to a half-concealed shelf, pulling out her own sleek Walter PPK.The same gun James Bond uses. The thought made her smile, in spite of herself. Jason didn’t really know whom he had let into his life either. After burying it in her bag, Hannah moved into the bathroom to try and clean off some of the blood. As she turned on the faucet, a now-dressed Jason appeared in the doorway.

“Later, you can wash up where we’re going.” He gave her a half-smile. “And when I said pack, I also meant for you to get dressed as well.” With a start, Hannah realized she was still naked. Jason slipped up behind her, leaning down to whisper into her ear. His hot breath brushed erotically across her skin. “I’ll meet you in the car.” With that, he was gone.

Jason found his vehicle thankfully untouched. After searching quickly for any “new accessories” somebody might have added, he moved in and started it up. The engine purred to life.Much the way Hannah purrs underneath me. Jason shook his head to clear his thoughts.Jesus, you almost got her and you killed, and all you can think about is sex! Of course, it was damn good mind-blowing sex at that. Amazingly, Jason found himself getting hard at the though of her. He ignored himself as best he could and pulled the car out of the parking garage and around front. Idling in neutral, Jason pondered what had just happened. The man he had just killed was Reynold Tapper, one of Devon’s lackeys. But this didn’t smell of Devon. It was too inelegant, too brutish. For all his faults, Devon liked istanbul escort things smooth and flashy. Jason continued to turn it over in his mind. Reynold was a regular to the racing scene, not too good, not too bad. Personally, Jason never had anything against him, except for his being Devon’s bitch.It just doesn’t make sense. The door opened, and Hannah swept inside, dressed in tight, low-riding jeans and loose sweatshirt.

“So where to, Jeeves? The Holiday Inn?” Jason smiled back. Even having almost lost her life, Hannah’s sense of sarcasm was undaunted…as was her sexuality.What is it they used to say about almost dying? That it makes you horny as hell? “Hello, earth to hit man. I think we ought to get moving.” Jason obliged her, and pulled of into the night.

They sat in silence for a while, before Hannah asked about their destination.

“Well mad’ am. I thought we’d start with a great tour of the wine country.”

“We don’t have a wine country.”

“Then I guess we’re not going to tour it, are we?”


“Yep, I have one. Do you?” Hannah slugged him in the arm.

“I get the point. Just let me know when we get there.” With that Hannah leaned her head against the window and closed her eyes. Jason glanced over at her, studying her profile, her sleek silhouette.Yep, definitely a Porsche.

Hannah awoke to the engine stopping. The first rays of sunlight filtered though a dense forest, dimly outlining a cabin and glinted softly off a lake. Jason touched her shoulder. “Well, it’s not a Holiday Inn, but at least it has running water.”

“So where did you sprite me off to?”

“This is a retreat my family used to use during the summer. When my parents died, it passed to me. My brother’s too busy to make it up here, and in truth, so am I. Still, I pay to have the place maintained. It’s a great place to relax.” Jason stretched in the chill morning air, breathing deeply. “Let’s head inside.”

Hannah was surprised to find the interior of the cabin to be in such good shape. It was one big room, with a large bed taking up one corner, a small kitchen in the other, and a few comfy looking chairs scattered in-between. And what looked like an honest-to-god bear rug on the floor. Jason caught her looking. “Yes, it’s real. My Dad was an avid hunter. We call it Morris.”

“You named the bear rug?”

“Of course, wouldn’t you?” Hannah laughed. Jason moved to the ready-to-light woodpile arranged in the massive fireplace that took up almost the whole back wall. It crackled to life, then gave off a radiating heat.

“Mmm, “ Hannah moaned, sliding up closer to the heat. “I love a good fire. Well, anything that keeps me hot.” She glanced over to she if Jason caught her meaning. He did, raising a questioning eyebrow.

“You cold so soon? I thought you’d have other things on your mind.”

“Well, you know what they say about almost dying…” Hannah turned her back to Jason and gracefully lifted her shirt over her head. She wore nothing underneath. “It’s so strange. All I want is your cock, and for some reason, I’ve been wet for the past hour.” She turned back to face him, the firelight dancing taksim escort over her breasts, a hungry, almost desperate expression on her face. “Come make love to me. Please.” The pleading tone had its effect. Jason’s cock swelled to its full length, the head poking out from the top of his jeans. She looked directly at it. “Well, one can never say you do anything in small measures…”

Instead of answering, Jason covered the distance between them and crushed her body into his own. Something about being near death is the need to confirm life, and that powered the desire that swept over them both. Their tongues fought after each other, dancing in the softness of each other’s mouth. Hannah’s hands search for the button on Jason’s pants, and practically ripped them open. She slid down his body, pressing her mouth against his hardness though the cotton briefs. She slipped her hands beneath the band and pulled them down. Jason stepped out of them, kicking them aside. Hannah greedily licked his tightening balls, sucking each into her mouth. Jason gasped, pulling her up to her feet. “Enough time for that later, right now I need to be inside you.” Hannah needed no further encouragement. Jason returned the favor, mirroring the action on her jeans. Once they were naked, Jason pushed her towards the bed. Hannah bent over it, and looked over her shoulder with a challenge in her eyes. Her tight ass was thrust up invitingly; her arousement had swelled her nether-lips, leaving a glistening gash that beckoned Jason’s cock. He wasted no time. Stepping quickly over to her, her pressed his rigid manhood between her cheeks, letting her feel his excitement. Hannah reached around, hand encircling his shaft, and practically pulled him to her opening. She felt his head tease her lips. She thrust back…hard.

Both cried out in ecstasy as she was filled and he was en-sheathed. Jason began an almost frantic rhythm, sliding effortlessly in and out of Hannah. She was so wet it dripped out of her pussy and down their legs. She cried out as pleasure practically burst into her. Hannah met every thrust with one of her own. She felt her orgasm building quickly, almost painfully. Jason guided her with one hand, while the other dipped down between them, feeling where they joined. After covering it in Hannah’s juices, he brought it back up and teased her tight anus, pushing insistently at that puckered rosebud. His finger separated, then slipped into her.

Hannah moaned at Jason’s action. The sensation of having both holes filled was overwhelming. No other man had touched her like this. She never knew her ass had so many pleasure endings. Like a rolling crescendo, Hannah felt herself begin to tighten. When Jason circled his other hand around to rub her clit, she exploded.

Hannah literally saw stars as she convulsed, her pussy clamping tightly down on Jason. She could feel her anus clench around his finger as well, which only reinforced the pleasure. All the night’s action and built up tension flooded though her body. She screamed again and again in pleasure. Just when she thought she was through, Jason came inside her, coating her insides with his sticky cum. This sent Hannah into another orgasm. She couldn’t stop cumming. Pleasure took on colors, sounds…until finally she collapsed onto the bed, twitching. She vaguely felt Jason slip out of her before unconsciousness rolled over her. She gave herself up into the waiting darkness.

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