The First Time

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This is an account of AN (24F) and D (23M)’s first time.

The midsummer heat was being matched by the AC, as D looked down at this phone and saw the text. He wiped his brow and smugly smiled to himself, as he mentally prepared for a passionate encounter that weekend.

AN was one of the boldest women he’d ever met, and he felt a power in her eyes he hadn’t quite seen before. It was breathtakingly beautiful and captivating all at once. Earlier that evening, they had gone on a drive in D’s car, talking and trading life stories. They were both trying to get a read on each other, quite like the game of poker he was currently playing. She never took her mind off him, and he never thought to look at his phone while they were out. Before he dropped her back, D had straightforwardly asked AN if she was interested in taking things further. He had pegged her for a woman who responded to confidence and directness.

Looking at that text, his deductions were confirmed. ‘I’m up for it but only with some ground rules. No questions asked or answered, and a big no to drama’ she had said. He put his phone down and continued his game of poker; he had no doubt in his mind that he wanted to please this woman in every way he knew.

The next time he saw her, it was a warm Saturday afternoon; his heart raced in anticipation of what was coming that evening. It was almost torture, waiting for her and the sinful passion that would unfailingly follow. The plan was to watch a horror movie at his place, something they both knew was an excuse to get close. When she finally got there, he noticed she wore a black top. One that he had no intention of leaving on her for long.

He took her to his room and politely asked her to get comfortable. He’d prepared a small plate of fruits in an effort to be a good host. She locked eyes with him and they moved in to the bed where he’d set up the movie on a small screen. ‘I wish we could skip this part’ – they were both, unironically, thinking the same. The movie went on for a short while and D kept thinking ‘I must make a move on her, this is too much waiting’. He noticed she smelled amazing – the pheromones were quite apparent and it was starting to turn him on.

At every jump scare in the movie, she would pretend to be scared and he would want to pull her closer. But nobody was making an actual move – it was just an endless loop of physical proximity. Finally, after what seemed like ages, he pulled her up to her feet and tried the oldest move in the book – ‘let me see how tall you are’.

He towered over her at the foot of the bed and gazed into her eyes, as she looked up at him. They were ‘fuck me right here and now’ eyes. He couldn’t wait. In near perfect unison, they threw caution to the wind, kissing each other deeply, passionately – as if they were both parched and the other’s lips were water. Their bodies flowed in harmony as the kiss turned into an aggressive bout of making out right then and there. Clothes started flying places.

He felt her weight on him as her knees started to buckle. Sensing an opportunity, he pushed her down to her knees and cupped her Bursa Escort chin with his hands. She pulled his sweats down to reveal the tent in his boxers from his growing manhood. Looking up briefly, she gave him a look of pure lust that would besmirch any man and proceeded to pull his boxers down. His cock, already almost fully hard, sprang free and poked her in her face. Not wasting another moment, she started touching his length, admiring him and sending jolts up his spine. D was getting desperate now, the anticipation was nearly killing him. He lurched forward in an attempt to get her to put her mouth on his cock. AN opened her mouth and started doing her magic. It was one of the hottest sexual favors he had ever received.

The blowjob was sloppy, wet. The sounds of his groans merged with the ones emanating from his cock hitting the back of her throat, creating something akin to a harmony. She used her tongue to lick his shaft and caress his swollen head, lapping up some of his precum and continuing to bob her head back and forth. ‘Oh yes baby, just like that’ he moaned as he felt himself get harder, feeling his arousal grow in the confines of her warm mouth. His hands were in her hair, guiding her head back and forth, as he wanted. Sometimes slower, sometimes faster. Sometimes shallower, sometimes deeper. She refused to stop. He didn’t want her to – it was like both of them were harboring an addiction for that pleasure.

He eventually pulled her up by her neck, and dragged her to the bed, throwing her down on it. It was his turn to have her. To consume her. And boy, he did. Pulling her panties down, he took a whiff and smiled devilishly. Pinning her petite yet marvelously plush body onto the bed, he left a trail of soft kisses down her. Her breasts were firm and plump, and her nipples were hard as glass from her arousal. Starting from her neck, he moved down her chest and down to her stomach. AN felt like her entire body was on fire, and she was getting wet in anticipation. D was biting the inside of her thighs, and the sensation was driving her crazy. When he finally kissed her flush on her womanhood, she threw her head back and moaned in ecstasy ‘Yes! Yes! Uhhh yess’. Letting his tongue do the work, he flicked at her clit and lapped at the gushing stream between her legs. The aroma pierced his nostrils and drove him wild. He spread her legs wide open and continued ravaging her like a hungry animal, impervious to her moans and screams. Wanting her to feel like she was being owned made him do something risky. He lifted her legs up and, without warning, put his tongue on her ass and started rimming her. It drove her insane with pleasure, and her moans escalated to the point where he was getting harder just from listening to her. ‘fuck D, yes. fuck, fuck, fuuckkkk’ she moaned his name like an animal in heat. D didn’t stop, he didn’t slow down either. His tongue worked faster over AN’s clit, circling around clockwise a few times and then licking strokes up and down before going back. The alternating movements were doing absolute wonders for her; the burning fire inside her crotch was Bursa Escort Bayan spreading through the rest of her body and exponentially rising in intensity, like someone had poured gasoline all over it.

He knew what was coming, and he was ready for it. In a few moments, he was rolling a condom down his shaft – now throbbing in anticipation. AN laid back on the bed and admired his athletic build, wondering what it would feel like to have him inside her. She knew it wasn’t long till she’d find out.

D threw her back on the bed, and smeared his swollen tip with saliva so he could enter without causing her pain. AN watched him position himself between her legs, and take his cock and place it along her pussy. Her moistness immediately coated him as he rubbed up and down along her. She couldn’t wait and audibly moaned through gritted teeth, ‘Why don’t you fuck me already, D?’, and he did. In one swift motion, he slid a considerable portion of himself into her.

The first stroke. Her eyes widened and she gasped as her insides expanded to allow his cock to enter. D was awestruck and he couldn’t help but feel bewildered at how wet she was. They both exited out of reality at the same time, and their lustful eyes met in a moment of pure passion. There was nothing else, nobody else. Just them. D locked eyes with her and exclaimed ‘Fuck you’re SO WET’ as he pushed his dick into her, feeling it get coated in her warm fluids. AN was feeling things she had never felt before, and couldn’t wait for the rest of the evening. D was quick to pick up the pace of his strokes, he didn’t want to wait and he knew she didn’t want him to wait. He pushed himself further into her, stretching her out till he was fully sheathed inside her. Her moans grew louder and she looked up at him in sheer shock at the intensity of the pleasure they were exchanging. He planted his hands on the headboard and fucked her harder, looking into her captivating eyes at every stroke. She was truly a sight to behold, and he felt lucky to be able to please such a beautiful woman.

AN was bewildered by the way he was opening her up, fucking into her walls and still managing to hold her gaze with an almost wicked smile on his face. Even though neither of them was typically a huge fan of missionary, they didn’t want it to stop. How could they, when it felt so good. AN had never felt someone bottom her out the way his dick was. She didn’t want him to stop, and he didn’t intend to. He put his hands on her waist and thrusted deep into her pussy, till he felt it. ‘Oh my god, what the fuck’ he moaned. ‘I’m hitting something inside you’ he exclaimed, realizing a moment after that it was the exhilarating feeling of him bottoming out inside her. She looked at him with a smile and said something that almost made him cum right instantly. ‘Fuck me then’.

With a renewed vigor, he flipped her over onto her back in one smooth motion and started ravaging her in doggy. AN planted her face into the sheets and gripped them, in a desperate attempt to adjust to this new sensation. She was being fucked like never before. D marveled at Escort Bursa the view of her plump ass bounce back onto his dick. Smacking her ass hard, he had to resist the urge to unleash his cum deep inside her. He was pounding her, and everything about that moment made him feel like a king. Noticing him feeling a little tired, they switched it up and had her take charge. AN pinned him down onto the bed and slid his dick carefully into her. His cock felt so incredible inside her, like nothing AN had ever felt before. It was thick and perfect in every way, the throbbing ridges and veins pulsating against her walls.

Gravity did most of the work sliding her down his length, but she pushed her hips down as well, feeling more of his member entrench itself inside her. Her pussy was stretching to match, gripping the alien invader like a glove. Every successive inch felt better, making her heart beat faster and her pussy burn hotter, until she felt her crotch press against solid flesh. All of D’s length was inside her. She felt very full. Her pussy was not used to this. But goddamn did it feel amazing. She wanted this man to feel taken, owned, and she grabbed the headboard behind him for support as she rode him. D just laid back and soaked in the moment. Her tits bounced in front of his eyes, the movement was almost hypnotic. He noticed she wasn’t, anymore, taking the full length of his now-throbbing cock, and pushed her back. ‘Take it all, I know you can.’ It drove her WILD, and she started bouncing on him furiously, feeling him hit the back of her pussy with every thrust.

They fucked like animals in heat, sweating all over each other’s bodies in a delightful mixture of body fluids – but never broke eye contact. D grabbed her waist, held her in place and pounded into her from underneath. She screamed as she felt his cock throb deep inside her, awakening something she didn’t know existed. She rode him for a long time, neither willing to stop or slow down. It was intense, pleasurable and they both moaned in the wake of their heightened arousal.

D wanted more. He was surprised at the fact that he was able to hold off his orgasm for so long in the presence of an incredibly gorgeous woman, and decided to take advantage of this unexpected stamina. Taking her to the edge of the bed, he sat down and had her straddle him so her legs was tightly wrapped around his waist. He slid into her, held her waist and pressed her entire torso down onto his dick. It. Drove. Her. Wild. She felt her wetness drip down onto him as he stayed completely sheathed inside her, bottoming out again but from a whole new angle.

The next few minutes were a blur of aggressive grinding, ass slapping, sloppy kisses and sweaty bodies rubbing up against each other. The sheer force and intensity of the sex was almost scary. Their bare skin slapped against each other as he thrusted his pelvis up to meet hers on the way down. Finally, they decided to conclude/take a break, having had their fill temporarily. Both of them relaxed there for a moment, basking in the glow of being so deeply connected with one another.

Later they shared a simple fruit plate and sat in blissful silence, absorbing the past hour into their being. Neither of them was done with the evening. Speaking of which, Round Two will be written about in another story, with the promise of much more passion, positions and a terrific climax.

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