The Office Boy Ch. 03

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This is my third story, thanks Sexychik69 without who’s help you would not be reading any stories from me.

My name is Glenn and by now you may have read my first two stories. What follows is in fact part two of Chapter 2.

My hand gently rubbed Caroline’s right shoulder and ran my fingers through her long black hair. I looked deeply into her eyes as we both leant forward and kissed.

Caroline’s gaze dropped down and she giggled, “Are you going to take that of then?” we both saw the sperm filled condom coating my semi hard penis. “If you like Glenn we can share a shower, as I think we need to freshen up a bit,” then before I could reply she surprised me by saying “Please can you spend tonight with me as I want to hold you, sleep with you and for you to be the first thing I see tomorrow”

“Of course.” I replied.

We both climbed into the shower and being a gentleman I let Caroline set the water temperature to her liking. The warm water splashed down and she dipped her head below the shower jet. Her sleek black hair stuck to body, bending she picked up the shampoo and applied it to her hair. I took the lead and massaged the shampoo into her scalp. She moaned and smiled savouring the sensation of having her hair washed. Wrapping her arms around me I continued to stroke my hands through her long hair as we began to kiss.

“May I?” she asked, as she put shower gel in her hand. As I nodded she started to rub the gel into my chest making the lather build up then she moved me into the warm water and rinsed my body. She turned me and applied the gel to my shoulders and as she covered my back she noticed the scratch marks. “I’m sorry I didn’t realise I had done this.”

“Its alright, you won’t believe it but it was a big turn on”

“But surely it hurt?”

“Yes, but the nicest hurt. Besides it was so clear you were enjoying it.” At this she blushed and tried to bury her head in Avcılar Escort my chest. “Another thing, Caroline, I wasn’t aware you swore like that.”

She laughed, “If you want to be cleaned you shouldn’t embarrass the kind lady who is cleaning your sweaty body!” She continued to rub the lather down my back and she laughed as she spent an age soaping my backside. “Even scratched your cute buns! I have to say that that’s the part of you that made me look at you differently.”

“When were you ogling my arse?”

“I have to say your arse looks great in your suit, it was one of the reasons that I came back this week just to look at it again.” She said laughing.

I turned to her and kissed her full on the lips. As we broke I said, “I am glad you did, I hope you are too.” She nodded and I kissed her again.

“Now to clean you properly.” She leant me back against the tiles and dropped to her knees. As she kneeled before me she cupped her hand and poured a generous dollop of gel onto her palm. Then she raised her hand and my balls dropped into the cool gel. Caroline giggled as I flinched and my testes appeared to draw back from the cold. “Better warm those up!” as she gently massaged me. She then ran her nails along the skin between my arse and scrotum. I closed my eyes and savoured the exquisite feeling. “Am I to take it that it feels nice?” she asked.

I looked down and saw my penis twitching and slowly rising from its flaccid state. Caroline laughed as the head of my cock bobbed up and down in front of her face. “Are you trying to hypnotise me?” she laughed, then immediately she said, “Of course I will kiss it master.” Then she started to peck little kisses on the shaft. Caroline moved the showerhead so the water splashed down over my groin, rinsing her hands she then grasped my cock. As she slowly wanked me I gazed down on her watching as the water covered Caroline Beylikdüzü Escort as she leant forward and enveloped me in her warm mouth. I placed my hands on her head as I fucked her face. She took her hands from my shaft and rubbed my balls, her lips replacing her hands in drawing my foreskin rapidly backwards and forwards. Her tongue flicked vigorously round and round the head.

“That feels fantastic Caroline.”

She let my penis fall from her mouth, “Can you pull out if you think you are going to cum, it’s…I’ve never.”

“It okay, I swear I let you know.”

“Just push my shoulders, then you can cum on my tits! Would you like that?”

“Please.” I smiled as she sucked my dick into her mouth. Her mouth formed a tight seal over me and she proceeded to pull my foreskin backwards and forwards with her painted lips. As she reached my tip the warm water rained down on my groin. I moved the showerhead and looked down on Caroline. I could feel my climax approaching and my twitching must have alerted Caroline who looked up wide-eyed at me. Her deep hazel eyes pushed me over the edge and I eased her back and as she wanked me with both her hands my dick spasmed and a jet of sperm flew forward hitting her chin and dropping down onto her chest. The next two streams landed on her right breast with the second landing above and running onto her nipple. The next landed in her cleavage.

She surprised me but leaning forward her tongue flicking forward catching the last on the tip. She held her head back and I watched as the milky fluid run down her tongue. She drew my foreskin back and sucked the last of the juice from my cock.

Rising to her feet she said “Would you like to help me get clean now?” as she rubbed my spunk into her tits. A sticky salty paste covered her firm and perky boobs, which I later found out were 34B in size, with her nipples hard and rigid. I moved the Bahçeşehir Escort showerhead and poured the warm water all over her chest helping to remove the sticky remnants of my orgasm. I attached my mouth to her left nipple and rolled it around between my teeth she moaned and her hand fell to her pussy. I quickly applied gel to her body and showered her, all the while I was aware that she was fingering her clit and her breath was coming in rapid gasps.

“Let’s lay a towel down for you.” I said, Caroline smiled and climbed out of the bath onto the large white towel.

“You are stunning Caroline, your face is so pretty, the long black hair and your body is… Simply perfect!” I said.

“That’s because I’m the first woman you’ve seen naked! It’s the same with you Glenn I don’t think I will ever forget the moment I first saw you nude.” She slowly parted her legs and allowed me to kneel before her. I licked my tongue along her thigh and approached her pussy. Could smell the musky aroma of her arousal and could see a hint of moisture at the opening of her pussy. Looking up I saw Caroline with a hand on each nipple as she teased them. Leaning forward I kissed her clit, from the moan I knew that I was doing okay. I gently extended my tongue and ran it up and down her labia. Then I flicked my tongue from side to side as I continued to go up and down, the effect being a zigzagging type lapping.

Sensing that Caroline was getting more aroused I put the first two fingers of my right hand against her opening and thrust forward penetrating her. Her juices coated my fingers and I sensed from the light pulsing of her vaginal walls that Caroline might be close so I placed my mouth over her stiff clitty and sucked.

“Ooooohhhhhhh Glenn.” She cried out. I flicked my tongue against her clit and pressed it hard while sucking. “Sweeett Jesus that feels so good.” As she came her pussy clamped tightly on my fingers, which I rapidly pushed in and out. Caroline lifted her soaking pussy mound into my face pressing my nose into the tuft of her pubes. Then Caroline’s hands pushed my face away from her “My god that was intense. Let’s go to bed Glenn, don’t know about you but I’m shattered!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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