The Twilight Zone

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“You’re traveling through another dimension.

A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind.

A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of the imagination.

Next stop, The Twilight Zone.”

“Big deal.” Leonard yawned and hit the remote control button. “Some guy sees a monster on the wing of the plane.” The television did not respond to his command so he sat up, aimed and pushed the button again. “Show me an average, ordinary guy who turns into a sex god for a day and gets to fuck every hot chick he wants andthenI’ll be interested.”

The television turned off and, at the same moment, Leonard felt a strange power surge tingle up his arm. Startled, he dropped the controller onto the coffee table in front of him. “Must’ve burned out the batteries or something.” He murmured, getting off the couch and turning off the television by hand, no longer in the mood to watch it anyway.

He was just debating whether he should read for a while or just give up and go to sleep when there was a knock at his apartment door. Surprised, Leonard got out of his easy chair and headed over to the door. He looked through the peek hole and was more than a little amazed to find his gorgeous neighbor Tia standing at the other side, wearing an incredibly skimpy little negligee. Gulping, he shifted the deadbolt and unlocked the door, wondering all the while what in the world she could be doing at his door at this time of night.

“Hi Lenny.” She purred, stepping into the foyer and standing very close to him. Tia had a set of big, beautiful tits that seemed to be standing up and saying hello as well.

Leonard forced himself to look away from her chest, although the temptation to let his gaze travel lower was almost overpowering. “Uhm, hi Tia.” He silently cursed the break in his voice. “Can I do something for you?” Leonard could feel himself growing hard and hoped like hell that she wouldn’t notice the strain in his boxer shorts.

“Can you ever.” She eyed him mischievously. “I was getting ready for bed and I had this sudden craving.” Tia produced a measuring cup from behind her back. “And I’m completely out of sugar.”

“Sure. No problem.” Leonard knew it was too good to be true. Losers like him never got the hot girl next door. “I’ve got all that you need.” He said, taking the cup out of her hand and heading for the kitchen.

Leonard reached up into the cabinet for a bag of sugar and almost dropped it when he felt her hands slide around his waist and into his boxer shorts. “You know, this might be able to satisfy my craving better than some silly old cookies.”

‘Please don’t let her be yanking my chain. Please don’t let her be yanking my chain.’ He thought desperately to himself as he carefully set down the sugar and turned to face Tia. “Well, that all depends I suppose.”

Her fingers slid artfully up and down his straining staff. “On?” She licked her luscious lips and all he could think about was having his cock between them.

It took Leonard a moment to find the ability to speak. What Tia was doing to his cock felt so damned good. “On whether or not your mouth is as talented as your fingers.”

Tia chuckled throatily and slid his boxers down over his hips, past his fully upright cock and dropped them down around his ankles. “I think the best way to convince you of that would be to show you.” She knelt down in front of him and slowly circled the head of his dick.

Her eyes locked with his as Tia wrapped her lips around his rod and slowly eased him all the way in. He tangled his fingers into her red tresses and started carefully pumping into his neighbors’ mouth. Leonard knew he was going to wake up from this wonderful dream to sticky sheets but oh my God was she ever incredible.

Her fingers curved into his ass cheeks, pulling him in even deeper. Leonard saw stars when one finger slid gently into his anus and matched his strokes into her face. There was no way he was going to last too much longer if she kept this up, that was for sure. “Tia sweetie, you keep that and I’m going to give you that cup of satisfaction right down your throat.”

Tia winked up at him and added a little more suction to the process. His hand curved over the back of her head and it was all he could do not to fuck straight through the back of her head as he came like crazy down her throat. She eased the suction and took in every drop before letting him ease from her mouth. “Much better than cookies.” She announced as she stood up.

Leonard leaned weakly against the counter. “Oh fuck yeah.” He agreed, still stunned by the turn of events this evening.

“I have an early appointment in the morning or I’d stay and let you return the favor.” She said, kissing him briefly. Leonard didn’t mind tasting himself on her lips half as much as he would have thought. “But if you’re free tomorrow night I’d love to feed you dinner.”

Tia for dinner? Yes, he definitely had to be dreaming. “I’d love to eat you, or, uhm, Alanya Escort eat dinner with you or…” Very smooth Leonard. That would certainly dazzle the beautiful red-head.

Tia giggled and gave him one last lingering kiss. “C) All of the above.” She whispered before heading out of the apartment.

As far as wet dreams went, this was one that he would relive for years to come. It simply had to be a dream because hotties like Tia just didn’t show up and suck off geeks like Leonard Lumley.


Leonard shuffled out of bed the next morning, memories of that fantastic dream about Tia still vividly etched in his mind. He went into the kitchen to get the coffee maker going while he showered when he spotted a measuring cup on his counter. He knew it wasn’t his. His measuring cups were all white plastic. This one was metal. Just like the one dream Tia had brought to him the night before.

“Holy fuck.” He said in disbelief, picking up the cup to examine it and verify that it wasn’t just a figment of his imagination. Maybe it hadn’t been a dream after all. Maybe he really did get a five star blowjob from his sexy neighbor. And maybe pigs really could fly.

Leonard was in a daze the rest of the morning, barely aware of where he was until he crowded into the elevator on his way up to his offices on the 29th floor. What snapped him out of his blowjob-induced haze was his favorite perky little blonde elevator companion. Heather worked on the 25th floor and he had secretly lusted after her every morning during their ride up together. Today Heather slid right in front of him and, due to the crowded elevator he presumed, she pressed her sweet little ass against his crotch. Every time the elevator rocked to a stop to drop off passengers she buffeted against him, making him as hard as titanium.

Heather glanced over her shoulder at the 25th floor and rubbed her palm knowingly over his cock. “I take lunch at 12:30.” She told him before giving him one last squeeze and exiting at her floor.

What the hell was going on? Tia last night and now Heather…he was starting to think that maybe he’d somehow woken up in somebody else’s body. Somebody that women actually desired instead of ignored.

Leonard slid into his cubical shortly before nine and went to work on the Amudsen Proposal. He was so focused on it, in fact, that he didn’t hear the phone ringing right away. “Lumley.” He mumbled distractedly when he did finally pick it up, intent on a column of numbers that didn’t want to calculate properly.

“Leonard, I’d like to see you in my office.”

The voice on the other end was Donna Mayfaire, Senior Vice-President, his boss’ boss, and an all around bitch. No one liked to deal with her. “Yes, Ms. Mayfaire. When did you want to see me?” Please don’t let it be lunch time. There was a little blonde on the 25th floor that was expecting him at 12:30 and he didn’t want to be late.

“Right now Leonard.” She said shortly. “I’m a busy woman and I don’t have time to wait for you to clear your social calendar.”

“Yes Ma’am.” He responded meekly. “I’ll be right there.”

Leonard quickly closed the file he had been working on and went across the office to mahogany row where Donna Mayfaire had a corner office. Her secretary Kellie smiled warmly when as he approached her desk. “Good morning, Leonard.”

“Uhm, Hello Kellie.” He finally stuttered, taken aback. Leonard wasn’t used to any kind of warmth from the usually frosty keeper of the dragon lady. “How are you today?”

“I’m good now, but I’ll be great later.” Kellie’s luscious mouth slowly circled the tip of her pen before sucking it into her mouth, her eyes never leaving his as she blatantly demonstrated her skills to him. “Anyway, you can go right in. Ms. Mayfaire is expecting you.” Kellie motioned him toward the office door.

Leonard took a deep breath to calm his nerves before entering the dragon lady’s lair. “You wanted to see me, Ms. Mayfaire.” He asked cautiously.

“Yes Leonard. Please close the door.” He did as he was told and took a seat in front of her desk.

“Leonard, your last proposal has come to my attention.” She got up and walked around her desk, leaning casually against the front of it. “In fact, you have come to my attention lately.” Her skirt was hiked up enticingly high.

“Ma’am?” He asked uncertainly, his eyes riveted to the hint of black lace he could see under her blouse.

“Yes you, Leonard.” Her hands slid up casually and started unbuttoning the front of her blouse. “Your extra effort and hard work has really paid off.”

“Why, uhm, thank you Ms. Mayfaire.” He said uncertainly, his eyes wide as her ample cleavage was slowly revealed.

“In fact, I’m actually considering you for a new position.” She paused as she shrugged the blouse down her arms, leaving her sexy lace bra fully exposed to him now. “But this position may require some personal sacrifice on your part Leonard. What I want to know is can Alanya Escort Bayan I count on you to give it your all?”

“Yes Ma’am.” He replied enthusiastically, eyes riveted to tits in front of him. “I’ll give you whatever you need.”

Donna Mayfaire smiled. “That was exactly the answer I was hoping for.” Her hand reached up and she popped the front closure to her bra, her breasts spilling out in front of him. “Now what Ineed Leonard is someone who is not afraid to attack any task I ask of him. We will be working very closely together and I will not tolerate someone who cannot act decisively when it is required.”

Leonard gulped, his hands itching to reach out and fondle the thick, dusky colored nipples before him. “Yes Ms. Mayfaire. I will gladly devour any task you give me and eagerly await the next one.”

“Very good. Very good.” Her hand slowly slid up her rib cage and cupped the underside of her breasts and he almost groaned aloud. “And you will have no problem following my directions, no matter how unorthodox they may sound?”

“Absolutely not Ma’am.” He shifted slightly in his seat to make some room in his lap for his achingly stiff rod.

Donna Mayfaire noted his movement and eyed the swelling in his pants. “Oh Leonard, I can tell this is going to be a very satisfying working relationship.”

“I certainly hope so.” He agreed carefully.

“Well then, are you ready for your first assignment?” She arched her back and her beautifully rounded globes jutted out proudly.

All he could do was nod. Any other form of communication besides the most basic carnal expressions where beyond him at the moment.

“Wonderful. I like to see that kind of enthusiasm in the work place.” Her eyes locked with his for a long moment before she said “Leonard, suck my tits. Caress them. Fondle them. If I feel that your talents are sufficient in that area then I will have more ground for you to cover today.”

This was one job he was more than willing to give his all to. Leonard stood up and moved between her legs, his hands coming to rest where hers had been moments earlier. With thumb and forefinger he rolled each succulent nipple to stiff, aching awareness before really going to work on them with his tongue, teeth, and mouth. Soon enough she was writhing beneath him, rubbing her hot box against his straining member.

Donna Mayfaire gasped and ground into him. Leonard was positive she had just gotten off on this little dry humping session. And to think the word around the office was that she was a frigid bitch!

“Oh that was very good, Leonard. Very good indeed.” She stood up and unzipped her skirt, letting it drop into a pile at her feet. Oh Lord…she was wearing black lace garter belt and a pair of matching lace panties. It was all that he could do not to cum in his trousers when he saw her dressed like that. Not even in his wildest fantasies had his boss looked this incredibly hot. “I feel quite confident that you’ll be able to handle this next task with equal skill and efficiency.”

“I certainly hope so Ma’am.” Leonard said in a strained voice.

“Fuck me Leonard.” She pushed aside her nameplate and bent over her desk, giving him a perfect view of her perfect ass. “Fuck me right here. Right now. Bent over my desk like some sort of cheap whore.”

“You’re the boss.” He agreed, his hands fumbling with his belt. He dropped his pants in record time before he gripped her hips none too gently. “Just remember; cheap whores don’t get nice, easy fuckings.” He whispered, pushing her moist panties aside and settling the head of his cock at the entrance of her juicy cunt. “Cheap whores get fucked hard and fast and it doesn’t matter if they’re satisfied.”

“Oh don’t worry about that. I’m sure I’ll be satisfied.” She said, glancing over her shoulder at him. “Just fuck me.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Without warning he slammed into her and felt her muscles constricting around him. Good thing she didn’t want something long and slow and drawn out because he didn’t think he could last that long. He reached for a hand full of her hair and pulled her head back as he pounded into her for all he was worth.

Of course Leonard was really all talk. There was no way he wouldn’t try to give her one more orgasm before allowing himself to cum.

“Oh Yes!” Without warning she let out a deep, guttural moan and her pussy clamped down on his dick, drawing him out of any gentleman-like ideals and making him cum like a horse at a stud farm. “I like a man that isn’t afraid to follow my directions.” She murmured appreciatively.

“I take great pride in doing my job to the best of my ability.” He assured her as he pumped into her one last time before easing himself out of her sticky recesses.

She straightened slowly, patting her hair back into place. “Leonard I can tell that I’m going enjoy having you work beneath me.” She said with a wink before she gently helped him right his clothing again.

He Escort Alanya bent to retrieve her skirt for her. “I will enjoy being beneath you, Ms. Mayfaire.” Leonard wasn’t sure what proper etiquette was once one had fucked one’s boss, but it seemed the right thing to do.

“That’s a dear.” She stepped into her skirt and eased it back up her body. “Now back to your desk Leonard. We’ll review your next assignment tomorrow.”

Leonard pinched himself on his way back to his cubicle. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t a dream. But somehow he had taken a wrong turn at sanity and was now living someone else’s life. Some very lucky son of a bitch’s life. And he really hoped that the mix-up wouldn’t get straightened out anytime soon.


Leonard stepped off the elevator promptly at 12:30 and ran headlong into Heather. “Are you alright? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“But I did.” She said, winking up at him.

He turned to try to catch the elevator but she was already tugging him back into her office area. “Uhm, I thought you said something about lunch.”

“I know a secret way.” Heather whispered, dragging him along to the back storage area of the office. “Freight elevator.” She explained when they came to a stop in front of the heavy wooden doors at the back of the office.

“Don’t you need some sort of special key or something?” Leonard asked uncertainly.

Grinning, Heather held up her free hand and displayed the key dangling from a ring around her finger. “Want to go for a ride elevator man?”

Leonard faltered for a moment when he realized just what she had in mind. What if they were caught? They could both lose their jobs, or maybe worse. “That sounds like a great idea but—”

“Don’t worry. Nobody will know.” Heather slid the key into the lock to activate the elevator, summoning the ancient car from some hidden depths belowground.

His traitorous little soldier was standing at attention despite any reservations he might have. But then Leonard looked over at the very sexy little blonde and wondered why in the world he was even hesitating. “Oh what the hell. You only live once, right?” He said with a cavalier grin before reaching out and opening the doors when the elevator car finally arrived.

He ushered them both into the dimly lit car and pulled the door closed with an elaborate swish. “Going up! Next stop heaven.” She said when the doors slammed shut again, sliding the key in to activate the elevator before lunging for Leonard.

Heather’s mouth covered his as she deftly unfastened his trousers. Her hand was in and wrapped around his cock before he even realized what was happening. Leonard inched her skirt upward and was surprised to find her bottom bare. “I didn’t want to waste time removing clothing later.” She explained, reaching over to turn the key and leaving the elevator car locked somewhere between floors.

Leonard lifted her up, his hunger for her carrying them against the opposite wall with force. He took a moment to position his cock before pulling her down on it. “Oh fuck yeah.” She moaned into his mouth. He used the wall behind Heather and methodically drove into her over and over until she screamed out her release.

“Now that we’ve gone up how about a little going down?” Heather eased off of his still raging hard-on and turned the key in the opposite direction before dropping to her knees and sucking his cock into her mouth.

Leonard’s mind was reeling. This was his second blow job in twenty-four hours. His second fuck for that matter. And with three different women! He was lucky if he got anywhere near more than one woman in twenty-four days. Well, he definitely wasn’t about to complain, that was for damned sure.

“Reach over and turn the key Leonard so we don’t end up giving a show to the guys on the docks.” Heather urged as she shifted slightly to takes his balls into her mouth.

Somehow he found the strength to turn the key and the car jolted to a sudden stop again. But he felt nothing but bliss as her tongue cushioned his balls from the impact. Her hand continued to slide up and down his rod, pulling him closer to release. “Oh fuck Heather…I’m going to cum.”

Heather let his balls slide from her mouth and knelt dutifully in front of him, mouth opened wide, waiting for the first shot. He certainly didn’t want to disappoint her so he grabbed hold of his cock and aimed for her tongue. The first two shots landed successfully on target but the last, as supplies dwindled, left a pearly strand across her chin.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm.” She grinned up at him, cum still pooled on her tongue.

“Sorry. I seem to have missed a bit there.” Leonard reached out to wipe the cum from her face.

Heather licked off what was on his thumb and swallowed the entire mouthful before standing up in front of him. “I’m not.” She leaned in and gave him a hot, tongue-filled kiss. Before today Leonard might have thought snowballing was a rather uninviting prospect, but not when it’s with someone this incredibly sexy. “Thanks for lunch.”

“Anytime.” He assured her, wearing what he was sure was a goofy grin on his face.

“You might want to tuck in and zip up there Hon. I have to return this elevator before people start coming back.”

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