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Brooke loved football. Even as a small child, she would find herself sitting on her parent’s green suede couch, watching Sunday Night Football and not missing a single game. Even with school the next day, and against her parent’s wishes, she would be up until the end of the 4th every time. There was something about the game, the lights, the fans, and especially the men in tight pants with sweat dripping down their foreheads on the close-up shots.

Her love for football, especially the players, had only intensified over the years. To say Brooke had “a thing” for tall, handsome, and fit guys was an understatement. She was voted “Most Likely to Marry a Pro Athlete” in her sorority, but now at 27, that dream seemed to be falling short. While she dated a few guys on the college football team and had a few crazy nights with others, she was now single. As her career took off, her love life began to grind to a halt.

Brooke was beautiful, but most were in Miami. She had hazel eyes and long brown hair to match that would touch the small of her back when she wore it down. She had skin that would tan easily, which certainly wasn’t a challenge on the Florida beaches she would spend most Saturday mornings with her friends.

The air was hot, and with the humidity, Brooke decided to leave her hair up. She and her friend Georgia were walking down to the sand from their shared beach apartment to soak up what was left of the mid-afternoon sun. The sand still burnt their feet as they found their way to an open spot where they laid down their towels. Brooke laid face down, having Georgia untie her top to ensure no tan lines, even though they questioned how much of a tan they could still get at this time.

As the girls chatted about the stress the past week brought, two attractive men, not much older than 30, started walking past them, surfboards over their heads. As they held the boards high, Brooke couldn’t help but stare at the shape of their toned bodies. Muscles pushed through their skin, sparkling from the ocean water and residual salt it left behind.

Brooke felt her pussy tingle as she pushed her hips into the sand below. It had been at least 3 months since the last time she had a penis inside her. And while she was utterly content with her small vibrator on her bedside table, she missed the rawness of sex. A sweaty man with big arms pinning her shoulders down into the bed. Her ass grabbed by rough hands, lifting her into the air. She felt herself getting increasingly wet.

“Hey B,” Georgia said, waking Brooke up from the trance she had put herself into. “You remember how my brother was roommates with that football player at Ohio? Josh Peters? Well, he’s on the Giants now and gave my brother two tickets for tomorrow’s game.”

Brooke remembered the roommate. While she had only met him once, she certainly remembered every little detail about him.

“So my brother can’t make it, but is giving the tickets to me. You in?”

Brooke thought about her typical Sunday night plans of Netflix and ice cream. She never passed up the opportunity for a game, even if it meant missing out on the Cherry Garcia.

“Definitely,” she responded back.

Georgia parked her white Mercedes between the lines of a VIP parking spot at the stadium. The breeze was welcome as the girls got out of the car. Although it was fall, the Florida heat remained oppressive. As they approached the stadium, Georgia took out two field passes for them.

“What the hell!” Brooke exclaimed, “How did you get these?”

Georgia smiled with a devilish grin. “My brother showed his buddy your Instagram and he wanted to meet you.”

“You’re kidding,” said Brooke, still in shock. She struggled to move her feet as she stood still in disbelief.

Georgia was already 20 feet ahead of Brooke as she yelled back to her. “Hurry up! You don’t want to miss out!”

As they walked through the turnstiles and towards the field entrance, Brooke’s heart began beating increasingly faster. She saw the players warming up on the field. Football player’s always had a way of turning her on, especially during warmups without the big pads. Josh Peters, the rookie linebacker, ran up to Georgia and gave her a hug. Brooke watched as Georgia’s hands squeezed his back muscles, finding herself gaziantep lezbiyen escort a little jealous.

“So this must be your friend?” Josh asked, looking at Brooke and giving her a wink. Brooke smiled.

Josh was handsome, standing at 6’4″. He looked down at Brooke, overshadowing her small frame. He had a defined jawline and facial hair that was neatly trimmed. Brooke was thinking about one thing and one thing only. She couldn’t stop smiling.

“Hi, I’m Brooke! Nice to meet you! Huge fan.” This was a lie, as Josh had done very little so far during his rookie season. It worked, however, and he smiled back, saying thank you.

Before they had a chance to really get to know one another, one of Josh’s teammates ran up behind him, asking to warm up together. His teammate was about the same height and equally handsome. He had a much darker complexion and large arms that busted out of his tight t-shirt.

As the teammates turned around to head to start stretching, Josh gave a wave to the girls. “I’ll see you guys after the game.” The girls turned to exit the field.

Brooke was horny. It was a while since she got laid standing next to the two of them certainly got her motor turning. She pictured being fucked right there on the field. Josh’s hands ripping off her shirt and pounding her into the turf. She got chills.

The game started, and the girls alternated between $15 cocktails and Bud Lights that were coming from the men behind them. Through touchdowns and interceptions, the crowd cheered and booed; they were having a great time and even going so far as dancing with the 60-year-old men that bought them the beer.

As the game came to an end and the stadium began to exit, the girls decided to drive back to Georgia’s apartment to have a few more drinks and order a pizza.

Just then, Georgia got an Instagram notification. It was Josh.

“You girls want to come to the hotel?” the direct message read. Brooke’s eyes lit up as Georgia read it. Brooke was used to these type of messages. Usually, with the guys in college, she wouldn’t give it thought. But she was having a dry spell and knew exactly what she was in for if she went.

“Well we gotta go!” Brooke exclaimed.

“Girl I am not having a threesome with you right now,” Georgia laughed. This is something they had talked about before and even considered once in their college days.

“How about I drop you off, and then I go home and order a pizza and go to bed,” Georgia said this, half kidding; however, Brooke smiled devilishly back.


“Keep your phone on and text me ASAP if I need to come get you,” Georgia said, pulling up to the hotel. Brooke got out of the car, winking at Georgia and headed inside.

She made her way to the elevator to the 14th floor. It was a gorgeous hotel, but the elevator moved slowly. The combination of nerves and sexual tension made her tremble in the most exciting way. The doors opened to a beautiful, newly installed blue carpet that paired nicely with the grey walls. She headed to room 1412 and knocked.

She waited for a few seconds, but no one came. “Do I have the wrong room?” she whispered to herself. “Am I really doing this?”

Then the door opened to Josh Peters. He was shirtless but wearing grey joggers that hugged tightly to his ankles. He lifted his arm above his head, resting it on the top of the door frame, allowing Brooke to see his chest puff out. Her eyes traced the lines from his pecs down to his abs.

“Well, you wanna come in?” he asked her. Brooke smiled and moved past him. As she walked into the suite, Josh looked her up and down. “So no Georgia?”

“She was feeling a little bit tired I guess, so just me.” Brooke smiled. She knew what he wanted, and she wanted it just as much. The tension of just them standing there together was palpable.

Brooke let the yellow cardigan fall from her shoulders as she got comfortable on the couch. Josh sat a few feet away from her, sitting on the edge of the bed. As he sat down, she could see the outline of his penis pushing against the right leg of his sweatpants. He leaned back.

“So, tell me about yourself?” he said to her as he continued to look her up and down. Her soft shoulders escort gaziantep lezbiyen were exposed to the dim lighting of the hotel room. She crossed her legs.

“Is talking really what you want to do right now?” she asked him. Brooke was in charge now. This was her night, and she would do what she wanted with him. She bit her lip.

Josh stood up from the bed and walked over to her. There’s a look that boys get when they want to kiss a girl, and he had it. She stood up. Their height differences were noticeable now. Her head craned all the way back to look up to him. She could kiss his chest, but that was about it. Josh then reached down and cupped her ass, picking her up into his arms. Now face to face, Brooke leaned in, wrapped her arms around his neck and began to kiss him. He bit her bottom lip and tugged. As he continued to squeeze her ass, Brooke began to thrust into his chest. She kissed a lot of boys in the past, but never like this.

Josh turned her toward the bed, and they both fell down onto the soft comforter. From the height she was at, it seemed they were falling forever. Josh was now on top of her, her legs still wrapped around him. He gently took her hands and held them down beside her head. She slightly pushed against the force of his hands. As he held her down, he started to kiss her ear and then slowly down to her neck. His heavy breathing and saliva tickled, and she giggled, still being pushed down with the force only an NFL football player could replicate.

As he let up on her hands, she instantly threw her hand down to grab his stiff cock. She stroked the outside of his sweatpants with the palm of her hand, going from the tip all the way down to his balls. She slightly squeezed them. The pool of moisture building up between her legs begged for his strong hands to rub her pussy and soak his hands. Just as his hands began to unzip her skinny jeans, there was a loud banging on the door.

Muffled through the thick hotel door, they heard someone yelling. “Bro we gonna watch the tape or not?”

Josh threw himself back in frustration. Brooke, still trembling and tense moaned in exasperation.

Josh adjusted his cock, and got up to the door. He opened it. It was Bryan, his teammate Brooke knew from earlier.

“A little busy here, man,” Josh said, clearly ready to get back to the hot action.

“Oh shit J, my bad. I’ll catch you in the AM.” He turned to leave.

As Josh started to close the door, Brooke yelled out.

“Wait! He can stay.” She gave Josh the same devilish grin she gave Georgia earlier.

Initially confused, Josh looked at her with a furrowed brow. It then clicked for him what exactly she meant. Josh looked at Bryan, and Bryan looked at Josh. They both shrugged as Bryan entered, and Josh closed the door behind him.

Brooke fell backwards into the soft pillow. Bryan began to pull off his shirt, standing at the foot of the bed. His muscles protruded from his dark skin. He moved down toward her open legs. At the same time, Josh, still shirtless, pulled off his joggers, revealing black Calvin Klein boxer briefs. He lied next to her.

Brooke and Josh started to kiss again. With her eyes closed, she felt Josh’s hand move up her shirt. He started at her belly button, pushed her under the bra, and wrapped his big hand around her breast. Her nipple became hard as his thumb brushed against it in a circular motion. Meanwhile, she felt her already unbuttoned pants begin to unzip. Two hands reached under her ass and began to pull down the skinny jeans until they were already off. Bryan’s warm breath tickled her inner thigh. He began to kiss and suck on her delicate skin. Her pink panties were noticeably wet. The sharpness from his facial hair caused her to slightly close her legs until she relaxed again.

Josh’s cock was busting from his boxers. She took her right hand and slid it down the waistband, gripping his girthy penis with a full hand. She began to pump her arm up and down as her tongue remained intertwined with his, seemingly locked in a battle. Brooke felt Bryan grab the lining of her panties and pull them to the side, revealing her soaking wet pussy. His thigh kisses got closer and closer and closer until he was mere millimeters gaziantep lezbiyen escortlar away from her labia. With her left hand, she grabbed the back of his head and felt his coarse hair in her hand.

Bryan opened his mouth, stuck out his tongue, and let it glide into her vagina. Brooke moaned. He ran his tongue up her slit until he rested on her tender pink clit. He moved his tongue back and forth, up and down, as Brooke became increasingly aroused, almost approaching orgasm.

Bryan’s hands began to pull her panties down from behind. Brooke looked down at him while still sensually kissing Josh. She lifted her legs to the sky as he pulled the panties over her plump ass. He lifted them further up her legs and over her feet. Her legs remained up as he grabbed her ankles and rested them on his shoulders. Bryan then pulled his red boxers down, revealing an 8-inch cock, fully erect. He was well groomed. Brooke couldn’t wait to feel it inside of her.

Bryan entered Brooke’s wet pussy, soaking his cock as it slipped in. He began to thrust back and forth with her legs still in the air. He cupped her ass, holding a cheek in each hand, and lifted her butt up. Brooke loved how it felt.

As Bryan penetrated between her lips, Josh began to suck on her nipples. His tongue played games with her nipple as his big lips surrounded her areola. She got a jolt of excitement each time his tongue touched it.

“Oh god fuck me,” Brooke exclaimed. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

As Bryan continued to fuck her pussy, she continued to scream. So loud that she began to wonder how thick the walls were.

“Oh hell yeah,” Bryan moaned. He took his cock out of her pussy and, with his strong arms, started to flip Brooke over. Josh assisted with this.

Brooke then got on to her hands and knees, ass in the air giving a great view to Bryan, who remained behind her. Her asshole and shaved pussy made the perfect sight. He couldn’t help but throw his tongue back into her pussy, wet and trembling.

Josh pulled his boxers all the way down; his dick also stood erect, only this time, it was right by her face. Hers for the taking. She stared at it and the precum that dripped out the tip. He gave her a look as she looked up at him, begging for her mouth and luscious lips to encompass it. She liked teasing him. After all, this night was for her. These would make these her cocks.

Her tongue started at the base of his cock, and licked lightly all the way up to taste the slightly salty pre-cum. He was now begging for real this time.

“Please, baby… Oh please suck on this dick.”

As Brooke took his entire cock into her mouth and sucked, she felt Bryan enter her pussy once again from behind. It felt different this time as he pounded into her with more power, grabbing her ass once again. She sucked hard, bobbing her head back and forth. She played with his balls as her fingers teased Josh’s asshole. He didn’t want to admit it, but she could tell he liked it.

She sucked faster and faster, now grabbing his shaft, expecting him to unload into her mouth at any minute. Bryan continued to pound faster and faster. His eyes were closed. In his sex-drunk haze, this was his euphoria. Josh ran his fingers through her hair and then began to assist her, bobbing back and forth. He couldn’t help his hips from thrusting into her mouth. Bryan sped up from behind her, and with her asshole in view, he began to massage it with his thumb. It was wet from the sex that gushed from her pussy.

At that point, it became too much for all of them; with her left hand rubbing her clit as she sucked and continued to get fucked, they all began to moan, feeling the climax building.

“UGH.” They all moaned as Brooke screamed, her body tingling in ecstasy. The teammates pumped their warm loads out of their cocks and into their respective orifices. Her pussy felt good full of warm cum. Bryan pulled his cock out and fell onto the bed. His penis continued pumping as the cum began to drip from Brooke’s vagina.

Josh’s load filled her mouth. It was warm and salty. Not something she wanted to swallow. She then spits it back onto his cock and continues stroking with her hand. Milking him of every last drop of cum.

They all laid in bed in bliss for what seemed like 20 minutes. As the guy’s erections softened, she stood up and went to the bathroom. Brooke dressed as she texted Georgia to come to get her.

“Fun night, boys,” she exclaimed as she began to walk to the door. Can’t wait until next season.” They hadn’t moved, still lying down, exhausted and still tingling. Yeah, Brooke thought, she was back in the game. And she could get any man she wanted.

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