California Love

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California Love

We met six years ago at a costume party at a gay bar. He was supposed to be a mad scientist. And I was, you guessed it, Superman. It’s a play on my name because during the day, I’m Clark Syre. His laugh is what attracted me. It was… innocent and dripping sweet. It brought a smile to my face. I was nervous to talk to him but when I did, he admitted that he was nervous to talk to me.

We hit it off that night.

And here we are six years later, in a relationship and living together. Lucky to be in love with Will Alon. He never asked for much of me, just that I love and respect him. After six years of fumbling, I was ready to make an honest man out of him. Tonight, he would know how much I want him in my life. We were driving out to the countryside; I had the perfect surprise for him.

Will: Are we there yet?

Me: (Looking at him) You’re worse than a kid sometimes.

Will: (Flicks my arm) Then I need an adult. Because I’ve been in a relationship with an older man.

Me: (Laughing) I’m twenty eight. I’m not that old yet.

Will: (Giggles) Well I’m twenty four. You were graduating college when I was graduating high school.

Me: (Taking my hand and lacing it with his) I waited until you were nineteen to date you.

Will: (Leans over and kisses my cheek) I almost stopped waiting for you. But I’m glad that I did. I wouldn’t know what a great man is if I hadn’t.

Me: (Smirking) There’s better than me. There always is.

Will: I didn’t want better. I wanted you. Dorky, kind, strong yet gentle.

I glanced over at Will and shook my head, keeping my eyes on the road. He had a way of getting to me… When we got to the off road path, I found a place to park and turned the engine off. My seatbelt clicked off then my eyes looked over at Will. He was biting his lip, looking me up and down. I hit the release on his belt and pulled him over to me. So close that we were breathing the same air…

I whispered to him.

Me: Checking me out?

Will: I always check you out Clark. You’re perfect… Muscles and the brains to match.

Me: (Pecking his lips) I’m a lucky guy. Truly lucky to have you Will.

Will: (Smiles) I know. You treat me like a prince. (Pecks back) A spoiled little prince.

Me: (Smiling back at him) We’re going to rule our little world together when we’re kings.

Will: (Gently holds my cheek) But you’re already my king Clark… You were always a king.

I rested my forehead against his and kissed him hard. His arms wrapped around my neck and I held him close. I felt our bodies rush with heat, begging to be close together. When we pulled away, we stared at each other longingly. As much as I wanted to take him in the back seat and have my way, I wanted tonight to be different. I wanted Will to truly feel special. I slowly let him go so we could leave the car. Once we were out, I popped the trunk to pick up our bags. Will insisted on carrying his but I had it, telling him to lock the car.

I led the way down the road, Will holding my arm. When we got to the cabin, he was giddy with excitement. I couldn’t help but smile as he went into the kitchen and checked out everything. This was the first time we’d rented a cabin for the week. I went into the bedroom and put our bags at the foot of the bed. I walked back out to see Will looking in the fridge, and leaned against the door frame as he searched.

Will: (Head in the fridge) Did you put all of this in here in advance?

Me: No. I called ahead and gave them a list so we wouldn’t have to lug groceries here.

Will: (Pulls his head out, turns to me with a carton of Lactaid in his hand) You never buy this unless something is up… Spill it.

Me: (Chuckling) It’s nothing you should worry about right now.

Will: (Jokingly) Oh no. This is the end. You brought me out here to kill me.

Me: (Laughing hard) I’d have done that years ago if I wanted to. But I don’t have the guts.

Will: (Puts the carton on the counter, walks over to me, wraps his arms around me) Why not? I can get pretty annoying.

Me: (Holding him in my arms) I’d miss you too much. Before I met you, I was one lonely son of a bitch. It’d been years istanbul travesti since I dated anyone. You made me feel alive again.

Will: (Rests his head on my chest) I was struggling to find myself when you met me… You made me the happiest gay boy in the world, every day for the past five years.

Me: (Kissing his head) You’re my gay boy… I would never let anything happen to you.

Will: (Looks up at me) There have been times when I proved to be the biggest pain in the ass, the most selfish boy, the biggest brat, the meanest and most hurtful boyfriend… but what you did was love me past the pain I’ve felt. The nights I cried… you held on tight and didn’t let go… I wondered what I did to deserve such a wonderful man.

Me: (Gently brushing his hair from his face) You waited for me… And I was given to you. Just as I searched for you and you were brought to me.

Will: (Gently holds my cheeks in his hands) Stop being so fucking romantic…

I leaned down and kissed him. Will moaned as I pulled his waist to mine. My hands reached down and squeezed his ass. I heard the cutest yip come from his lips as I reached lower and picked him up, his legs on either side of me. He pulled away, panting and staring at the bed behind us then at me. The throb between my legs told me to take him to bed… but I walked over to the couch and sat down instead.

I kissed him hard, holding the back of his head so he couldn’t pull away. Will’s hand grabbed my cock and squeezed. I growled against his lips, giving a little tug at his hair. We came up for air and Will spoke between breaths.

Will: You’re never like this Clark. Tell me what’s going on.

Me: I just want tonight to be different Will. That’s all.

Will: (Leans close to my ear) Put me to bed Clark. Pacify me.

Me: Later tonight I will.

Will: (Bites his lip) Daddy always makes me wait.

Me: (Holds him to my chest) Daddy has something for you. He wants the time to be right before he gives it to you.

Will: (Pouts) I want it now.

Me: (Gently stroking his head) Can my boy be patient for a little while longer? It’s a special gift.

Will: (Interested) A gift? But it isn’t my birthday.

Me: (Kissing over his heart) This is something he will keep forever.

Will: (Blushes when I look at him) I guess I can wait…

Me: (Smiling at him) Good. Now go change into your trunks. I want to go swimming with you.

Will: Or… we could skinny dip.

Me: Skinny dip? I did that once and froze my balls off. That water was cold.

Will: C’mon Clark. It’s something we’ve always wanted to do. You said yourself on the drive up, the nearest cabin is seven miles away. No one’s around to see us.

Me: Alright. Let’s go then.

Will: (Slides off of my lap, winks at me) I get to see you naked.

Me: (Standing up) And I get to see you naked too. My sexy little athlete.

Will: (Blushes again) It’s only minor league.

After I locked the cabin door, Will took my hand and we walked through the marked path in the woods. It felt nice to be away from the city, having fun with him. I pat my pocket, making sure that the ring was there. I also felt around for a condom, just in case. It was one of Will’s peeves. Sometimes he wanted one and other times he didn’t care.

We walked for about a half hour until we arrived on the lakefront. We got to the dock and Will started to take his shoes off. I laughed as I started to strip as well. Then I noticed Will trying to get his binder off… I was surprised he still wore it. It had been a couple of years since his top surgery.

Me: You need help with that?

Will: (Sighs) Yes… All this time and I still can’t get it off right.

Me: (Walking over and slowly pulling it off of him) It’s been two years since your surgery. Why do you still wear it?

Will: It’s an old habit. Some days, I want to wear it. I just… I remember when I met you and I was so scared to tell you… I thought you wouldn’t love me as a man.

Me: (Kisses along his spine) You’re still my boy, no matter what.

Will: (Moans) Stop it.

Me: (Holds him to my chest) Alright. Let’s just go for it.

We got down to our shorts istanbul travestileri and I felt Will staring at me. I locked eyes will him and slowly pulled down my boxers so he could see my cock peek out. He stared for a few minutes and I stared back. I walked over to him and reached into his shorts, his slit nub hard and wet.

Me: That for me?

Will: It’s always for you…

I smiled at him and pulled down his shorts. I winked and took his hand then walked to the end of the dock. He let go of my hand and walked back for a run to jump in. I took his lead and got a running jump in too. When I came back up to the surface, Will instantly splashed me. I splashed back and we ended up having a water fight.

We got close, the tension high as we kissed. Will pushed away, saying catch me if you can and started to swim. I swam after him but he was too fast for me. He reached the other side of the lake and waved for me. When I caught up to him, he spoke with a wide grin.

Will: Slow poke.

Me: Well sorry if I can’t swim as fast as you.

Will: Notice something else?

Me: What?

Will: It’s not cold.

Me: (Laughing) Right. But we are in California. The water is fine.

Will: (Pokes my nose) You’re fine too. Mighty fine indeed.

Me: I can say the same for you. I got myself a cute little boy toy.

Will: (Chuckles) You are my every day sin. Hope it takes me to hell.

Me: Sure that I’m going along with you.

Will: Forever then?

Me: (Nodding) Of course.

Will: (Looks at the sky) It’s getting dark already? I want to see the sunset.

Me: Let’s swim to the dock. We can watch it from there.

We raced back to the dock and got out, sitting on a towel beside each other. On the dock, we held hands and Will leaned his head on my shoulder. We stood there, suspended in time. As the sun disappeared behind the hills, I picked up Will’s head and kissed him again, soft and light.

My hand rubbed his stomach, feeling a knot form as I kissed more. My hand moved up and cupped both sides of his chest, over his soft scars. With my hands over his pecks, I started to play with his nipples. He pulled away to moan, his eyes dreamy and spoke in a whisper.

Will: You know I’m sensitive there Daddy…

Me: I’m sorry baby.

Will: (Blushes) I never said to stop though. I like it.

Me: Ready for your gift?

Will: (Nods) Do I have to close my eyes?

Me: (Smiling softly) Yes.

Will put his hands over his eyes as I dug in my pocket for the ring. When I had it, I clenched it in my hand and told him to open his eyes. He looked around and saw nothing.

Will: Where is it?

Me: (Raising my clenched hand) Open my hand and find out.

He gently opened my hand and there was the ring with a dim glow. He looked at me, hand over his mouth in shock.

Will: Clark… what’s this?

Me: (Holding the ring in my fingers) Will Alon, you’ve made the past five years of my life the most precious. I want to share the ones I have left together and make more memories. Will you be my husband… And one day adopt babies with me?

Will: (Tears up and smiles) Yes. A million times yes.

Me: (Putting the ring on his finger, kissing his hand) Want to head back? We can express our joy more there…

Will: (Kisses and pulls me to him) No… Right here. Fuck me right here.

Me: (Kissing him back and rubbing his stomach) Want me to have protection on?

Will: (Blushes) Yes… I want to feel like a virgin again…

Me: You’re my virgin. And I’ll be gentle. Does my boy trust me?

Will: Yes sir…

I reached into my pocket and pulled out the Trojan that I had. Before I could put it on, Will stopped me and took it from my hand.

Me: Change your mind?

Will: (Shakes his head) No… Can I put it on you?

Me: (Scooting closer) Anything to make you comfortable.

Will looked at me and put the condom down. He leaned and put his hands in the water. Before I could ask what he was doing, his hands were gently wrapping around my dick and he started to stroke. I groaned as his hands slipped on me, warming me up to mess around with him. I reached over and ran my fingers over his travesti istanbul wet nub, rubbing and circling him slowly as he did to me. We held eyes, just playing with each other for a little bit.

When Will stopped, he picked the condom up again and carefully opened it. I stopped rubbing him as he rolled the condom down my length to reach the base. I leaned in, kissing him softly and gently fondling. I went to slip in and he stopped me. I pulled away from his lips and he looked back at me as I stared.

Will: You brought me all the way here to propose… Now, we’re going to fuck outdoors… This is my fantasy… and you planned it.

Me: I pay attention to what my boy wants.

Will: (Smiles softly) I love you Clark…

Me: (Gently laying him back and pecking his lips) I love you too Will.

Will relaxed under me, opening his legs so I could be close as I moved to be on top. He looked down as my cock slipped into him nicely. He moaned as inch by inch sank inside. Once I sank in deep, I held his hips and started to thrust. His whimpers were light and soft as I started, his arms around my neck. I stared into his eyes, my free hand sliding from his stomach to his chest. I began to thrust a little faster, my nails lightly dragging down his front. Will moaned a little louder and made me thrust harder, our passion growing.

I held his legs open with my knee, quickening my pace. His neck craned and head fell back; moaning out for daddy. I rubbed his wet hard nub, riling him up as I pounded inside him. He was nearly screaming, nails scratching into my shoulders. The quicker I went, the more I felt him scratch and moan for me. His back began to arch as our bodies slapped together.

He was getting close.

I rubbed him as fast as I could until he screamed out and his legs shook. I felt his cum on my hand, shivering as he pulled himself up, arms still around my neck. I still pushed into him as he leaned to kiss me and I tried to make him cum again.

As I bounced him against my cock, Will pulled my hair with one hand and ran the other along my chest. I felt my breath catch and his did right after. We were almost there. I felt myself spurt inside him, and he was spilling between us. As Will came again, he dug his nails into my back, screaming out once more. Our heat cooled and we kissed. I sat back from my position between him, resting my sweet Will on my lap. As we came up to breathe, he spoke in a raw whisper.

Will: This is the first time in a while that you made me cum twice.

Me: I’ll have to do that more often for you. Especially on those hard training days.

Will: (Bites his lip) I wanted to scream more… But I always feel I make too much noise.

Me: (Smiling) It was music to me.

Will: (Runs his fingers through my hair) I think we need a shower after all this fun. Don’t you agree?

Me: (Chuckling) Completely.

Will: (Slips off of me and stands on wobbly legs) Jeez. I’m going to feel this tomorrow.

Me: (Standing and steadying him) So will I.

He giggled and pointed at the condom still on me. Shaking my head, I pulled it off and wrapped it for trash while winking at him.

He blushed as I handed him my button up and I put on my jeans. He didn’t like to wear much after we made love. We picked up the rest of our clothes and put on our shoes to start the walk to the cabin. We held hands the whole way. I constantly looked at his hand, the ring catching the moonlight and we looked forward to more times like this.

When we got back to the cabin, we went straight to the bedroom to shower. We threw our clothes on the floor, grabbed a couple of towels and our soaps. Stealing more kisses, we fell onto the bed, touching and unable to resist playing. As I was inside him raw the second time, it was a primal instinct. Biting, sucking, pounding, and spilling inside his pussy… As we stood there, panting and sweating, Will giggled at me.

Will: Oh Daddy… How can you make me feel this way?

Me: (Laughing and teasing a little) The same way my boy brings out my need to protect and keep him.

Though we were spent, there was more messing around before we actually got to the shower part. After finally showering and drying off, we put on comfy clothes and spent some time cooking. We spent the rest of the night talking over dinner, excited about what was to come in the future. Listening to nature and snuggling in bed, I kept nuzzling Will in my arms, never wanting to let him go.

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