Amber and Walt Ch. 01

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One of my adventures, I met Amber in a bar where she was waitressing and I was having lunch. We flirted off and on for a while. My wife, now ex, decided the grass was indeed greener on the other side of the fence and told me she wanted a divorce. She had career plans and love plans that didn’t involve me. So be it. At this point in life, why not live it?

Amber is a chubby short twenty-something bar waitress/student/whatever in Durham. She sometimes goes to college, studying whatever. She mostly waitresses and lives with different people. Sometimes, intimately, usually not. “My bills, my vagina,” is frequently heard coming from her lips. The problem for Amber is she’s short and overweight. Big tits though. Very big tits and very soft. Big brown areolas cap her tits. Playing with them arouses her almost instantly. She and her latest boyfriend, if you could call him that, parted ways a couple of months ago. So, it had been fingers and toys for sexual pleasure. She had flirted with a few guys, including Walt, who ate at the bar about once a week. She didn’t really know him, except as a generous tipper who ate lunch there about once a week. Amber, on a slow Monday was chatting with Walt as they waited for his food to come up. She found out he was divorced, in his 40s and worked at an software startup on Main Street. He had nice eyes, she thought and a pretty good physique for a 40 something guy. Hell, a really good physique. Which probably put him out of reach, she thought. She came out and asked for his number anyway. “What’s yours, and I’ll text you, that way you’ll have mine.” he said as he pulled out his iphone. She gave him her number and he texted her.

A few minutes later, she brought almanbahis yeni giriş his food out and leaned deeply over his table, giving him a nice look at her ample tits. Unfortunately, he thought, encased in a black satin bra. Still, very nice rack, very nice. He texted her a compliment on her tits. He was fond of big tits. He didn’t expect a reply, she was working. A few minutes later, she came over to see if his order was alright. Again, she leaned over, but this time she brushed her ample tit on his shoulder and whispered in his ear, “anything else?”

“I can think of a couple of things, I’d like.” He replied.

“I’d like to make you feel good.” she purred in his ear. “Text me and I’ll make you feel so good.”

He smiled and texted her again. He heard the phone ping in her pocket, and smiled. She smiled back and left to take care of business. He looked at her ample ass, barely contained by a mini skirt. Big thighs, but “damn” he thought, very nice ass and no panty lines. Gotta like that in a girl. He thought she’d look even better without a bra, so he texted her “I bet you’ look awesome without a bra.”

“I get off work at 7, wanna hook up?”

He texted her his address. Monday night was looking up! When Amber rang his doorbell, she was wearing the same short skirt and revealing top she’d had on earlier. But, instead of wearing a bra, she’d taken her’s off in the car and pinched her nipples a few times to make them hard before she walked up. She’d also changed her panties to a more revealing thong. She also changed out of her sneakers and into high heel wedge sandals. All told, she looked pretty sexy, she thought. Walt agreed when he answered the almanbahis adres door. He gave her a kiss and offered her a beer. She ran the cold beer over a nipple and was immediately rewarded with a very nice nipple erection. As they kissed, she stroked his hardening cock through his pants and pressed her tits into his chest. Both sensations brought him to a state of arousal.

Aroused, he began to play with her tit, which turned her on even more. He felt her hard nipple on the palm of his hand through her thin top. She stopped stroking his cock and pulled her top off. Her boobs were big, at least D cups with big areolas, that capped the top of her tits and prominent nipples. Both nipples were hard as could be now. He lifted her left tit in his hand and felt it’s weight resting there. He stroked it, causing her to sigh with satisfaction. She had her hands on his belt, loosening it. His pants fell down around his ankles and Amber grabbed his cock out of his briefs. “I want you to cum inside me.” she whispered in his ear, as she stroked his cock.

He stumbled to the couch in his living room and opened the end table drawer to get a condom. He opened the package and she took the condom and rolled it down over his hard cock, kissing it a few times as she went. “Damn, I wish I hadn’t worn this damned thong,” she said as she hiked up her skirt and pushed her thong aside. She straddled him and sunk onto his hard cock. “Fuck me baby, fuck my pussy!” She said as she enjoyed the feeling of his hard cock penetrating her pussy.

“Fuck me!” Walt exclaimed! Her searing hot swollen fuck flesh caressing every inch of his cock.

His hands dropped to her hips and rode them as they almanbahis giriş moved up and down like a sensuous carousel of lust sliding up and down his steel hard cock. She leaned forward and grasped one corner the couch dangling her soft tits inches above his mouth. His lips reached for and sucked one taut nipple between them.

“Oh god yes suck my nipples and fuck my cunt.” she screamed. His lips and tongue pleasured the erect nipples like he’d never sucked a tight hard nipple before. “Yes baby yes!” she moaned over and over swinging her soft fat tits side to side so he could pleasure both nipples. Her hips continued their rhythmic sensual ride and she began feeling more and more signs that his wonderful cock would soon be driving her over the edge. Her swollen pussy was sucking at his cock each time he thrust up, then relaxing and accepting his fuck pole as she slammed down over it.

“I’m gonna cum.” she nearly screamed.

Walt began thrusting up off the couch meeting her every sensual plunge down. Her loins began to go numb as the awesome beginnings of her orgasm swirled through her. “Oh YES!” she screamed as the full force of her climax slammed into her.

“Oh god oh god ohgodddddd!” she moaned feeling wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure wash over her. The first time in her life a man had made her cum before he did. She rode his beautiful cock up and over the peak of pleasure then began a lustful sensual slide down the other side. His rock hard cock teasing more and more tingling from the twitching cunt it was engulfed in. Then he erupted in his own orgasm. He thrust deeply into her cunt.

“Ahhhhhh…yeah!” He exclaimed as he had his own orgasm deep inside her warm sloppy wet pussy. His lips released her nipple and moved to kiss and suckle between her tits occasionally licking the soft cleavage with his broad flat tongue.

Her lips rested next to his ear between gasps for air, she whispered, “Fuckin awesome.”

To be continued…

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