Another Boring Class

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Jerry walked into the lecture room and couldn’t figure out why in the world he would need a class about Shakespeare when he was going for a degree in mechanical engineering. This was sure to be the most boring class he ever had in his entire life. And that’s when she walked into the room and changed his life forever.

“Good Morning ladies and gentleman. My name is Professor Angel Castleberry,” she said in a heavy English accent that sent chills through Jerry’s masculine, young body. He was 26 years old and had never truly loved anyone in his life. There were the few girls that he used to relieve his aching cock, but he rarely saw them more than once or twice.

He couldn’t help but look at her and her wonderful petite little body. Her soft strawberry blonde hair was cut just below her ears, giving a person a clear view of her very attractive and mature face. Jerry was mesmerized by her warm smile and stunning eyes, as they were filled with life.

“I’m sure most of you have no interest at all in Shakespeare and all of his bloody plays. But I will do my utmost to keep you as interested as I possibly can. You will find that I’m a fair person. If you try your hardest, I will give you the highest grade!” She smiled as she walked around the front the lecture hall. The dress that she had worn, hugged her body giving Jerry a wonderful view of her medium sized breasts and a very good idea that her ass was the kind that he would love to have in his hands.

Jerry watched her every move, noticing that she wore very expensive stockings. One thing that Jerry truly loved a woman to wear, but most women he knew wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of them.

He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her; she was giving him feelings that he had never felt before. He knew she was older, but oh so much wiser than he could ever dream. He wondered if she was married, or had a lover. Someone as beautiful as her must have someone in their life and making sure she was happy and well loved.

“Any paper you give me will be graded the next day. I’m a single woman that never believed in crawling my way through useless bars and taverns. This gives me plenty of free time to devote to you,” she said with a warm smile as her eyes looked slowly around to each of her students. When her eyes looked into Jerry’s she paused, giving him a warm smile and he could feel his long cock coming to life.

She continued looking at him, wondering why someone who looked like this was in a Shakespeare appreciation class. He looked more like a manly construction worker or a skilled mechanic. Either way, Angel would very much enjoy looking at the man three days a week for the next five months. And could only dream of someone like him ending her lonesome, miserable life, filling it with his love, affection and hopefully a very long, thick cock to please her with.

“Today I’ll just tell you to read chapter 1 of Romeo and Juliet and tomorrow present me with a short essay on what the first chapter meant to you. If any of you require assistance, please feel free to come to my office,” she added looking straight to Jerry and hoped with all her heart that he would need her assistance. Unless her years of teaching were wrong, she had a very good idea that she would be seeing a lot of this very handsome young man.

Jerry and all the other students filed out of the lecture room and went on about their daily lives. Jerry made his way to his motorcycle; reaching into his pocket he pulled out a cigarette and lit it. Wondering how the hell he was going to pass this class, the only thing on his side was the professor seemed like a very wonderful woman. And had been watching him during most of the short class.

He sat on the Harley Davidson watching a few of the young coeds walking by, admiring their wonderful tight asses in their miniskirts and shorts. He needed to find a date tonight or he felt like his balls were going to explode and be drowned in his own cum.

“Attractive young Bademler Escort things aren’t they?” a soft voice said from behind him. “I had almost forgot how young American girls dressed in the summer,” the voice said again as Jerry quickly turned around to see Miss Castleberry smiling at him.

He looked at her face and knew he had to take a chance. “Not near as beautiful as a professor I have. She’s the most stunning thing I’ve seen in quite some time,” he smiled pushing his black hair from his hardened face. He stood, looking down on her petite body and saw her admiring his very muscular body. He wasn’t quite sure, but he could swear her eyes were staring at his cock through his pants.

“I hope this professor is a female?” Miss Castleberry laughed out as she strained to look up at Jerry. “Just teasing!” she laughed again as her eyes moved over Jerry’s body one more time, wondering what it would be like to have this young, powerful man on her body, using her like a common whore.

Jerry laughed at the beautiful woman’s words and replied, “Oh yes, only women or girls for me!” he said patting the seat of his motorcycle. “Have a seat. It’s better than standing there and breaking your neck trying to look up to me,” he added hoping she would stop and talk with him for a while. She had been the first mature woman to ever catch his eye and he was hoping she would also catch his aching cock.

“You must be kidding? I haven’t put this rump of mine on a motorbike since I was a young girl!” She laughed as her tiny hand reached to touch his rock hard arm, sending a warm rush of excitement to the very place she hadn’t had a man in so long.

Jerry reached under her arms and lifted her to the very soft seat and said, “So ya mean last summer?” he laughed looking at the shocked look on her face and wondered why someone as beautiful as this had no one in her life. He knew more than ever, that he needed to be with this beautiful lady.

“Are you trying to charm me?” She said looking at him with a slight hint of lust in her lonely eyes. “Because if you are, it’s beginning to work!” She added giving him a tiny wink with her right eye. “And what am I to say if I’m caught sitting here on your motorbike?” she said with little concern as she shifted to make herself more comfortable.

Jerry scratched his head and replied, “Well we could go to some place I know of. If you like you can follow me in your car,” he said hoping this wonderful looking creature would take him up on his offer. He needed to find out if she was as lonely as she looked.

The words of the young man filled Angel’s ears, heart and sent boiling blood to her very neglected pussy. She had never made love with a student in all of her years of teaching, but today she was hoping she would get the fucking of a lifetime. She looked at the young man and could see the sincerity on his face and in his eyes as he looked at her legs and her very soft thighs.

“I think I would like to ride with you,” she softly said knowing what was to come with this young, handsome man. Her body trembled with excitement as he straddled the massive motorcycle, turning the key; he brought the machine to life. Angel jumped forward wrapping her arms round the young man’s waist as tight as she could. She hadn’t been on anything like this in her life.

Jerry loved the feel of her smashing her body into him, he only hoped she didn’t see his massive erection. His powerful legs straightened the motorcycle and slowly walked it from the parking space. With a gentle turn of the throttle they were on their way.


Angel kept her arms round Jerry as tight as she could, enjoying the feel of his young masculine body next to hers. Even as a young woman she had never had the pleasure of being with anyone as handsome as this. It made her wonder why he was with a woman of her age and not some young attractive girl. She knew it would be very hard to control her emotions for this young man.

Jerry relished the feel of her hugging him and hoped she would be inclined to do it more once they were at the lake. He couldn’t believe the feelings that this Escort Bademli wonderful woman was giving him. He had only known her for a little more than an hour at the most and he would be willing to give his life if she needed it.

He turned up a small dirt road, a few turns and they were at his most private place. He turned off the bike and asked, “How was that?” He turned to see her fixing her beautiful strawberry blonde hair. And as he watched he could feel blood rushing to his long, thick cock, hoping this beautiful woman had the same ideas that he had.

Angel gave her hair a few more fluffs and replied, “I think that I could learn to like that!” She smiled softly and looked around the secluded lake, thinking it would be a wonderful place to have a young student seduce her. “Especially being able to hug you,” she added in a soft lustful English accent, as her emerald green eyes looked into his. She hoped this handsome man had the same feelings that were rushing through her body.

Jerry moved towards her, slowly looking into her eyes and down the front of her gorgeous body, thinking how hot it would be to have this English beauty on top of him, riding him as fast as she could. “I didn’t! ” he replied with a sour face. “I didn’t get to hug you,” he replied sticking out his lower lip like a little boy that didn’t get his own way.

Angel smiled at him and replied as she reached out her arms, “Here I am!” She said in a soft voice that she had always saved for the most private times of her life. And there hadn’t been very many of them. Her body trembled after hearing her own words slip from her mouth.

Jerry reached out and pulled her to him, sending a rush of excitement and boiling blood through every inch of his body. He felt like this was going to be his first time with a woman. Her body trembled in his arms as he held her, slowly he began to caress her back and down to the wonderful ass that he had been admiring in class. He felt her gasp for air as his strong hands gently squeezed her tiny behind.

A tiny moan escaped her lips as his big strong hands touched her lonely body for the first time in years. The only hands that ever touched her behind were her own, but this man was free to explore any part of her that he wished. “Oh my! Are you trying to take advantage of me?” She giggled like a young teen in love for the first time.

“Do you think I could?” he teased as his fingers moved under chin and gently lifted her head, leaning to her, placing a tiny kiss on her thin lips. He looked into her eyes and could see a little sparkle of lust.

Her body was on fire! She needed to stop this wonderful game and get on to some serious, hard core sex! “Please take me!” She begged Jerry as tears ran down her cheeks and lust filled her heart. She had never needed anyone this bad in her life, as she needed him.

“My pleasure!” Jerry moaned running his hands under her short skirt, grabbing her wonderfully tight ass with both hands and pulled her into his stiff, aching cock. Her panties were delicate to his hardened fingers and he could feel they were still damp from her perspiration caused by the leather seat of his motorcycle.

Angel softly moaned as his hands explored her ass and slender hips. “I need you inside me so bad!” She whispered, feeling him pull off her panties and let them fall to the ground. “Fuck me like you would one of those beautiful young girls. Use me anyway you want!” Angel cried out seeing him start to pull off his jeans. Her eyes watched with great anticipation and at last, she saw the thing that was going to give her a wonderful afternoon.

“Oh my!” she gasped out when she saw the huge piece of meat hanging between his legs and estimated it to be over ten inches long. “I bet the girls line up for you,” she softly whispered reaching to hold it in her tiny hands. Her heart raced as the long, thick thing lie in her tiny hands and she wondered what something of this size was going to feel like deep inside her body.

“I get my share, but none really interest me to tell you the truth. All girls around here care about is money or how good a guy Bademler Escort Bayan is in bed. I want someone that I know will love me with all of her heart until the day she dies,” he replied moving to hold Angel in his arms, letting his long growing cock slide against her wet and ready pussy. “Are you ready sexy lady because if I don’t get inside this hot pussy of yours soon, I feel like I’m going to explode!” he added as he began kissing her slender neck and moving his cock between her wet folds of flesh.

Angel slowly sank to her knees in front of Jerry and said, “Not until I get a taste of this beautiful thing!” she moaned, opening her mouth and took him inside. A moan of delight came from deep inside Angel as her mouth moved up and down his long, hard shaft.

“Oh fuck!” Jerry cried out as he enjoyed the pleasure that Angel was giving his hurting cock shaft. “You are wonderful!” he moaned knowing he wouldn’t be able to last very long if she kept this up. He had girls’ suck him before, but this beautiful woman felt as if she was truly making love to his cock with her incredible mouth.

Her wet mouth covered him like a cocoon, protecting and loving him like never before. Slowly moving up and down the long shaft as she gently sucked him. Her beautiful eyes gazed up to see nothing but pleasure on his strong, handsome face and she knew it was time for him to take her. She carefully pulled from him. “Now I’m ready!” she whispered and lie back on the soft grass, spreading her legs to welcome what was to come.

Jerry moved over her body, “You’re going to be a pleasure to love,” he said as he kissed her lips and his moved hips forward, pushing inside her moist pussy. She locked around his thick shaft just like a girl of 20 would. Her muscles caressed and gently sucked his cock as he pushed it to her deepest depths.

Angel knew she was in for the best time of her life, she spread her legs wider, moved her arms over her head, closed her eyes and lie back for the best fuck of her life. And it began, Jerry moved in and out of her wet, excited pussy tunnel like a wild man. His stiff cock touched places in her she never knew existed. “Oh my God!” She cried out with joy as he hammered his cock in her mature body.

Jerry watched the beautiful creature under him and couldn’t believe how good she felt. If he closed his eyes, he could have sworn that he was inside someone half her age. He knew he would be looking at older women more closely in the future. “Oh you feel so good!” he moaned out knowing his time was nearing.

“Yes! Go! Fuck me!” Angel cried out as his cock thrust in her like nothing she ever knew before. This young, handsome man was giving her more pleasure than she had in her life. “Oh shit!” she yelled out in her deep English accent. “I’m cuming! You’ve made me orgasm!” she yelled again as her tight, mature pussy exploded around his hard, thrusting cock.

Jerry used her faster, deeper wanting to give this sexy woman nothing but joy. “Go you sexy bitch! Cum on me!” he moaned out enjoying the feel of her orgasming pussy locked around him. And then, he too began to cum, “Oh mother fucker!” he yelled thrusting into her as deep as he could and began to fill her body with hot cum.

“Oh bloody hell!” Angel screamed out when the cum began to fill her body. It felt as if she had molten lava being injected into her with each of the powerful squirts. “Fuck me you hot stud! Ride me like a wild horse!” she screamed again, wrapping her legs around his thin waist and thrust her hips to meet his incoming cock.

Jerry couldn’t believe how this felt, Jerry knew he would have to see this fine woman more, lots more.

Later back at the college parking lot, Jerry drove his motorcycle up to her car and turned off the engine. “So teacher, how do I get in touch with you if I need some more tutoring like today?” He asked with a grin on his manly face as he helped her off the bike.

“Well, I only give tutoring by appointments, but in your case I think I can see you any time you like,” she replied with a smile and leaned to kiss Jerry. “I’ll be free about 7 tonight,” she smiled again and gave his cock a good squeeze. “I live on Baker Street, you’ll see my British flag hanging from my house,” she said sliding into her car and drove away.

Jerry shook his head and moved to his bike, turning the key he said, “I better get home and clean up. Don’t want to keep my teacher waiting!” he laughed and drove away.

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