College Life(Part 2)

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Emily had been gone for about thirty minutes as I still lay in bed thinking about the morning. All of a sudden the door flies open and in walks my roommate, with him is his little sister Sarah. I had met Sarah a couple times before and we were friends on Myspace, but that’s about all the contact we have had. She is a really beautiful girl and well developed for her age. Sarah is 5’4, with long straight brunette hair that comes down to her mid-back. She was not fat, but she did have some meat on her bones which did wonders for her young body. Her breast were probably a C cup if I had to guess and she had a very nice full ass, with thick thighs that ran down onto nice toned legs. She was wearing a short jean skirt with a dark blue blouse that she wore tight and it showed off her gifted areas.

“Hey man, back early are you surprised” says Andrew ( My roommate)

“Yeah, I thought you were gone for another two days” I said to him in confusion

“Well my parents decided that they would rather just hang around campus for a few days instead of driving home, so they got a nearby hotel and Sarah is here to hang out with us” he explains

“ Ok, I guess that sounds cool” I say as I look up at her and give her a smile

“Well dude, since I am staying I guess I am going to go to my 3 o’clock class, um you don’t mind watching my baby sister do you? Maybe show her around campus or something you know just give her the grand tour and don’t make any moves on her” he says laughing

He probably shouldn’t be laughing at that comment, he was leaving me with a fifteen year old girl about to be sixteen and she had a more woman body than half the girls on campus. Needless to say, there was no guarantees on me not getting any ideas in my head. Although I would never let him know about the unholy thoughts that were running through my mind.

“Yeah man, no problem I’ll give her the tour of the campus and then we’ll meet you for dinner once you are out of class” I tell him

“Thanks a lot, I’ll see you two at dinner” after saying that he grabs his books and rushes out of the door

After Andrew rushes out of the door I turn to look at Sarah to get another good look at her amazing body.

“So Sarah what part of the campus would you like to see first” I ask her

“ I don’t want to see the stupid campus, Andrew is such an idiot, every time that I come out here he thinks I need a tour. I have seen this freaking campus about ten times and probably know it as well as you guys do, lets go do something fun” Sarah says

“Ok, fair enough, I was going to head over to the driving range and work on my golf swing a little. I can show you how to play some golf if you want to come with me” I say hoping she is interested

“ That sounds great, lets go” she says excited

I grab my golf sticks and we head downstairs and out to my truck without saying a word to each other. I load the clubs into the bed of truck, then her and I climb in to the truck. As I pull away from the campus I figure that I should spark some conversation with her on the ride to the golf course.

“ So Sarah, do you have a boyfriend back at high school” I ask her

“ Not anymore, me and my boyfriend broke up about a month ago” she explains to me

“Sorry about that” I say thinking I might of overstepped my limits

“Don’t be, it would have never worked between me and him, lets just say he was too much of a good boy for my taste” she tells me seductively

After a little more conversation we arrive at the golf course and I pull my clubs out of the bed as we head over to the driving range. I tell her to wait by my clubs as I head into the pro shop to buy some range balls. I return with a couple baskets of golf balls and set them near my clubs. I pull my five iron out and without a warm up swing knock a golf ball about two-hundred yards. I am not usually that good of a swing but it was time for me to show off a little so I had to step up my game.

“That Sex hikayeleri was amazing” she says

“It just takes a little practice, here let me show you” I tell her as I put away my five iron and grab a pitching wedge for her to swing. I got the pitching wedge because it is a shorter club.

“ Here go ahead and take a swing” I tell her as I hand her the club

She steps up and sticks her butt out which I don’t miss the chance to take another glance at. After she sets herself she takes a crazy swing and completely whiffs at the ball. She turns too me and gives me one of those girly helpless looks.

“ Don’t laugh” she says

“ I am not” even though I wanted to “ here let me help you with that” I tell her

I come up and position myself behind her as I wrap my arms around her waist and place my hands over hers on the golf club. She sets herself again just like the first time and her ass shoves up into my crotch very forceful. As I set her posture I can feel her wiggle her ass in my crotch a little, which was starting to turn me on. Once she was set we started to take some practice swings. Finally with my help she hits one about fifty yards. She drops the golf club and turns around to jump up and give me a hug. Her arms wrap around my neck as her feet hang off the ground and she dangles from my neck.

“I have to be honest Mark, that was great but this is kind of boring lets head back to the dorm and take a break before we have to meet my brother for dinner” she tells me

“Ok, you’re the boss” I say to her as she gives me a smile

I pack up my golf clubs and we head back to the to my truck as we climb back in and head for the dorms. I pull out of the golf course and we start our drive home.

“So you were swinging a pretty mean golf stick there at the end” I tell her

“Yeah, but there is another stick I usually work better with” she says very sly

“Really and what stick would that be” I ask her

“I could show you, that way I can pay you back for showing me how to swing a golf stick” she tells me

“That sounds like a fair deal” I respond

She leans across the middle and her head drops down below the dash board of the truck. The next thing that I know I feel her starting to unzip my pants and her hand digging down into my boxers to grab my soft cock. She finally grabs it and pulls it out as she starts to work it up with her hand, within minutes she has given me an erection. Sarah then looks up at me with a smile and then back down at my cocks as her lips slip around the head of my dick. When I feel her lips first touch my cock I lose track of the road and start to accelerate. I quickly focus back to the road and find myself going almost eighty mph as I let off the gas to slow down. As she works my cock over on our drive home I make sure to keep my concentration on road, only stealing quick glances down at her while she works. I have had my fair share of blow jobs in my life but this was my first driving blow job and I was really enjoying the experience. I pulled in the parking lot of the dorms and drove to the back to park where nobody else was. I parked the car and turned it off, in all of those actions she never lifted her head from sucking for one second. I rest my hands on the back of her head and help guide her face up and down on my cock. After about five more minutes of sucking I finally start to reach my climax. I start to shoot my load in to her mouth as she manages to swallow the first few shots but ultimately can’t keep up and it starts to dribble out of her lips and down her chin. She lifts her head off my cock and uses her finger to scoop up the cum on her face as she then licks it off her finger. She goes back down on my cock and licks it clean of any cum that she left on it. After she is done cleaning my cock nice and spotless, she slips it back into my boxers and zips my pants back up like nothing ever happened.

“Well I do admit, Sikiş hikayeleri you were a lot better with my stick then you were with the golf stick” I compliment her

“I told you I was better with other sticks” she says laughing

“Lets head back up to the room” I tell her

We both jump out of my truck and I grab my clubs as I escort her back up to the dorm room. When we get back into the room I put my clubs away and look back to her, as she is sitting on my bed.

“So we have almost an hour till we are suppose to meet your brother, what do you want to do?” I ask her

She looks at me with a naughty grin “ I have a couple ideas on things that we can do” she says

“Oh really, and what kind of ideas are those” I ask her

She gets up out of my bed and walks over to me slowly. Once she reaches me she grabs my jeans and starts to undo them for the second time this afternoon. She unbuttons my jeans and then unzips them and pulls them down to my ankles as I step out of them. Then she grabs the bottom of my shirt as I raise my hands into the air for her to pull it off of my body. After my shirt is off she slips her thumbs under the waist band of my boxers and pulls them down in one quick motion as I step out of them also.

“Now you go lay down on the bed and enjoy the show” she orders me

I go and climb into my bed and look at her as she walks over and turns on the radio. She turns back towards me and starts to dance, as she shakes her ass around in front of me. She then takes her shirt off and throws it across the room as it lands on my dresser, the third top of the day on my dresser. She keeps dancing to the music on the radio as she reaches behind her and unhooks her bra and throws it at me. I look at the tag on the inside of it to see 36C. I keep watching as she keeps shaking her body and her tits swing around with no bra to hold them still. She then unbuttons her skirt and start to wiggle out of it as I see a baby blue see through thong appear from underneath her skirt. I can see a thin layer of hair through the thong, I could tell she doesn’t shave but she does keep it trimmed nice and neat. She keeps her dance show going as she is now just dancing for me in this beautiful thong. She eventually slips out of her thong to and throws it to the side with her other clothes. She then comes to the foot of my bed and then climbs on my bed and starts crawling up my body like a cat. She crawls up till eventually her face is right above mine and leans in for our very first kiss.

“ I have condoms in the top drawer of my desk” I tell her

“No need, I can’t have you put your dick in my pussy. My parents are so paranoid, they make me go to the doctor once a month to make sure I still haven’t loss my virginity. So I am sorry but there will be no fucking this girl in her vagina.” She says with a grin

“So are you just going to give me a blow job again” I ask kind of disappointed

“No, all I said to you is there will be no fucking me in the pussy, there is another hole close by that the doctor never checks. That hole you can fuck all you want big boy.” She tells me with a smile

Is she serious, she is going to let me fuck her in the ass I think to myself. I mean I have had a lot of sexual experiences but never have I dared asked a girl to do her in the ass and she is practically telling me too. For only being fifteen years old this girl was probably one of the horniest freaks I have ever met and I loved it.

“Are you sure” I asked her to make sure I had heard right

“Yeah, just make sure to rub it around my pussy first to get it nice and slippery” she responds

After she tells me that she turns around and gets on all four with her ass facing towards me. I grab my rock hard cock and slip it between her legs and start to rub it on the lips of her pussy. She is so freaking wet, her juices are dripping from her pussy on to my sheets almost like a waterfall. As I slop Porno Hikayeleri my dick around in her moistness I feel like I found a piece of heaven. I get it nice and wet before I pull back towards her ass. I place my cock around her little brown hole, and rub the head of my penis up and down her asshole to tease her. Final I give it a shove and slip right into her ass as she lets out a yelp. I start to slowly fuck her, it feels so incredible, this is the tightest thing that my dick has ever been inside of. I start to pick up pace as I fuck her shitter with great pleasure.

“Yeah you like that you dirty boy, fuck me in my ass, make me your little dirty slut” she starts to say

I can’t believe this, this FIFTEEN year old girl is letting me fuck her in the ass and is talking to be like a dirty little whore. I keep pumping my cock in her ass at a fast tempo as the beads of sweat start to build on my forehead. I reach forward with my hand and grab the back of her hair as I pull her hair back and her head flies back. I can hear her tits smacking together as her whole body shakes from me pound the shit out of her(literally). In her deeps breaths she manages to tell me to hold up a minute. I pause with my cock still shoved all the way up her ass. I let go of her hair and both of us sit there for a minute trying to catch our breath.

“I feel like you are doing all the work, let me finish the job” she tells me

“Do you want me to pull out” I ask

“Just for a second baby” she says

I pull my cock out of her ass and I can still feel it throbbing from the hardcore action that has been taking place. She turns around and looks at me in the eyes as she crawls off the bed.

“Now lay down on your back” she orders

I obey right away and I lay down on my back looking over at her for her next move. She then crawls back on the bed and straddles we with her leg. Then she grabs my cock with one hand to hold it straight up in the air. She lifts her ass up above it and then slowly starts to lower it onto my cock as the head of my dick touches her ass it slips right back into her. She then starts to go up and down and ride my penis like there was no tomorrow. I could see the sweat that had built up all over her body and it made her body glow, turning me on even more. I watch her as she rides my dick like an art, her tits flying up and down with every bounce she takes on top of me. I reach up and start to pinch her nipples as she begins to moan my name louder and louder. She keeps riding and riding with never letting up and never slowing down for one second. Finally I feel the cum building up inside of my cock and I know that I am just seconds from a massive explosion. She keeps riding like a pro, as the first shot shoots up into her ass accompanied by at least five or six other shots. When she feels like she has finally milked me for all I have she stops and looks at me before she collapse on top of me. Sarah lay there on top of me for about ten minutes as nether of us had the energy to even attempt to move. My cock had become soft but it was still lodged up in her ass and I had not moved it and inch.

“Hey we are suppose to meet your brother like right now” I tell her

“Oh shit” she responds

She sits up and pulls my cock out of her ass as she leans back in to give me a kiss. She then gets out of bed and heads for the bathroom. I can see the cum starting to drain out of her ass slowly as she heads towards the bathroom and shuts the door. I get out of bed after she gets into the bathroom and begin to get redressed, as I finish putting my shirt back on she comes out.

“ All cleaned up” she tells me as she turns around and spreads her butt cheeks to show me that there is no more cum

She then looks for her panties and begins to get dress also. When she finally gets all of her clothes on we both head to the door to go meet her brother for dinner. Before I open the door she grabs my hand and turns me around and plants me with the biggest and most passionate kiss I might have ever had. Then we break lips and she straightens her skirt and runs her fingers through her hair and we both head out for dinner.

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