Hairy Assed Homo Honchos

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Billy realized that he was a long way from Keokuk, Iowa when he stepped into a bar in San Francisco and found himself surrounded by men wearing nothing but boots and jockstraps.

His virgin cock lurched in his underpants as his eyes devoured the hunky hairy assed dudes prowling the floor. His heart pounded in his ribcage and his mouth went dry. His head was telling him to make a U turn and get out of this place as it felt dangerous, but his lust kept him rooted to the spot. It was only when one of the men glared at him and started advancing towards him that Billy turned on his heels and made to leave.

The swarthy moustachioed man blocked his escape route and eyed Billy up and down in a slow, lazy way that let him know who was boss. Billy was just about quaking with fear when, at last, the man spoke.

‘Leaving so soon?’

‘Uh…yeah…I think I’ve made a mistake…’Billy babbled.

‘There’s nothing to be afraid of.’ the man with the moustache told him. ‘We don’t bite.’

‘Not unless you want us to.’ one of the other men added, as he leered at Billy.

A small group of men closed in around Billy and although he was shit scared he couldn’t help but check them out. There was a redhead with an incredibly hairy chest and massively bulging basket. Next to him stood a slightly chunky balding guy with huge nipples and a hard cock poking up past the waistband of his jockstrap. There were two more dark haired studs beside the guy with the moustache, one of whom had very hairy legs and the other was as handsome as any man Billy had ever seen. Then there were two guys with close cropped blonde hair that looked so alike that Billy wondered if they might be twins. Both were built like brick shit houses with very impressive bulges between his legs.

‘Well buddy, I see nothing but lust in your eyes.’ the swarthy dude said.

He slowly stroked a large hand down his hairy chest and then tugged on his left nipple. Billy’s eyes were glued to the stud’s chest. He watched the hunk’s nipples swell up and when the other men saw the interest in Billy’s eyes they all started rubbing their crotches. By this time Billy’s cock was glued to his underpants because he was producing copious amounts of precum. He was so fuckin turned on he felt he could just about shoot his bolt right there and then.

The swarthy guy grabbed a handful of Billy’s butt and watched the reaction in his eyes. There was a mixture of fear, lust and fascination in the young man’s eyes. He was aware that he was the odd man out, with his twinky good looks and his slender body but how many times hadn’t he fantasized about just such a situation. Late at night back in Iowa he had dug out his stroke magazines and grooved on the drawings of men so hairy there hardly konak escort seemed to be an inch of smooth skin on them, with cocks so big and thick you wondered that they didn’t need a wheelbarrow to cart them around in. And now here stood seven of them, and they all wanted one thing: him. There was only one problem. He was a virgin and there was no way he was going to get his ass busted by seven cocks the very first time round.

‘Look,’ Billy said ‘if I was a bit more experienced I’d take up your kind offer.’

‘What are you saying?’ the hairy red head asked. His face flushed with excitement as he waited for Billy’s reply while rubbing his fat hog through his cum stained jockstrap.

‘I’m a virgin.’ Billy replied. ‘There’s no way I can take you guys on, it would be much too painful.’

‘Telly you what,’ the moustachioed man said ‘you can keep your ass cherry if you let us have what’s in here.’

As he said this he gave Billy’s crotch a squeeze .

‘Shit!’ he exclaimed. ‘What the hell have you got in there?’

‘Take a look if you like.’ Billy told him.

The hairy hunk went down on his knees and undid Billy’s flies. He tugged Billy’s loose fitting jeans and boxer shorts down to his knees. There was a collective gasp as Billy’s fat nine inch cock sprang free. This corn fed farm stud had channelled all his growth into his massive wanger and the men were very impressed.

It was the chunky bald guy who got there first, jerking that beautiful cock out of the swarthy dark haired stud’s grasp and taking it into his mouth. He greedily worked his tongue and lips over Billy’s cock head, making him groan in ecstasy. This was the very first time that any human had ever touched Billy and he figured it was worth the wait. The chunky guy’s mouth was exactly how he imagined a skilled cock sucker’s mouth would be. His knees felt weak as hands roamed over his body and cupped his silky little bubble butt.

Less than two minutes later the redhead pulled Billy away from the bald guy and gobbled up his cock while his hands stroked up and down Billy’s thighs. Man, it just got better and better. A hand tried to prise Billy’s tiny nuts out of his body cavity where they had ridden up, but they remained firmly lodged there. When he was this hard his balls just disappeared.

The guy with the moustache waited patiently while each of the six other guys took turns sucking on Billy’s impressive rod. The foreskin was completely retracted and melted back into the shaft skin, and the head was a shiny and red. Each man got a tasty love drop on his tongue as he took that beauty into his mouth, but the hairy assed hunk wanted something else. He pulled Billy away from the sex crazed men and whispered in his ear.

‘But manisa escort don’t you need something to make it go in?’ Billy asked.

The man took Billy’s finger and eased it up his lube slicked asshole. Billy’s face flushed as he understood. The swarthy hunk leaned on the bar counter and presented his hairy ass to Billy who was so incredibly turned on he thought he might pass out. He took aim and felt his cock slide into the silken depths of the hunky dude’s asshole. This was better than anything he could ever have dreamt about. The man’s asshole was like a furnace enveloping his sensitive head and shaft. Billy panted as he grabbed hold of the man’s hips and started to fuck while the barman watched.

The other guys gathered round and offered encouragement. The sight of Billy’s smooth bubble butt was a temptation that they had to fight hard to resist; they had given him their word not to take his ass cherry but each man longed to be the one to plow that sweet ass. The temptation grew too much, they had to turn away. It was the redhead who went and leaned up against the bar counter first. The other soon followed his lead. Suddenly Billy looked over at them and understood what he had to do.

He pulled out of the moustachioed guy’s ass and went up to the redhead. He had a beefy, hairy ass and Billy gave it a quick feel before guiding his slick cock between those full cheeks. He let out a groan as once more his cock was enveloped by the warmth and silky smoothness of a hot asshole. The redhead pulled his cock out the side of his jockstrap and started jerking himself off. That huge cock in his ass was filling him up real good and he knew he only had a few minutes of this incredible treat. Billy could sense the man’s excitement and it fed into his own. He was fucking like a dervish now, pulling his cock all the way out and ramming it back in again. Suddenly the redhead groaned out loud as a massive load of cock juice gushed out of him.

Billy moved on to one of the blonde muscle studs. Damn, was the guy’s ass tight and the way he was squeezing Billy’s cock like he was milking it was just out of this world. Billy reached round and took hold of the guy’s surprisingly small skinny cock and jerked it; he figured that huge bulge must have been caused by a pair of outsized balls. Less than a minute later he felt warm spunk ooze into his hand. Billy wiped his hand in the other blonde’s crack and then pushed his cock into a very hungry and slippery hole. This guy bucked against Billy as he worked his cock into a frenzy, blowing off a big load of ball juice against the bar counter.

Billy’s ass and stomach muscles were starting to ache from all that pumping and his cock was starting to send warning signals. menderes escort He wondered if he would be able to do all of these guys. There were like a bunch of cock starved whores on a deserted island that had just had a ship full of sailors come ashore. Billy eased his cock out of the blonde’s tight ass and pushed it into the chunky guy’s hairy rump. This guy rode Billy’s big cock like a pro and came the closest of all of them so far in making him lose control. He had to grit his teeth and fight back the urge to cum as there were still two hungry butt holes waiting for a taste of his fat hog.

As soon as the chunky guy blew Billy withdrew and buried his bone in the hairy ass of one of the dark haired studs. He gripped his shoulders and gave him a real good rogering that was much appreciated. Billy was rewarded by the sound of the stud’s orgasmic cries as his balls unloaded. The last guy was so desperate for Billy’s cock that his ass did all the work. Billy just had to stand there while the horny hunk worked his firm butt back and forth on Billy’s rod. Billy looked over at the swarthy guy who was slowly jerking his dark, stiff prick, making his large brown balls bounce up and down as he did so.

Billy’s balls ached and his cock was on fire. He hoped the guy who was using his cock would hurry up and get his rocks off because there was just one place he wanted to finish: the ass that he had entered first. He looked over at the swarthy guy again and tried to let him know through eye contact that he was saving the best for last. At last he heard a guttural groan as the dark haired stud that was impaled on his ass shot his bolt.

At last Billy was free to get his own rocks off. He went up to the swarthy guy and kissed him. Their hard cocks were crushed against each other as Billy experienced his first man to man kiss. It took his breath away and reminded both of them of how horny there were. The swarthy guy sat on a bar stool and spread his hairy legs wide. Some of the other guys supported his back and legs. Billy stood between his legs and gazed in amazement into his hairy crack. The only reason he could see the guy’s asshole was because it had recently been stretched by Billy’s thick cock and was slick with lube and precum.

Billy took aim once more and slid into that warm chute. The guy’s arms went around Billy’s back and he nibbled on Billy’s shoulder while he fucked. Each stroke felt better than the last and Billy was panting like crazy, trying to hold back but it was no use. He let out a loud gasp of amazement as his cock went into spasm and started pumping out jet after jet of jizz juice. Each spurt caused fireworks inside his head and his heart was racing so fast he thought he was about to go into seizure.

But at last he calmed down and eased himself out of the hairy assed stud’s spent hole. The seven older studs laughed and slapped Billy’s butt and told him what a good job he had done. He only wished he had someone back in Iowa that he could tell his adventures to.

Copyright 2006 Daniel Blue

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