Jase and Beth: Anal Exploration

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Jase lay on the bed in just his boxer shorts as Beth looked up and down his muscular chest and down his legs every so often, she tried to skip over the bulge in his shorts but he couldn’t miss her gaze stopping on it for a moment. She had told him he needed to keep his boxers on so he wouldn’t tease her while she fed the babies. She also told him she had a surprise for him when she finished. He knew sex was out of the question, she had just given birth to the triplets three weeks ago and it had really torn up her pussy, “such a shame he thought”, it was the tightest pussy he had ever had. She had given him amazing blow jobs, taking his whole cock into her mouth and letting the head slip down her throat so she could even take his balls in too. She had become a master at controlling her gag reflex and letting his load slide down her throat with ease. She said it was because she felt bad for him that she did it, since he took her virginity that night there had not been more than a few days without them both having incredible orgasms, even during her labor and birth they continued their sexual quest to even better ones.

Sexual stimulation was how she managed the pain during the labor and birth, and she said they were some amazing orgasms that accompanied the contractions. Now he lay there admiring her naked body as she slowly rocked in the chair with the last of the triplets hungrily sucking on her right nipple. Whenever she was in private nursing the babies she was always topless and she had no problem letting some breast show in public. Her long fiery red hair fell gently down her shoulders and across her breasts trying hard to hide them but failing miserably.

Tonight she had shed her bottoms as well in celebration of no longer having to wear the diapers as Jase called them, childbirth is messy for a couple weeks afterwards she told him when he first saw her in them, there is a lot of stuff still needing to come out. Gone was the enormous belly which at 40 weeks was glistening as her creamy white skin was stretched so tight he thought it would burst with the slightest touch, somehow she had managed to avoid stretch marks with a twice daily regimen of some oils and lotions which he loved the smell and taste of, she still used it on her breasts after the babies finished feeding to prevent any stretch mark on her breasts which had grown from a nice B cup before pregnancy to a fabulous double D.

Her abdomen, although free of stretch marks, had not yet returned to pre pregnancy, she still carried a little baby weight but was working to get it off, although after carrying three eight plus pound babies to forty weeks it wasn’t going to just fall away. He had never seen her naked pre pregnancy, the first time he fucked her she was already three months pregnant and with triplets she looked closer to five. He had seen her once a couple months before she got pregnant at the beach. She was in a skinny red top that matched her hair with a matching bottom that covered almost nothing. He had used that image a few times to imagine what she would have looked like naked and wet.

Cradling the now sleeping infant she got out of the chair and walked across the room to lay her down in the crib. Jase smiled as he watched her tight ass move away from him as she bent down to place the sleeping infant down, her pretty pink asshole peeked out from between those smooth white cheeks. Turning around he looked at her and said “I’m hungry now, when do I get to feed off those melons?”

She smiled as she crossed the room to the bed “You know I’ve told you before, after six weeks the babies will have gotten enough where I can start supplementing formula, and I will have pumped enough to have stored up. Then when the babies are fed you can suck to your heart’s desire.” Then she grabbed both breasts and squeezed, sending dual streams of her warm sweet milk onto his face and down his body. “Until then, this is all you’ll get.” She brushed her nipple lightly over his lips and squeezed a stream into his open mouth. She was definitely making enough milk for feeding and pumping, those massive double D’s would fill up fast. Every couple hours she was either feeding or pumping, and if not then they would fill up and leak, soaking her bra and shirt in no time. Every morning she would wake up with her shirt soaked and milk dripping down onto the sheets, which meant that sweet aroma would cause him to wake up extra horny.

“What was that special surprise?” Jase said as Beth slid her tongue down his body picking up the milk she had sprayed him with.

“Well, you know I can’t have sex for another three weeks and I know how it is driving you crazy, and honestly me too.” She started as she slid his boxers down releasing his package. “I know you say these blowjobs are amazing and that’s all you need for now.” she continued as she slid his boxers off. “But I don’t believe you and think you deserve a little bit more for all you’ve done for me these last three weeks.” She slowly dragged her tongue up his leg, https://sokkan.org inside his thigh, and across his now erect cock, stopping to kiss his head. “So I’ve got something that should make this a little better for both of us.” She finished as she moved one knee onto the bed and swung her other leg over his body sliding back and settling her pussy right in front of his face. “Just be easy, I’m still a little sore.” She said as wrapped her tongue and lips around his cock and slid it so far into her mouth that the tip was tickling her tonsils. How he’d missed that tantalizing aroma he thought as he slid his tongue between her lips and savored the taste.


The next day Jase had to leave for three days for work, so when she finished feeding the babies and pumping the rest Beth was planning on spending some well deserved time shopping with Shana and Shannon. “Are you sure you will be alright with them?” Beth asked Shannons girlfriend Jessie as she started for the door.

“I’ll be fine,” Jessie replied, snuggling one of the babies to her “they are fed and you’ve got some in the fridge if they get hungry before you get back. I know what I’m doing so just go and enjoy yourself.”

Eventually the conversation in the car turned to sex as it usually did. Shannon was saying how she found a new strap on and she was thinking of getting to surprise Jessie. “I wish I could have that right now,” Beth said, groaning a little. “It’s only been three weeks since I’ve given birth but I miss sex so bad. I mean every time I feed the babies I get hornier and hornier and I’ve still got three more weeks left.

“My friend Stacy started having sex again about three weeks after her birth,” Shana said, turning to face Beth in the back seat “and then she found out she was pregnant at her six week checkup.” .

“Well if I remember right she had one six pound baby come out of her crotch, not three eight pounders. And Annabelle, she was almost nine pounds and she really tore me up. I needed four stitches if you remember. I can barely stand to put one of my fingers in there right now. I can’t imagine him pounding it like a steak he was trying to tenderize, and let me tell you he would. I think he is more pent up than I am. I just want something inside me again.” Beth let out a low moan as she looked out the window

“Well, you do have more than one hole.” Shana said with a smile crossing her face.

“Oh believe me, I know. I’ve swallowed more cum in the last two weeks than I think I have before I gave birth, and that’s including Quinn and Bobby. It’s keeping him satisfied but it doesn’t do anything for me. Last night I let him give me some soft oral but I barely had a small orgasm, by the time he gets back in there I’m going to be so backed up that I think the juices waiting to come out will flood the room. We will need to open the window to keep from drowning.” Beth replied with a small laugh as she turned back toward the front.

“I think she is talking about the backdoor.” Shannon added, looking at Beth through the rear view mirror.

“The backdoor,” Beth said quizzically “wait you mean anal?” She asked, her face turning red.

“It’s not as bad as people make you think, especially if you prepare for it and do it right. Me and Joe usually do it at least once a week during blood week” Shana said.

“Blood week, what is that? Shannon asked, turning to look at Shana.

“You know, your monthly.” Shanna replied.

“So you call your monthly blood week?” Beth asked, laughing.

“Well I don’t, but that is what Joe calls it. He doesn’t like having sex then, he says the blood running out is disgusting. I think it’s fine and actually get more sensitive during that time. I talk him into it occasionally but most times it’s anal. I’ve even had some pretty good orgasms more than once.”

“I don’t know.” said Beth, letting the idea run through her head. “I’ve already pushed three watermelons out of one hole. I don’t want to feel like I’m doing it again on another hole.”

Shannon laughed. “It’s nothing like that.” Shanna said. “Like I said, you just need to prepare for it and do it properly.”

“Ok Miss Shana,” Shannon looked at her with a wondering look on her face “educate us.”

“Well,” Shana said, turning in her seat to look at Beth in the rear seat “I didn’t think I would have to teach a class on my day off, but here we are.”. Shana was a high school English teacher who easily captured the attention of all the boys, and a few girls. “Let’s see, where to start” She said smiling as she pulled a pink velvet bag from her purse and removed a shiny metal plug with a bright pink jewel in the base.

“You carry that around with you?” Beth asked, her face turning an even brighter shade of red as she looked out the windows like she expected someone to be standing in the highway watching them.

“Yes” she bursa eskort said “I take private pinky almost everywhere. You never know when he will get the urge to hide in the backdoor.”

“Private Pinky” Shannon said with a laugh “where did you come up with that name?”

“Well,” Shana said “it’s pretty simple, it’s pink and he hides in my private area.” They all broke out laughing.

“Anyways, back to the lesson” Shana said, running a finger around the jewel decorating the base. “Anal sex, can be painful and unpleasant for both parties if not done right, which is why it gets a bad name. Most people don’t know how to do it, but if done right it can be a wonderful experience for both parties resulting in amazing orgasms. The first time me and Joe tried it I swore I would never do it again, but after learning some things and training my body for it, it has become a wonderful thing we share. Believe me, I have had some amazing orgasms from it.” She rolled her tongue around the bulge and slipped into her mouth. Closing her lips around it, she pulled it out with a “pop”. Beth could suddenly feel the heat starting between her legs. “Now your anal area is made up of a few parts that you need to understand first. There is the perineum, which is the area between your vagina and your asshole. The skin around the rectum, which is the opening to your anus, is called perianal skin. They can both be highly sensitive in the right settings. There is a ring of muscles just inside your anus which is where most people have problems with anal sex. These muscles, that me and Joe refer to as the ring, can be stretched and controlled, which can make penetration and withdrawal exciting for both. Then there is the colon which is made up of stretchy tissue which allows a bigger than normal girth to comfortably enter resulting in an intense pleasure from the pressure.” She said, running a finger over the bulge of the plug.

“Is there any pain?” Beth asked. Not fearing pain but remembering how the pain of labor and birth intensified the pleasure and orgasms.

“When he gets really deep I feel some pain and pressure once in a while, but nothing the pleasure does not overcome. Now the training” she says twirling the plug between her fingers “I used a plug similar to this. You have the taper which is a gradual slant and allows it to be gently inserted with slow stretching, the bulge which is the widest part and will apply a gentle pressure on the colon once inserted.” she ran her finger from the tip of the plug slowly down to the base as she continued. “The drop, which is a quicker taper that sits along the backside of the ring and prevents it from coming out. Then you have the neck which should be long enough to comfortably let the bulge sit beyond the ring while the base sits outside and should be thick enough to apply pressure to the ring to stretch it.” She wrapped her finger and thumb around the neck, moving them slowly apart in a motion of it expanding. “Then there is the base, it should have a nice decoration to attract someone qualified to properly help you remove it when it … gets stuck,”. She said the last two words making air quotes with her fingers. “and make sure you use a generous amount of good quality lube, that is very important.”

Shana placed private pinky back in her bag and looked at Beth with a laughing smile on her face. “Now when the time comes and he’s ready to get into you, you will want to push out like you are going to the bathroom, or probably like you are giving birth again. That will allow your ring to loosen and make it easier for him to slide in. Once he’s in you can then squeeze it down to really give him a good time. Oh, and one last thing, make sure you’re clean, you dont want chocolate on his hot dog.”

“Let’s stop at the toy shop on our way home.” Shannon said, pulling into their first stop. “Then I can get Jessie’s new toy and you can get some training equipment.”


Three stores and some lunch later they pulled into the parking lot of the toy shop. Beth had’nt stopped thinking about Shana’s lesson in the car, wondering if she could actually do it and what Jase would think. They had discussed many things about their sexual explorations but had never mentioned that. As they browsed the shop looking at different toys and giggling over some, they came to the anal section. Shannon picked up a monster plug and jokingly handed it to Beth. Beth took It, studying it she said “I don’t think I could have fit that in the front, even after pushing Annabelle out.”

“I think these are more your size.” Shana said, handing her an anal training kit. The kit contained three different sizes of silicone plugs, a bottle of lube, and instructions on how to use them.

Shannon picked up a metal one with a blue jewel in the base and said “This could be Sargent sapphire.” with a slight laugh as orhangazi escort she looked at Shana’s bag.

Beth purchased them all with a slight look of embarrassment on her face. Shannon picked up the vibrating strap-on she had seen and Shana left with a skimpy piece of lingerie. Back at the house Shana pulled Beth into the bedroom and explained how she should proceed with the plugs. “I had a few weeks to play with them, you have a few days. Take this one she said, handing her the smallest one, put it in and keep it in until tomorrow. Then move up to the next size, and keep that in for the day. Then the next day move up to the biggest one, that should help get you ready for Jase. Wearing it all day and night will allow you to get used to it in there and stretch the muscles. Your daily movements will do more than just leaving it in for a few minutes a day. Remember, be generous with the lube and use this a few hours before to clean yourself up.” she said, handing her a box with an enema kit.

At that moment Shannon stepped in and took the biggest silicone plug from the box. You don’t need this one, you have Sargent sapphire, so I’m going to relieve you of this and stuff both holes tonight. Remember Tiny, Bob, Sargent sapphire she said as she skipped out of the room.

“Did she name them?” Beth asked, laughing as Shana stepped out of the room.

Beth stood In the bathroom, tiny in her hand and the bottle of lube on the counter. She rolled it gently between her fingers studying the shape. She reached behind her and ran a finger over her tight asshole. It reflectively puckered and her pussy tingled at the thought of his hard cock in her again. She opened the bottle of lube and squeezed some in her hand and then smeared it on tiny. Placing her foot on the toilet she reached behind her ass and positioned the tip against her rectum. With just a little push out like Shana had told her it slid in with almost no resistance at all. “Well this feels like nothing.” she thought as she pulled it back out feeling the muscles tighten around it. Pulling it away from her clenched hole she sat it back on the counter and slid a lubed finger in feeling the ring of muscle flex as she pulled in and pushed out. As her finger slipped past the ring of muscles she felt her colon open up. She squeezed down on her finger again imagining she was squeezing his shaft. She released her hold and pulled her finger back so just the tip was rolling around her rectum, feeling the new sensation. She went back to her room and grabbed Sargent sapphire. Back in the bathroom with it lubed up she thought “fuck it, let’s just go all the way” as she pushed out with her rectum and pushed it in.

Going about her daily routine the next few days with Sargent sapphire breaking in the back door was an unusual sensation, it didn’t hurt and there were times when it seemed to hit a certain spot and almost bring her to her knees with pleasure. She removed it and reinserted it over and over again until the action of opening her rectum was natural and it would just slide in with no effort.

The day had arrived. Sargent sapphire has spent the last few days sitting in her backdoor, soon to be replaced with Jase’s hard cock. It’s time to get ready she thought as she looked at the clock, three in the afternoon, Jase will be home in three hours. She made her way to the bathroom and closed the door. She reached to her backside and gently pulled sargent sapphire free. There was a moment of pleasure as it stretched the ring of muscles before popping out. Setting it aside she grabbed the enema kit that Shana had given her a few days before. She removed the bottle and screwed the nozzle to the top. It was much smaller than sargent sapphire and knew this would be nothing now. Taking the package of lube out she applied a big gob to the nozzle. Getting down on all fours she could feel her nipples brush the cool tile floor as she positioned the bottle and gently inserted the nozzle into her asshole. Thankfully Shana had told her to soak the bottle in some hot water first to warm it up. As she squeezed the bottle and felt the warm fluid flowing into her she imagined it was Jase’s hot cum filling her up. The feeling was wonderful and she crushed the bottle with the pleasure she had discovered. As she pulled the nozzle from her ass she squeezed her ring extra hard to keep the liquid from spilling out of her now stretched asshole. Making it to the toilet she released it in a sudden gush feeling the warm liquid flow out of her colon.

The hot water of the shower ran down her body, relaxing her. She squeezed some soap into her hands and worked it into a lather. Starting at her feet she worked her soapy hands up her body until she finally reached her breasts. She couldn’t believe how big they have gotten. They must have grown at least another cup size since the last time she had really felt them the day before she gave birth. She knew they were swelling some from the constant draining and filling of her milk but God she never realized it was this much. She ran her soapy hands over them massaging the soap in. When she brushed her hand over her nipple her knees twitched and her vagina pulsed. A quiet moan escaped her lips and her knees twitched again as she grabbed her nipple and gave it a little squeeze.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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