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Reaching the end of her tether Rebecca hung up the telephone. She had now had more than enough of John’s childish behaviour. If he wanted to spend time down the pub with his footballing mates then fine it’s his funeral. They had argued as she accused him of devoting so little time to her, her fury then compounded as he failed to even react or try and counter her points, made her finally realise that enough was enough because this was little more than confirmation that he took their relationship for granted.

As she looked down at the telephone it sat there silently. Tears welled in her eyes as she remembered the earlier days they had been together when like all couples they had fairly inconsequential arguments where one of them would put the phone down and the other would immediately ringback offering heartfelt apologies. Today he had not rung her back, there was no apology, and with it she finally resigned herself to no hope.

Feeling the sinking pain in her stomach of knowing that her relationship with John was over she turned and dashed up the stairs to her bedroom. Sitting on her bed she looked at herself in the mirror as tears streamed down her face. Her vision blurred from the tears. She leant forward, taking a tissue from the box on her desk, before wiping her eyes clear of the salty tears. Her vision cleared and her regained sight saw her focus on the picture wedged in the frame of the mirror.

Taking the photograph down she smiled as she looked at the two smiling faces looking back at her. She giggled as she recalled that happy day which seemed such a very long time ago. Rebecca had remained good friends with Jemma, they had seen a little less of each other once John had entered her life, she reached over to the bedside table to her telephone. Picking the receiver up she tapped in the number that she had dialled so many times.

“Hi Jemma.”
“Rebecca, how are you?” Jemma replied.

“Been better honey. You able to come on over?” As Rebecca said this she felt her eyes sting with fresh tears. How could she have neglected, albeit in a small way, her best friend? Composing herself she continued, “I think John and I may be finished. No one’s home and I could do with a friendly shoulder in case the tears return.”
“No problems, consider me already on my way.”


It had only occurred to Rebecca once she had terminated the call that it was a Saturday lunchtime on a beautiful Summer’s day. In her annoyance with John she had called Jemma and now as a result her friend was making her way here. What if Jemma had plans, what had she sacrificed to come to Rebecca’s aid. The warm feeling she was getting thinking of her friend’s imminent arrival was coupled with the guilt.

The doorbell rang, Rebecca dashed to greet Jemma, kissing her cheek softly as she welcomed her in.

“I am so sorry for disturbing your day it’s so selfish. I never asked what you were doing or had planned.”
“Whoa, slow down. Firstly, I wasn’t doing anything much and had nothing scheduled. Secondly, and possibly more importantly, are we not friends? If we can’t be there for one another who can you count on? Now come here.” With that Jemma hugged her friend tightly to her.

They walked into the kitchen and Rebecca made them a coffee. They sat at the table chatting about life in general, both skirting round the issue that had brought Jemma here, sipping their drinks. Finally Jemma decided to raise the subject of John.

“So tell me what’s up with you two then?”

“My family are away this weekend, I could have gone with them for a break, anyway I stayed back here. You see I had planned for John and I to spend a ‘weekend away’ here… if you get my meaning?” Jemma nodded understanding exactly what Rebecca had had in mind. “I thought we could spend the night together for the first time. I mean we have had sex on a number of occasions but this would have been a night where we could relax, make love, then wake up next to one another.”
sex izle “And the problem was?”

“John did not think my plans were that special. He asked what was wrong with going down the pub with his mates as usual. I told him I thought it would be nice for the two of us to spend a special evening together, alone. In the end I lost my temper and put the phone down. He didn’t both ringing back. So I guess that’s that so to speak.”

“Well I wont lie to you it does sound pretty terminal doesn’t it? Do you want some advice?”
“Sure, that’s another reason for calling you.”

“Okay. If I were you I would phone him and call it all off. You never know he may surprise you and ask you to reconsider. Then you decide if you want him. If he accepts what you say then you are well rid of him, but he could always come to his senses in the future and may end up begging you to have him back. Again it’s your decision if you take him back, which of course would be on your terms. One way or another the call will sort things out.”

“See, I knew ringing you was the right thing to do.” Rebecca replied smiling. “I’ll ring him now.” She walked across the kitchen and picked up the phone. She dialled the number and waited while it rang.

“John, its me. Yes I was annoyed with you.” She looked across at Jemma for support, she lifted her thumb and smiled, Rebecca smiled as her chest filled with confidence. “Anyway, I made an effort for us John, but you are not interested in us are you?” Jemma sensed that John was reasoning with Rebecca as she had paused and was listening. “I hear what you say John….no I do…’s just I think we are too different……….no I care about you and I kind of guess you do care about me……look it’s not working as we want different things at the moment. I want to call it a day………who knows in the future we can see, but right now no I don’t want to be with you anymore.” Rebecca’s eyes began to fill with tears. “I am sorry but we need to split. It’s bad enough losing you as a lover but I don’t want to lose a friend. Okay lets speak during the week. Take care John.” As she put the phone down the tears flowed.
Jemma wrapped her arms around Rebecca, letting her rest her face on her shoulders, she hugged her tightly as she felt her friend’s body convulsing as she sobbed. She stroked Rebecca’s shoulder length brown hair as she tried to calm her friend.

After a short time Rebecca recovered her composure. “I am so sorry Jemma.”
“Come on now, there’s no need for that is there.”

“No, there is. I have neglected our friendship while I was with John. Now I need you, then you are here. I don’t deserve a friend like you.”
“Right let me make one thing clear young lady!” Jemma said. “We are friends, which goes very deep. You did not neglect me I understood you spent time with John but we still met up. As for helping, we have grown up together, we are close. If the boot were on the other foot you would have helped me.” At nineteen Jemma was a little older than Rebecca and she would often joke and tell her that she was like her older sister.

They sat on the sofa, Rebecca put a CD on, and they began chatting. Soon they were reminiscing about all of their good times in the past.

“We have had a laugh or two haven’t we?” Jemma asked.

“Oh yes, remember the sleep overs?”

Jemma covered her mouth with her hand as she giggled. “Not like the sleep over you planned tonight though were they.”

“No, we were innocent in those days.”
“Remember the kissing practice?” Jemma asked.

They both laughed. “We were so keen to be good kissers. Sitting in your room tentatively kissing each other. I think it must have worked as I have had no complaints!” Rebecca flushed as she remembered them sitting on the bed lightly kissing one another, but also as she felt slight tingles as she recalled how she had enjoyed kissing Jemma. “I guess the thought of us kissing would have got John over here double quick.”

“So John was alt yazılı porno interested in seeing two girls then?” Jemma asked.

“I think all men want that.” They both laughed at this. Rebecca looked at Jemma sat there in her Jeans and T-shirt. Her blond hair framing her pretty face and beautiful brown eyes. Suddenly Rebecca felt the urge to kiss her friend and before she had chance to think she leaned forward to Jemma and softly cupped her cheeks in her hands. Very gently she kissed Jemma’s lips before tenderly extending the tip of her tongue from her mouth. She applied a little pressure against Jemma’s lips and parted them. Her tongue entered Jemma’s mouth and they began to kiss one another once more.

When their embrace parted Rebecca looked into Jemma’s eyes and broke the silence. “Sorry. I had almost forgotten how good that was.”
“Mmmmm. No need to apologise.”

Now the communication between them was almost telepathic as no words were said. Jemma moved her body so that she reclined back on the sofa. Rebecca lowered herself next to her, they began kissing once more, she had decided that she wanted her friend but she wanted things to go slowly at first. Jemma’s lips felt too soft as she gently reciprocated Rebecca’s passionate kisses. The silence was occasionally broken by the sounds of their lips kissing and smacking as they disappeared into their own world where they were completely alone.

After a couple of moments Rebecca pulled herself up and away from Jemma. Extending her hand forward she flicked a curl of Jemma’s hair from her forehead.

“You are so beautiful Jemma. I am not practising my kissing now. This is for real; I have to admit I am more than fond of you. I think……I really really love you.”
Any fears that Rebecca may have had that her advances would upset Jemma were soon allayed. “I love you Rebecca.” She reached up and pulled her friend to her as they continued their embrace.

“Would you like to stay with me tonight?” She asked, Jemma just nodded as they carried on kissing. Rebecca’s hand slipped under the material of Jemma’s T-shirt. Snaking up it encountered the soft material of Jemma’s bra. As her hand cupped the swell of Jemma’s breast she noticed that her nipple was stiffening. Their moans were stifled as they kissed.

“Shall we go upstairs? Are you sure you are comfortable with this?” Rebecca asked.

Jemma smiled, “Nothing I’d rather do.” They moved off of the settee and walked hand in hand up the stairs.

Once in her bedroom Rebecca gently laid Jemma back on the bed. Her hands slowly pulled at the base of Jemma’s T-shirt raising it higher until she had lifted it over her head. Looking down she saw Jemma’s 34B breasts as they rose and fell with her black lacy bra. Then she knelt before Jemma and began unbuckling her belt. Then she slowly unbuttoned the waist, lowered the zip, then she gently loosened the waist of Jemma’s jeans. Tugging the denim lower and lower she freed her legs from the trousers. She smiled as she looked up at Jemma.

Slowly Rebecca undid the waistband of her skirt. The material fell and crumpled at her feet. She stepped out of circle of fabric that now lay on the floor. “See I had even made an effort with my underwear!” She turned allowing Jemma to see her white thong. Facing away from the bed she undid the buttons of her top and pulled the top open. She turned to face Jemma exposing her 36D breasts, which were cupped in an expensive white lace bra.

“John is a fool!” Jemma said smiling.

With that Rebecca crawled onto the bed and took Jemma in her arms. After all of the time they had previously spent together neither of them would have thought that there would be any surprises or novelties between them but now they looked at and touched one another as if they had just met. Their two bodies were, given their youth, firm and supple. Jemma freed Rebecca’s breasts from the white lace cups.

Rebecca let out a deep sigh altyazılı sex izle as Jemma’s mouth clamped over her left nipple. She realised that she was becoming damp. She had never been this aroused with John. Moving her body Rebecca placed her hands on the waist of Jemma’s panties. Placing her thumbs inside the elastic she started to draw them away from Jemma’s groin. Jemma parted her legs allowing Rebecca access to her innermost self.

It was clear that Jemma was as aroused as her friend because her juices were visible. Closing in she marvelled at how sexy Jemma’s neatly trimmed blond pubic hair was and below how pink and soft her labia looked like. Extending her tongue Rebecca started to lick very gently at the sensitive skin. Jemma’s clitoris was erect and protruded from her clitoral hood. Rebecca made sure that she concentrated on drawing her tongue backwards and forwards over the centre of Jemma’s pleasure.

“Oh that’s it…..Jesus yes lick me darling.” Jemma’s hands were clasping at the back of Rebecca’s head forcing it down deeper, squashing her flicking tongue harder against her erect clitoris. Jemma felt the spreading warm sensation of her climax as her muscles momentarily relaxed before her body seemed to explode as she came.

As Jemma arched her back Rebecca looked up at her friend. Jemma’s eyes were closed and her chest was red and flushed. Her nipples were erect and pointing skyward as she shrieked and moaned. Rebecca felt her lover’s hands gently lifting her head trying to prise her tongue from her sensitive groin. Slowly she licked and kissed her way up over Jemma’s body lingering over her heaving chest as it rose and fell with her laboured breath. Neither of them spoke for moments as they came face to face and began kissing. The kisses were deep and lingering as their hands lightly stroked each other allowing Jemma to recover.

As they lay arm in arm on the surface of the bed Rebecca broke the silence. “I can’t tell you how I have yearned for this. I have rubbed myself to so many orgasms dreaming that it was your touch taking me. Even on the few occasions that John ever went down on me I imagined that it was really you. I really love you Jemma.”

“That was unbelievable. Why have we never done it before?” She leaned forward and kissed Rebecca. “Mmmm you taste of me. You were so gentle, yet it felt so intense. You know I have always admired your bust, may I?” With that she leant forward without waiting for the reply and placed her mouth over Rebecca’s nipple.

“Ohhh………” Rebecca drew in a breath as tingles of electricity raced through her breast. The sensations were exquisite. Her hand had fallen to her pussy as she began to slowly masturbate herself while Jemma suckled on her nipple and mauled her other breast.

Sensing that Rebecca was pleasuring herself Jemma moved silently down the bed. As she arrived face to face with Rebecca’s pussy she tenderly placed her hand on Rebecca’s fingers and moved them out of the way before she lowered her head. Her extended tongue lapped slowly at the engorged clitoral hood. The more she teased and lapped the more the clitoris began to become fully erect as Rebecca’s arousal increased. Rebecca looked down on the girl she loved licking her gently towards an orgasm. Jemma’s lovely big brown eyes looked up into Rebecca’s. She was witnessing the vision that she had seen in her mind’s eye when in the past she had rubbed her self to orgasm after orgasm. Despite her fantasies she had never been able to convince herself that one day she and Jemma would be fully together.

Rebecca felt her stomach and groin flood with heat as she started to climax. Her head rolled back, “Oh my god I love you so much Jemma.” The orgasm was easily the most intense she had ever had as she realised Jemma had stopped and was rising up her body.

Jemma wrapped her arms around Rebecca and her mouth moved to the side of Rebecca’s face. She could feel the warm breath on her skin. “I love you too darling.” They drew the duvet over one another.

Turning her face to Jemma she whispered, “Never leave me Jemma.” They closed their eyes and spent the first night of the rest of their lives together sleeping side by side their bodies a perfect compliment to the other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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