Suleiman and Sister Rosie

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“Salomon, I haven’t seen you at church in a long time,” Sister Rosie, a curvy, dark-skinned, well-dressed, fifty-something Haitian lady said to me, as I stood guard at the door of Walmart located in the western tier of metropolitan Ottawa, Ontario. I smiled at her and tried to reply as politely as I could, since I was at work and have to keep up my customer service skills.

“That’s because I’m now a Muslim,” I replied, and Sister Rosie looked at me as though I had just confessed to being one of the Devil’s henchmen. Years ago, I attended a certain Haitian Adventist church faithfully, until I began to realize that it just wasn’t for me. Besides, I used to like a certain Haitian gal named Esther who is like a pillar of that church. Things didn’t work out, and she got everyone to hate my guts. Another reason why I left…

“Oh no, I cannot believe that,” Sister Rosie said, and I cringed, wishing she’d have her meltdown someplace else. I’m a big and tall young black man with dreads working security at a big-box store. I cannot afford to attract attention, at least not the sort that Sister Rosie and her dramatic self can bring. I just want to show up, sign in, get the job done and get paid. That’s it. Say no to church lady histrionics!

“Sister Rosie, I have to focus on customers, I’m sorry,” I said as politely as I could, and I stopped a big white lady who was exiting with a television set. Big items like that we have to check their receipts. I politely handed the receipt back to the lady, and focused on the flow of traffic exiting the store. We’re close to the Christmas holiday, so there’s an increase in shopping. More fun for people in my profession…

Sister Rosie looked rokettube at me and shook her head, then went about shopping. Nice bum, I thought to myself as I admired her thick, round derriere. I’ve always had a thing for older black women with big round bums. It led me into a dalliance with a tall, gorgeous older Somali Muslim lady named Zainab, who works as part of the cleaning crew at Canada’s Capital University. Zainab the Somali MILF. We had some wonderful times, Zainab and I. Seriously, folks, mature Somali booty is to die for!

“Salomon Vaillant, my handsome brother, we need to talk, I’m not trying to change your religion, I just want to get to the bottom of what happened,” Sister Rosie said, as she paused at the exit. I smiled at her and nodded. Whatever it takes to get rid of her. Much to my surprise, she beeped as she exited, and I felt bad. I had to check her but I didn’t want to. So I glanced at her shopping bags…and smiled when I saw what was beeping. Condoms. Oh my. I guess Haitian church ladies need to get some too. I smilingly sent Sister Rosie on her way, and then focused on work.

When I went home that night, dog-tired after standing on my feet for eight hours, I thought of the events of the day. Old white folks yelling at me, the young black man in the security uniform, for holding them accountable to the same rules as everyone else while exiting the store. Doesn’t matter how polite I am with some customers, they’re always rude and angry. What gives, man?

As I lay on my bed, I started stroking my dick out of habit. My phone was discharged so I had to use my imagination instead of accessing the hub of all porn. Images of female acquaintances and asyalı porno co-workers flitted through my mind. Let’s see. Diana, the curvy, short-haired, dark-skinned manager. Nah. Nice ass though. Arianne, the cute white chick who works in the bakery. Cute, with a nice ass, but too nutty for me. How about Kara, the tall Somali chick who works at the in-store McDonald’s restaurant? Nope. What is up with me?

Unexpectedly, a sultry feminine imagine sprang into my head, and I visualized Sister Rosie, one of the big-shots at the Haitian Adventist church that I left before I became a Muslim. Hmm. Sister Rosie isn’t the sort of woman who typically shows up on my mental Spank Bank. From my days spent attending church, I remember her as being on the bossy side. Still, fuck it, I’m horny, my dick is hard in my hands and I’ve got to feed him some naughty imagines if I want to cum and get a good night’s sleep…

Closing my eyes, I let my imagination wonder, and Sister Rosie and I kissed, and began to do the nasty. Miss Church Lady disrobed, revealing a pleasantly plump body with large breasts, wide hips and a really huge round ass. I laid her down on my bed, and then went to work on her. Sister Rosie, a good Haitian Adventist woman, was about to get a taste of Haitian Muslim dick…

“Not bad,” Sister Rosie said, as she spread her thick dark thighs invitingly. Folks, I love going down on older black women. Kneeling before her, I showed her what I was made of. Inhaling Sister Rosie’s unique scent, I began licking her pussy. Teasing her clitoris with my tongue, I began fingering her wet, hairy mound. Sister Rosie moaned softly, and leaned back and relaxed. azeri porno Now we’re getting somewhere, I thought. “C’est bien, just like that,” I said to Sister Rosie, much later, as she turned the tables on me. I lay flat on the bed, and Sister Rosie knelt between my legs, sucking on my dick greedily. I did not mind at all since it had been some time since I got some. I’ve been seeing this Asian lady named Tina whom I met at the Heart & Crowne restaurant. She’s in her forties, curvy and sexy, and unlike just about every Asian female I’ve ever heard of, Tina actually likes black men. She’s lovely and tons of fun. Too bad she’s out of town…

After Sister Rosie finished giving my dick a long lick, I put her on all fours and gave that huge round ass a look-see. Playfully I smacked her big ass, and she yelped but otherwise did not protest. I kissed Sister Rosie’s big ass, and then began rubbing my long, hard dick against her. With a swift thrust, I entered her. A happy sigh issued from Sister Rosie’s hips as I gripped her wide hips and began fucking her with gusto.

“Baise mon cul, fuck me harder,” Sister Rosie squealed, and I slammed my dick into her. As I said before, I’ve got a thing for ‘mature’ black women, and I don’t care if they’re Christian or Muslim, or any variety of African or Afro-Caribbean ethnicities. As I fucked her, Sister Rosie gave as good as she got, throwing back that booty and making me earn my keep as I rammed my way into her juicy pussy. We fucked and sucked the night away, and it was a grand old time.

I came twice, and went to sleep with a smile on my face. Before drifting into Dreamland, I kept thinking about Sister Rosie and those condoms she bought at Walmart. As far as I know, she’s a widow, and her life revolves around the church. So whom has Miss Church Lady been giving up the booty too? Whatever, if she needs a second stud, I’d be happy to volunteer my services. I’ll give her a call tomorrow.

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