The King’s Concubine

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It was early summer and unusually hot. The King had insisted on an elaborate feast for his regal guests. One such guest was of mysterious origins. Tanned and tall with dark colored hair. His eyes green as the sea and a smile that hinted at his many adventures. He was revered by many as a prince, reviled by others as an outlaw. Tales abound tell of his exploits with ladies of high status as well as ladies of the lowest station. They call him Toi Yer!

Laughing and consorting with many of the King’s entourage, Toi soon eyed a pretty young woman. Asking about, he found out that her name was Sindee and was the King’s youngest and soon to be favored concubine. For she had not been bedded by any man as of yet! Toi watched her as she danced for the pleasure of her Master’s guests. She was swift on her feet and quite talented in the art of dancing as she made her way around the vast room. Her body clothed in fine silks brought back from the Far East. Toi watched as he ate some of the juiciest grapes he had ever had. Twirling and making long strides with her young body, Toi dipped his tongue into the grape as if he was savoring her own wetness. Although veiled, her eyes spoke to Toi. He saw a fire within her soul. A fire, although dangerous, he wished to warm himself with!

Toi held his tongue as he watched her dance. His groin swelling with every move she made. He had been with many women, but this one, he had to have. Perhaps it was the fact that she was forbidden, being the King’s slave. Perhaps it was her young soft body he desired so. None the less, he had to have her!

After dancing for such fancy guests, she excused herself and retreated to her well guarded quarters. He watched as she made her way down the long corridors that led to her plush room. Being cunning as he was, Toi quietly left the feast in search of another morsel to consume. Sticking to the shadows, he eventually made his way into this young woman’s room. Dimly lit by pleasant smelling candles, Toi was able to observe her actions as she readied herself for the nights slumber.

Standing in the shadows, he observed a most beautiful Konyaaltı Escort sight. Sindee sat on the edge of her masterfully crafted bed and proceeded to caress herself. Silently, Toi admired her beauty and youthfulness. Her body was supple and curvaceous. Her breasts were pronounced and would offer a man a lovely feast, a feast of the eyes as well as the mouth.

Wishing to no longer hold back his desires, he slowly appeared in the candlelight.

Sindee’s mouth opened wide as if to scream, but nothing escaped. He walked over to her and looked down at her young full body. He wanted her and she knew it!

Without a word, Toi offered his hand and she rose and took it. Her eyes stared at him, partially with fear, but also with understanding. Many a night she had pleasured herself with the hope of satiating her own desire, a desire for a man to make her into a woman. Tonight, regardless if she wished it to really occur, she was going to meet that man.

He leaned down and kissed her. His tanned lips parting her own soft lips as his tongue caressed her. Her own tongue danced with his as if she had no master. His firm hands caressed her shoulders as they slowly followed the contours of her body. Reaching her hips, his hands hesitated as his tongue dove deeper into her mouth.

Toi enjoyed her skills at dueling with tongues. His hands reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks firmly and deliberately! Squeezing her flesh he pulled her closer to him. Letting out a deep moan, she soon felt his desire for her. His manhood was nearly completely swollen. Still trapped within the confines of his trousers, his cock jabbed her belly as she was pulled closer.

Pulling back from such a deep kiss, He leaned down and kissed her neck. Sucking it and nibbling until he reached her bare shoulder. This caused her to smile and let out a sigh. Holding her closer, his hands kneaded her ass cheeks like a baker works his dough. Smiling with approval, Toi reached down and grabbed her right hand. Holding it firmly, he guided it to the front of his trousers and held it there. Konyaaltı Escort Bayan She could feel it pulse as her palm gripped it.

Sindee smiled as it seemed to pulse with her own heart beat. Toi also grinned as he had her unfasten the buttons on his trousers. His hand guided hers to reach in and grasp his manhood, releasing it from its confinement. Her doe-like eyes looked on as she pulled his cock free. Her soft fingers held it, weighed it and stroked it. Its flesh was swelling as her own womanhood, yet intimidating. The head was swollen like a ripe plum, engorged with blood, ready to be picked. The shaft was curved and hard as well as with veins pulsing with their approval of her caress. Her fingers caressed him as they reached down and fondled his ball sack, heavy and warm to the touch, yet so vulnerable.

He smiled devilishly as his hand reached up and caressed her hair. She looked at him with a soft smile, as his hand firmly gripped her ponytail and leaned in for another kiss. She looked confused. Slowly, yet firmly his hand forced her to down to where her face was directly in front of his swollen member.

Grinning, Toi placed his cock head at the moist lips. Her eyes continued to have a look of shock, for she was not prepared to do such an act. It was true she secretly was willing to lose her most prized possession to this man, but this was something she did not count on. He laughed as his Hardness pressed its way into her sweet young mouth. Her doe-like eyes looked up at him with fear.

Toi relished the sight of her sweet lips wrapping themselves around his hardness. He loved to see her lips caress the ridge of his cock head. That spot was very sensitive and unfortunately, many women make the mistake of neglecting it all together. Not tonight, he thought to himself. Tonight he was going to get his pleasure!

Slowly, inch by inch, her mouth engulfed his cock. Once reaching the back of her throat, his cock head triggered a gag reflex. Her eyes welling up with tears as she tried to withdraw his member. He let her pull back, but Escort Konyaaltı only momentarily. Her yes fluttered as her mouth left a stream of spit connected to his hardness. Toi laughed as she continued to hold her mouth open. This pleased him greatly as he pushed his cock back in her mouth.

This time, he did not slowly let her take it, but grabbed her hair firmly and forced it into her throat! Gagging and with tears running down her face, she tried to breath as he pushed and pulled in a thrusting motion. In and out!

Like a machine, his cock filled her mouth, her throat being battered, in and out, in and out! Holding her head steady, he fed her his meat, fucking her mouth, teaching her, training her.

In and out his cock went as sucking sounds echoed around them. He was making her mouth milk him. He wanted her to learn the full extent of how to please a man in this way. Although it seemed rough and unnecessary, he believed that once accustomed to such brutal thrusting, her mouth will be better suited to pleasing him more sensually and without force.

In and out he went! He eyes staring up at him, confused and scared. His balls slapped her chin as she took every inch of his manhood. IN and OUT!

Suddenly, his balls swelled and his cock began to arch within her throat! She could feel his cock throb and pulse! Then, he grabbed her head and grunted! His hot seed hit her in the back of the throat, choking her!

Toi held her there, slowly forcing more and more of his cock into her mouth, making her milk him with her lips! It seemed like he kept cumming with spurt after spurt! He grinned as he withdrew his cock, admiring her moist lips battered and red from his assault. Still holding her hair, he just smiled down at her and wiped her tears away as he kissed her forehead.

He looked down and noticed a puddle beneath her and realized she had not been able to control her bladder with such an encounter. He just grinned and tucked his cock away for another time. Looking down at his conquest as he said, “Next time I won’t be so gentle with that forbidden fruit of yours!”.

Hearing the guards beginning to stir from the carnal noises coming from her quarters, Toi decided it was best to make his break and return another night to get his just dessert. With a sudden and swift motion he was gone, perhaps to share his fortune in the bowels of the city’s underbelly.

To be continued

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