The Stunning Ballerina

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Big Tits

Lounging in my apartment, my phone rang, “Rob, what are you doing right now?”

Sarcastically I responded, “Well David, right now, I’m scratching my balls. What do you think I’m doing? After working 60 hours this week, I’m exhausted. I’m just laying low and takin’ it easy.”

I heard the urgency in David’s voice, “I know it’s short notice, but do you want to go to a party? Stacy just called me from some party and said my dream girl was there.”

“David, I’ve been telling you for 3 months, forget about the ballerina and all your fantasies about her flexibility and start paying attention to Stacy. She is drop dead gorgeous, has an incredible body, she’s brilliant and she likes you but more importantly, she’s the only girl I’ve ever seen you act yourself around. She doesn’t make you wacko, she keeps you grounded.”

David groaned, “Man, I’ve told you a thousand times, I’ve been friends with Stacy since we were 8. If I fooled around with her, it would be like fooling around with my sister.”

I never give up with him, “I know you’ve told me that a thousand times, but I see the way she looks at you and I think you’re an idiot to ignore her for the rest of your life. Sooner or later, she’s going to give up waiting on you to come to your senses and you will miss out on would could be the best thing in your life.”

“C’mon man, cut the Stacy crap, I hear that from you every time I bring up a new lady. Do you want to go or not?”, David snapped.

Resigned, I answered, “Yeah sure, I’ve been wondering what this ballerina looks like and besides I’ll enjoy hanging out with Stacy watching you drool all over yourself? You’re always good for a couple of laughs in your pathetic attempts to get noticed by beautiful women.”

David sounded relieved, “Thanks, I owe you. I’ll pick you up in 30 minutes.”

“You owe me a thousand times already.”

David and I went way back. Despite being a better than average looking guy, well-dressed, smart and successful, he was just a little insecure with the ladies. He was the guy who made it a big deal the first time he kissed a girl, then the first time he touched a breast, then a really big deal the first time he touched a pussy and I would swear he alerted the media when he finally lost his virginity.

He seemed to fall head over heels a couple of times a year but could rarely get up enough courage to ask his new ‘dream girl’ out. He was the kind of guy that admired from afar then wondered why he never got the girl.

Right on cue, 30 minutes later he knocked on my door. When I saw him I gasped, “Man, you’re sweating already, you’ve got to get a hold of yourself. If this ballerina sees you pitting out like that, she’ll think you’re some kind of freakazoid, she’d be right of course but we don’t want her to know it just from looking at you!”

David was very anxious, “Shut up and let’s go.”

I saw he was holding a beer, “Looks like you started without me.”

Looking down at his beer, “I was ready when I called you so I pounded a few beers while I waited to come get you.”

Sticking my hand out toward him, “OK, hand over the keys. I can see this is going to be one of those nights where you’re going to celebrate with a beer every time she glances your way.”

He handed me his car keys, “Here you go, bring me home safely, or better yet, maybe I’ll get a ride home with someone else!”

We found the address Stacy gave David and saw only about 10 cars there. I observed, “Must be a smaller party than we thought, maybe it’s slim pickins for the ballerina and she’ll have to settle for you!”

David gave me his best glare, “Settle, yeah, screw you … I’ll show you settle.”

We saw Stacy as soon as we walked in. She looked ravishing as always, and also as always, David looked right past her in his attempt to spot the ballerina.

I walked up beside her, “Hey Stacy, I see you’re drinking wine. Do they have anything interesting?”

“Hey Rob, I should have figured David would bring you, he’d never be able to face his newest ‘dream girl’ alone. Actually they do, someone here must be a wine snob like you, this is a very good Shiraz from the Barossa Valley, it’s way too good for a mass serving at a party. C’mon, I’ll show you the bar.”

I followed her, “So, she’s here, huh? You know, I’ve never seen her. David has been yapping about her for months but he’s always run into her when I wasn’t with him.”

Stacy sighed, “Yeah, she’s here. She is beautiful but she just doesn’t seem to be his type. I’m actually impressed he’s enamored with her. Usually he goes for the buxom, big-hair, lots of lipstick over-the-top types but this one is far from that. She’s a dancer, you can tell by the grace of her walk. She usually pulls her hair back, dresses kind of bohemian, wears very little make-up and is flatter than me if you can believe that.”

Hearing that, I perked up, “She sounds more like my type than David’s. As far as David is concerned, breasts can’t be big enough. I’ve told him for years that smaller İyte Escort Bayan ones are where it’s at but he just scoffs at me. Maybe he’s starting to listen.”

Stacy agreed, “Maybe he is listening, please keep pumping him with your ideas. Then maybe he’ll look my way one day.”

Reassuring her, “Have patience Stacy, he’ll pull his head out of his ass someday. But if he doesn’t, you know my phone number, I haven’t given up hope that eventually I’ll get to see your perfect little perkies!”

Stacy gave me her look, “I know what else you’d like to see. Just keep looking, I like to know that someone notices.”

I smiled, “Oh, I notice alright. Keep dressing like that and I’ll keep looking. I love it when you don’t wear a bra!”

Surprised she gasped, “You can tell when I don’t wear a bra?”

As smug as I could, “Of course I can, remember, I’m a small breast expert, I have a radar for A and B cups and I can almost always tell if they are being harnessed! I prefer them free flow!”

Just as she always did, she deflected my compliments, “Can we stop talking about your breast infatuation and get some wine?”

Stacy and I looked like we should be together, we’d known each other since I met David over 10 years ago. We’ve been to countless parties together where our dialogue inevitably turns sexual but we’ve never even shared a kiss. I’ve always known she had an eye for David and as a friend to both of them, I would never violate that. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t admire Stacy each and every time I saw her and I know I would forever wish I could see her breasts, even just once, they looked so perfect in everything she wore.

After I took my first sip, “Wow, this wine is outstanding, probably the best party wine I’ve ever had.” Then I saw her, “Oh my God Stacy, that’s her isn’t it?”

I heard the resignation in her voice, “Yep, that’s her and I already know what you’re thinking?”

“Oh c’mon Stacy, what would make you think you know what I’m thinking. Could it possibly be the pale pink skin tight bodice that accentuates each and every curve of that goddess’s body especially possibly the smallest beasts I’ve ever seen?”

Even more resignation from her, “Oh Jeez Rob, not from you too. I’m going to have to listen to both of you foaming at the mouth over this girl.”

Putting my arm around her shoulders, “Stacy, I’m just kidding. I said that just for your benefit.”

Stacy replied, “No you didn’t. You’re absolutely right, she is stunning. She’s not everyone’s type, I wouldn’t think she’d be David’s but I would expect her to be yours. Go ahead, be like David and drool. Maybe she’ll notice you, she sure hasn’t noticed David.”

Determined, I said, “She’ll notice me alright, I’m not leaving tonight until I know much more about her.”

Stacy chuckled, “Yeah, Yeah. One glance and she already has you hook, line and sinker. Hey, did you notice that, she just looked your way. You better lose me or she’ll think we are together.”

“I’m not worried about her thinking that, c’mon I’ll prove it.”

I grabbed Stacy’s hand and headed toward the ballerina, on the way I tried to find out where David was hiding, probably in a corner just staring. By the time we joined the group of three chatting, the ballerina was looking right at me. She spoke first, “You look familiar, have we met?”

I smiled, “Actually I get that a lot, there are lots of me out there. But I’m quite sure we haven’t met, I certainly would have remembered. I’m Rob, this is my friend Stacy.”

She smiled back, “Rob and Stacy, very nice to meet you, I’m Isabella and this is my room-mate Claire and her boy-friend Steve.”

We shared handshakes and pleasantries for several minutes all the while I was trying to spot David. I couldn’t imagine where he disappeared to, he zoomed right past Stacy when we got to the party and I hadn’t seen him since. His sole purpose was to come see this beautiful Isabella and he was no where to be seen.

Our conversation progressed very well. I learned that Isabella, Claire and surprisingly, Steve were all dancers for the local Ballet Company. Isabella was from Colorado, as am I. Along the way I also casually mentioned that Stacy and I were just long-time friends, that she was there with 2 other girls and I had come later with another friend. The longer we chatted, the more I couldn’t take my eyes off this astounding beauty. She seemed to be looking my way as well. We weren’t to innuendo yet, but I was feeling some sort of karma.

Then David clumsily appeared, “Rob, Stacy, I’ve been looking all over for you two. Who are your new friends?” As I introduced them, David kept looking at Isabella even when I introduced him to Claire and Steve. His obvious staring at Isabella made our previously pleasant conversation immediately turn awkward. I was feeling the karma escape as fast as it had appeared, Stacy must have seen the panic on my face. “David, I haven’t seen Amy and Lisa in awhile, would you come help find them İyte Escort with me.” The look of disappointment was evident on his face as Stacy pulled him away from our little group.

Isabella watched Stacy leading him away, “He’s your friend? I just met you and I hate to say this but he’s a little creepy. I’ve seen him at several parties and I felt as though he stares at me from across the room. When he shows up somewhere, it’s almost like he’s stalking me.”

Trying to reassure her, “Oh Isabella, David is harmless, I promise. I’ve been friends with him for 10 years and one thing I can absolutely tell you about him is that when it comes to beautiful women, he’s a social retard. Please don’t mind him, he doesn’t mean anything by it, he just doesn’t know what to do or say so, then whatever he does say comes out stupid. He’s a good guy, just a little immature. Stacy has known him since they were 8, she wouldn’t still be friends with him if he was as creepy as he looks.”

Steve piped in, “Isabella, we’re a little pooped, we thought we’d cruise soon. Are you about ready?” Then it was Isabella’s turn to see the panic on my face, but this was a good panic, a panic of not wanting her to go. She turned back to them, “Well, I was just starting to have fun, can we stay for a bit longer?”

I jumped in, “If you rode with them and you want to stay, I’d be more than happy to give you a ride home whenever you’re ready. I’m actually the designated driver tonight so this glass of wine is my limit. I’m safe, I’m sober and I promise, I’m not creepy … Stacy can vouch for me.”

Isabella smiled at me, “Well Rob, if you don’t mind, I’ll take you up on that.” Turning to Steve and Claire, “You guys go ahead, I think I’ll stay a bit longer.”

We bid them good-night and Isabella and I found ourselves alone for the first time. Our conversation continued on very naturally. For the most part, we were left alone, occasionally someone might stop to join us but I think we were giving the vibe that we wanted to be left alone. I got Isabella some wine and we just talked and talked, she seemed to get more and more comfortable with me, she reached out and touched me on the arm a couple of times in a friendly gesture. She was absolutely mesmerizing, I couldn’t take my eyes off her and every chance I got I glanced at her tiny breasts. Suddenly I noticed her nipples were quite erect, from the time I started admiring her and her perfect little breasts, her nipples didn’t seem too prominent, but now they stuck out at least a half an inch. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them, was she getting turned on? I knew I was, all I could think about was seeing her again, I wanted to kiss her, I wanted to see her breasts and I wanted to touch her more than anything.

Then Stacy broke the spell, “Rob, David is stumbling drunk. I think you need to take him home.”

As disappointed as I could say, “Great, just what I needed.”

Stacy saw the disappointment in my eyes. “Rob, I’d take him but I’m afraid he’ll pass out in the car then I’ll never get him out of the car, into his house and in bed. I’m sorry, I’m willing to help but I need you too.”

I smiled at her, “Stacy, it’s okay, I’ll take him, I brought him, I volunteered to be the designated driver so I’ll take him home.” I turned to Isabella, “I’m sorry, I promised you a ride home and I didn’t tell you it meant you’d be riding with the creepy guy too and to make matters worse, he’s drunk and knowing David, he’ll be quite obnoxious.”

Isabella reassured me, “It’s okay, if he’s your friend he can’t be too bad. I’ll help you with him. I’m actually quite strong so if you need help lifting him, I’m your girl.”

That perked me up, “I like the sound of that!”

Isabella smiled, Stacy smirked and we headed off to find drunken David.

Stacy was right, David was drunk. He saw the three of heading his way and his face lit up when he noticed Isabella was with Stacy and me. “Hey, my 3 favorite people!”

Sternly I retorted, “David, time to go, buddy. You’re going to feel this one in the morning.”

David kept smiling, “I’m just getting warmed up!”

More seriously this time, “Uh, wrong oh, it’s time to go, we’re taking you home.”

David wondered, “We?”

I explained, “Isabella’s friends were tired so they left, I offered to take her home so she’s going help me with your drunken ass.”

David never gave up, “Why didn’t you say so, if I knew she was coming, I’d be ready to go. We can go to my place and continue this little party.”

I reasoned, “David, I know you. You’ll be passed out in the back seat in 5 minutes.”

David was still trying, “Uh-huh, I could go all night.”

Stacy rolled her eyes, “Sure you don’t want my help?”

“Thanks Stacy, we can handle him. You stay and have fun with Amy and Lisa.”

Stacy looked relieved, “OK Rob, see you soon, good luck, I hope you don’t need it.”

I grabbed David by the arm, “Let’s go Partyboy!”

We got to David’s car, “David, Escort İyte like I said, you’ll be out in 5 five minutes so you get in the back.”

“But it’s my car ….”

I wasn’t going to argue, “Get in the back.”

I let David stumble into the back while I opened the passenger side door for Isabella.

All buckled up, “OK Isabella, where do you live?”

“Do you know where the RiverRun apartments are?”, she asked.

“I do, hmmm, let me see, that’s in the opposite direction from the two of us.”

David was listening, “Hey, I thought we were all going back to my place for some beer?”

I was getting tired of him already, “Shut up and go to sleep!”

I turned to her, “Isabella, I’m guessing it’s a good 20 minutes if not more to your apartment from here. I live a couple of blocks from David, but we are a good 20+ minutes the other direction. If I take him home first, get his butt in bed then take you home, we won’t get there for well over an hour, it’s already pushing 1:00. What’s your time table?”

She sighed, “Actually I have to be at the dance studio at 8:00, that’s why Claire and Steve left.”

I decided, “OK, that settles it. As much as I would love to spend more time with you, I think I should take you first. Then I’ll take ‘Stupid’ back there home.”

“Hey, who are you calling Stupid?”

He needed to be told again, “Shut up and go to sleep!”

We headed toward Isabella’s apartment and it wasn’t 5 minutes before we heard David snoring in the back. She glanced back at him then said, “You were right, he’s out cold.”

Nodding my head, “And he will be for a while, he won’t even remember me dragging his butt into his house.”

“So you guys have been friends a long time?” she asked.

“Yep, a very long time. Like I said earlier, he’s a pretty normal guy when he isn’t drunk or obsessed.”

Surprised she asked, “Obsessed?”

“Can I tell you a secret?”

With her beautiful eyes, “Anything.”

I confided, “We weren’t invited to that party. Stacy was, she saw you there and called David. Stacy knew that David had seen you several times and thought you were so beautiful. David called me to see if I would go.”

She jumped in, “I told you, I’ve seen him places and he stares at me … it’s creepy.”

I continued, “I know, but it’s only David, really, he’s not creepy. He’s just incredibly insecure and immature. He would stare and admire you but he would never have the courage to actually take the initiative to come up and talk to you. In his eyes, you’re so beautiful, you’re way out of his league so he doesn’t even try.”

“That’s sad!”

“I know, I’m afraid he’ll never take the initiative with anyone and then go through life with nothing but regrets. And right now, unfortunately, you’re the one he’s obsessed with. But don’t worry, I promise, he’s harmless. He’s just a puppy dog staring at a huge bone made for a Saint Bernard.”

Isabella smiled, reached over and took my hand, “You calling me the bone or the Saint Bernard?”

Horrified I offended her, “Oh God no, sorry. Just an analogy.”

She chuckled, “I know, just kidding.”

Her hand felt great. I was a little surprised by her initiative to take my hand but I was happy for her to do so. Our conversation continued throughout the drive to her apartment, I felt the karma coming back and in my mind was strategizing how to end the evening with her and getting her number to hopefully see her again.

We pulled in the apartment parking lot and she pointed me toward her building and I pulled into a parking spot. Well, here goes, “Isabella, I’ve had a wonderful night tonight, I’m not ready for it to end but with Dipshit crashed in the backseat, I should probably take him home. I’m so glad I met you tonight ….”

Isabella cut me off in mid-sentence, “The night doesn’t have to be quite over yet. You shared a secret with me earlier, can I share one with you?”

She absolutely caught me off guard but also very interested, “Of course.”

“I know you were trying to be subtle, but I saw you checking out my breasts all night …”

I started to apologize but she kept going.

“… It’s okay, I don’t mind and please don’t be embarrassed that I noticed. I’m actually glad you noticed and continued to look. That gives me reassurance that maybe you like what you see.”

“Are you kidding I…”

She cut me off again, “Rob, let me finish telling you this, please. This is a big-breast society and I have very small breasts, very small. I, personally, really like my small breasts. I’m a dancer and they are perfect for my body, bigger ones would get in the way. But, it’s very hard to find men who see the beauty in small breasts. I’ve never been embarrassed by them but if I’ve had encounters with men when I was wearing normal clothes and a bra, they were hidden so the men didn’t really know how small they are, then when they see them, they have this incredible look of disappointment on their faces. So, now I wear things that show the real size of me, so that there is no surprise. What you see is what I have, if you’re interested, great. And by the way you’ve looked at me all night, I think you just might be interested despite my, so-called, shortcomings.”

She paused to let me respond.

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