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Our next door neighbors have a young daughter. Her name is Sarah. Sarah is almost 18 years old and she is a tom boy from the word go. All I ever see her wearing is a bulky sweatshirt and a ballcap on backwards. It was not until recently I learned beneath all the bulk of the sweatshirt and backwards ballcaps was a pretty hot young lady. Her parents do not trust anyone so they have home schooled her. She has had virtually no contact with the outside world. And she does not seem to want any contact with the outside world either. She has pen pals all over the world and from what I am told this seems to keep her content. Every once in a while I will see her and say hi to her and she will answer but do nothing else. I have given up trying to get her into a meaningful conversation a long time ago. She recently graduated from her home school and she had senior pictures taken and her folks asked me to scan them so they could send them on the internet to relatives and such.

When I first saw these pictures I was literally blown away. Instead of having her hair pulled back in a pony tail and a ball cap on backwards, I saw long flowing brown hair. Instead of a bulky sweatshirt I saw a pair of breasts under a modest silk top. Her breasts are not big, but it was a relief to see she had any at all. Sarah is tall and somewhat gangly. Her legs are quite long. I realized from her senior pictures that she could be, given the right encouragement, very hot. She wears glasses and is rather plain in appearance. But again, when she got herself made up for the senior pictures, she looked damn fine.

For some time Sarah has handled the feeding of our dog as a favor for some of the things we do for her family. Since I work some graveyards, she will come over and feed and then play with our dog for a while during the day. My wife works during the day so this really helps out a lot. Normally I am in bed when Sarah comes over and I rarely catch a glimpse of her. Since Sarah has recently gotten a computer so she could email her pen pals, I have had several chances to chat with her on the internet. I suppose we have developed somewhat of a speaking relationship. This is much more than we have had in the past and gradually I have learned that Sarah likes to joke around. At least on the internet. When I see her in person, it is back to the shy backward tom boy girl. I installed ICQ for her a while back and now she leaves little jokes and the like for me. I refer to her as little girl and she refers to me as old man. All of this is done in jest.

Since I have seen the senior picture of Sarah I have been looking at her in a much different way. I know she never dates, and has no interest in dating. If ever there was a pampered spoiled brat type girl, Sarah would fit the bill. Whatever she wants, her parents buy for her. She has shown no interest in getting out in the world and seems content to stay with her parents and let them provide for her. I never see anyone her age at their house and I am certain the only contact she has with the outside world is through her pen pals.

A while back, I had stayed up when I got off shift and apparently fell asleep on the sofa. I awoke to a noise in our house and when I opened my eyes just a little, I saw Sarah sitting across the room petting our dog. At first I was embarrassed for having fallen asleep on the sofa. I pretended to still be asleep and opening my eyes very slightly was able to watch what Sarah was doing. She would bayrampaşa eskort pet our dog and rub his back and then glance over at where I was asleep. I thought it was peculiar that she was staying in the living room so long. Then Sarah got up and walked over a little closer to me. From time to time she would look to make sure my eyes were closed and I was still asleep. I played the game well and could pretty well track where she was as she moved to the end of the sofa. I opened my eyes just a slit again and saw Sarah was staring intently toward my crotch area. Suddenly I realized what she was looking at.

When I get off work, I change into some baggy shorts and a sweatshirt. That is all I ever have on because I am comfortable in them. I never wear anything under the baggy shorts. In the position I was laying on the sofa I realized Sarah must have been able to see up the leg of my shorts. This sudden realization made my cock flinch and begin to come to life. I had my legs spread with one foot on the end of the sofa and I was certain Sarah could see right up inside my shorts. About that time Sarah heard a noise in another room and she quickly left. “Damn” I thought to myself as I saw her walk out of the room. I reached down and felt the leg hole of my shorts and sure enough, the leg hole was gaping open enough to where Sarah could look up them. I ran my fingers up inside and felt the head of my growing cock not far from the opening. She must have been looking right into the slit on the end of my cock.

I heard Sarah coming back toward where I was. Apparently satisfied she was safe she entered the room again and began petting our dog again. If I had woken up, she could have told me she had just fed our dog and was about to leave. I watched her through the slits of my eyes. Soon, she got up and walked toward the end of the sofa again. Even though she looked like a plain jane in her bulky sweatshirt and backwards ballcap, I knew that under it all her soft young body had to be hot. And it was obvious she was getting curious about the opposite sex. Soon she had worked her way to the end of the sofa again and was staring intently. I took a deep breath as if in a deep sleep and reached down and scratched my balls through the loose fitting shorts. Sarah jumped and quickly looked to make sure I was still asleep. Satisfied that I was she looked back at my crotch area. I left my hand resting on top of my cock under the shorts and every once in a while I would scratch my cock or my balls again as I normally would in a deep sleep. Sarah was transfixed on my hand. She would look apprehensively toward my eyes, then back to my crotch.

Then I reached the leg of my shorts and pulling the one leg of my shorts up I scratched the top of my now fully exposed cock. When I had finished this, I left my hand on top of my cock. I did this more to keep it from jutting straight up since I was getting quite hard by this time. I wanted it to appear normal. That is if Sarah even knew what normal was. She remained almost frozen in her spot, looking at my eyes then back to my cock then back at my eyes. I froze in that position acting as if I was still in a deep sleep. My hand covered only part of my cock and a few inches of it extended beyond then end of my casually placed hand. I lost sight of Sarah as she bent closer to my exposed cock. Maybe it was my imagination, but I could almost swear I felt her breath on the head of my cock. I am not eskort sure how close she got to it, but I know it was very close. Then as quickly as it began, Sarah left. I heard the door shut and raced to the window to see her retreating into her home next door.

At first I was a little nervous about this episode. I was not sure what Sarah had thought. I do know the end of my cock was dripping pre cum. I discovered this after she had left. My mind raced with thoughts of what she was thinking. I mean, she is the one who looked. Hell, I thought to myself. I was asleep. I did not know what to think. I got my answer from the internet. Later when I logged on I had a message from Sarah. “Hey old man, I saw you sleeping on the sofa today.”

I responded, “Really, I accidentally fell asleep when I got off this morning.”

“You must be a sound sleeper she went on, I thought sure I woke you up playing with your dog.”

I began to expand on how sound a sleeper I am. “I have slept through thunderstorms, people moving furniture in the room I am in, and even my wife moving me physically when I am asleep so she can change blankets.” I went into a lot of detail about how sound a sleeper I really am.

Sarah seemed skeptical about how soundly I sleep. I told her that once as a prank, my wife had changed my shorts while I was asleep just to prove how soundly I slept. “And you did not wake up through all that”? Sarah responded.

“Not even a slight bit,” I answered. “I was shocked to find myself in green panties when I woke up, ha ha”. We laughed about that and eventually signed off. I was curious what would happen if Sarah ever had another chance to see me asleep on the sofa. I was relatively certain she would have another chance.

A few days after this exchange I found myself in exactly the same position as before. Except this time I was expecting something to happen. I was wearing the same shorts as before and was having difficulty not getting a hard on at the mere thought of what may happen. I found that if I laid my arm across my forehead I could see her without her seeing me more easily. She came into the room and began playing with our dog again. At one point she tossed the ball over by me and our dog bumped into me retrieving it. She was very interested to see if that woke me. I played the game well and did not budge an inch. As she continued to toss the ball for our dog I took a deep breath as if in a deep sleep and rolled over more on my back. In doing so I raised one leg and reached down to scratch my balls. This got her to stand and move closer to me. Soon I could see she was again at the foot of the sofa and looking up my shorts. I smacked my lips and moaned a little as I again reached down and scratched my hardening cock through my gaping shorts. Then I felt the ball she had been tossing for our dog bounce off my cock. I remained motionless. Again I felt the ball rollup between my legs. It was resting against my balls. I nearly jumped out of my skin as I felt her hand rubbing against my balls for an extended time as Sarah retrieved the ball she had tossed there. Still I remained motionless. Then I felt her nudge my shoulder and softly say my name. A short while later she again nudged my shoulder somewhat harder this time and said my name louder. Then I saw her move back to the foot of the sofa and bend toward my crotch. Almost as soft as a butterfly I felt her hand on my cock. Softly she squeezed it through my shorts. sisli escort There was no stopping it now as it grew hard. Soon my shorts were tented as my cock had grown to its full length. I felt her hand circle my cock through my shorts and squeeze more firmly. Then I felt my shorts being drawn back over the hardness of my cock. As my shorts were slowly pulled all the way back my rock hard cock sprang up with a jolt. I lost track of Sarah for a second or two and soon realized she had darted to the other side of the room.

Satisfied that I was still asleep I saw her tentatively move back toward the end of the sofa. I played the sound sleeper to the max and soon I felt her hand on my bare cock. I could see my cock was dripping precum all down the side of it. I felt Sarah touch the precum with her fingertip and I nearly shot my load as she touched the precum to her tongue. Then I felt her hand encircle my cock again and she began moving her hand up and down ever so lightly. I found myself thinking that sweet little Sarah was not as naïve as I had thought. Her hand gradually grew tighter around my cock and my precum was literally pouring from the tip. My mind raced as I found myself getting closer to cumming. I did not know what I could possibly do since I could not let her know I was awake. I watched as Sarah would move her hand up and down my cock and glance toward my eyes to make sure I was still asleep and then back to my cock. Her soft small hand was moving quite a bit faster now and I could see she was only inches away from the head of my cock as she seemed very interested in the precum that was running down the sides of my cock and by now was making that smacking noise as her hand pistoned on my cock. She leaned closer and then I felt her tongue lick the tip of my cock. Lightly at first then again. Then with her eyes looking directly at mine to make sure I was still asleep I felt her lips encircle the head of my cock. That was all I could take and I shot a stream of cum straight into her open mouth. She jerked back like someone had slapped her. But not before I had shot a huge glob of cum into her sweet mouth. Her hand froze on my cock as my cum continued to shoot up and all over my shorts. I saw her swallow what was in her mouth and then she covered the head of my cock with her other hand. It felt like I shot a quart of cum. Sarah’s eyes were the size of hubcaps and I knew she was petrified I would wake up. I was not about to ruin this little game of hers.

Eventually I stopped shooting cum and there sat Sarah with her hand dripping cum at my side. She slowly pulled my shorts back over my softening cock and then got up and looking at her cum coated hand she took one last look to make sure all was somewhat normal. Aside from my shorts covered with cum everything looked ok. With that she quietly left the room and the house. As soon as I heard the door shut, I sprang from the sofa and watched as she walked toward her house rubbing her hands together to rub the cum in and look as normal as she could.

That evening on the computer she was silent until I told her that I hoped I did not bother her as I had dozed off on the sofa again. She answered somewhat apprehensively and said that she was getting used to seeing me asleep on the sofa. In the course of the chat back and forth I told her that I kind of liked sleeping there because I had a tendency to have good dreams. When she asked what kind of dreams were those, I replied that she was probably too young to know what I was talking about. Satisfied that I had thought it was all a dream she laughed and called me a dirty old man.

I suspect I can look forward to more such episodes as this one and I will keep you posted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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