Acceptance Ch. 04

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Andy wondered how he had gotten to this point. One minute, he and his best friend were just heading out to dinner, the next, he found himself standing naked on a dirt road in the dark with headlights from the car casting a long shadow of his silhouetted body across the road. And what was it Al just said? “After tonight, your mouth and your ass will no longer be virgin?”

Having just finished giving his friend a blow job and, much to Andy’s surprise, swallowing his entire load, Andy had somehow allowed Al to dominate him into stripping completely naked. Al, though a number of years younger, was being quite adamant about his commands. Andy found this to be very erotic, though he had always imagined that he would be the dominant one in a gay relationship.

As the thoughts about tonight’s events ran through his head, Andy did not notice that Al was intently studying his nude body. Wanting to remember every inch of Andy’s body, Al purposely refrained from immediately glancing at Andy’s cock, though he definitely wanted to see, touch, and taste it. Beginning with Andy’s head, Al took inventory of his every detail.

Al had always loved Andy’s hazel eyes. He noticed that if Andy wore blue toned shirts, his eyes were blue and whenever he wore green tones, his eyes would be green. Al found the blue eyes comforting since they matched his own, but he found the green eyes erotic and inviting. He was happy that Andy had worn a dark green shirt pinbahis yeni giriş today. As he admired Andy’s eyes, he thought to himself that Andy must be in deep thought since he did not seem to notice Al staring at his naked body.

Andy’s facial features only faintly revealed his older age. Al thought that his lips, which had a slight downward turn on each end told a story of a man who had experienced many things and who seemed to be sad more than happy. He resisted the urge to touch Andy’s lips with his finger and scanned his neck and chest as he savored the sight of his naked friend standing in front of him.

The hairy chest and erect nipples made Al’s cock stiffen more and begin to generate pre-cum. Al imagined what it would be like to suck and bite Andy’s nipples, and made a mental note to be sure to do that as the night progressed. As Al’s gaze moved further down, he noticed that Andy’s body hair ended just below his belly which, while not remotely fat, hid the six pack Al sported. Thinking about this a moment, Al recalled Andy touching his six pack abs once and remarking that he should “enjoy those abs now since they will slowly fade away.”

The lack of hair in Andy’s pubic area excited Al. He thought he was in the minority when it came to keeping his cock and balls shaved. It was evident that Andy was meticulous in his personal grooming and Al imagined that Andy’s pubic area must be quite smooth. As his eyes pinbahis giriş moved towards Andy’s cock, Al spotted a small mole about a quarter of an inch away from his cock shaft on the right side.

The first impression Al had of Andy’s cock was how stiff and straight it was. Al saw pre-cum dripping in a long line from Andy’s cock to the ground. He knew from the amount of pre-cum Andy was oozing that Andy was ready to engage in far more intimate sexual activities. Al estimated that Andy’s cock was about five and a half inches long and that its girth was probably comparable. Andy’s cock head looked like a perfect helmet fitted tightly on his shaft. Approximately a quarter of the way from the top, Andy had a perfectly dark round line going all the way around his shaft as a result of his circumcision. Al reached forward without thinking and, with one finger, rubbed the pre-cum off of Andy’s cock. He slowly inserted his moistened finger into his mouth and tasted for the first time Andy’s salty pre-cum.

When Al touched Andy’s cock, Andy immediately snapped out of his distant thoughts and back into reality. “Did Al just lick my pre-cum off of his finger?” Andy wondered. The thought, coupled with the realization that Al had just touched his cock almost made Andy orgasm. Suddenly he realized that he was standing totally naked in front of his best friend on a public dirt road in the middle of no where. Suddenly, he recalled that Al had pinbahis güvenilirmi just said “After tonight, your mouth and your ass will no longer be virgin”. Andy’s cock began to drip even more pre-cum.

Before moving forward, Al continued to mentally inventory Andy’s naked body. He noticed his thighs and lower legs were very muscular. Al figured this was related to the fact that Andy jogged and rode a bike on a fairly routine basis. Andy’s feet looked vulnerable to Al, especially in the dirt. Al noticed that Andy had a birthmark on the inside of his right ankle that look like a dog’s paw. Al found this to be fitting given the fact that Andy was so good with dogs and thought it might explain why Al’s own dog had taken such a liking to Andy.

Satisfied that his mental inventory was solid, Al took a few more up and down glances of Andy’s nude body and said “stand right here and do not move.” “Do you understand?”

Andy nodded yes. Al said “if I ask you something, say yes sir, don’t nod your damn head.”

Andy promptly answered “yes sir.”

Al gathered all of Andy’s clothes and took them to the car where he locked them in the trunk. When he returned, he looked at Andy and said “Kneel down.”

When Andy was on his knees, Al pulled his cock out of his pants and instructed Andy to lick the pre-cum off of it. After he finished, Al said “Are you ready to become my gay lover?”

Andy nodded yes. Al stuck his cock into Andy’s mouth and said “didn’t I tell you not to nod your damn head?” With Al’s cock in his mouth, Andy mumbled “yes sir.”

Al instructed Andy to stand up and to walk to the front of the car. As Andy approached the car, Al said “I am going to make your ass mine.”

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