A Wet Afternoon

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It’s raining hard outside. You are lying along the sofa with your head in my lap and your hair spilling over me, hazel eyes gazing upwards as we listen to music and the drumming of rain on the picture window. You have on that lovely yellow cotton short summer dress with its pattern of red roses that I enjoy seeing you wear, especially like now, bra-less. I adore seeing your breasts moving freely. I want you.

My left hand finds it’s way into the top of your dress and rendezvous with your left breast. You arch your back slightly and your nipple jumps erect as I gently circle it with my finger, lightly brush across its tip then begin softly squeezing it. My right hand heads south, across your belly and down to the hem of your dress, which is halfway between your thighs and knees. I slip under your dress and glide my fingers up making contact with your silk panties. You open your legs slightly allowing me to get my middle finger between your thighs and gently knead your pussy lips through the silk. You relax more, opening wider and I feel a little warm moisture seeping into your panties. Your hand joins mine at your breast and you stroke the back of it as I stroke and play with your nipple. Mewing softly, your eyes flutter shut as you soak in the sensations my hands bring you.

I burrow under the waistband of your silkies, down through kuşadası escort your curls and onto your smooth pussy lips. Middle finger slides effortlessly between them to meet your clit and caress her slowly, gently. Your legs open a little more and your breathing quickens, as does the rhythm of both my hands. Middle finger slides further down your slit and ventures just inside you. You are hot in there, getting quite wet and I can smell your woman scent as it begins to fill the air.

My first and third fingers part your pussy lips and you widen your legs. With lips parted, middle finger returns to concentrate on your sweet clitty. Swirling, flicking and caressing her is making you quite excited and you begin to purr softly, getting gradually louder. You pull my hand from your breast and bring my fingers to your lips and begin to suck on them one at a time. I increase the pressure and speed of my middle finger and spread your lips wider. You begin to thrust yourself against me and are at the brink of orgasm when I suddenly slow. You gasp, open your eyes and call me a bad name. Then, just as suddenly, I resume where I left off. You cry out, bite your lip and orgasm delightfully. Then, taking my forefinger into your mouth, you begin to love it as you buck your hips up to meet my finger. I keep going until you orgasm again, slowly reducing speed to gently bring you down. I keep my fingers on you until you have completely relaxed, stroking your pussy curls. I slip my wet finger from you, roll it over your nipple then watch you smile as I lick your flavour from it.

Sliding out from under you, I lay your head on the sofa, spreading your hair on the cushions and make my way down between your still outstretched legs. Gently touching soft thigh, my hands press your legs wider and my tongue glides slowly upward toward its goal. My lips kiss soft, scented flesh, and I am eager for my prize. Your scent, intensified by your so recent orgasm, encourages my tongue onward. You growl softly as you lift your hips so I can remove your panties. Then my fingers enter your soft moist curls once again. My excitement multiplies, so close to nirvana.

Your welcoming thighs that guide me widen further. A soft sheen of moisture coats your portal and I know you await the arrival of my exploring tongue with anticipation. Quite suddenly I taste you and tentatively lick your outer lips, part them, hearing you gasp, and I push my tongue into your sanctum of love. Your flavour, your warmth, and your sweetness flow freely, rewarding my senses as my tongue excavates deeper into you. The rain still drumming hard against the window, staccato, sets the rhythm of my tongue.

Upwards I flick to find your jewel’s heart waiting for me. Gently first then more eagerly I lap, flick and dance my tongue around you to the sound and feel of your delight. I kiss your clitty gem and suck her into my mouth to caress and savour while I slide one finger into your inner sanctum. I worship you unceasingly until I feel your fulfillment descend upon me in waves of delicious sweetness and musk and cries of rapture.

My penis, the definition of my manhood, is aching to be where my fingers and tongue have visited and enjoyed, where he is meant to be. He throbs in hope. I release myself and place my steel hard, silky fleshed man-rod at your open love gate and enter unhindered. Slowly, probing and teasing my way deeper into you I begin to thrust with vigour to the farthest reaches of you, raising your excitement once again as you cry with joy and thrust back against me. I slow my thrusting but continue to probe you deeply, skillfully until you surrender to the joy of passion. My own fulfillment stampedes through me at the same moment and I spend myself in an explosive wave of completion, my essence rushing to the deepest corners of you. In this moment we are one in rapture, joy and passion. The rain is falling softly now against the window.

I stay within you until we have both come down from our high then, as I diminish, I steal slowly out of you, kiss your mouth and your pussy, smooth your dress down and squeeze up on the sofa beside you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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