Darien Ch. 5

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If you’re new to the Darien series, please check older episodes for details, I’ve had it with repeating all the facts over and over again. If you’re familiar with the characters then sit back, pull out your piece, start jerking off and enjoy the story!

What happened last time: Darien and Matt had a threesome with Matt’s old friend Dan, who is a cop working in Zagreb. Dan invited them to the capitol to demonstrate his ‘modus operandi’…

Sunday afternoon, we’re doing 150 mph on the highway, heading west towards the capitol and having a great time. It’s warm and sunny, good luck that Dan’s car has air-conditioning. I’m on the back seat, I can see that Matt and Dan are trying to talk about something, but the music is so loud that I can’t hear a thing and I’ve stopped trying to.

Around 6PM we arrived to the outskirts of Zagreb, another half an hour drive and we arrived in front of Dan’s building. We got out of the car and grabbed our bags. I could see that Dan was quite a bit nervous, from what I gathered it was because he didn’t know how his partner/boyfriend Brad would react. As far as I got hold of the facts this Brad guy was some piece of work, and Dan was like his bitch and right now Dan was an anxious bitch fearing his master.

We got up to the apartment, Dan unlocked the door and we entered. Seem that Brad wasn’t around. We dropped our bags and sat on the couch in the living room. Dan went to the kitchen to get us a couple of beers. Suddenly, we heard the front door open and Brad stormed into the living room.

Brad was huge. 6’4”, he must weigh at least 220 lbs, all muscle. I’d say he was around 25. He had short brown hair, blue eyes and an unshaved three-day beard. He just came in all sweaty, must have went out for a jog. He looked at us and wasn’t happy to see us.

‘Who, the fuck, are you two bitches?’ Brad asked. Just as I was to open my mouth Dan entered the room and said ‘These two are my friends from back home, I brought them to show them around and meet you.’ I could see Dan was afraid how Brad was gonna react. Brad looked at Dan, his eyes shooting lightning at him. Finally, he said ‘You fucked with these two bitches, didn’t you?’

A guilty expression came over Dan’s face. ‘I thought I made it clear I own you’ Brad said. ‘You fuck when I want you to fuck, not before, not after, now get your ass in the bedroom, strip and cuff yourself to the bed and I’ll come and deal with you later bitch!’ Brad yelled. Now he turned towards us and said ‘I don’t know what Dan told you two, but while you’re under my roof, you’re my property and I’ll do whatever I want with you.’

He looked into my eyes and said ‘I’m gonna take a shower and you’re gonna wash me bitch!’ I nodded and immediately got up and followed him. Before he left the room, Brad turned to Matt and said ‘Strip bitch, ’cause when I get out of the shower I’ll wreck that pretty ass of yours.’ Then he grabbed me by the neck and pulled me towards the bathroom.

‘Now strip and get to work bitch’ Brad yelled as he threw me down on the bathroom floor. I immediately took off my clothes. Brad undressed as well and pulled me into the shower. I was now kneeling beneath him. He looked even bigger than before, and he was well hung as well, big uncut meat accompanied with large swollen shaved balls.

He grabbed my head and shoved his cock in my mouth. ‘Swallow bitch’ he said grinning and started to piss in my mouth. I did as I was told, at least I tried to, but the stream was to strong for me and his piss was flowing down my chin. As he finished his business, he turned the shower on and instructed me to suck him. I was sucking his cock and he was getting harder, I could barely cope with his growing meat. He was ignoring me altogether, soaping himself and cleaning Erenköy Escort up.

His cock was huge, over 9 inches, and if it were only the nine inches, it was thick and wide, I could barely keep half of it in my mouth. I could see he was getting bored, so he grabbed my head and pushed me away roughly. ‘Turn around and bend’ he barked. I knew I had no other choice, so I did as he said. He didn’t waste time. He soaped up his cock, applied some shower gel on my crack, grabbed my crotch and shoved his giant member deep within me.

I never felt a pain as bad as this one, my body was breaking and I was screaming like an animal. He started laughing, and said ‘Scream all you want bitch, nobody’s gonna hear you, I didn’t invest 5000 DEM in sound-proof isolation just to spend some cash.’ He didn’t wait for me to adjust, and he was pumping my ass hard. The pain wasn’t passing, and he was riding me harder and harder. I was screaming and moaning, finally I started begging him to slow down.

That pissed him of. He smacked me and told me to take it like a man. I was as hard as rock, I thought, that if I jerked off it would hurt less, so I grabbed my cock. He smacked me again and pulled my hands up and pushed them on the wall. ‘Nobody jerks off around here, and nobody fucks without me saying so bitch!’ he yelled.

He was riding my ass like an animal, the pain loosened up and I was loving it. I was moaning and he was even louder. Finally he said he was cumming, pulled out, turned me towards him pushed me down on my knees and shoved his cock in my mouth. He started fucking my mouth like an animal and soon I was drowning in his cum. I swallowed as much as humanly possible, but he was pumping out like a horse, his cum was drooling down my chin.

After he finished he pulled out and made me lick his cock clean. He got out of the shower and left me there. He opened the medicine cabinet, took some poppers and took with him a tube of K-Y. In less than a minute I could hear Matt screaming like a wounded animal. I knew how he felt. I went through the same thing. I was too exhausted to move. Eventually, I pulled up and took a short shower to clean myself up and went to the living room.

Matt was on all four and Brad was humping him even harder than he fucked me. Both of them were moaning, and my cock was bursting. I sat down and watched the show. Brad was pumping harder and harder, I watched them for half an hour before Brad finally spilled another heavy load all over Matt’s back. He turned towards me again and made me lick his cock clean, then had me eat his cum from Matt’s back. Before he left towards the bedroom he looked at us and said ‘You were good little boys, so you get to fuck each other.’ Brad left the room.

As my cock entered Matt’s ass we could hear Dan getting his turn, muffled screams were coming out of the bedroom. We didn’t care. We had orders to fulfill. I was humping Matt like an animal, and he was loving every minute of it. A few minutes later I shot my load deep within him. Immediately we changed positions, and Matt was fucking me as hard as he could.

‘Fuck me, oh yeah, fuck me bitch!’ I was moaning and yelling. Matt gave me what I wanted. He fucked me and he said he was cumming. He pulled out and put his cock in my mouth. He shoved it all the way in and was fucking my throat. He was moaning loudly and soon a jet of hot cum sprayed deep down my throat. He slowly pulled out and we engaged in a long passionate kiss.

Exhausted we went to get our clothes back on, sat on the sofa and got our hands on those beers that Dan brought when Brad came in. We waited for almost an hour before Brad and Dan came out of the bedroom. Both were naked, and I could see quite a few bruises and bite-marks on Dan’s body. Neither of them said a word. Erenköy Escort Bayan They sat down and each took a beer, turned on the TV and they started talking like nothing happened.

Later I got a chance to talk to Dan alone. I asked him why he puts up with Brad treating him so bad. ‘Actually, he’s not bad when you get to know him, he’s very jealous and possessive, and likes to put up a show. But one thing I am sure of is that he would give his life for me. I don’t doubt his love and devotion, and this is a small price to pay for that.’ Dan explained.

Tomorrow night, they took us along on a patrol. They parked the car on a remote road north of the city. They stopped a few cars, routine checks. Finally, around half past midnight they stopped one car, the way that guy was driving pointed that he must had been drunk. Dan took over. He started with the average routine. Drivers’ license and registration and then came the alcohol test. ‘Brad, you gotta check this out, 3.14!’ Dan shouted. That guy was as drunk as it gets. I couldn’t get a good look at him.

Brad went towards them and took over. Soon the three of them were returning towards the police car and Brad opened the trunk and threw the guy in it. We drove off down a dirt road to a secluded wood. The car stopped, all of us got out. Brad opened the trunk and threw the guy out. Then he pulled him up. Dan pointed a flashlight towards him and finally we could see him. Slim, round 5’9”, barely 18 and totally drunk. Brad stripped the guy naked.

The twink didn’t even try to stop him, he made a few muffled protests, but I didn’t really understand what. Brad grabbed the guys’ head and pulled him towards the front right door of the car. At the same time Dan lowered the window on the door. Brad pushed the guy through the window. Dan immediately grabbed the guys’ hands and cuffed them to the steering wheel.

Now I understood where they were going. They got the twink cuffed and immobile, his crotch pressed on the door and his ass firmly placed and ready for some fun. Dan unzipped his pants, lowered them to his knees along with his briefs. Brad looked at us and said ‘What are you two bitches waiting? Strip!’ We took off our clothes as fast as we could.

Brad took a flashlight and pointed it to the guys’ ass. Dan positioned himself behind it. We could see he was hard as rock. Immediately he used some spit to lube his cock a bit and then shoved his meat violently, forcing his way all the way in. A scream came out of the car. Dan went on without a pause, making deep, long thrusts.

He was enjoying the ride, moaning and started pumping faster and stronger. Muffled cries came out of the car begging him to stop. Brad started grinning, and shouted ‘Beg all you want bitch, no one’s gonna save your ass tonight. That’s what you get for drinking and driving.’

Dan was beating the guys’ ass as hard as possible. With loud moans he spilled his load in the guys ass. ‘Your turn’ said Brad as he turned towards Matt. Matt went straight to work continuing where Dan stopped. He gave him a good, long fuck, just the way I taught my boy. The twink stopped resisting long ago, only a few whimpers and silent cries came out. As Matt pulled out, I was next in line.

After the show Dan and Matt had put up, I was hard and horny as it gets. I pushed my way in hard, meeting no resistance, fucking was easy and smooth, since Dan and Matt prepared the terrain and generously lubed his ass with their cum. I was loving it, and I was showing it.

Pumping wildly, I was moaning and telling the twink how a good little bitch he was. I felt I would cum soon, so I started fucking even harder. With an animal cry I filled his ass with even more cum. As I pulled out I slapped the guys’ butt and told him what a good little Escort Erenköy cock-hungry whore he was.

Brad went in for his finale. Still in his clothes, he only unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock-hard cock. He thrusted into the guys’ ass rapidly and began humping him harder than any of us before. The twink started begging again, and that pissed Brad even more so he increased his pace to animal speed.

After a half-an-hour fuck Brad had cum in the bitches ass. But he wasn’t satisfied yet. He took of his jacket and shirt and went to the trunk. He pulled out a glove and put it on. He kneeled behind the guy and started shoving his hand in the twinks’ ass. New cries came, but Brad was relentless. With force his fist plunged in the guys’ ass. He didn’t stop, his hand slowly thrusted in, all the way to his elbow.

The bitch was convulsing in pain, screams coming out of the car, Brad grinned, his hand started pumping the guys ass, harder and harder. ‘Are you gonna drink and drive ever again bitch?’ Brad shouted. A tortured voice came out of the car ‘No, never again sir! Please stop, I can’t take any more.’

Brad increased the pace. ‘You’re not lying, are you?’ Brad shouted again. The twink replied that he would never drink again and begged for Brad to stop and swore he would do anything if he stopped. Slowly Brad stopped and pulled out his hand and removed the glove. Dan went into the car and uncuffed the twink. His limp body remained hanging on the car door.

Brad grabbed him and threw him on his knees in front of him. ‘Clean me up’ he said and shoved his cock in the twinks’ mouth. Soon he was licked clean and then he grabbed the twinks’ hair, positioned him in front of his cock and let out a strong stream of piss all over the twinks’ face. Eventually we all did the same. We got dressed, and Brad threw the guy back in the trunk along with his clothes.

We drew back to where we picked the guy up. Brad threw him out of the trunk and onto the hub of his car, threw his clothes and said ‘I hope you learned your lesson tonight.’ The twink nodded and replied ‘Yes, sir. Never drink and drive again.’ Brad grinned and said ‘Good evening then. Drive safely when you sober up.’ We left.


What happened later: Darien and Matt returned home. A few years later, the two got tired of humping each other, their last encounter was on Matt’s wedding day, and Darien got married a year later to. Still are best friends, but only platonic. Not much has changed for Dan and Brad, still at their patrols. And what the future holds for them? Who knows?

Things to notice:

1. The entire Darien series is a work of a seriously perverted sex-obsessed 21 year old.

2. If anyone found themself insulted in any part of the series, I apologize; the idea was only to get you horny.

3. Although I based my characters on real guys, they have nothing in common apart from their appearance. Their minds aren’t real. Also the names my characters have aren’t Croatian, since most readers would find authentic Croatian names hard, if not impossible to pronounce.

4. I don’t want anyone to get any ideas of raping anyone like my characters did. There aren’t many worse things a person could do to another, and any ideas that might seem fun while you’re beating your meat wouldn’t be fun in real life. Behave!

5. I apologize to the Croatian police for including the in my perverted sex fantasy. Nothing like this has ever happened in Croatia, also there have never been any sex scandals involving policemen on duty in my country. They only hit on good-looking babes and try to get their phone numbers, but they know how to behave. In fact Croatia is one of the safest European countries to live in since the war ended (’91-’95).

6. Also, I tried the ads to get a cop in bed, and it seems that there aren’t even any gay/bi cops around here at all. And I’m not the only one who’s tried. Others failed before me.

7. The main problem of the western civilization is: ‘Everyone is oversexed and underfucked.’ Try to solve that to your advantage!

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