Public Peep (Trainstation Bathroom)

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I love my body and, as the years pass and pass, I find my self always impressed with it’s growth. I am bit thin but definitely bulked up. I have some nice facial hair growing and my other hair is looking pretty good.

I was admiring myself through a mirror in a bathroom at the Barstow County Train Station when I went into an old stall and reminisced on past memories.


It was a long day of traveling and I was sick and tired of hearing my cousins argue. My grandma was on the phone and I was left to deal with them. We had planned out our yearly summer trip to go out and visit the national parks. I realized that I am a bit too grown up now for all of this kid stuff. I was almost done being one, 3 more months and I’d be 20.

We had taken numerous trains and ended up stuck in Barstow for a few hours. With nothing left to do, I got up and went inside the small station. I went into the bathroom and pretended to pee. As I looked to my left, I saw a man in a train uniform (about 25 years old) looking my way. Was this working man checking me out? Hmmm, I zipped up and went into a stall and acted like I was blowing my nose. I noticed that their were only two toilet stalls in that very large bathroom.

One for the handicapped and the one that I was in; the smaller normal looking one.

Next thing I knew, I actually had to take a dump.

Being that I was already in the stall, I cleaned up the seat and sat down. When I was just about through, I noticed that underneath the toilet paper rack was a large gapping square hole. The metal wall between the two stalls had a hole right in the middle of it! I leaned down, and took a peek… WOAH, i could see right through the whole and into the other stall!

There was an older man (mid-thirties) in there with his legs spread wide apart, hovering above the toilet seat. I couldn’t believe what I saw: I could see the mans junk hanging low between his legs! I admired his hairy ball-sack and what I could see of the tip of his cut penis head. This was enough for me. I got up and flushed the toilet and went back to my family.

They had rarely even noticed my absence. I sat there with them and ate some chips, doing the ‘i’m too cool for this’ teenager thing. We played some travel scrabble and watched an episode of CSI on our laptop.

YAWWWWWNNN, I was bored.

As I scanned the area, I could see that many others were bored and restless because of this train delay. Then something amazing happened. The guy who I swear was checking me out was near the vending machine looking at me. I squinted to see his facial expression and saw that he winked at me and walked back into the bathroom all-the-while looking Antalya Escort at me. What was this guy thinking? I’m bearly legal and I am certain that I am not gay. I mean, I DO have a girlfriend but we never went that far sexually.. I followed my instincts and went in after the guy.

As I walked into the sterile-lit bathroom I could only see one thing: A pair of shoes that led to the legs of the mystery man. He was the only person in the bathroom and sitting dropped-trow in the front normal sized stall. I quickly went into the handicapped one and did the same. With my pants down to my ankles and a hard-on beginning to rise, I took a glance through the ‘looking glass’.

My word he was heavily endowed. His balls were trimmed but his long cut penis hung between his legs like a third leg. I immediately felt embarrassed of my size.

I was nearly six inches and this guy looked like a ruler, maybe even longer! I started to stoke my member and was lost into the moment.

The next moments seemed almost to be a dream.. As I stroked and played with my cock, I had realized that I completely forgot to lock the stall door and the mystery man was standing there staring at me! I quickly got up and stammered.

Mystery Man: “Please don’t be alarmed, I’m not going to hurt you.”

He lock the door behind him and there I was standing in the far corner of a bathroom with a shrinking hard-on and a good looking man closing in on me.

Mystery Man: “You have a nice penis. You know I always wanted to be uncut, too bad I didn’t have a say in it.”

Me: “Uhh, thanks I guess, I’d rather a long cut penis than a small uncut one anyday” I replied.

Mystery Man: “You’re cock isn’t small at all, Its at least a good seven inches.. Not to mention that your extra forskin gives it some sexy allure.”

I began to grow impatient.

Me: “What do you want from me?”

Mystery Man: “Well, I saw you eyeing other men earlier and I wondered if you were curious..”

I grew confused, what were his motives? I tried to get myself out of it.

Me: “I have a girlfriend you know..”

Mystery Man: “So? What she doesn’t know, wont hurt her. Besides, expirementing with a stranger isn’t a bad thing at all. You have no emotional ties and if you don’t like it, it’s not like you have to go and tell anyone. No one will know besides yourself.”

The man had a point. I have never tried anthing with another man and I was a bit curious. He walked closer to me and kissed me.

Me: “I don’t even know your name.”

Mystery Man: “It’s Alexander but does it really matter?”

Next thing I knew he had dropped to his knees and started Antalya Escort Bayan sucking me off. Wow it felt amazing! Never had I felt the distinct feeling and texture of a man’s lips around my cock. Girls are always so gentle and weak when it came to oral sex. But no, a man’s touch was a rough but safe feeling that made my balls boil.

Mystery Man: “Do you like it?”

All I could do was mumble in ectasy.

Mystery Man: “Do you want more?”

I belted out a yes at the top of my lungs.

Mystery Man: “Well if you want this to continue you’re going to have to keep it quiet.”

I silenced myself and he nodded in agreement. Since his pants were already down, he stopped and began spitting in his hand and rubbing his bumhole. His ruler-esque member began to escalate but I wasn’t too concerned for any of that. I was more concerned and curious for what was to come. He sat me down on the toilet (generously closing the lid to provide me a solid surface) and pushed me back to sitting in a postion where my body was at a 90 degree angle with my cock sticking straight out. I assumed that he would go back to sucking me out but this time he did something different. He used the safety rails from the handicap stalls sides to hold him self up and slowly slide my dick up his asshole. I gasped with both pain from the tightness and joy from the good feeling that was made due to the sliding of my forskin inside his bum. He slid up and down my cock and I could see sweat bead appearing from the top of his neck to his lower back ass region.

I figured that we couldn’t keep it up for long. I reach my hand around him and felt his cock for the first time. If was much more rough than mine but still very smooth and enjoyable to play with. I jerked him off because I figured it’s the least I could do after all that he’s done so far for me. As his slamming down on me became too overwhelming I yelped to him in a quieter voice that I was about to cum. He continued to ride me and I went off to the races. One… two… five… seven squirt of my man hood shot right up his anus before it began to ooze out of his ass and onto my pubes.

When he noticed that this was happening he slid me out of him and went back to his knees. He licked me clean of all my juices and lay resting there relaxed but with a still raging erection.

Me: “Erm.. do you want me to help you with that? I mean.. all that you just did for me, I should be able to help out.”

Mystery Man: “You can suck me on one condition: I blow my load in your mouth but you have to save it and kiss me. Transfering all of my knut into my own mouth.”

Me: “Why would you want to indirectly Escort Antalya swallow your own load? Doesn’t it taste too salty?”

Mystery Man: “No, my semen is rather sweet, I taste it myself and can say it is more sweet than salt cause I eat alot fruit. It sweetens out the saltyness. But anyway, are you down with the deal or what?”

I nodded and he walked toward me with the his dick in his hand. I was still sitting on the toilet seat when he positioned his member to my mouth. He was tall enough so that I didn’t have to lean up or down. His penis was right at level with my face. Without further hesitation, he shoved his dick in my mouth and began pumping. I could not believe what was happening. This random man had his dick in my mouth and I was taking it.

I thought about my girlfriend and her tight love tunnel. Her nice amber golden pubes and the smell of her nice long hair. Oh how I loved her.

I remember snapping out of my girlfriend fantasy when I realized that this man was cumming in my mouth. I was surprised to find that he didn’t shoot much of a load. It was maybe a few squirts and that was it. But he didn’t lie: his sweet seed was in my mouth and I held it there tasting it until we made out and transfered his juices. He gulped it all down and made out with me a little more. He cleaned up and left with out saying another word.


I brought myself out of my remembrance and looked down at the old hole. It had been sealed up with a metal plate and repaired good as new. A little part of me died that day, I just sat there with my pants down admiring my older grown body. My dick had grew about an inch, I had grown out my pubes and my entire package had looked a bit more aged and presentable. I decided to show my self a good time for the sake of my old memories.

I lightly stroked my member until its nice curve was up and ready. My penis had actually began to feel like the roughness of the mystery man from the previous year. Wow i enjoyed jerking off. I had always loved exposing myself in public and doing sexual acts in public because it was much more exciting. The thrill of possibly getting caught really turned me on.

I spit on my hand and started going at it. My personal lubrication was hardly doing the trick. I started backhand fapping and it felt as if someone else was doing it for me.

I pictured the mystery man, remembering the time when he sucked me and fucked me. My knuts were so hard it became unbearable. I stopped for a moment to catch my breath but the moment I had stopped, it was too late.

My cock had a mind of its own and it began spewing my seed everywhere. I was rather surprised that it could do it all on its own but I didn’t bother fretting. My cum was all over my pubes, dick, abs, and even in my belly button. I had become vegetarian after the first trip and had noticed that without meat, my knut was less salty. I found myself licking up my mess and lying there in a state of satisfied defeat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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