Winter Wonderland

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A wintery day in January,
A morning bathed in the rising sun shimmering on the freshly fallen snow from the night before.
As I look at my surroundings, the rolling hills, large evergreen pines gently holding large pillows of snow on each strong but fragile branch.
The stands of birch, elm and oak trees among the evergreens look as though dead but only sleeping.
With each step along the path, the sunlight seems to reflect off each individual crystal, sparkling, seeming to flash a light in brilliant color.

Here in this element I search, search for my answers, search for my peace and tranquility of this awesome scene.

Along my walk I see a red tail fox.
I stop, stand and watch.
It’s searching for food.
I watch it’s almost comical, yet efficient way to hunt it’s prey.
It senses some movement and dives head first into the snow.
After watching the fox for a little while I decide to move on.
A little further on my walk I see a majestic Bull Elk in the short distance.
I stand quietly and watch him.
His seemingly endless rake of antlers appears to be about 7 feet across.
I decide to move on as to not disturb his forage for food.
I think, this is what I came here for.
As I approach a large fallen tree, I decide to sit for a while and rest.
Sitting, just listening to the sounds of the forest.

I see down the path, someone approaching.
Closer and closer the person approaches, then I realize it’s a woman as she pulls back the hood from her coat to expose her face.
Standing in front of me, she asks if she can sit and rest.
I nod yes indicating approval and brush the snow from a place on the tree next to me to sit.
She asks, Why are you here?
I tell her, I’m here for the peace and tranquility and serenity of the forest.
To contemplate.
She is here for the same reason.
As I look at her, she closes her eyes.
I study her face, her skin smooth, creamy white.
Her cheeks lightly red from the cold.
I watch the breathe exit from her mouth, taking deep breathes in, her chest expands.
I study her, she is breathtaking!
Slowly she opens her eyes, turns to look at me and asks, Hold my hands please, they are so cold.
I gently place her hands in mine.
Cupping them, caressing, blowing my warm, moist breathe on her hands to warm them.
I kiss her hands gently, very lightly only once.
I look to gaze into her eyes.
She shows her approval with a smile.
Slight wrinkles next to the corners of her eyes shows the intensity of her enjoyment.
Slowly she reaches and lowers Kolej Escort the zipper to my coat and wraps her arms around me.
She seems to climb inside my coat with me, rubbing my chest with her hand.
The cold air or the excitement of her touch causes my nipples to harden.
Strangely I’m warm.
Oh shit she’s beautiful.

She places her face against my chest, I gently caress her head.
I feel her warm breathe.
It causes chills to race up and down my spine.
I feel a tingling in my crotch as my cock begins to grow.
She slowly touches and cups my bulging crotch in her hand.
She raises her eyes to look into mine and smiles with approval.
Slowly she stands, reaches out with her hand to me.
I take her hand in mine and follow her.
No words are spoken since we said why we were in the forest.
She leads me down a path.
Suddenly, we enter a clearing in the forest.

In the clearing I see a cabin, smoke billowing from the chimney stack.
Opening the door, we enter.
In the cabin there is only 4 items, a chair, wood burning stove, a bed and a water pail.
Oh Lord what am I in for, I’m thinking.
It’s warm so we remove our coats.
She motions for me to sit in the chair. I sit.
She positions herself in front of me, with her eyes I know she’s telling me to start removing her clothing but I must remain seated.
I begin to unbutton her blouse, I want to tear it from her body but I unbutton it slowly to savor every button to expose her.
After removing her blouse, I lightly kiss her belly, suck on it, blow on it, lick it.
The tiny hairs on her belly stand.
She holds my head against her tummy.
I hold her with my arms around her waist. I feel so safe, secure, loved.
She pulls my head away and allows me to remove her remaining clothes.
I slowly begin to lower her pants.
Slowly I lower her panties to expose her pussy and creamy ass.
With my hands, I motion her to turn around.
Her creamy ass in my face I begin to kiss, lick and suck her cheeks.
Sometimes burying my face in the crack of her sweet ass.
Spreading her ass cheeks apart, I slowly lick up and down her crack, she arches her back in excitement.
Continuing to lick and kiss her ass, I squeeze her ass cheeks against the sides of my face.
Slowly I take one hand, reach under her and begin to rub her pussy.
Her lips seem to envelope my finger.
Her pussy so hot and moist.
Licking, kissing, sucking her crack, rubbing her pussy, occasionally inserting my finger in her.

“SHIT,” Rus Escort my cock is so fucking hard, I’ve got to get it out of these damn pants!!
Suddenly she pulls away and faces me.
I suck and lick that delicious pussy juice from my finger.
It tastes of total, indescribable sweetness.

She motions for me to stand.
I try to, but my cock is so fucking hard it’s difficult to stand.
She bites her lower lip, with a determined look and begins to tear my clothes from me.
Not slowly, but forcefully.
As she lowers my pants, my fucking hard cock seems to spring out as if gasping for air.
“SHIT”! does that ever feel good to get my dick out.
What a relief!
Standing she reaches down and slowly strokes my cock.
Slowly rubbing it, rolling my head through her fingers, cupping and rolling my balls.
A drop of pre-cum emerges, she takes her finger touches it and pulls it toward her mouth.
It’s as though she’s spinning a piece of silk from the head of my cock.
she licks it from her finger.
She motions to the bed for me to sit.
I sit on the edge of the bed. She stands on the edge of the bed as well, her hot pussy in my face.
I see her lips, so swollen, so wet, her pussy hair glistens with juice.
Shit does she smell good.

She raises her leg on my shoulder, now the other one and straddles my face.
I grab her ass with both hands to hold her.
My nose and mouth buried in her fucking hot pussy.
Wrapping her legs around my neck, she begins to thrust and fuck my face.
My tongue licks her clit.
She leans back, so I can thrust my tongue in her pussy hole.
“FUCK” it’s so tangy, I thrust my tongue in her.
My tongue straining to go as deep as possible.
FUCK my tongue baby, damn you taste good!
I can’t talk, I’m too busy eating!
She’s fucking my face so hard, my tongue sore from straining to bury it deep in her pussy.
I can’t get enough!!

She stops, stands on the bed and orders me to lie down.
My face completely glazed with her juice.
She reaches down and retrieves 4 red scarfs.
She ties each one to my wrists and ankles.
Spread eagle, she ties them to the corners of the bed, not tight enough I can’t escape, but strong enough to hold my ecstasy related spasms.

She leaves the bed and goes over to the water pail and goes out the door.
What the hell is she doing, I wonder.
She returns, the pail full of snow.
She takes a small handful of snow and begins to rub it on my balls and cock.
My sack lurches and Yenimahalle Escort shrinks instantly!
My cock, rock hard and my balls melt the snow quickly.
The cold water slowly drips down the crack of my ass sending tingles of indescribable ecstasy through my body.
Now she begins to warm my balls and cock, licking, sucking.
Placing each nut gently in her mouth to warm them.
My eyes closed and roll back, my back arches, thrusting my pelvis up.
“FUCK” is all I can think at this moment.

Now taking more snow, she rubs my nipples, one at a time.
Damn, they’re stand straight up!
She lowers her head to suck and lick my rock hard nipples.
All the while slowly rubbing my cock and balls.
Rolling my nuts in her fingers.
Over and over, she does this to my nipples.
Fuck I can’t take this anymore, I think I’m going to explode!
She feels me begin to thrust, takes snow and envelopes my cock to stop me.
I start to speak, I want to say, “Shit fuck me baby,” but she places a finger over my lips to quiet me.
“It’s not time yet baby” she says.
“Not until I say.”

She stands, takes more snow, makes a small ball and places it in my mouth.
Not so big I can’t crush it, but I know I must not or she won’t allow me to cum.
She straddles my face with her pussy and begins to fuck my lips.
Thrusting back and forth, she tells me, “start pushing the snow against my pussy”
Her thrusts become faster and harder with each stroke.
“Push it in me now!”, she demands, I do it.
The snow seems to melt instantly, mixing with her pussy juice.
She screams with extreme pleasure.
It feels like a mixture of cold water and warm juice flowing down my face.
What a mixture!
Suddenly, pussy juice streams all over my face.

She rises, turns around, lowers her pussy to fuck my hard cock.
It feels as though it’s going to burst from it’s skin.
Slowly she begins to fuck me.
Slowly stroking my cock with her pussy
Ever increasing thrusts.
Faster, faster our thrusts become.
Her plump tits bouncing, I want to grab them, but I can’t, my hands are tied.
She senses I’m about to explode and pulls off.
Shit baby, I want to cum.
She lowers her mouth to my cock.
Licking my head, sucking only on the head.
Tightly squeezing the head of my cock with her lips.
Then thrusting my cock in her mouth to it’s base.
Fucking my cock with her mouth.
I feel my cock go down her throat, harder and harder, faster and faster.
She feels that I am about to explode with my own warm juice for her, she pulls off.
My cum explodes from my cock like a volcano!
She catches it with her mouth, licks it, swallows it!
I am totally drained.
I escape from my restraints and hold her, kiss her lips, tasting my own cum and caressing her.
Lying there, recuperating, she says,
“Baby, next time it’s my turn, I get my choice.

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